Larry Anderson
Subj: SHS Class of 62
Date: 10/8/99 11:36:36 PM Central Daylight Time
From: stargazr@maui.net (stargazr)

Aloha from Lawrence Anderson, SHS 62


Mahalo (Thanks) for the wed site. I am alive and well in Maui. Any other Class of 62 Beavers out there?


Kit Campbell
Subj: Kit Campbell 1962 SHS site
Date: 1/28/00 11:15:16 PM Central Standard Time
From: capt_kit@dhc.net (Kit Campbell)

Hi Beavers!
Kit Campbell class of '62. As I get older I get flashbacks about the good
times. When visiting here I recalled great stories -- like Penny Money
telling me her mother was pregnant for 16 months (with brother Nickel??) And
it is so funny she married German money Kugerran (or something like that
What about Charlie Dunlap, Kent Cloter (sp?), Chris Siderelis (a Prof. at
NCU), Steve Wright, Dave & Sam Cowan, Kim Udall and so may others??
My mother still gives me pictures of the western movie the class made -- who
has the original -- would that ever make a hit at the next reunion.
The last time I have seen these guys was at the 20th. I saw Susan John after
that and she got me some floor and a coffee mug that I still use today.
Suzie Pearce -- weren't you married with 5 kids?
Dick Whisenhunt - don't I remember you setting the school record in sit-ups?
Jim Urie I remember you but tonight I can't picture your face. HI.
Lets see -- what am I doing these days? As a real estate developer I had my
shirt taken during the Texas Real Estate Massacre. I worked for five more
years and then bought a 42' sail boat and went sailing for three years. I
remarried a wonderful lady named Susan and we have a wonderful life. We live
in Texas (today Terrell -- tomorrow ??)
I now have 7 grand children and bought an RV so I could visit all of them.
ANY of my friends out there - e-mail me and I will call you just to touch
base and we can tell each other stories!

Terry Connors
Subj: I'm not dead!
Date: 8/26/00 5:40:50 PM Central Daylight Time
From: MHConnors1@aol.com

to all those from class of 62. i am terry connors and also i am computer deficient.first i and my family would like to thank everyone who sent flowers and donations after my socalled demise. i especially liked the money, i used it for house payments and an extended drunk. have lived in phoenix area since graduation. been married and successfully divorced twice. friends tell me the third time is a charm, but at my age i am no longer charming. am excited about upcoming events and looking forward to seeing everyone at rawhide in october. for those of you that wanted to donate something you still can at the reunion. I currently reside at 4135 n. 45th place #5 phoenix az. 85018 with my kids and grandkids. i work at home depot on 36th st. and thomas stop in and say hi. lastly i would like to see everyone show up and have a good time and eventually when i grow up i hope i can remember it. see you soon.35 o 3 dy

Chris Desaulniers
Subj: Mailing
Date: 10/23/00 8:07:45 PM Central Daylight Time
From: bondaz@sedona.net (Monty and Chris)

Somehow, I'm not on your list. Tried to attend the big reunion, but with late word of mouth notice, couldn't work it out.
I'm Christine (Chris)Desaulniers Bondurant Class of '62

555 Rancho Villa Lane
Clarkdale, AZ 86324

I'd appreciate any future mailings.
Sounds as if the all class reunion was a big success. You all must have worked very hard. Congratulations!
Enjoying this website. Thanks Webmaster.

Dale Faught
Subj: DALE FAUGHT, '62
Date: 4/11/99 1:26:41 AM Central Daylight Time
From: lindalef@worldnet.att.net (Linda Faught)

The older I get the more old friends and old friendships are cherished.  Would sure like to hear from some of them.  A lot of water has gone under my bridge since 1962, and I find myself reminiscing a little too much the actual truth---I am really fortunate to have been part of Harry Luge's "Rat Pack".  Saw Bub Weeks name on the list the other day---Sure would be great to see him and Bev again.  Since I ran around with a lot of Coronadoians also I would like to hear from anyone that knew me then, and would REALLLLLLY like to hear from anyone from that "Rat Pack" era also.   Soooo, let's get some more '62 names on this list!

P.S.  Terry Connors is still alive!!!

Update October, 2000

Dale Faught
Subj: Looking for Dave and Jim
Date: 10/19/00 7:20:41 PM Central Daylight Time
From: lindale5@home.com (Linda Faught)

Hi Beaves,

Dale Faught here. Can't remember when I have had that much fun three days in a row. My cheeks ached for several days from laughing and grinning. My hand is now back to normal from all the handshakes and I may never be the same from all the hugs. That was the best reunion EVER.

There are a couple of old friends that I would like to get in touch with. If anyone knows where they are, could you please let me know? They are Dave Johnson and Jim Decker from the class of '62. They were certainly missed.

Grins, handshakes and hugs,

P.S.: Webmaster Bill you are doing a fabulous job - thanks so much.

Kaye Garard
Subj: Kaye "Garard" Jones Class of '62
Date: 7/16/00 12:48:40 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Kjones0312@aol.com

Thanks to Linda Helser, I received the info for the Beaver Bash 2000! She and I have kept in contact all these years! A note to Kit Campbell...It was me that kissed the horse before you rode off into the sunset in our little "western movie" directed by Charlie Dunlap!!! Surely someone ought to be able to locate that historic piece of film...Now to what I have been doing since ' 62...Went to ASU for two years, took off to see the world and ended up in Salt Lake City for two years then interviewed with American Airlines and ended up in Dallas, Texas. Married and had 2 beautiful daughters, divorced and remained a single Mom for seven years. Met my present husband, Dan, who many of you met at our last reunion. (He auctioned off the bricks, flooring and basketball hoop, etc. from our alma mater) We raised our combined 5 children, raised race horses, owned a car dealership and a specialty advertising company and were active in the Lewisville Chamber of Commerce (I even volunteered enough that I was Woman of the Year!), the auto dealers association, the national horse racing association. Working with all of these allowed us to travel and meet many of our friends over the years. Somehow, life took a turn when my father-in-law had a stroke..we are now in Gun Barrel City, Texas (only 30 miles from Terrell, Kit!) on Cedar Creek Lake. We have a marina, r.v. park and 30 acres for our horses and grandkids!!! It took us a year or two to slow down to the pace, but we are really enjoying our new life. Come see us!! Plan to be at the reunion in October! Our Marina is Sandy Shores Marina, 141 Big Chief Drive, Gun Barrel City, Texas 75143

Brian Hanrahan
Subj: Class Of 1962
Date: 8/19/99 6:00:18 PM Central Daylight Time
From: reporterbth@aol.com (Brian Hanrahan)

Brian Hanrahan here. I was talking to another 62'er the other day about this
site and decided to register.
I'll try not to bore you, but I've been in public education in Phoenix for
thirty years and the end is not in sight. We 60's Beavers are forever kids,
right? I still talk to John (Jack, in pre-Hollywood years) Roselius, who has
appeared in such movies as Con Air, Dennis Skarecky, an attorney in Phoenix,
Dick Whisenhunt ,who communes with nature in Cottonwood, and Bud Weekes, who
is gray-haired and retired.

I have bricks from the demolition of SHS. I have pieces of the gym floor and
about sixty pictures of the school in various stages of destruction. What I
don't have is clear recollection of my senior year, having spent much of it
in Mr. Planeta's office or waterskiing on the canal, where today McCormick
Ranch homes glisten like jewels in the desert.

I'd love to hear from Beavers from any graduating class. Please remember
though, if I ruined your desert lawn with my '47 Ford in 1961, or if I
knocked over the lightpost in front of your house with my '55 Chevy, the
statute of limitations has expired.


Judy Hildebrand
Subj: Register as Alumni
Date: 10/2/00 12:35:04 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Jim2Stay@aol.com

Please register me as a 1962 graduate of SHS...I am Judith Ann (Hildebrand) Deines, just Judy as most will know me as....My mother, Dorisie Aline (Brewer) Wallace, graduated in 1942, and my sister, Joyce Elaine (Hildebrand) Graczyk, graduated in 1965, and although neither of my two children (Lori & Jim Nisbet) were graduates, they both did attend classes at SHS prior to the school closing....As I understand, we are one of only two families with three generations at SHS, the other being that of the Lester Mowrey family.......Learned of this at one of the Scottsdale Old Timers reunions, and yes we are now the generation of "Old Timers"....I was one of just a handful of students that went all through elementary school at Loloma, and then through SHS, for all twelve years together (13 if you count kindergarten)...Married Jim Nisbet (1962 Brophy grad) while going to ASU, had two beautiful children, Lori now 36, and Jim now 33.....Unfortunately my son was diagnosed with a terminal illness in June of 1997, and I now stay home taking care of him......We still live in Scottsdale, where our "roots" are, and wouldn't have it any other way......Have heard from several classmates recently, and am looking forward to seeing many of them at the upcoming reunion events.....Thanks to all who worked putting this site, and reunion events, together, GOOD JOB!!!!! Feel free to contact me at this e-mail address (it's my son's) anytime.......
Judy Deines (nee Hildebrand), through Jim2Stay@aol.com

Sharon Hutchins
Subj: The reunion
Date: 6/9/00 9:10:24 PM Central Daylight Time
From: themarstonhouse@nqi.net (paul bruno mrozinski)

Sharon Hutchins here.. Pam Willis emailed me about this site..It is
great..I'm smiling ear to ear..easy with my mouth!!I am living in Maine
(Wiscasset) and have been for the past fourteen years..I am an antique
dealer, my husband Paul Mrozinski went to ASU (God meant us to meet there)
and is an architecht by profession.I have two grown boys Ethan (27) and
Justin (22) and two
grandsons with a third on the way..Life is terrific..My mom lives in Mesa,
my sister Darlean lives
in Prescott and she is trying to talk me into coming home for the
reunion..After reading about so many of you it is getting more tempting..I
have only attended one reunion. We bought a place in southern France last
year and plan to spend winters there. I would love to stay connected to many
of you and this part of my life. I must admit I keep my yearbooks in my
closet and pull them out far more than you would believe..Great
memories..JoAnne, Pam, Patti and I have been in touch all these years and I
hear from Dave Cowan now and then.. I just might see you at the
reunion..Hope so..Sharon Hutchins Mrozinski

Allen Jayme
Subj: Class 0f 1962
From: ajayme@sbcglobal.net

Howdy all! Living in Far North Dallas, TX. BS from Pepperdine
University-Malibu, CA. VP for California Software Company. Married for 20
years, 2 children (Airline Pilot and Energy Broker), 4 grand kids, 2 dogs.
Active in Mtn. Bicycling and travel. Every time I visit Scottsdale, I can't
believe how it changed! Best to you all. email: ajayme@sbcglobal.net


Subj: Class of 62
Date: 4/20/99 8:46:28 PM Central Daylight Time
From: mbc@koan.com (Marianne and Merle Crouch)

What a surprise! What a neat idea. I was so excited when I found your
web site. I'm Marianne(Jensen)Crouch, Class of 62. I now live in Hemet,
CA. Mother of 3 daughters, grandmother to 4 and 3/4 (she's due in July).
My husband is retired, and work for an Opthalmologist. Let's have an all
class reunion. Hope to hear from some of you kids!

Marianne Crouch mbc@koan.com

Susan John
Subj: Registration
Date: 3/21/00 4:02:47 PM Central Standard Time
From: Susnfoster@aol.com

Susan (John) Pletsch Foster, class of "62. I graduated from ASU in 1966 in Home Economics Education and worked in the sewing industry as a spokesperson for 8 years. In 1974 I joined with a friend to write one sewing book that turned into a successful small publishing company. I retired in 1984, and just went back to "work" on a new book on travel clothes and packing, due to be published Summer 2000. I am married and live in Portland, Oregon.

Phyllis Kiamy
Date: 9/1/00 5:41:16 PM Central Daylight Time
From: P10SMAIL@aol.com
Hi Guys,

What fun to have a chance to see and remember old friends.   Had I continued at SHS I would have graduated Class of '62.  Reading the list of people that have signed up for the reunion is a trip down Memory Lane.  I had lots of friends in the Classes of 60, 61 and 62.  I am eager to hear from any of you who might remember me.  My name then was Phyllis Kiamy.  Now, I am Phyllis Maas.   I live in southern California and have for the past ten years.  My life is good and I am grateful after the funny things that happened during my high school days.   If there is anyone out there who would like to contact me, call or write

Phyllis Kiamy Maas
1770 Ave Del Mundo
Coronado, Calif.  92116

619 435-2245

Kay King
Subj: Registration
Date: 4/27/2008
From: kastn_1999@yahoo.com (Kay Stone)

For some unknown reason I did a web search for Scottsdale High School and found your amazing web site! I am a member of the class of 1962, known to my classmates as Kay King. After graduation I attended ASU and then NAU until 1966 when I moved to Hawaii. I married my husband (a Judson alum, can't believe I even dated someone from Judson!) in 1964. We are still married, still live in Hawaii and are the parents of three sons and have eight grandchildren. I loved reading everyone's postings, brought back oh so many memories including Mr. Barcala's Spanish class, tubing on the Verde and the description of Scottsdale town "back in the day." I last came back to Scottsdale in 1995 and was shocked at all the changes. I am the director of Campus Ministry and teach courses in ethics at Chaminade University in Honolulu. I think my Scottsdale High teachers would be shocked to know that I did indeed continue my education to include a BS degree in education and two master's degrees. But I agree with the posting about still being basically the same person we were in high school! I've missed every reunion so far but if we are having a 50th (good heavens, we can't be almost old enough for that can we?) I will try hard to be there! Kay (King) Stone

Ted Lehr
Subj: Registration
Date: 6/29/00 9:12:42 PM Central Daylight Time
From: tlehr@peoplepc.com (Ted Lehr)

ted lehr
2808 N 64th Drive
Phoenix AZ 85035

class of 62

Charleen Lewis
Subj: Charleen Mary (Lewis) Stewart
Date: 5/30/99 7:14:26 PM Central Daylight Time
From: stewark@garlic.com (Kenneth Stewart)

Charleen now lives in Hollister California. She has been maried to Kenneth Stewart for 34 years. They have 4 sons and 2 grand children.

Ken and Charleen Stewart
640 Randys Circle
Hollister, Ca. 95023

George Lipphardt
Subj: locating an old friend
Date: 10/5/00 6:20:08 PM Central Daylight Time
From: skagway@qwest.net (George&Karen Lipphardt)

My name is George Lipphardt, and I am currently living in Tucson. I attended Scottsdale High in 1962 or so. I found the web site and also located an old friend...Kevin Gilmore...who is listed as one of the attendees for the reunion. However on the other web pages, there is no listing for an email, phone or snail mail for him..Is there anyway you can reach him and have him contact me? My number in Tucson is 520-297-7888. I found out about the reunion too late to make plans.

Thank You in advance.

Hugh Long
Subj: Scottsdale High Graduate
Date: 10/21/00 7:36:27 PM Central Daylight Time
From: longsare@comcast.net

C. Hugh Long
32 Sawgrass
Coto de Caza, California
(949) 589-9910
e-mail: longsare@comcast.net
Graduated in 1962.

Married Bonnie N. McMillen Graduate of Coronado High (1965) in 1967.Joined the US Army in 1968 and spent 2 and a half years at Fort Eustis, Virginia.Daughter Tamara was born in 1970 and son Tayler in 1971. After completing my service in the Army graduated form ASU in 1972. I worked for the Scottsdale Unified School District from 1982 through 1979. We moved to California in 1979, Bonnie working for Safeco Insurance and I working for International Parking Design. We both still work for the same companies. We have one grandson 5 and expecting another in March 2001.

(Update: December, 2005)

My wife and I along with both of our children have moved to Texas. Our son Tayler and his wife Nikki and their two sons Tyson 3 and Toren 4 months live in Frisco, Texas and our daughter Tamara and her husband Vince and their son Tanner 10 and daughter Paige 4 live in McKinney, Texas. I retired in June of 2004 when we moved here and Bonnie retired this June. We have been doing some traveling and hope to do more. We both play golf and occasionally babysit our grandkids.

Hugh Long
1001 Evening Shade Lane
McKinney, Texas 75070

Al Lowenstein
Subj: CLASS OF 62
Date: 2/24/00 9:06:10 PM Central Standard Time
From: capal1@msn.com

1962 grad
ASU EE 1968
Army, Captain, got out in 71.
Motorola Semiconductor Sales Engineer,Phx, SanJose, then ABQ NM 1971-1985
Motorola Ceramic Products, ABQ, NM Sales Eng 1985 - 1998 when I retired.
Started New Mexico Radio Sales, Inc in 1999, and still run it.
Bought World Balloon Flight School in 2003, and own and teach Hot Air Balloon pilots.
Married, Susan Wood, 1985. Ryan 17 (also HA pilot) and Tiffany 15 (track star)
Lived in ABQ NM since 1979.

Dave Petersen
Subj: CLASS OF 62
Date: 2/24/00 9:06:10 PM Central Standard Time
From: HDMCDAVE@aol.com

Still alive in 2000 -- Look forward to hearing from fellow class mates. 3 kids, one at Cal Poly, one at Berkeley and one in the 4th grade. Oh well, life is good. Live in San Clemente, Ca, work in the Harley aftermarket business after 30 plus years as a banker. See ya!

Penny Money
Subj: SHS Class of 1962
Date: 9/3/99 10:47:59 PM Central Daylight Time
From: j.krueger@attbi.com (John Krueger)

From: Penny (Money) Krueger, 1962 j.krueger@attbi.com

My friends are tired of my telling them that my old High School is now a road! The closest thing I've acquired linking me to my Arizona school history is a picture of Loloma Elementary with a "For Sale" sign in front, although we did make one visit to the windows in front of the gym on a trip "home" just before everything vanished.
Actually, the last three years we have visited in February....as the Northern California contingent of the President's Day Soccer Tournament. This year (2000) may be our last, as my youngest son will graduate this spring. (U18 boys..River City United Rush, Sacramento, CA) It's really eerie looking across the street where the school "should " be and seeing nothing!
Since my family moved to Colorado mid-62, I've had very little news of SHS friends, although I've run into a few......but not recently. I'd love to have news of any reunions, or of old friends. Please add my name to your '62 graduate list.

Update 2003:

Just yesterday I learned of Brian Schweikhardt's passing. Brian had a massive heart attack, January 7, 2003, in his car, outside the school in East Sacramento where he was teaching music. There was quite an article in the Sacramento BEE about Brian and his musical career. Brian and I were "in touch" in 1989 after I was sitting in the dentist's office trying to catch up on my reading and saw the latest issue of Sacramento Magazine with Brian on the cover. He had recently relocated to Sacramento from Cleveland, as the principal clarinetist of the Sacramento Symphony, and really took the Capitol by storm! I looked him up and we got together several times. What a bright and clever person he was, as well as warm and caring! I have to smile every time I think of his theory that we are all still just "who we were" in high school.........as he said to me: "once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader." Not really a self-assessment I would choose. Though I like to think that I have changed, I can see his point. I don't know if he saw himself as he had been in high school. I thought he had really changed. The Symphony here failed in 1996, and Brian had to start all over with more parts of his life than those he remade when he came to Sacramento. He was reborn as a teacher...the kind we all remember as being so special during our years at Scottsdale....not unlike his father. As I read the article in the paper yesterday of the ceremony by his middle school students to honor his life, I was struck with the fact that some things seem to go full-circle. Brian gave to his last career all those principals we were all brought up with during our years at SHS. And those are not common principals to find in our public schools ( or in public life) too much any more....at least in California. I am stunned and saddened by his passing, even though we hadn't seen each other in a while. I do believe we all have "bonds that tie us" because of the times we shared and I hope this forum created here to bring old friends together continues to allow us to reconnect. I do wish you all the very best in the new year.

Lou Osman
Subj: Class 0f 1962, Lou Osman
Date: 2/21/00 10:14:19 AM Central Standard Time
From: aeroeng@mvp.net (Lou Osman)

High Gang,

Great to see so many old names and stories on the registration pages. My
family and I are living in St. Louis, Missouri, and have been for the
past 25 years. My wife Marianne (a Washington High School, Ram) and I
have three children and two grandchildren.

Still haven't grown up, but plan to do that when I get a little older.
Love messing around with fast vehicles. Own a Top Fuel Hydroplane drag
boat and travel nationally racing it. Had a rather spectacular crash
last summer in Marble Falls, Texas at 235 M.P.H. Spent a few days in
the hospital, but am fine now.

We have a business in St. Louis, and will probably be here for the
foreseeable future, but come to Arizona often to see relatives and
friends, plus race at Firebird in the Fall. Definitely plan to come to
the reunion.

Often think about those trips to the Verde River with Harry Luge and the
guys plus dates. We never made it without at least one blow out. We
would get tires from behind service stations that were being thrown out,
and then would be indignant when we had a flat. Also you never sat next
to a door because they were always flying open-1930 something chevy-
luckily we never lost anybody.

And how about the time we were traveling at a high rate of speed in
Dickie Whisenhunt's dads new pick up truck, with Harry and his date in
the bed. The truck rolled on the way to Cavalliere's ranch near
pennacle peak. It pitched Harry and the girl (who shall remain nameless)
out and they landed on the dirt road.... they were not dressed for the
occasion. Nobody was hurt, a minor miracle, but truck was a mess.
Driving it back to Scottsdale hunched down in the seat to see out where
the windshield used to be and telling Dickie's dad about his new truck
was not a pleasant experience. Enough for now we can tell the really
good stories at the reunion. See you soon!

Lou Osman

Susie Pearce
Subj: Beaver Alumni
Date: 4/10/99 10:29:06 AM Central Daylight Time
From: itp@azstarnet.com (itp)

My name is Susie Pearce and I am a 1962 graduate. I would like to be
kept abreast of current alumni events. My address is Ms. Susie Pearce
-- 3839 E. Marshall Gulch Place -- Tucson, Arizona -- 85718. My e-mail
is itp@azstarnet.com Please inform me of "Beaver" events. Thanks!

Mary Ann Sandoz
Subj: SHS Beaver Web Site
Date: 9/5/99 8:24:05 PM Central Daylight Time
From: maryannharriman@juno.com

Thank you for putting this web site together.

I am Mary Ann Sandoz Harriman, class of '62. What fun to see familiar
names. It would be great to see more names from '62. I have lived in
Tempe for the past 27 years. I am married, have 3 children and 4
grandchildren who all live in Scottsdale and Yuma. I work at the Arizona
Department of Ed. as the professional development specialist in the
School to Work division. I would love to hear from others in my class.

Many thanks to Jim & Peggy Alcorn for putting the Beaver cruise together.
We are looking forward to a fun time!

Lora Sapp
Subj: CLASS of 1962
Date: 3/5/00 11:29:32 PM Central Standard Time
From: loralou@home.com (Lora Sorrells)

Hi Bill!

This is a great site! Please add my information. I hope this is the right place to register to get my information into the site with the other graduates of SHS. At SHS was known as Lora L. Sapp (now Sorrells). I enjoyed reading about everyone and their current life. I wasn't sure if this was the place to register for the site or to register for the reunion in October, which hopefully, I can make.

After graduation in 1962, I attended Arizona State University for four years and graduated in 1966. During my junior year of college, I sent 30 Christmas cards to Mail Call Vietnam and corresponded with 15 servicemen, one of whom I married, Ronald J. Barton, in January 1968.

We moved to Glenwood Springs, Colorado and lived there until 1972. Ron was a forester for the Colorado State Forest Service out of Ft. Collins, and I was the secretary @ the Bank of Glenwood (sooner to be called the Colorado National Bank). In 1972, we moved to Gould, Colorado, about 26 miles from Walden, Colorado and 75 miles from Steamboat Springs. We lived in a cabin four miles from a person, and the road closed @ our house during the Winter. We used to 'bugle' elk in the Fall--right behind our house. Used to snowmobile in the Winter. We did not have any TV reception, so we used to get together with the couple from the Trading Post about 4 miles down the road to play Mexican Canasta. Ron died of a heart attack in September of 1973 and I had to leave Colorado since we lived in the Headquarters for the State Forest Service.

I moved to Dallas, Texas in October of 1973 with my Siberian Husky and Siamese cat. I was a widow for two years and worked @ the RepublicBank Dallas as an Administrative Assistant for the Manager of the Trust Investment Department and then married William C. Sorrells in September 1975. We were married for 19 years and had two children: Bryan, a l999 graduate of Northwestern University (age 23) and David, an 8th grader (age 14). I also have a stepson Stace (age 30). I attended the 30-year reunion with Bill in 1992, and saw Bea Libby (Anderson), Darla Jo Love (Sharpe), Dave Cowan, Susie Pearce, Harry Luge, and a few others.

I have been divorced for 5 years and have worked @ Ericsson Inc. for 10 years in Richardson, Texas. I currently live in Garland, Texas, a little town just outside of Dallas. Love to go to movies, work in the flower garden, and go on trips.

Have always felt apart of Scottsdale since my parents lived there since 1956. My Dad passed away in 1995 and my Mom passed away last year and we had to sell the house on 68th Place last June. My sister, Lana (a graduate of SHS in 1960) also lives in Garland, Texas--about a mile from me. My sister Lisa (a graduate of SHS in 1972) lives in Mesa. My brother, Gary Sapp (a graduate of SHS in 1970) lives in Loveland, Colorado.

I look forward to hearing from any of you who graduated in 1962 (or any other year).

Lora L. (SAPP) Sorrells
515 South 12th Street
Garland, TX 75040

Howard Smith, Jim Walton & Tom Mooney
Date: 5/4/00 12:11:01 AM Central Daylight Time
From: bingraham@mindspring.com (Bob Ingraham)

Howard Smith '64
8876 Olive Lane, #9
Santee, Calif 92071

Jim Walton '62
7345 E. Jackrabbit Road
Paradise Valley, Az 85250

Tom Mooney '64
16783 Rosemary Lane
Chino Hills, Calif 91709

Judy Snyder
Subj: Class of '62
Date: 10/13/00 2:24:59 AM Central Daylight Time
From: jsm@garlic.com (Judith Marx)

Dear Bill,

Thanks for the great website. I attended the reunion and, though
overwhelmed by the huge number of people, saw friends with whom I hadn't
connected for many years.

Reading through the website has been nearly as good as going to Rawhide!
It will be great to be in touch with some old friends who are also looking
back...surprised that it's been so long yet seems so recent!

I am Judith Marx (Judy Snyder, then) and live in San Juan Bautista,
California. Did two years at ASU then put my first husband through a
Masters and Ph.D. Took me fifteen years to get back to college and every
September, I get the urge again. Have spent considerable time here in
Phoenix during the last year with my Father. I spent about 18 years
singing professionally, then into work on-air in radio and TV and then
into advertising.

Worked with an exclusively automotive ad agency and did the
verboten...married a client...Harry Marx, the Chevrolet/Cadillac/Olds
dealer in Gilroy, CA. I worked in the dealership for eight years, until
coming here to Phoenix a year ago September. Now I divide my time between
the two homes.

I have one son, Nels, 24, who lives in LA. He's been working as an Oracle
DBA. My own computer knowlege is limited but a great way to stay in touch
with friends all over the place. I enjoy reading, as always, and spend
considerable time indulging my love of photography. Most of all, I am fond
of travel and shooting pictures wherever we are.

Again, thanks for the marvelous way to remember and share our high school
memories on this website. Our years at SHS were quite idyllic. Mr.
Barcala's Spanish class, Mr. Schweikart's journalism extravaganza...doing
musicals, even during the Summer Theater Arts Workshop and communing with
nature at Encanto Park in the cool (?) of the evening! Burgers at Bob's on
Central and trips to the Sugar Bowl and the Fifth Avenue Shops...the
perfumed fountain of Erne Wittels and the Paolo Soleri Bell Tree...the
Scandinavian Shop. Scottsdale always felt like home until I came home one
day and found that Scottsdale Road didn't go straight through town anymore!
Goldwater's is gone and Fashion Square has changed more than somewhat.
First time that I ever felt that the "old days" were better! Perhaps being
in the second half of my 50's is responsible...and having lived in Arizona
since 1956 gives an added perspective, too.

Salutations to all my farflung Beaver siblings.

I am available at jms@garlic.com.

Jim Urie and Charlotte Urie
Subj: Registration for all class reuinion
Date: 7/30/00 3:12:15 PM Central Daylight Time
From: moccia@qni.com (Joe Moccia)

My sister and I are definitely coming to the Beaver Bash 20000 (so is Bob).
I am Jim Urie and my sister is Charlotte Moccia. I graduated in 1962 and
Char in 1965. Please register us as active participants. Although we have
not yet registered, we plan to do so today. Addressess as follows:

Jim Urie
127 Femmer Drive
Eolia, Missouri 63344
(573) 485-8301
EMail JJCurly@aol.com

Charlotte Moccia
605 E. 69th Terrace
Kansas City, Missouri 64131
(816) 333-4647
EMail CMoccia@CVTY.com

Stanley Walker
Subj: Checking IN
Date: 7/19/00 11:13:24 AM Central Daylight Time
From: walkerst@tctc.com

Dear Fellow SHS Alumni,

Great to be able to get back in touch with SHS, even though the buidings
disappeared years ago. I guess, like some of you, I've reached an age
where looking back is important.

After SHS I attended Wabash College in Crawfordsville, IN and earned a
BA in economics in 1966. Met my wife Peggy in the summer between my
junior and senior year and we were married in July 1966. I entered the
US Army in November 1966 as a private and retired in July 1994 as a full
colonel. We raised two children and now each of them is married and
have a daughter, our two grand children. I was in Vietnam 1969-70 with
the 25th Infantry Division at Cu Chi and in 1990-91 I was in the Gulf
War with the XVIII Airborne Corps. Specifically, I commanded a
battalion providing support to the 24th Mechanized Division in Saudi
Arabia and Iraq. While in the Army I earned an MBA at Michigan State
University and graduated from the Army's Command and General Staff
College and the Army War College. Following my retirement from the Army
I earned a Master of Public Administration at Indiana University. I
became the Director of Alumni Affairs at Wabash College in 1995 and will
retire from this postion October 2000. We plan to stay right here in
Crawfordsville, Indiana.

I can't make it to the All Classes Reunion this year, but I hope to
attend a future reunion. My parents and brother live in Scottsdale and
Tempe. Please keep me informed about future reunions.

Update: 11/07/2003

Stan Walker Update

I was pleased to see the website up and running again. I noted that many of my classmates from 1962 had not updated their information for a few years and therefore I will update mine in hopes that others will do the same.

I tried retiring again in 2000 after five years and the Director of Alumni Affairs at my alma mater Wabash College here in Crawfordsville, IN. Before I was able to even leave the job I was recruited to be the Executive Director of our local United Fund. It looks like a United Way, but we are not a member of United Way. We raise over a half a million dollars a year to fund the good work of about 19 not-for-profit agencies in our county. It is a part-time job, 1000 hours in the year and I get to choose the hours. I plan on doing this for a few more years.

My wife, Peggy, and I will be traveling to Phnom Penh, Cambodia in December to spend a month with my daughter and her family. They are missionaries there with the Christian Missionary Alliance. Karyn and her husband Jeff have two daughters which is the only reason I plan to spend Christmas overseas. Peggy and I spent 28 years in the Army celebrating Christmas away from family and we really thought that in the future we’d celebrate Christmas at home.

You have my correct address, but my email addresses have changed. At home my email address is walkerst@tctc.com and at work it is stan@muffy.org. I’ love to hear from a classmate or two.

Are their any plans for a 45 year reunion by the Class of 1962 in 2007?

Best wishes,


Stan the MUFFY Man

Stanley L. Walker, Executive Director
Montgomery United Fund For You
PO Box 247
Crawfordsville, IN 47933

765 362-5484

Stanley L. Walker '62
46 Cincinnati Drive
Crawfordsville, IN 47933

Bud Weeks
Date: 8/26/98 9:41:25 AM Central Daylight Time
From: banb1@ibm.net (banb)
Reply-to: banb1@ibm.net
Hi, This is Bud Weekes looking for Class of 62 Beavers if you know me or remember some of the old gang please email me at (banb1 ibm.net}.

Sheila Welch ( see Sue Welch, 1960)

Jeffrey Wilgus, Sandy Wilgus

Subj: Registration
Date: 5/4/00 10:47:07 PM Central Daylight Time
From: wilgus@online.ru (Jeffrey Wilgus)

I;m a long ways from home - that's for sure. Although my parents still
live in their same house on Osborn Rd., I've been living in Moscow for
about the past 5 years. I have my own company which specializes in
Russian stocks. www.dover-capital.com

I do visit Arizona from time to time - my fondest memories are from
Scottsdale High.
My sister Sandy Wilgus Class of "59" told me about the website.

Jeffrey Wilgus
4 Tverskaya St.
Class of "62"
Moscow, Russia

Pam Willis
Subj: Pam Willis Class of '62
Date: 3/5/00 1:45:29 PM Central Standard Time
From: Pmcwillfly@aol.com

It is raining today (what a nice change) and I have been entertaining myself reading all the notes from fellow SHS graduates. JoAnn Willmeng and Mary Fitzpatrick put me on to the site - thanks!
Life is still good here in Scottsdale. I am married with one grown son. My sister and brother both live here, Mary Jo was the class of '60 and Dee was the class of '67 at Sahuaro. I have been flying all these years but recently came back down to earth long enouch to get back into horseback riding - having a ball. I think being in your 50s is like being on vacation- children grown and work is part time.
Hope to see lots of familiar faces at the reunion.
Pam Willis Clements

Joanne Willmeng
Subj: Register me
Date: 7/11/99 9:35:24 AM Central Daylight Time
From: jobowles@worldnet.att.net (joanne bowles)

Hi Bill, I just found out about your great Website. Please add me to your
growing list of 1962 SHS graduates. JoAnne Willmeng Bowles and my e-mail
address is jobowles@worldnet.att.net. Thanks.

Darlene Willmert
Subj: Register
Date: 6/22/00 11:40:50 PM Central Daylight Time
From: ravensburgdarlene@juno.com (ravensburgdarlene)

I love the web site! Please register me with my 1962 SHS classmates.Am I too late to register for the Beaver Bash 2000? My maiden name was Darlene Willmert. I live near Nashville, I am divorced and a Homeschool Mom. I would love to sing one more time with the Scottsdale Singers. If Mr. Esile were still alive......

Roy Wise
Subj: SHS Registration
Date: 4/21/00 12:35:58 AM Central Daylight Time
From: rtwise@uswest.net

HI! I am Roy Wise alumni of the Class of 1962, I recognize
many of the other 1962 grad's. After graduation I postponed
college for a tour in the Air Force 1962-1966, one year in
Texas and 3 years in Wyoming, so I did not get to see the
world that way. Married in 1967 and divorced in 1971.
Active in the Phoenix Jaycees in 1970-1974, I have worked at
Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph/ Mountain Bell / U S
West for 31 years. Married to a 1969 Grad Joyce (Brown)
Wise from 1975 to 1991 when she passed away from cancer. I
see one of her friends Bev McDowell registered earlier in
the 60's section. Have lived in Scottsdale/Phoenix all but
the time in the service. I would like to hear from other 62
grads. Learned about the site from another Beaver at work.
The All Class Reunion sounds like fun.
Thanks Bill for putting the site together.
Roy Wise

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