Larry Amick
Subj: Register Me.... Larry Amick
Date: 11/25/99 5:09:36 PM Central Standard Time
From: jltbrktt@dancris.com (Burkett)

Class of 1961.. Worked for Westinghouse Electric for 21 years then retired. Ride horses, hunt in Wyoming each year. Raised 3 kids. Married Peggy McConnaughy (Class of '66). She has 3 kids and between us we have 7 grandchildren. Presently working as a commercial plumber at Sun Mechanical. Looking forward to retiring.... or winning the lottery. Getting tired of working. Managed a restaurant for six years in Wyoming for my parents. Love Wyoming.
Looking forward to living there soon. Will plan on seeing everyone at the All School 2000 Reunion.

Go Beavers!!!!

No email, but you can send messages to jltbrktt@dancris.com

Carol Jane Anderson
Date: 4/12/00 7:28:19 PM Central Daylight Time
From: janderso@direct.ca (Jane Anderson)

My name is Carol Jane Anderson. I graduated in 1961. I was an exchange student from Canada and was lucky enough to spend two wonderful years at Scottsdale High School. I lost my yearbook along the way but I have kept my memories. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia where I practice law and I have a son at university.

Mary Jo Anderson
Subj: Class of 1961
Date: 12/31/99 10:10:44 AM Central Standard Time
From: Mmmmary@aol.com

Mary Anderson. Class of 1961. Now as an old woman, I've returned to college. What an experience!

Jerry Atwood
Subj: Jerry L. Atwood, Class of '61
Date: 11/27/99 2:35:57 PM Central Standard Time
From: jatwood@lg.com (Atwood, Jerry (LGE-DA))

Hello fellow Beavers!!

Nice to be connected to the alumni of SHS.
After graduation, a Degree in Architecture from Arizona State University,
and later a Masters of Science in Construction. Before graduating my design
class of 1966 created the Rio Salado master plan for the Tempe Town Lake and
33 years later the lake was dedicated on 6Nov99. The first 15 years as a
practicing Architect in Arizona including my own firm, Atwood Associates,
completing over $120 million in completed projects. Some of the local
buildings include: Camelback Inn following the sale from Jack Stewart to
Marriott, Arizona Biltmore hotel, Metrocenter, Camel Square Office,
Scottsdale Hilton Hotel, Starmark Place Condominiumns, Tempe Corporate
Office, Gold Dust Village shopping center in Scottsdale. From 1989 to 1994
I was the Assistant Director of Planning and Construction at ASU, managing
the $150 MM capital improvement program on the Main Campus. As a Project
Manager for Technology Design and Construction I participated in
constructing the largest private construction start in the US, $1.3 Billion,
Intel's FAB12 in Chandler, AZ. Presently as the Architect and Office
Manager for Lockwood Greene's Phoenix office we are designing facilities in
Arizona for Quaker Oats, General Motors, SeaFab, Intel, Motorola and Sky
Harbor Airport. Call me if you are in Tempe, 480-829-9000.
Personal achievements: Advisory council to ASU College of Architecture;
City of Tempe Design Award, AIA Design Citation, Sigma Phi Epsilon 1997 Hall
of Fame.
I have 2 wonderful children, Ted (18) and Dana (12).
Still living in Scottsdale after all these years in paradise: 11842 N.
67th Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85254 e.mail jatwood@lg.com

My brother Steve graduated from SHS in 1970 and now lives in Dallas.

R. Roger Beck
Subj: Register Me Too!
Date: 3/8/99 8:21:56 AM Central Standard Time
From: rrbec@extremezone.com (Roger Beck)

Finally found this site, thanks to Mary Keltner who saw my name at the Classmates Website (www.classmates.com). I was a member of the Class of '61, and I'm interested in finding any of my classmates. Mary's idea for an all-class reunion is terrific! Count me in! I don't have a lot of time available to me this morning, but I'll be back to this site to bring others up to date as they contact me. My fondest memories are of Scottsdale in the early 60's, when it was still small and friendly. BEAVERS FOREVER!
R. Roger Beck (aka Robert, aka Bob)

Charles (Butch) Beckman
Subj: Class of "61"
Date: 8/12/99 1:07:36 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Tops4u2luv@aol.com

I would like to be placed on the reunion roster for 1961.
Charles (Butch) Beckman
2403 Marlette Street
Muskegon, Michigan 49442
(231) 773-2523
E-mail: TOPS4U2LUV @aol.com

Tom Boxley (see Marge Keig)


Edwin Brown
Subj: Beaver Bash 2000
Date: 5/8/00 9:24:14 AM Central Daylight Time
From: amfyoyo@aepnet.com (Edwin Brown)

Edwin Brown Class 61
Alive and well in Morenci Arizona after 20+ years in the US Army I am
one of the medicine men for the mine and towns in Greenlee County. I
have kept in contact with Butch Riggs, he just had by-pass surgery and doing
well, Virden, and Carl Brown Class 61 and 59 doing well in Tucson.
Their sister Jyrle in in Cottonwood. Lots of tales to tell at the
reunion see you there in Oct.

Been around the world 6 or 7 times fought in the wars that were going on
at the time. I have the U S Army to thank they sent me to Med. School
and I gave the 20 years. I retired in 1985 and came to Morenci,
Arizona. We have a Family Practice and Urgent Care here and stay very
busy. Married 33 years 5 children and 12 grand and 1 great-grand
Spent most of my time in Special Forces, was recalled for Desert Storm,
I think that will be my last war. I plan to go to the Oct. Reunion and
hope to see you there.
E-mail is amfyoyo@aepnet.com. love to here from you all


Julie (Corey) Sanford Wilbur
Subj: 1961 Graduate
Date: 4/27/2004
From: cactusgrandma@earthlink.net

Time to re-register after some life changes:

1961 Good Samaritan School of Nursing.
Worked in nursing forever, mostly non hospital jobs,
medical management in managed care orgs.

Lived in CA 1966-1979 then moved back to AZ and lived in
Mesa for 20 years, now in Albuquerque, NM.

Married that cute X-Ray tech (Tom Wilbur) I found in the
basement at Good Sam. Tom went on to become a systems
programmer and Salt River Project moved us back to AZ in
1979. We had two sons 1965 & 68 4 grandchildren.
Esophageal cancer claimed the love of my life in 1999 after
35 happy years. Deep misery ensued but eventually life
moved on.

I was single for 3 years at an advanced state of age and
through the wonders of the internet, met the second love of
my life, Jim Corey. I quit my job at PacifiCare and moved
to Albuquerque in 2002. Nice weather, same culture, great
guy. I retired on moving and Jim still slaves away at
Sandia National Labs, but loves it.

Next step-we both retire to Jim's 80 acres in central
Missouri in Jan 2004 with our 4 dogs and build our
retirement house. Travel is in the long range plan-got to
get the cost per use down on that motorhome and use up all
the frequent flyer miles Jim has acrued!

Any SHS grads living New Mexico? or Missouri? Make contact
using cactusgrandma at yahoo dot com. We will be in ABQ
until sometime after Feb 2005 then on to hillbilly country.

Whatever happend to Barbara Nalitz, Diane Price, the
DuFrain brothers (Arcadia guys)?

Judy Sanford
Class of 1961

Sally Davis
Subj: 1961 Graduate
Date: 10/2/00 1:12:54 PM Central Daylight Time
From: JTJenkinsIII@aol.com

Please register me.
Sally Davis class of 1961. Now Jenkins, living in Kansas City, Mo. Look forward to the Saturday night reunion!! See you there. email: sdjbeach@yahoo.com

Peter Dooley
Subj: Peter Dooley, Class of 1961
Date: 5/19/00 1:50:57 PM Central Daylight Time
From: peterjdooley@email.msn.com (peterjdooley)

Peter Dooley; e-mail: peter@peterdooley.com; address: 8201 E. Del Cristal Drive, Scottsdale, Arizona 85258

Graduated High School in 1961; Graduated from ASU 1966; Married (Medford, Oregon) 1969; Divorced (Scottsdale, Arizona) 1988; Not a grandfather yet but have two children: Daughter, Jennifer (28) not yet married but may be in 1-2 yrs, is a massage therapist in Phoenix, attended Sahuaro H.S. - Ryan (27) also not yet married with no plans in the near future, is a Phoenix Firefighter and absolutely loves his work (has some great stories), attended Sahuaro H.S. and was the short stop on the Sahuaro H.S. state championship baseball team, attended Scottsdale Community College on a baseball scholarship and played for Larry Smith (also a SHS graduate in about 1960).......I worked for Mobil Oil in marketing after ASU and was up & down the west coast for 9 yrs; Then was in the insurance business with State Farm for about 5 yrs; Joined my Brother, Tom (also a SHS graduate in about 1959), in his company Antigua Sportswear; I owned two businesses in the areas of ceramic manufacturing and window covering manufacturing; Am now in the Real Estate business in Scottsdale with Realty Executives........ Have met the most wonderful woman, Priscilla Kurtz, and plan on marriage in the near future (I have never had a soul mate before this so I'm experiencing late teen, early 20's feelings of great love!! It's wonderful!!) - I have been told that Jack Beavers is moving back to the Valley of the Sun (we played basketball & baseball together at SHS) but have not yet been able to hook up with him yet......I received the information about this "All Class Reunion" from Jerry Atwood (also played baseball together at SHS)

Peter Dooley, 1961


David Funk
Subj: Registration
Date: 6/1/01 3:20:21 PM Central Daylight Time
From:    dfunk@kobeys.com (David J. Funk)

I am David J. Funk ('61).  After graduation I lived in Scottsdale-Phoenix, Tucson, Los Angeles.  In 1973 I became a resident of las Vegas, NV.  Until the late 1990's I commuted between Las Vegas-San Diego-Scottsdale.
I am now a permanent resident of San Diego.

Bill Gilmore
Subj: Reunion
Date: 10/2/00 10:07:52 PM Central Daylight Time
From: bdgilmore@uswest.net

Hi. It will be great to see you all again. It has been a
steady ride for me since graduating in 1961. I worked for
the Arizona Department of Transportation Yep the Famous
ADOT, for 32 yrs and 10 days. I retired from there and now
work for URS Corp. a worldwide consulting engineering firm.
Diane and I are looking forward to the reunion. We now base
in Milan New Mexico but have a place in Sun City also.
E-Mail address is bdgilmore@uswest.net. Phone w/voice Mail
is 602-526-0157

Connie Holm
Subj: Connie Holm Class 1961
Date: 9/30/00 12:20:49 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Connieyoung@excelonline.com (Connie Young)

I graduated in 1961. I read about the reunion in the Scottsdale Life. It has been fun reading about my class mates.

I married in 1964, to Bert (Buz) Broday. He was killed in a car accident in 1974. We had two children, a son who is 35 and a daughter who is 31. I have 1 grandson and 1 step granddaughter. I later married Lee Young, ( he was a Scottsdale Deputy Marshall in 1961). He was a fraud investigator and was abducted in 1990 and has never been found, leaving me a widow. I worked in banking for 29 years as a Manager, Senior Vice President. I retired last year and am enjoying traveling. I still keep in touch with Pam Ramona, 1961, Mike and Mitch Kapanicas (who graduated in 1963.)

Cullen Hollister
Subj: Registration for Reunion
Date: 10/3/00 8:24:19 AM Central Daylight Time
From: cullen.hollister@az.ngb.army.mil (Hollister, Cullen)

It is early on 3 Oct and I would like to be able to attend the reunion. I
have had problems getting any information and finally got a copy of l;ast
weeks article.

I am CULLEN A. HOLLISTER, Class of 61, band member four years.


I did not see anything for class of 61 or 60 for that matter. Would like to
attend the band performance (not participate) and the all class reunion
Saturday evening.

Please forward information ASAP.

Live in Sedona since 1998. Was out of town from 69 until then.


Lynne Ingraham
Subj: Lynne Ingraham-Class of 1961
Date: 9/1/00 6:05:44 PM Central Daylight Time
From: REvans6873@aol.com

How fun to come across this website! I miss SHS everytime I drive by the location but do have my brick.
After high school, I became a U. of A. Wildcat (class of '65). Was a Gamma Phi Beta. Dated a couple of SHS grads while in college: Rex Short and Tony Raineri. I married Ron Evans (North High and ASU grad). We lived in Paradise Valley for 26 years as Ron was Pres. and CEO of Best Western Hotels. We traveled the world with that job and loved every minute of it. We have 3 wonderful kids, Nicole (1967), a Doctor in Anaheim, Michele (1969) an actress/realtor in Pasadena and Christopher (1981) a new Freshman Trojan at U.S.C. Have "lost" all 3 children to California. No grandkids...yet. Ron took an early retirement from Best Western recently and is now the Dean of the Hotel and Restaurant School at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. We moved to Flag this summer and love it up here. We are empty nesters so has been a fun change.
My "first love," Bill Kiser (class of 1960) was killed in Viet Nam in 1967. Such a darling young man! The other classmates I have seen or kept in touch with over the years are: Gay Graves (lives in Fla.), Phyllis Kiamy (class of 1962), Susan Hall, Sara Rea, Jan Hettinger Kleinman, Emmy Ferguson, & Anne Cummings among others...I look forward to the reunion and seeing so many of you "kids."

My favorite teacher was Mr. Herman Schweikart, yearbook teacher. He was one of the dearest men I have ever known. His sense of humor was priceless, yet, he was warm, caring and had so much wisdom to share. He gave me the strength I needed my senior year to get through my parent's divorce. I loved being on the yearbook staff because of him. He had a way of not criticizing our mistakes but making us laugh our way through them. Susanna Spann was the Editor that year and we had so much fun! He was the main person I wanted to see at the last gathering at SHS and I did see him and told him then how much he had meant to me. I am so glad as I never saw him again. He passed away not long after. He certainly left this world a better place than he found it and made his mark on a lot of students! God bless you, Mr. Schweikart.

My address is: Lynne (Ingraham) Evans
4860 Mount Pleasant Drive
Flagstaff, AZ. 86004
(520) 522-8883
E-mail: REvans6873@aol.com


Subj: Register 1961 alumni
Date: 10/2/00 6:20:04 PM Central Daylight Time

Bruce Johnson
Subject: Scottsdale High Class of '61
Date: 10/2/00
From: appliedac@earthlink.net

Hello fellow Beavers!

I am looking forward to attending the all class reunion. I hope I can catch
up with some of my school buddies.

After graduating from SHS I attended ASU from ¹61 to ¹65, then moved to
Southern California to begin my earning years. I have enjoyed working in
the construction industry and have been fortunate to supervise several large
projects from La Jolla to San Francisco. I now own a mechanical contracting
company in Orange County. I also enjoy fly fishing and travel.

I met Peggy in 1968 and we were married in Newport Beach in 1969. Jerry
Atwood, a fellow ¹61 SHS grad was my best man. Peggy and I have two
beautiful daughters and they both live in Southern California. Heather now
28, graduated from Chapman University, married last year and is teaching
school in Huntington Beach. Michelle is now 25, graduated from the
University of San Francisco with honors. She must have gotten her smarts
from her mother.

I have some terrific memories of special friends and good times in Arizona,
It was a great place to grow up. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Bruce Johnson
9201 Belcaro Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92646

Home number 714) 963-9409
Office number 714) 545-1917

Kathy Jones
Subj: SHS
Date: 3/5/2005
From: kjstewart@cybertrails.com

I just discovered the SHS site.  Can you tell me how to sign up?  Thanks!
Kathy Jones  (married name Stewart)
PO Box 311 Greer, Az 85927

Norma Kafer
Subj: SHS
Date: 3/21/00 4:22:37 PM Central Standard Time
From: nfk54401@home.com (Norma Kafer)

I graduated from SHS in '61. My name is Norma Fork Kafer. I still have
contact with Kit Smith and others. I live in Phoenix 920 Encanto Dr.
S.W. not too far from home. Please register me for the 2000 Reunion.
Norma Fork Kafer

Stephanie Kraus
Subj: Register
Date: 4 April, 2006
From: chuckandstevie@msn.com

My name is Stephanie Mangus (Kraus) and I graduated from Scottsdale High in 1961. I would like to be added to your alumni list for any upcoming reunions. Thank you, Stephanie (Stevie)

Peggy McConnaughy
Subj: Peggy McConnaughy Amick
Date: 11/25/99 5:03:32 PM Central Standard Time
From: jltbrktt@dancris.com (Burkett)


Peggy here. My sister Linda is typing this as I speak. Well trying to speak anyway. I live in Mesa, AZ with my husband Larry Amick (Class of '61) good ole SHS. We own two horses and spend a lot of hay and time feeding them and riding them. Boarded our horses at the same stable as Bill Sullivan for a while, until the freeway took over the pasture. Looking for greener pastures. Larry and I have several grandchildren between us and have six grown children. I work at Penney's Styling Salon in PV Mall. Stop in and shop with Beth and Bill it's their mall.

Any former Scottsdale Singers who want to keep in touch can call 480/964-1018 or send an email as stated below.

No email address but you can respond to Linda Burkett's web address. Look her up. She has already registered.

Michael McConnell
Subj: Scottsdale High
Date: 9/25/00 11:50:50 AM Central Daylight Time
From: michael.t.mcconnell@honeywell.com (McConnell, Michael T (AZ15))

Please list me as part of the class of 1961
10743 W. Tonopah Dr.
Sun City, AZ 85373


Have a good day
Michael T. McConnell
(602)302-3396 pager

Patricia McMahan
Date: 4/26/00 4:24:56 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Patmatasso@aol.com

I am registering my name:

Class of 1961

Patricia (McMahan) Matasso
127 Via Undine
Newport Beach, CA 92663
e-mail address: Patmatasso@aol.com

graduated in 1961 and moved to San Diego in 1962. Did a stint in the Marines and a year in Nam. Lost some good friends there including Bill Kiser (SHS Class of 1960).

Brooks Middleton
Date: 4/26/00 4:24:56 PM Central Daylight Time
From: brooks21@cox.net

I currently live in Lemon Grove, which is a suburb of San Diego with my wife Dayna. We have two daughters, one living in Cleveland, OH, although for the life of us we can’t figure out why. The other daughter is living just a short distance from us, and if anything turns up missing around the house it is usually because she has been over borrowing. We are both retired now and we are looking at selling our house here and possibly moving to AZ. I am particularly anxious to get out of Southern California although I realize things could be worse, we could be living in L.A. or Northern California.


My wife went to school here and we have been to several of her reunions, but I have always felt a little left out. Wish I had stumbled on to this site sooner (actually my wife found it). I am somewhat sad to see so very few names that I remember.



Brooks Middleton


Kit Paul
Subj: Kit (Paul) Smith
Date: 9/7/00 4:16:16 PM Central Daylight Time
From: psmith@pittstate.edu (paul c smith)

WHOA, 1961 was a long time ago. I did not think I would make it at
first, but I will.
1961 is my SHS graduation year. Brother of Pat, Mickey and Geoff
Smith. I was the obsessed distance runner, band member and Spanish
student and I have been a Spanish professor for what now seems like
BA from U of AZ
Taught and coached at Tempe HS, 1965-70
MA and PhD from ASU, 1974
Taught at U of Texas, Bethany College (West Virginia), Southern Arkansas
U. (chair of English and Foreign Langs), Pittsburg State U (Pittsburg,
Kansas--chair of For. Langs)
Lots of fascinating travel.
Effective this semester: semi-retired. ¡OLE!
I look forward to seeing folks.
email is psmith@pittstate.edu
Address is 2025 Pin Oak Circle
Pittsburg, KS 66762
phone is 316-231-6007
Hasta la vista,
Kit Smith

Karen Perona
Subj: Karen Perona Shaw
Date: 6/28/00 5:42:32 PM Central Daylight Time
From: danshaw@fuller.edu (R. Daniel Shaw)

I graduated from SHS in 1961 and the University of Arizona in 1965.
I married Dr. Dan Shaw in 1966. We lived in Papua New Guinea from
1969-1981. We have lived in Altadena (suburb of Pasadena), CA since
moving back to the States. I am a sixth grade math and science
teacher and my husband teaches anthropology and Bible translation.
We have 3 sons and 2 granddaughters.

John Quailtrough
Subj: Registration
Date: 10 November, 2005
From: jqualtro@aol.com

John Qualtrough
PO Box 418
Walnut Creek, CA 94597
Tel. 925-673-0785
I spent seven years in the United States Air Force as a Chaplain. In the years following I have been running programs to help people all over the world. In California I started a non profit that runs a farm where we raise horses, organic vegetables, and care for people. In Africa we work on projects in Kenya and Senegal.

Beverly June Raichert
Subj: (no subject)
Date: 10/6/00 11:55:23 PM Central Daylight Time
From: BATSTAR16@aol.com

I definitely plan on coming to the all class reunion. I've had trouble getting information off my computer lately.Thank goodness for computer literate children! Thanks to my youngest daughter, I was able to finally access the reunion information. My name is Beverly June Raichert Adams, class of 1961. I graduated from ASU and have been teaching school in the Scottsdale School District for over 32 years. This year, I am teaching kindergarten in a charter school in Phoenix. I was married for 27 years and have 3 grown children and 2 grandsons. My children are 27, 23, and 21. I have been divorced for 3 years and now live in Scottsdale once more. ( I had lived in Tempe.) My youngest brother, Les Raichert, graduated from SHS in 1970.

Kathy Ralston (see Tim Ralston)

Sara Rea
Subj: Class of '61
Date: 8/6/00 1:37:46 AM Central Daylight Time
From: SARAREARAY@aol.com

Sara Rea Ray

Jerry Reaves
Subj: Scottsdale '61
Date: 7/25/00 9:03:48 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Azjerry539@aol.com

Sign me up for the reunion!

This is wonderful. So much nostalgia. Still got my '61 Camelback yearbook with a lot of signatures of people registered here.

I left Scottsdale right after graduation in 1961 and moved to Northern California and soon found myself in the US Army. Spent 3 years in Northern Japan (snow from October to May!!!), working for the Army Security Agency. Discharged in '66 and wound up in Southern California for a few years. Got married in '68 to my wife Jean, (still married after 32 years!!!). Had a son in 1978, (Jeff). He was struck and killed by a car just a week after his ninth birthday in 1987.

I''m a computer consultant and technician, now. My wife is an instructional aide for the Deer Valley School district.

I was at the closing ceremonies of SHS, and still have the Scottsdale Progress Memorial Edition.

Looking forward to seeing all of you again.

my email is jerryr5986@aol.com

Jerry Reaves
17226 N. Centre Ct.
Glendale, AZ 85308
(602) 938-3815

Clyde Riggs
Subj: Class of '61
Date: 6/11/00 10:14:52 PM Central Daylight Time
From: NancWRiggs@aol.com

Hello fellow classmates! I'm living in Gilbert, Arizona with my lovely wife, Nancy, and our five children. I am currently in the masonry business--brick, block, and stone. My company name is Clyde Riggs Masonry. I have been doing this for 35 years. I served 5 years in the military--2 years in the Marine Corps and 3 years in the paratroopers in Europe. I recently underwent triple bypass surgery and am doing well. Best friends passed away--Phil Brady, Kermit Thompson. I'm keeping in touch with Ed Brown, Virden Brown, Linda Helser (editor at Arizona Republic). I love playing golf and enjoy going to the beach with my family. I am active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I look forward to touching ground with all my classmates and close friends. Feel free to contact me at (480)926-3377 or e-mail at nancwriggs@aol.com.

Tom Shaffer
Subj: Classes of 62 and 63
Date: 7/10/00 5:36:25 PM Central Daylight Time
From: tshaffer@juno.com (Tom Shaffer)

Tom Shaffer, Biology Teacher at SHS for the two years - 1959-60 and 1960-61.
Since I taught sophmores, most of the students in my classes went on to graduate in either the class of l962 or the class of l963 at either Scottsdale High or Coronado High. When I was teaching at SHS, I was a new teacher fresh out of ASU thus I was about 8 or 9 years older than you guys I was teaching. I went on to teach five years in the White Mountains and then served on the professional staff of the Arizona Education Association for 30 years retiring in 1996. I am now a part-time consultant in Education Law and enjoy conducting workshops around the country, I live in Central Phoenix - e-mail: tshaffer@juno.com ... Would enjoy hearing from former students and former fellow-faculty. I will attend the Beaver Bash in October. .... Tom

Paul Smith
Date: 3/14/00 4:46:12 PM Central Standard Time
From: evsmith@gateway.net (evsmith)

my name is paul smith and i'm a "61 grad.
i live at 630 w glenn dr, phoenix 85021
e-mail evsmith@gateway.net

i joined the navy after graduation, did the viet nam thing, did the college thing, became a postal inspector and was transferred to lincoln, nebraska, LA, san francisco, honolulu, and back to phoenix. i retired in 1994. i'm active in my church and sing in the choir.

i married in 1968, have twin sons 28 years old, my wife died last year from cancer.

Larry Steward
Subj: Another 60's Class member
Date: 11/18/98 11:34:54 PM Central Standard Time
From: spask@snet.net (Larry Steward)

Hi everyone. My name is Larry Steward a graduate back in 1960.

I spent three years at SHS when I moved to Scottsdale from Salinas, California with my family in 1958. I have a year older sister named Bonnie who attended her junior and senior years. I ran track and played fullback on the football team (GO Beavers!!) and thoroughly enjoyed my days at SHS. I attended ASU briefly before deciding to get join the Navy and travel/mature before returning to school. Back then you didn't have a choice ... either join now or be drafted later. I felt it would be better to join the Navy for 4-years than get drafted by the Army and become a foot soldier. Of course, the Vietnam war was not even on the map back then.

Would you belive ... I became a Medic, got attached to the Marines, the war breaks out and I end up in Vietnam getting wounded after all. Well I survived that and started an advertising career in Los Angeles.

I have since moved to Connecticut, got married, have two beautiful children and a successful wife (magazine publisher) and now I am a partner in a management consulting firm.

I don't know why I waited so long to connect with this group but it occurred to me that the magic of the Internet would allow something like this so I wanted to get on the board.

I must admit I don't recognize anyone in this forum so far ... I'm
hopeful I will or that someone may remember me. If so, please contact me, it would be fun to catch up.

I'm not sure how this may be posted so I will leave my email address right here:
Larry Steward  Mktpro@rocketmail.com. So long.


Judy Sanford Wilbur
Subj: Thanks

Date: 98-01-24 16:28:08 EST

From: twilbur@primenet.com (Tom Wilbur)

Thanks for the SHS site. I recognized a few names from my era. Thad

Njerling, Gail Wasbotton.

Judy Sanford Wilbur, class of 1961

JeanneAnn Turek
Subj: Jeannie Turek, 1961
Date: 10/28/00 2:15:21 PM Central Standard Time
From: jeannieturek@hotmail.com (JeanneAnn Turek)

How wonderful to find this reunion site!

I remember Mrs. Mackey who taught Spanish. Her husband died. I really
loved her!

And wonderful, romantic, thinker, Mr. David Coats, who taught English and
changed my life forever with his insightful questions. Where is he? I have
tried to find him to let him know how much his wisdom impacted my life!

Yes, I remember the awesome Mr. Eslie. And how he told me I sounded like a
"bullmoose in pain" during Chansonettes' practice -- but he was right. I
was offkey and couldn't find the note. So I listened instead of trying to
fake it. I learned so much from Mr. Eslie. I was so sad to hear he had
died. He was extremely talented....and fiery!

I have tried to locate several people over the years. Robert Dean is a real
estate agent in Scottsdale. Where are Joanne Beauchamp? Lonnie Brown?
....playing piano somewhere I hope! Whatever happened to the lovely Gay
Graves who won the "Seventeen" magazine honor? John Biro? ...and his friend
"Paul" who played football? I had a crush on him, but made a terrible
social mistake and could never get him to talk to me again. Just didn't
understand boys back then. Probably not much better at it now.

Where's Johnny Kingsley? And Paul Maupin? Robert Marrs? ...who used to
sit behind me in class. And what I wouldn't give to find Nancy Reed again!
Her grandmother made the best banana bread in the universe.

Please email me!


Jeanne writes further:


Whoops!  In re-reading my post I realize I forgot to mention one small thing: a name change.  ...heh, heh.   My name has been Willow Denon since the early 70s.  I totally forgot about the Jeannie Turek email box I opened at Hotmail. 
In December of 1959 I ran off, seeking freedom, and married a young man that Nancy Reed had introduced me to.  I finished high school in Chandler, living on the Airforce base, Williams AFB.  I stayed married to Allen, Al Smith, for seven years and we had a son, Guy, and a daughter, Natalie, who are now in their early 40s.  But military life was not for me, and Allen was a committed 'lifer', so we parted and I raised the kids as a single parent while putting myself through college on academic scholarships, and feeding the kids by carrying 3 to 4 part-time jobs inbetween classes.  I was entered into *Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities* in 1979 for my accomplishments as a student and single mother.  
My son had a daughter, and my daughter had a son, both within two months of each other!.  So I am a grandma of two.  I went on to graduate studies for an interdisciplinary degree in *Family Behavior Dynamics Mediation* and *Videotape Production* at Southern Oregon State University in Ashland, Oregon.  I then worked for a small film company in Ashland called 'Sandler Institutional Films'.  We made the educational films that the elementary school kids see in class, ie., *Safety With Fire* for second graders, etc.  I loved it!!!
Now I am retired and living in Southern California in an area called Lake Mathews, east of the Los Angeles area.  I am an avid gardener, and  seem to be needed to rescue the many animals that are dumped out here in the desert by uncaring people.  I am committed to animal rights issues, and working to reduce the violence against children through parenting education.  In the 60s I was a hippie, living with people who were involved with education, nutrition, cultural economics, self-awareness, and a consciousness of kindness to others.  During the Viet Nam war, I worked with the underground, helping young men who didn't believe in violence of any kind (Quakers) find refuge from the draft.
In the late 60s, I took my two children (4 and 6) and went to live in Ansbach, Germany for a year.  There I worked on an American Army base, ran the movie theatre and concession stand, and tried to be a comforting influence on the shattered young men who had been transferred to Germany from the front lines in Viet Nam, before being sent back to America.
After moving to Oregon in 1973, and starting back to college, I spent a lot of time in local theatre, singing and dancing on stage in musical productions in the evenings while working and attending school during the day...always with my delightful two children accompanying me.
I've still always been pretty much of a prudish type, not smoking, drinking, or doing drugs, but I must admit I did mellow out a lot and have indulged somewhat in all of the above activities.  After my divorce in the mid 1960s, I was so involved with trying to keep up with the demands of single parenting, and trying to get an education so I could climb out of the hole of abject povery, that I didn't have much inclination to date, so I never did remarry, or even endure in any long-term relationships.  Now that the kids are grown and on their own I dearly long for the companionship of the right man.  But I may have missed my chance for that.  It's not as easy to date at this stage of the game.  And we are all so set in our ways by now.  Finding a workable relationship at this point would be no small miracle! 
I would love to hear from so many of you.  I have completely lost touch with people from the old days.  And when I returned to Scottsdale in 1980, I couldn't even find the approximate sites where things in my memory had been.  I ended up pulled over to the side of the road under the *Praying Monk* crying my heart out for the better part of half-an-hour.
Here is my contact information:
Email:  willowmorningsky@yahoo.com
Phone:  (909) 776-9503
Snail Mail:  Willow Denon
                 17090 Aragon Drive
                 Lake Mathews, CA  92570

Alan Wanamaker
Subj: register class of '61
Date: 10/28/00 10:37:03 PM Central Standard Time
From: WANA 43@aol.com

i'm allan wanamaker, i graduated with you in 1961, i transferred from new york in my junior year. graduated from ASU in 1966 and moved around the world after signing up with American Airlines as a food service/menu specialist. spent 25 years in Honolulu
before moving back to mainland. now live in Carlsbad, CA. restaurant owner--can't get away from food service. anxious to hear about any planned reunions. e-mail if you wish: wana43@aol.com

Ellen Warner
Subj: register
Date: 3/16/00 12:24:10 AM Central Standard Time
From: elbush@wvi.com (Ellen Bush)

Scottsdale. Wow; great times in the late fifties and early sixties. I'm one of the Warner clan that attended SHS. Kathleen (Ginger) graduated in '60, Linda in '63, Craig in '64, Martha in '67. I'm the rebel that didn't finish. (It would have been '61. But, hey, finished up later!)
I'll definitely keep my sisters and brother informed about the upcoming reunion.
Good memories: the Verde river, A & W, cruising, "car clubs"...I could go on and on! You're getting the clue that I should have been more studious!
Ellen Warner (Bush, now)

Bill Welch
Subj: Reunion
Date: 9/12/00 11:22:38 PM Central Daylight Time
From: WWelch4569@aol.com

Hi, I am Bill Welch, class of 61, transfered to Arcadia, not by choice, in my junior year. I had a twenty year military career followed by owning a commercial real estate company here in Phoenix and am now dealing in museum quality old west antiques. I heard about the reunion from Marsha Posner Williams ' 68 who I was seated with on a Southwest flight a few weeks ago. I am looking forward to seeing old friends from a great school.

LeRoy White
Subj: Getting registered
Date: 11/1/99 10:51:15 AM Central Standard Time
From: MLWST@aol.com

Subj: Graduate of Class 1961

Here is my text and please enter it as soon as possible so that I can have other people contact me that may have graduated with me. Thanks Bill.

My name is: Malcolm LeRoy White (known as LeRoy) with my classmates and am now residing in Tracy,California as is my twin sister -Marie (Arlene) Mastramico White. We did have the occasion of attending a reunion back in the early 90's and time flies by so fast I do not remember the exact year.

I am looking forward to attending the reunion in 2000 that my other sister is helping putting together (what a task this must be for her) her name is Mary Keltner White and yes we are the Whites that our father was 1st Mayor of Scottsdale from 1951-1958 and used to have the Pink Pony on the corner of Scottsdale and Main St which now has relocated down the street much to our fathers dismay when it happened.

A few names come to mind of the years at Scottsdale High School and if any are able to answer me my email addresses are:mlwst@pacbell.net or mlwst@aol.com and now the names:Rich Bannister, Gary Moeller,Bill Carr, Carolyn Rogers and many more of which my memory has me at the present.

I graduated from Scottsdale High School as did my entire family in 1961 and attended ASU for a year after which I went into the US Navy in 1963 for 8 years and that was the best decision I ever made especially from all the peer pressure to get a College Degree and while in the US Navy I was aboard three aircraft carriers - USS Lexington, USS Bennington and the USS Yorktown as well as many foreign ports the best port being Sydney, Australia. Also, I am a Vietnam Veteran as I was in Vietnam twice the 1st time on board ship and the 2nd time in an Admirals Staff stationed right in the heart of Saigon Vietnam now known as Ho Chi Minh City and was an experience I will never forget.

After my Navy hitch I married a girl I married in a singles apartment house needless to say that lasted for 26 years of marriage. Now that I am recently divorced I have two beautiful children - My daughter Ann Marie Shephard White and my son Malcolm William (Billy) White of which each my children have a Grandson of mine. My oh my dont we get younger? My daughter is 26 years young and my son is 22 years young and are gainfully employed and enjoying bringing my grandsons up.

After my hitch in the Navy and when I got married I continued on in Government Service so that I could use those 8 years towards a retirement and then went on to work for the US Postal Service (you know that Pony Express outfit) for another 26 years and yes I dont believe retired after 34 years of Government Service in January of 1998 Military Service + US Postal Service = Retirement.

I now am working as a Travel Agent in San Jose California for a company called Suntrips and am as happy as I ever have been since working from the age of 12 to the current day, I have had the occasion of going to Cabo San Lucas Mexico and to Hawaii in May of this of which I took my sister Mary Keltner White and we had a most wonderful time and took over well over 20 rools of film while on our vacation. We feel like we own Kodak after getting all our pictures developed.

I also have a brother Darol White who is currently residning in Gilroy, California and as all of us graduated from Scottsdale High School too when my brain dont remember that far back. Also we had another sister Letha (Susie) Charlene Kearsley Plunkett White who pre-deceased all of us in 1992 unfortunately.

I still have all my Yearbooks in mint condition and maybe whoever reads this can look all of us up[ in the Yearbook and communicate with us through this website until our reunion takes place in 2000.

I do occasionally get back to Scottsdale only to get depressed of what they have done to our little of every body knowing each other. Oh well I guess the phrase that was created while my father was the Mayor of Scottsdale - "The Wests most Western Town" and incidentaly still sticks to this day should have been changed to the wests most progressive town.

Will go for now and will be checking my e-mail all the time for any future letters or responses of members of this website to me and will be looking forward to the Reunion in 2000 where old times and old friendships will be afforded.

If anyone is interested in corresponding with me either by e-mail or are in the area the following I am supplying for them: E-Mail Adresses are mlwst@pacbell.net or mlwst@aol.com and my home phone are (209) 830-6755 and (209 ) 835-4370 .

Bye for now and keep in contact :
PS My address can be given out if needed.
Malcolm LeRoy White
1322 Evergreen Way
Tracy, California

Update October, 2000

My trip/vacation was really one to remember the rest of my lifetime. Gosh you did yourself under on the successful reunion the weekend of Oct 6,7,8 2000. A great a time was had on the beginning of the weekend at Los Olivos Mexican Food restaurant on October 6,2000 when if there was a capacity of 300 for the restaurant there must have been at least 600 shoulder to shoulder bodies enjoying the good ole days of Scottsdale High School. The following day after helping moving coffee cups for the chairperson Mary Keltner (my talented sister) from Scottsdale to the Pavillon at the Rawhide and by the way the cups were empty of coffiee of which I could have enjoyed drinking on my excursion. Prior to the start of the festivities at Rawhide and arriving early to help out I must have helped blow and distributed dozens of balloons but was well worth it as the reunion was 110 % successful and I had an enjoyable time at the Saturday festival as did the mass of people who were in attendance. You could sure tell who the newest graduates were as they were the last to vacate the premises. Everything was perfectly organized and the food was awsome. Being one of the many many beaver graduates has always been and always will be a part of me and wish I could come back and do it all over again. The final day at the Picnic was great as I have never seen such a large tent with so many people enjoying themselves. Lunch was great and the festivities were great with a couple of prizes won at the raffle. I only want to commend Mary Keltner (White) in every way for all the hard and dedicated work putting this never to be forgotten all year reuinon together for all of the SCOTTSDALE HIGH SCHOOL BEAVERS. Also the hard work that Connie Reynolds (Matteson) is to be commended as well. A job well done by all involved in the weekend Reunion of the Beaver Bash 2000 reunioin.
Malcolm (LeRoy) White
Class of "61 Graduate
PS I hope this gets to all on this Website mlwst@aol.com
for our Scottsdale High School Beavers

Chuck Willoughby
Subj: Class of '61
Date: 9/8/99 11:28:42 AM Central Daylight Time
From: charles.willoughby@gsa.gov

Chuck Willoughby class of '61 checking in. Not many listed.
I will check occasionally to see if any others show up. Any
plans for a 40 year?

Mike Wright
Date: 4/1/2004
From: wrightplace@cableone.net (Mike Wright)

My name is Mike Wright, class of 1961
Living in Page, Az since 1963. Retired from the Page school system in 2000. The most wonderful area in the USA. Have been checking the names in the class of 61, and have contacted a few. Would love to hear from anyone that might remember me.
 Please register me in the class of 61
Thanks so much
Mike Wright
Page, Arizona
email  wrightplace@cableone.net

Connie Young
Date: 9/26/00 9:46:49 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Connieyoung@excelonline.com (Connie Young)

I graduated in 1961. I read about the reunion in the Scottsdale Life. It has been fun reading about my class mates.

I married in 1964, to Bert (Buz) Broday. He was killed in a car accident in 1974. We had two children, a son who is 35 and a daughter who is 31. I have 1 grandson and 1 step granddaughter. I later married Lee Young, ( he was a Scottsdale Deputy Marshall in 1961). He was a fraud investigator and was abducted in 1990 and has never been found, leaving me a widow. I worked in banking for 29 years as a Manager, Senior Vice President. I retired last year and am enjoying traveling. I still keep in touch with Pam Ramona, Mike and Mitch Kapanicas (who graduated in 1963.)


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