Steve Albany
Subj: Scottsdale High School Alumni
Date: 9/29/00 10:32:33 PM Central Daylight Time
From: BasicForce4@aol.com

Hi Bill - Please add my name to the list of Scottsdale High School Alumni -
Steve Albany 1966
Thank you and great job on the website.

Cynthia Anast
Subj: class of 66
Date: 5/2/00 12:49:26 PM Central Daylight Time
From: seguincy@esuvm.emporia.edu (Cynthia Seguin)

Hello, Bill
Please add my name to the list. Cynthia Anast Seguin. I'm a professor
of Teacher Education at Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas.

I have taught in Alaska, California, Arizona, South Dakota, and now
Kansas. I earned my doctorate recently at the University of South
Dakota, and really enjoy helping prepare future teachers. I look
forward to the October reunion and thanks to all for spearheading this.
Isn't cyberspace great!

Cynthia Anast Seguin - seguincy@emporia.edu
Class of 66 - Sister of: Andrea Anast & David Anast- Saguaro grads 3-4
yrs after me.

Steve Barnhill
Subj: Making contact
Date: 5/8/00 11:27:07 AM Central Daylight Time
From: steve.barnhill@barnhillcompany.com (Steve Barnhill)


Thanks to my classmate Peggy Alexander Scottsdale High School '66, I got wind this morning of
the Web site you have created for old Beavers, as it were. Just want to send
you this note to let you know that there is at least one other Scottsdale High School person
here in H-town. I live a couple of blocks from Rice University (grad school
is what brought me to the city in 1972) and work at 3730 Kirby Drive, just a
block south of Richmond. I am the principal in Barnhill & Company, which you
can learn about at your leisure at www.barnhillcompany.com
. It's a very small world. Drop me a note
when you have time. I am planning a trip back to Arizona with my two kids
(ages 27 and 20) in early June. Man has that place changed! My best to you,


Bonnie...now Alexandra Bennett
Subj: Mr. Davis' Machine Gun Laugh
Date: 98-01-11 17:39:15 EST
From: SizStar@aol.com

I attended Scottsdale High School in '63-'66 and jumped ship my senior year to transfer to Saguaro High to be in their first graduating class. My favorite memories are: wondering why the administration wouldn't permit mini skirts OR granny gowns, the first juke box in the cafeteria which seemed to only play "Love Me Do" or "Sugar Shack", Mr. Lowenstein's German class which was full of crazy kids (especially Fred Von Blume)...I was reading books about Existentialism in German, and my drunken art teacher who would sneak some vodka during class. I went to the Prom with Dave Plumb and the music was so boring we decided to leave and go bowling instead. I was in my freshman year when President Kennedy was killed and it seemed the entire school was crying...even the boys. Remember the huge banners the athletes would run through at the beginning of each game? I helped design and make them and even lettered in Art. I later became an Art teacher myself, and taught photography and television production in the Paradise Valley School District for 17 years. I live in North Phoenix...aka South Carefree. I would love to find Charlie Ball, Kenton Brown, or Carolyn Gabel.

Thanks Bill for all your effort!

Bonnie...now Alexandra Bennett

Rick Bereit
Subj: A proud graduate.
Date: 11/20/00 7:40:43 PM Central Standard Time
From: BereitR@aol.com

Hello, I am sooooo sorry I could not attend the reunion.  I had my 30th reunion from the Air Force Academy on the same weekend, and it was in Colorado Springs, a bit to far to commute to both.  I am Rick Bereit, class of '66.  I enjoyed every day at Scottsdale High School .  I was in the band (played trumpet, but not very well) and they made me the drum major/leader in my senior year.  I was voted most industrious, it paid off with an appoitment to the US Air Force Academy.  I spent 30 years in the Air Force, was awarded the Bronze Star and Legion of Merit.  I retired on the 1st of July 2000.   My biggest regret about Scottsdale High School not being there, is that my children could not go there.  Hey, let's rebuild the place on new grounds and I'll send my grand kids.   My favorite teachers?  Mrs. Thompson in English, I was in love with her, too bad she was a few years too old for me!  Mr. Langer and Mr. Phillips in Latin, Scottsdale High School would not be the same for me without the wonderful years in Latin.   Mr. Ambrose in Biology and Human Physiology.  What a brillinat man.  Mr. Roberts, the wrestling and gymnastic coach.  I owe him more than I can ever say.  He got me in shape to go to the Acadmey.  I could go on, but won't.  Please include me in any mailings, requests for money, whatever, I owe such a great deal to Scottsdale High School , its faculty, my fellow students, the administration.  Remind me to tell you my Principal story some day.  What a great servant to the students and faculty.  Hello to Vicki McClellan,  a fellow band member and Gina Hanna, a great friend.  Hello to Kathy Mathews, the best clarinet player in Arizona, and to Steve Thies, my very best friend and a really good trumpet player! 
I can be written to at:   Rick Bereit
                                    4472 Bell Chase Drive
                                    Montgomery, AL 36116

                  e-mail at:  bereitr@aol.com

            phone:   334-260-0396

Love to all, thanks for the wonderful memories!!!


David Bernard
Subj: Request for registration.
Date: 6/9/01 2:30:59 PM Central Daylight Time
From:    aiss@netzone.com (David M. Bernard)


Thanks for the generation of this web site.  You have done "THE BEAVERS" a
great justice!

I had the EXTREME HONOR of addressing the final graduating class of Scottsdale High School in
the old auditorium two months prior to graduation, about the current "state
of the art" in IT technology at that time.  This was at the request of Mr.
Ray Plenetta (spelling?) Vice Principle, after he read a blurb that was
published and he read on a system I was in charge of while he was
traveling.  Rather than re-type my history over the past 35 or so years, I
will give you the latest below, however there is additional recent news!

  I got married two years ago to a lovely Irish national (Catherine) from
County Donegal! We met working together on a WEB based Televideo
Conferencing system. She moved here to Phoenix, and currently her youngest
son, Brendan (age 14), is here and going to high school. Ahh, but there is
more! Catherine gave birth to a little girl last September 22! That's right
- I'm back in the "Daddy Business" at age 53! WOW.

I am working for American Express as the Lead Project Manager for the
Enterprise Systems Management Group. Basically what my TEAM does is create
the ability to monitor/diagnose/repair a given critical system, world wide
from Phoenix (or any other place in the world), End to End (E2E), including
servers/applications, telecom links, routers/switch's/ports/NIC's and
anthing else deemed critical on a 24 X 7 basis. We create a desktop
graphical interface that presents to the monitoring personnel a "MAP" that
actually looks like the network and devices actually hooked up to it. When
all is well the graphics are presented in the color of green, when in a
warning status they appear in yellow and when in a critical status they
appear in red. Then by drilling down on the item it can be diagnosed,
repaired (unless it's a physical repair) and tested! Really neat stuff -
leading edge and state of the art. The project I'm just wrapping up is the
equivalent of VISA's (and/or) Mastercard's world wide card/partner bank
credit authorization system. In other words any time someone swipes an Amex
card worldwide at an ATM or Partner Bank or retail store that transaction
comes to Phoenix for approval on the monitored system. You can see why this
is obviously a critical system - it's one of the biggest revenue generators
Amex has! The project took 7 months to complete at a cost of 1.6 million

I would request that you add me to the Scottsdale High School Alumni database, and if you know
of any pending arrangements of a reunion for the class of 1966, please let
me know.

If anyone wants to contact me, they may do so at "aiss@netzone.com", or,

Again, thanks so much.


David M. Bernard - Class of 1966

E-Mail Addresses:       aiss@netzone.com - GLENDALE, ARIZONA, USA
                                         aiss@goodnet.com - GLENDALE,
                         david.m.bernard@aexp.com - PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA

Denis Carnochan
Subj: Class 0f 1966
From: denisc1@telusplanet.net

Hi, my name is Denis Carnochan. I am a Canadian who attended Scottsdale
High School for two years and graduated from there in 1966. I have many
pleasant memories of my time there and all the wonderful people I met. After
I left high school I joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and eventually
ended up working for Norad in a Canadian underground base which is the
mirror image of the underground site in Colorado. After I got out of the
forces, I worked in the arctic for seven years. The time spent there got me
interested in ecology and the environment. I went back to school and then
worked as a pollution technologist, a Fish and Wildlife officer and finally
a park ranger in the mountains of southern Alberta. Due to health problems I
left and went back to school to become a science teacher. I now spend much
of my time constructing online curriculum for my school division and the
province of Alberta. I am still active outdoors with my camera and do
woodworking and etched glass as an indoor hobby.
Again I thank you for the wonderful years I spent at Scottsdale High. I am
deeply saddened by what has happened to your country (911). Know that you
are all in my prayers. We Canadians are intimately connected to your country
and its people. Know that we are friends as well as allies.
Denis Carnochan
Box 843
Wabasca, Alberta
T0G 2K0

David Cashman
From: CashmanDavidH@AOL.com

Dear Folks,
My name is David Cashman, and I graduated from Scottsdale High School in 1966. Soon after commencement, my family moved from Arizona to Pennsylvania, and I began college at Brown University in Providence, RI. In 1970, I graduated from Brown and began a high school teaching career, first outside Cleveland and then back in Rhode Island. For the past 25 years, I've been at the Providence Country Day School, teaching English, Latin, and coaching cross country and golf.
Along the way, I picked up a Masters Degree in Biblical Studies from Providence College, married, fathered a daughter, Eleanor, and divorced. Also, I continued to try to write fiction and poetry. A collection of my poetry, This Much, is being published in the fall of 2003. Over the years, I've had phone, letter, and/or e-mail contact with Susan Pavelda, Karen Briley ('67), Cay Cowie, and Jerry Christiansen. Of course, I'd love to hear from anyone else whom the spirit moves. Since I've made a career in education, I'd be particularly interested in hearing from my old teachers, to whom I owe so much--or old classmates who have information about our Scottsdale High School teachers.
Best wishes,
David Cashman
23 Burlington Street
Providence, RI 02906


Jay Corral
Subj: Jay Corral class of 66 .....AZNANKO@AOL
Date: 8/26/00 4:28:45 PM Central Daylight Time
From: AZNANKO@aol.com

Still living in town. Spent time in the US Coast Guard and actually saw the world.
I spent about two years stationed in Micronesia where I met and married my wife.
I happened to be driving in front of Scottsdale High School on a certain New Years day when OLD MAIN was toppled and loaded onto the dump trucks. So much for trying to incorporate the building into the new construction.
Hello to anyone who remembers me. Remember my good departed friends Elias Martinez, Bob O'conner. Lynn Burroughs and Larry Norman were also involved in that tragedy.

John Brewer
Subj: Registration Class of 1966
Date: 6/13/00 4:59:58 PM Central Daylight Time
From: johnb@ci.gilbert.az.us (John Brewer)

A friend of mine, Dennis Flake, class of 1965, told me of this site. I am glad to join the list of registrants. It was good to remember my days at Scottsdale High School . I thought I would never graduate, and nearly didn't. After graduation I spent some time in England. Upon my return I met and married a great lady from Mesa named Sandi. We have been married nearly 30 years and have five children and two grandchildren. I served nearly 25 years in the Mesa, Arizona Police Department and am currently serving as Chief of Police in Gilbert, Arizona. I haven't met many alumni from Scottsdale High School since leaving. My parents still live in the same home in Scottsdale. Scottsdale High School was a great place to go to school. I only got kicked out once despite my best efforts. Good Luck Beavers!

Cay Cowie
Subj: Class of '66
Date: 2/15/00 5:21:06 PM Central Standard Time
From: CCowie@yourpeo.com (Cay Cowie)

What a great web site! Thanks for all the work. I have no business reading
and writing for this page (today's schedule if really packed), but I am
fascinated by it. I am Cay Cowie class of '66. I have two children (?) a
son 24, Brandon Rasor (I was married to Jack Rasor for 21 years) and a
daughter 25, Liberty Rasor. Brandon and I are in business together with my
father, Bob Cowie 80 (that's his age, not his class). We have a
Professional Employer Organization (PEO) named number one in Arizona for
2000, Human Resource Synergy. Liberty is graduating in Veterinarian Medicine
from CSU in May of this year. I plan on attending the reunion and thank you
for planning it. I have great memories of Scottsdale High School and still stay in touch with a
few friends. It wa great to read some of the things you all have written.
Stay healthy and we'll see you in October.
Cay Cowie
Vice President
Human Resource Synergy
1110 East Missouri
Suite 800
Phoenix, Arizona 85014-2785
Phone: 602-728-0220
Toll Free: 888-935-0220
Fax: 602-728-0219

Martha Culton
Subj: Scottsdale High School Class of '66
Date: 9/3/99 5:30:16 PM Central Daylight Time
From: MCHING5620

Hi Bill - I am Martha (Culton) Ching. I think this is great what you have done for all the great people that graduated from Scottsdale High. I'm from the Class of '66. It seems like yesterday that we were all there in our '"prime"!! I am an Administrator for a medical practice, 5 orthopaedic surgeons in the No. Phoenix, No. Scottsdale area. I am married with 3 step children and 1 of my own (from when I was married to Bill Miles, Scottsdale High School Class of '63). Hopefully I will hear from some fellow Beavers. Take care and thanks again.

Richard Ditzler
Subj: class 66
Date: 1/10/11 10:53:45 PM Central Daylight Time
From: richard ditzler <inway@gorge.net>

I am Richard E. Ditzler. 1966 graduate of SHS. Been around the world several times. Willing to share more information if anyone is awake at the wheel at this site. My sister, Cathy Franklin (Ditzler) has been running the "parade" for years.


Don Dobbins
Subj: class 66
Date: 10/19/00 10:53:45 PM Central Daylight Time
From: HDpro52@aol.com

don dobbins e mail hdpro52 home 480-753-5538

Fred Dietz
Subj: Class of 1966
From: madietze@ccmhia.com

I graduated from Scottsdale High School in 1966. From there I went off to Mesa Community College and then on to NAU and graduated in 1971 with a BS in Education (Major of Speech and Minor in English). I also had a draft lottery number of 9 with a deferment that ended the day after my graduation. So, it was off to the Army for what I thought would be a quick 3 year tour. 20 years later I retired with the rank of Major. My place of retirement was Minneapolis MN metro area where I made my home for the next 11 years.
During my military tour I spent over 7 years in Europe, a year in Korea, and numerous assignments in the US.
After my retirement, it was time to decide what I wanted to do after I grew up. The obvious choice for me was Human Resources. After a couple of different industries, I found myself as VP of HR for a major in-bound call center service company, something that I really wanted to do. That was a case where the dream was better than the reality because I was 3 steps removed from the employees and I missed the employees.
Then in January of 2002 I moved to Denison Iowa (population 7500) to take the position of Director of Human Resources for Crawford County Memorial Hospital, and I absolutely love it. I also have the title of Director of Community Relations and am the Director of Development for The Hospital Foundation of Crawford County. I am totally involved with the community and am on the board of the Chamber of Commerce and the President Elect for the Denison Kiwanis Club.
I am married to Nancy and we recently celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary. We have one son who lives in Burnsville Minnesota.

M.A. (Fred) Dietze
Director of Human Resources
and Community Relations
(712) 263-1670


Steve Donley
Subj: Steve Donley Class of 66
Date: 9/15/00 12:46:35 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Donleysw@aol.com

Steve Donley - 66

Living in Cave Creek - Working at Diva Engineering Research Group doing rapid design and manufacturing. Running a robotic cutting laser and a robotic water-jet. Making lots of beautiful things. Still into music, arts, crafts, design. Am single parent with 18 yr old daughter. Areas of special research = Tibetan Bhuddism, research and development on the frontiers of spirituality and intuition, Alternative healing, 4X4 off-road exploration.

Janet Elsner 66

Gary Elsner
Subj: Scottsdale High School Students (60's)
Date: 98-02-28 19:25:17 EST
From: "Ben Dover"@home.com (Ben Dover)

Greetings Bill-
My brother and sister attended Scottsdale High School in the sixties so I thought I'd write. I'll let my sister know of your website. Brother Steve Elsner graduated from Scottsdale in 1964. Lived in various parts of the country for many years, LA, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Jackson Hole, even did a stint in Florida. Came back to Scottsdale in the 80's. Was killed in Scottsdale in 1987. We miss him much.

Sister Janet Elsner graduated from Scottsdale in 1966. Married early on and has five terrific children and several equally terrific grandchildren. Divorced after 20+ years of marriage (was Jan LaPorte). Now happily married to a great guy named Joel Ross. Jan recently moved back to the valley from the Bay area. Glad to have her home again.

My younger brother, Dale Elsner, attended Scottsdale High School briefly in the 70's, but did not graduate from there.

I was the lone holdout, attending Saguaro (graduated in 1973). We still know many people from the old neighborhoods and meet new (old) friends all of the time, including Dan Madison (first graduating class from Saguaro) and Mark Norton, one of my sister's old flames and a truly first class guy. Our folks still live in the area, not far from where we lived in the 50's, 60's, and 70's (Vista Drive, just west of Scottsdale Road). Anyway, I thought I'd drop a note to you about some more "early timers"; we moved to Scottsdale from Phoenix in 1959.

Warmest regards,
Gary Elsner

Sandy Fellows
Subj: register me
Date: 2/15/99 6:42:54 PM Central Standard Time
From: cusi@uswest.net (Sue Wilson)

sandy fellows
616 washington st.
class of 66

David Fledderjohn
Subj: Registration- Class of '66
Date: 9/2/99 2:28:47 PM Central Daylight Time
From: dgf@awod.com (David G.Fledderjohn)

David G. Fledderjohn
1454 Emerald Forest Parkway
Charleston, SC 29414

e-mail: dgf@awod.com

Bob Gatesh
Subj: Scottsdale High School Class of '66
Date: 6/5/00 7:17:47 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Rgatesh@aol.com

Great idea. Thanks to all involved.

I'm living in the St. Louis area now; ever since the day after our 20th reunion! I get back to Scottsdale every chance I get--generally two or three times a year.

My kids are grown and all but gone, so it is now time for me to enjoy life and do some traveling. July will be a trip to the Cayman Islands with my son and then to Oshkosh for the airshow. August will take me back to Arizona for mom's 80th birthday. Don't have plans yet for September and then back to Arizona in October for the reunion.

It is best to reach me by email as, with my schedule, the home number above isn't as reliable. My email address is rgatesh@aol.com.

Update, September 2005:

Bob Gatesh
Ballwin, MO 63011

Great idea for the all class picnic. Thanks to all involved.

I'm living in the St. Louis area now; ever since the day after our 20th reunion! I still get back to Scottsdale every chance I get--generally two or three times a year.

I remarried three years ago—thirty years on the first and I hope to beat that on the second! I’m in my third major career: motorcycles, optical and now financial services. We enjoy the flexibility of our own business and travel is always a part of life. It is nice to visit dad in Scottsdale or my daughter in Tampa, especially in the winter.
We will be at the picnic October 15 and am looking forward to seeing classmates from, can you believe, nearly 40 year ago. My how time flies when you are having fun.

It is best to reach me by email or cell phone as, with my schedule, the home number above isn't as reliable. My email address is rgatesh@aol.com And, cell is 314-803-4099.

Dale Gatesh
Date: 7/26/99 12:47:09 PM Central Daylight Time
From: daleanne@cox.net

Dale Gatesh Silberblatt
7743 E. Via de Belleza
Scottsdale, AZ. 85258 480-607-0709
Class of 1966


Jay Gelber
Subj: graduated 1966
Date: 1/6/01 11:04:28 PM Central Standard Time
From:    jayfgelber@hotmail.com

Would you please add  me to the graduation list my name is:  Jay Gelber
and I graduated in 1966. I have been married for 30yrs and have 2 sons
and a daughter. She has 4 children. It doesn't sound so old if I call
them her kids instead of my grand kids. I have been in Fairbanks, Alaska
20 21 years and have a small video production company.  URL:

That is the long and short of it.

I could not make the reunion but I graduated in 1966. I have been in
Fairbanks, Alaska for that past 20 years. Married for 30 years with 3
grown kids and 4 grand kids thanks to my  27 yr old.daughter. I would
like to hear from classmates.

Jay Gelber
E-Mail  jayfgelber@hotmail.com

Terry Gerba
Date: 8/6/01 7:38:42 PM Central Daylight Time
From:    terrygerba@yahoo.com (Terry Gerba)

Terry Gerba
P.O. Box 183
Oak Creek, CO  80467
Email: terrygerba@yahoo.com

970-736-2531  w
970-638-1090  h

Class of 1966

Edna Glenn
Subj: 1966 Scottsdale High School graduate
Date: 9/20/00 10:25:30 AM Central Daylight Time
From: glenn@ocean.washington.edu (Edna Glenn)

Hello, my goodness, haven't tried to find an Scottsdale High School website in a few
years--got tired of being directed to Scottsdale, Tasmania! Well done,

I am a graduate of 1966. Gave the benediction at graduation and in my
terror I found that the tassel on my graduation cap kept casting a dark
shadow over my prepared text. A foreboding? As I walked off the podium
one of my instructors accused me of sounding like Kierkegaard--to this day
I don't know exactly what he meant.

I had a good time at Scottsdale High School --was one of the awkward, bookish types. Latin
classes with Frank Langer I remember in particular--he and his wife later
went off to Africa to teach, as I recall. English classes with Mrs.
Lowenstein. The instructor who taught human anatomy [forget his name in
my dotage] also taught drivers' ed--thank you, Mr. _____ for both; they
turn out to be among the most important things learned. Who was the
chemistry teacher who kept a huge replica of a frog in red britches in
front of the class, and whenever we would get an answer wrong he'd squeeze
the thing, causing it to let out an obnoxious squeak? [God, I hated
chemistry.] [*And* slide rules.] I remember writing a great paper for
someone on the American Civil War--my first efforts at library research.
I remember Mrs. Boyle for algebra--still have nightmares occasionally.
Was in the Chansonettes and Scottsdale Singers. Mr. Eisle, was it?

Since Scottsdale High School : The minute I was out the door my parents moved to Sedona and
left me no forwarding address. I attended summer school at ASU, then an
unhappy semester at U. of Hartford (Connecticut), then on to CU-Boulder,
then, as part of my major, on to Bordeaux, France, graduating (BA) '69.
MA (French) in Chicago in '73 while working for American Express. Was
married for ten years to a Japanese citizen whom I met while moonlighting
in a restaurant in Chicago. Traveled to Japan--spent time in Kobe and
Sapporo. Moved back to Phoenix and worked there (Greyhound Financial
Corp) for two years, then on to Seattle. Have worked at the University of
Washington (financial specialist) since '76. Spent 8 years studying
Russian, traveled to the former Soviet Union in '90. Currently travel to
Scotland twice yearly. The novel I had in me is still in me.

I'm too late to register for the reunion and will be in Scotland when it
takes place, but I want to wish everyone a very good time. People I (sort
of!) remember and would enjoy hearing from: Bonnie Gordon, Gordo Drinen,
Norm Crowfoot, Marilyn Sekerjian, Dave Cashman, Sue Pavelda, Linda Joyce,
John Landis. And a few others whose names don't come to mind at the
moment. And my long-lost best friend from Paiute Elementary [who sadly
for me attended Coronado High], Maureen Hodson Ethington.

Best regards,
Edna J. Glenn, class of '66


Ken Grise
Subj: Ken "Mick" Grise Class of 66
Date: 5/3/00 11:26:26 AM Central Daylight Time
From: micker@uswest.net (Ken Grise)

I don't think that many people will remember me. I spent most of my time in Scottsdale Singers. My sister had such a great time in singers my Mother figured I would also. (wrong, I could not carry a tune). When I wasn't in Singers, I was in Auto Shop. My senior year I totally rebelled against my parents, dropped out of singers and went to work as a mechanic for "Money Oldsmobile" half the day during school.
The fun times I remember include John Waybill and I acquiring fire extinguishers from a few churches and chasing Peggy Potts down Granite Reef having water fights.
After graduating, my father told me I was going into Plastering/Stucco trade.. For graduation I was given a set of Plastering Tools. Most kids got watches. I guess my father knew what he was doing., I had a successful contracting business for over 20 years.
While working in Flagstaff I meet my wife to be at a dance at NAU.( 1966) Our first date was in a 2 ton dump truck I was driving.
I joined the United States Marine Corps and was shipped to Vietnam. I was WIA in 1967 and shipped home . I married my girlfriend and we are still married after 30 years. We had two children, a boy and a girl, both graduated from NAU and both are living on the beach in California.( I'm jealous, I'm still in the heat)
I would love to find a way to contact John Waybill who changed his name to Fee Waybill when he joined the group "Tubes". My wife and I celebrated our 25th anniversary on the Island of Bora Bora in a restaurant called Bloody Mary's. They had a list of famous people such as Ringo Starr and such. Who's name did I see, "Fee Waybill". You've come a long way John.
I also would like to find Nancy Ryser. She was the love of my life for a year. I hear rumors she was going with Alan Carlborg while I was in Vietnam. I know Alan was killed in Vietnam later. I would love to find a way to contact her .Please contact me if anyone know what happen to her.
I've moved from Scottsdale to far East Mesa so I'm close to the lakes and my love for boats.
My E-mail is: micker@uswest.net

Michael Guillaume
Subj: 66
Date: 8/23/00 10:58:19 AM Central Daylight Time
From: mguillaume@coe-const.com (Michael Guillaume)


My Name is Michael Guillaume and I graduated from Scottsdale High School in
1966. I am currently living in Ft Collins, Colorado with my wife, Cindy,
and 2 boys Robin & Ryan. Looking forward to the class reunion in October,
will write more later.

Nancy Hogan
Subj: Nancy Hogan Carrick
Date: 8/6/00 11:39:45 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Fc64usa@cs.com

Hi Bill,
Recently found your web site, and it brings back a lot of great `memories. How do I enter the site w/ my info? I am a '66 grad. I was a cheerleader (give me an S!!!), on the yearbook staff, and dated Tim Johnson. I moved to Newport Beach in 1972 and finally graduated from Cal State Long Beach in 1982 after majoring in football and tequila at M. C. C. & A. S. U. in the late '60's. Married in 1982, now live in Cathedral City (right next to Palm Springs). My husband Fred is with Coco's, and we have three very active boys, 18,10, and 8. I have worked part-time as a drug and alcohol counselor since 1985, and just started substitute teaching last November. I always was a late bloomer. Would love to find Bonnie (Moose) Mowinski, Carol Korkosz, Elaine Niggeman, Sue Sullins, and Dale Gatesh.

David Ledbetter
Subj: Class 0f 1966
Date: 7/1/2005
From: davidl@thornwood.com


David Ledbetter, class of '66. Did I graduate? Not exactly. Did I get an
education? Oh, yeah . . Y'see, it had something to do with music, and rock
and roll, and girls, and bands, an' . . an' . .

Clue: We "vibrated" our way into the hearts of at least some. Y'know what
they say, "If you remember the '60s, you weren't there. Well . . , I was
THERE (I think)!

See 'ya on 10/15, with bells on!

David Ledbetter,

Bob Malarz
Subj: Class 0f 1966
Date: 4/27/2008
From: rmalarz@malarz.com

Dear Bill,
Bob Malarz here. I graduated from SHS in 1966. Spent the time after that trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grow up. So far, photography has been a pretty good way to pass time.

I have stayed in Arizona and currently live in Tempe.

Great site, reading through the names there brought back some really great memories.

Dan Murphy
Subj: Class 0f 1966

Dan Murphy (Class of 1966)

25807 Whatta View
San Antonio, TX 78258

(210) 497-5020
(210) 849-1800


Peggy Alexander, (nee Potts)

Date: 98-01-14 19:28:34 EST

From: PAlexan234@aol.com

My name is Peggy Alexander, (nee Potts), graduate of the class of 1966. I missed my brick...but then everyone always said I was short a few. I have very fond memories, having spent all 4 years there...enduring all the typical and some not so typical teenage traumas. My best memories are of riding around in my red Volkswagon Beetle with Kay Tadlock, Sherry Smith (brown), Sandal Squire and hosts of other crazies willing to a)steal fire extinguishers, drive up next to unsuspecting others, have them roll their windows down as though we wanted to talk to them and letting them have it...b)ditch school and head for the Salt, inner tubes tied to the top...c)climb Camelback Mountain at 4:00 am to "catch a sunrise"...etc, etc, etc.

I still live in Scottsdale - far north - on Carefree border. I'm an Administrator for a large cardiology group in town, married two different Arcadia (ugh) graduates - the last one took - I've been married 24 years this month. I have two sons, both engineers and two Labrador Retrievers, who are my current children.

I'd love to know where Doug Baumann is...he was a dear friend and I lost track of him after graduation.

I still talk to Dana and Judy Grate Thompson regularly...I found John Van Slyke on the Internet. I know where a few people are...feel free to write and ask.

Paul Probst
Subj: Paul Probst Class of 66
Date: 9/24/00 10:36:45 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Owlpro@aol.com

Reunion Staff,
Great job organizers! Quite a site. Quite the effort. Thanks in behalf of all graduates.
Sorry. I'm unable to attend the Scottsdale High School All Class Reunion. However, my sister Sue Probst Class of 69 will make it. Please say Hello to me through Sue.
I've been in Minneapolis for 29 years since graduating from ASU. Though Minneapolis is home, I still get back to Scottsdale a couple times of year. My mother still lives there. It's too bad there is no significant sign of our school. Please post my addresses: Home - Owlpro@aol.com or paul.probst@inletmedical.com at work. Snail mail;Paul Probst cell phone 612-386-6216
2630 Holly Ln
Plymouth, MN 55447
I'd really like to hear from Steve Anderson, John Peck, Mike Schelp and former Scottsdale High School basketball players. Of course hearing from any Scottsdale High School classmates will be great. It's been too many years!
Paul Probst

Bob Reese
Subj: Class of 1966
Date: 3/20/99 5:48:03 AM Central Standard Time
From: rdr2@earthlink.net (Robert Reese)

I enjoy the Scottsdale High School home page Bill, It was a great idea. My name is Bob
Reese of the 'Class of 1966' and I am curious why there aren't more of
our class on here? Hey, You guys lets sign on, OK.
Bill I am presently living in Houston, Texas and have been here
since 1968 when I left Scottsdale. My sister, Karen Reese also lives
here in the Houston area, she is of 'Class 1967'. I am interested in
the all-round class reunion in 2000, and if a date is set, I will be
Keep up the good work.
Fellow classmate, Bob Reese


Adele Rightmer
Subj: Re: Register
Date: 1/1/01 10:03:25 AM Central Standard Time
From:    philhaag@advancenet.net (Phil Haag)

Hello Bill, 

I graduated Scottsdale High School in 1966.  Wow,  the years do fly by.  Do you know if there is a 35th Reuion being planned?
And a Happy New Year.

Best Regards, 
Adele Rightmer Haag

Marilyn Roberson
Subj: Class of '66
Date: 7/25/99 11:28:47 AM Central Daylight Time
From: SHEKERJIAN@aol.com

From: Marilyn Roberson (Shekerjian)
Class of '66

I saw the Tribune article in Sunday's paper (July 25th)!! Please add me to the mailing list. I teach 5th grade at Pueblo Elem.School now and have two teenagers attending Saguaro High (which I still refuse to call "Scottsdale High School "). My thanks to those of you planning these upcoming events.

Marilyn A. Roberson
8548 E. Via de Risa
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

email: SHEKERJIAN@aol.com

Mike Schelp
Subj: Mike Schelp, Class of 66
Date: 11/3/00 11:21:21 AM Central Standard Time
From: mike@ventana-sbc.com (Mike Schelp)
Hi all!!

I was sitting at the desk of a client and one of his employees did a name
search and found me and this site on google.com. Great find. I only wish I
had found it before the reunion. Maybe next time. After graduation in 1966,
I went to the University of California at Berkeley and experienced all the
bizarre activities going on there. (The're still going on!!) Never got back
to Arizona much. I've spent most of my time in California and Oregon. For
the last 10 years I've had my own consulting business and I now live in
Moss Beach, California (about 15 miles south of San Francisco). Anyone can
ring me at (650) 728-1307 or contact me at:
P.O. Box 40
Moss Beach, CA 94038

Vicki Shaver
Subj: LOST BUT NOW FOUND!!!!!!!!
Date: 10/5/00 10:41:34 AM Central Daylight Time
From: VDuerr6777@aol.com

Hello to all the '66 grads!!!!!!

I lost the info for the reunion and knew it was getting close, like a couple of days. Well, I found it and logged on to this great site!!!!!! It has been fun reading about all those that have registered.

Updated bio.................................................

I had been living in the Mesa area since graduation then relocated to the Detroit area in '98. I moved back to the Mesa area in April of this year to care for my mom. I worked the last 12 years for the American Automobile Association. I lost my little Lisa to Leukemia in '88. I still miss her a lot. My 32 year old twin daughters are living out of state. One lives in Celina, OH. and the other in Lompoc, CA. I have six grandchildren. I was married for 8 years, but............................................. unfortunately I became another divorce statistic.

I know live in Mesa with my Chihuahua, Jasmine, and my two birds, George and Jingles.

Well, that is the update. I am looking forward to seeing everyone. If anyone knows of a gathering place on Friday for the '66 grads, let me know.

Vicki Shaver Duerr

Sandi Stephens
Subj: Class of '66 !!!!
Date: 7/6/00 10:28:06 PM Central Daylight Time
From: sandi1@home.com (Sandi Stephens)

Sandi Stephens
5743 N.19th.Street
Phoenix, Az. 85016



Still single after all these years and teaching FACS-Family and Consumer
Science (Home Ec.) at Ironwood High School in the Peoria School District

FYI: Penny(Cheryl)Miller -class of '67
(Pen and husband Mike are currently moving into a new home in
Houston,I don't have their new address)
E-Mail: mhergenrather@compuserve.com

Thanks, Sandi

Kay Tadlock
Subj: Registered Last Week
Date: 8/29/00 4:55:35 PM Central Daylight Time
From: HeartTrad@aol.com

Kay Tadlock, class of 1966

At Sherry Smith (brown's) request I decided it would be a good thing to show up at the reunion. Haven't been there since my 20th year reunion. I'm looking forward to it. (And Sherry better show up!)

I'm living in Greenwood, Indiana (a suburb of Indianapolis) with my husband Paul of 20 years. I have a senior in high school, Michael, and our oldest son Gabe is 25. He's an organic farmer and lives in Eugene, Oregon. I have a tremendous respect for the work he's doing. The pay is lousy but he has a passion for it and organic strawberries are his specialty. (I am forever spoiled by those berries.) He's basically living the life I did in the late 60's and early 70's which is why I know that God has an incredible sense of humor!

I've continued "filling my basket with profits" as I have now been with The Longaberger Company for 18 years. I became a Sales Director with them in 1994 and now have 2500 associates in 42 states in my downline. I have made some wonderful, lifelong friends in this business and I love what I do. Paul left his corporate job 7 years ago and came to work with me so we have a great time together at work and at home. I've truly been blessed in so many ways. I married into a wonderful family.

Hope all of you are well. See you soon--Kay

Kay Cox
>1675 W. Curry Road
Greenwood, IN 46143
(317)882-4673 Phone
(317)882-3722 Fax

Denise (Denny) Taranton Knox
Subj: Scottsdale High School class of 66
Date: 4/19/99 4:39:12 PM Central Daylight Time
From: DenKnox@aol.com

Just found this website. John Randel (class of 66) emailed me about it. My name is Denise (Denny) Taranton (now Knox). My email address is denknox@aol.com and I live in San Diego in a little neighborhood called Ocean Beach. I've been married for 25 years to Michael and have two terrific children, 14 & 16 yrs old. For 24 years I ran my own gallery and picture framing shop in Ocean Beach. Just closed it a year ago and am doing picture framing from my studio at home. If anyone hears from Lee Stopher please tell her to email or write me once in a while.
My brother is Jay Taranton, class of 68 (Saguaro), and he lives in North Scottsdale. He's married and has three girls.
Great website. Hope we hear from the rest of the class of 1966. Thanks, Denny

Donna Vowles and Linda Vowles
Subj: Classes of 66 and 64<>
Date: 6/10/00 9:12:38 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Dlcflag@aol.com

Donna Vowles Cobb
3200 S. Little Drive
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
520 774 9636

Linda Vowles Loving
346 W. South Mountain Av
Phoenix, AZ 85041
520 276 6779

Linda Williams
Subj: Class of 1966
Date: 6/7/00 12:39:03 AM Central Daylight Time
From: linsuwil@earthlink.net (Linda Williams)

Hi, I'm Linda Williams (May), and I attended Scottsdale High School from 1963-1964 before
moving to California for 2 years, I also attended Pima Elementary School.
I returned to Arizona after 2 years, and I now live in Tempe. The only
person that I am still in contact with is Marsha (Martin), and we've been
wondering over the years whatever happened to Russ, Dale and some of our
old friends. Please feel free to send me an e-mail, my address is
linsuwil@earthlink.net I'm looking forward to the class reunion.

--- Linda Williams (May)
--- linsuwil@earthlink.net
--- EarthLink: It's your Internet.

Pete Wright
Subj: Scottsdale High School Class of 66
Date: 10/2/00 9:29:35 PM Central Daylight Time
From: petenwrit@deseretonline.com (Pete Wright)

It is hard to believe it has been 34 years since we graduated. I used to hang out with John Hall, Jim Begero and Dave Fledderjohn in the early years. Jim Poirot and I hung out our senior year. I am still in Arizona working for Motorola.

Pete Wright
1932 W. 2nd St.
Mesa, AZ 85201


Mike Yount
Subj: Class of 66
Date: 4/25/00 10:00:08 AM Central Daylight Time
From: MIKEY@karsten.com (MIKE YOUNT (5153))

Mike Yount, class of 66

I heard about the reunion via Jerry Beavers (he's in Seattle) who heard about it from Lee Savala (he's in Seattle). My wife, of twenty six years, and I live on a privite lake south of Buckeye on Highway 85, mile marker 133 and I work for PING. Life's treated us pretty well. I still stay in touch with Jerry, Lee, Greg Witherspoon, Gary Snorgrass (Snork class of 62), and a few others. We are not sure if we can make the reunion but, I would love to hear from some of my old buds. For some of you older folks I have notified my brothers David and Bob, class of 52 & 53.
P.S., Hi Sandy

Mike Yount


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