Kenneth Benson
Subj: 1967 Scottsdale High graduate
Date: 1/15/2005
From: kennethlbenson@hotmail.com

Hi Bill/All
Graduated in 1967, entered Army 68 thru 70, stayed in the Scottsdale Phoenix area until 1985 where I reentered the US Army from a National Guard unit out of Glendale AZ. Finally retired from the US Army out of Fort Drum NY,in Sept 2003, upstate NY, where my family presently resides. Currently working overseas in Iraq and Qatar,with an army contractor. Some of you might have know my father, he built and ran the A&W Drive Inn on Scottsdale road for 25 years or so. he gracefully passed on 12 Nov1990. My older sister Wanda graduated from Scottsdale High around 62. She resides in Oakview CA. My youngest sister is somewhere between Tempe and CA. I have the year books from 64 to 67, if anyone wants some info from them drop me a line, would like to hear from some of my old buds out there.   

Sheryl Blanton
Date: 5/31/99 3:10:10 AM Central Daylight Time
From: shassy@earthlink.net (Sheryl Blanton)

I attended good old Scottsdale High School and graduated in 1967. Grew up in Scottsdale and went to every grade school that was built until finally they built one close enough to my house that I finally graduated from. By the way it was Navajo. REMEMBER BUS 7? That was a trip. My sister Dixie {1960}, brother Bill{1964} and I were all part of Scottsdale High and the memories. My sister flaked out [Linda] and went to Saberland. My thoughts and memories will always be of the orange and black. If any one wants to e-mail me or any of my family, please feel free to do so, we would love to hear from you. All of us still live in Scottsdale. Do see some of my class mates from time to time so keep in touch.
Sincerely...... Sheryl Goettl class of 1967. Email at either: slot7777777@yahoo.com or shassy@earthlink.com . Thanks and look forward to hear from you.

Lorraine Bock
Subj: Re: June 1967
Date: 9/18/00 2:23:42 PM Central Daylight Time
From: JOLLYGIRL1@email.msn.com (LORRAINE BOCK)

Dear Bill,
Thanks for your site and taking the time to maintain it. From the high
ground of thirty years experience: I'm now ready to canonize Mr. Planeta. An
old feeb, you say? Made so by the necessary task of instilling order on a
raging cauldron of hormones. This, I think, explains the fascination with
smoke. If you're on fire, there should be something to see. Cliff Cowan
would tip me about the day's chem class:
"Skip it!" He'd say.
"No reactions today."
Off we went to light up a Dodge six cylinder "rebuild" we'd glued
together on an auto shop test stand. Dan was there with his watch. How long
could the engine go if you left the oil pan off?
A great moment in science began with giving the cast iron monster a
healthy drink of high test. Half of the stuff shot back out the carb, frying
the hair off Cliff's hand. One quarter God had reserved for motion: the
crankshaft spun at an unnerving speed. Ah! But the last fraction! A fine,
not orange, but ice blue flame centered itself in the gray (smoke) of over-
rich exhaust.
Nowdays, the car goes to a mechanic.
I remember coaches Hatch, Cady and Mock, and a whole lot of time spent
sinking to the bottom on the swimming team.

Paul Boyle
Subj: Class of 67
Date: 6/3/00 8:54:11 PM Central Daylight Time
From: sargo@comcast.net (Paul Boyle)

Good work on these Internet pages. I'm sure a lot of work goes into this.
I'm Paul Boyle, a graduate of 1967. Only went to Scottsdale High for my
senior year.
Went in the Navy for a while. Finished my degree at ASU in '78.
I married another ASU graduate. We are currently living in Sterling
Heights, Michigan, a northern Detroit suburb. We have one son, Ryan. A
great student and ice hockey player. I have helped coach his hockey
team. Detroit is "Hockeytown".
Since graduating from Scottsdale High School , I've moved a few times, like 12.
I now work at General Motors, helping them build their plants and
implement new vehicles.
sargo@comcast.net (home)
paul.boyle@gm.com (work)

5435 Gardner St. E.
Sterling Heights, MI 48310

Randy Carlson
Subj: Scottsdale High School alumnus
Date: 2/17/2005
From: randyxcarlson@hotmail.com

I was glad to find this site the other day, nice job. I'm Randy Carlson, I only attended Scottsdale High for two and a half years, from 2nd semester of my sophomore year until graduation. Our family moved from there to Idaho right after I graduated, where I met my wife of 36 years. I haven't attended any of the reunions because nobody knew where I ran to.

The only people I've seen since I left are Mike Cummins, who visited for a week in the summer of 1967 (where is he?) and Dan Downing. I saw Dan at, of all places, an Army induction center for a pre-induction physical in Portland, Oregon in 1970 or 71. He had a full cast on his leg(knee injury) and was playing football for Portland State Univ. I somehow stayed out of the Army after being classified 1-A.

I currnetly work at Intel as a Manufacturing Technician just outside of Portland. I enjoy skiing, which I started at Scottsdale High when I went on a trip to Flagstaff with several others from school. I also like to fish, travel the country when I can, shoot trap and skeet, and read.
Unfortunately I lost my yearbook sometime ago, so names with faces are starting to fade, but I would like to hear from anyone who may remember me and if anyone knows how I can get a hold of a 1967 yearbook, please let me know.

Randy Carlson

My email address is
kenneth.r.carlson@intel.com(I only have access to this at work)


Rick Carlson
Subj: Scottsdale High School alumnus
Date: 3/10/2005
From: RCarlson50@aol.com

Rick Carlson, class of '66....Please register me!
Also....Please post for classes of '63 and '65:
For those who may have known Dave Carlson (class of '63) and his wife, Claudia (Smith) Carlson (class of '65 but left SHS in '64), they were both killed in a plane crash in 1977. They left behind two young sons, now fine young men. Anyone who knew them and would like more info., feel free to contact me.
Rick Carlson


Mary Anne Clark
Subj: Scottsdale High School alumnus
Date: 12/27/99 9:13:31 PM Central Standard Time
From: Maaclark@aol.com

Mary Anne Clark Class of '67

15020 N. 40th Street #32
Phoenix, Arizona 85032

I'm a school librarian at Lakeview School in the Washington District.

Bill Connor
Subj: Scottsdale High School alumnus
Date: 9 April, 2006
From: conwilliam@gmail.com

My name is Bill Connors. I graduated from Scottsdale High in 1967. I currently live in California. I am the COO of a construction company. I have been marrid for 37 years and have two children. If anyone is living in California, please send me a e-mail, so we can get together.
Go Beavers

Terry Crosier
Subj: Class of '67
Date: 4/6/99 8:31:25 PM Central Daylight Time

The web site is a great idea! I'm Terry Crosier and I graduated with the class of '67. I still live in Scottsdale and work for the Scottsdale School. My email address is TCROSIER@JUNO.COM.

Michael Cummins
Subj: Class of '67
Date: 2/19/2007


I graduated in 1967. After that I took the long way round to graduate from ASU in 1978. I hired on with Airesearch (now Honeywell) soon after and am still employed there as a Chief Engineer Product Integrity. I investigate aircraft accidents for the company in support of various government agencies. I’m married, and live in the Ahwatukee-Foothills area in Phoenix. I’m still into cars and currently own a 1935 Ford Tudor Sedan hot rod that I built over a long six year period. I would love to hear from old friends. You can get in touch with me at the following:

Home Phone – 480 460-3377

Cell Phone – 602 363-3486

Home Email – cumminsmike@qwest.net

Work Email – Michael.cummins@honeywell.com

Beavers Rock!


Bill Darling
Subj: June 1967
Date: 9/18/00 4:10:04 AM Central Daylight Time
From: JOLLYGIRL1@email.msn.com (LORRAINE BOCK)

Hello from Bill Darling:
Can't leave here without marking my visit. Thanks all for your stories. Some faces I remember well; others through a mist. Principal Ray Planetta's face I see through the yellow haze of a smoke grenade I'd touched off ; and arced into a trash can in front of the gym. He was moving, and fast! Danny Downing and I were collared before I could even think of shouting "performance art!".
After three decades, I still wonder: where had he been? He'd struck like a viper! We were double-timed down to a sweatty interrogation. A Torquemada he was: and these were not the first sinners he had entertained.
Danny - I never ratted you out!
So it was no pomp and circumstance for those two yeggs. A week later, my mother went in and talked him out of a diploma. The Darlings throughout history have always blazed trails. The path I'd hewed was into the woods of "social promotion".
"But, mom, Your view of life is much clearer, if you aren't looking around a tassel!"
It did not work. She cried anyway.
I worked in a bicycle shop at Scottsdale and Thomas for ten years. Went to Madison Wisconsin and welded,layed cement, worked in various factories.
I live in Los Angeles with my second wife.

Harold (Lee) Davis
Subj: Register me, Harold (LEE) Davis, Class of 67
Date: 2/28/00 1:51:01 PM Central Standard Time
From: DAVIS2518@worldnet.att.net (H DAVIS)

My wife sent an e-mail from her office to mine about a cool web site I
needed to look at. Little did I know it would bring back so many memories.
I scrolled through the people finder and found names that I had forgotten
years ago. My family moved to Scottsdale in 1945 and we lived across the
street from the Main building at Scottsdale High School . Some of you from the fifties will
remember me as Billy Roses little brother, actually his uncle. My bothers
Charles and Ken, and sisters, Phyllis and Loretta, graduated from Scottsdale High School
starting in the late 40's with me being the last in 67. In 1959 we moved to
another neighborhood close to Loloma Elementary. Our original house was
eventually torn down to be replaced by the Tastee Freez, (but nobody ever
went there ! ). After Graduation I attended Mesa Comm. College and ended up
at the Phoenix P.D. retiring in 1993 with over 20 years in Police work. Now
I live in Spokane, WA and enjoy the sports of 4 seasons.

Marlene Day
>Subj: 1967 graduate of Scottsdale High School
Date: 7/25/99 4:44:31 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Marjovinyl@aol.com>

I had no idea this Scottsdale High School Alum website was here until I read the news article in The Tribune this morning. It was great reading through all the classmates that have registered, the only bad thing is I lost my year books and so I can't look back at, to put names with faces. Boy, the class of '69 has sure responded.....hopefully, with the article in the newspaper more will jump online when they find out about this web site. I still live here in Scottsdale and own my own business. I did attend the 10 year reunion but unfortunately did not make any of the others. I married a guy from our "arch rival." Arcadia, he was a '66 grad, (should have known better!). We are since divorced, never remarried. I have two children, a son 24 and a daughter 20. Wow, how time flies.....and now we can all find our ol' Alums in Cyberspace!.....who would have thought that in 1967! I still have some momentos a "Beaver Beanie", pep rally button and I even purchased one of the long cabinets from the class rooms before demolition. Please register me and thanks for the opportunity to connect with the class of '67. Marlene Jo (Day) O'Connor, email me at: marjovinyl@aol.com

Don Forwood
Subj: Class 0f 1967
From: dforwood@cox.net

Graduated 1967
Don Forwood
4635 W Charleston Ave.
Glendale, AZ 85308
BS Univ. of Wyo 1971
Captain, USMC - A-4 Tactical Jet Pilot
Sales and Marketing career


Diane Lynn Gates
Subj: Registration
Date: 1/20/01 6:56:45 PM Central Standard Time
From:    dmoore@apci.net (Diane Moore)

I am Diane Lynn (Gates) Moore.  I graduated from Scottsdale High School in 1967 a year
early.  Joined the AF in 1970 hoping to become an air traffic
controller, get out and go to work for the FAA.  I retired in 1990 and
had a wonderful career as a military air traffic controller.  Spent time
in Germany, Florida, Mississipi and Illinois where I retired and live
with my AF retired husband.  Started a second career after retirement
and am in telecommunications for General Dynamics (our unit purchase by
them a year ago from GTE Governement Systems.

I would love to acquire a Scottsdale High School 1967, 1966, 1965 yearbook.  One problem
with a military career is that things to get "lost" as my annuals did
around 1975.

Glad to know some people are still keeping the Beaver spirit alive
although the school is gone.


Ginni Goetz
Subj: Ginni Caldwell (used to be Goetz) Scottsdale High School Grad of '67
Date: 7/28/99 7:25:35 AM Central Daylight Time
From: ginni4@juno.com (Virginia L Caldwell)

My parents faxed me the article from the Sunday Tribune and son-of-a-gun
if my brother (Bruce Goetz) and "other brother" (Jerry Givens) hadn't
already found you. It's GREAT to know this is happening and I look
forward to more info about October, 2000. We live in Oscoda, Michigan
and I'm teaching High School Computers and Business at Alcona High
School. Sorry to read about Luther Stewart. He will always be a major
memory for me.

I can be reached at ginni4@juno.com

Christine (Linton) Sherriff
Subj: Scottsdale High School Alumni's
Date: 98-01-21 13:20:55 EST
From: csherriff@ci.scottsdale.az.us (Sherriff, Christine)

Hi! My name is Christine (Linton) Sherriff. I attended Scottsdale High my freshman through Junior year and transfered to Saguaro High my last year. I was in Saguaro's first graduating class -- 1967. However, my heart is still with Scottsdale High. It is a shame they destroyed such a historical landmark for $$$. It would be great to see an alumni page for Scottsdale High. I would like to see what some of the "old" classmates are up to now! I saw your input in Arcadia's Alumni Home Page and it brought back lots of memories.


Karen Marston
Subj: Scottsdale High School Alumni's
Date: 12/22/2005
From: karen.fox@ualberta.ca

Hi Bill: I graduated from SHS in 1967. My name then was Karen Marston. Since
then, I have worked overseas and obtained a doctorate from the University of
Minnesota. Currently, I am an associate professor with the Faculty of
Physical Education and Recreation at the University of Alberta.

Karen M. Fox, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Faculty of Physical Education & Recreation
E-413 Van Vliet Centre
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2H9
Phone: 780-492-7173
Fax: 780-492-2364

Chuck Miller
Subj: class of '67
Date: 9/12/00 8:24:19 PM Central Daylight Time
From: cmiller@cmiller.net (Chuck Miller)

Chuck Miller here from class '67. Great web site! and fun. Living here
in Phx since 1976 after sabatical in Hawaii for 6 years. Attended UH
some... surfed, sailed, traveled and generally found trouble somewhere
unitl 4th marriage to my best bud, Maribel 10+ years ago. Practiced
real estate brokerage since 1981 full time, before in title insurance
for 5 yrs here locally. Best hobbies: adrenaline rushes from flying
still, motorcycling, skiing and yes, lots of travel. The thirty year
reunion was the best of 3 I've attended. This one will no doubt be a
best..... looking forward to seeing you all there.
Hi Berk, Lee, Betsy, Keith, Lance, Suzie and Patty and... John A.

Marsha Millstead
Subj: Scottsdale High School 1967!
Date: 7/16/99 4:05:39 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Marsha1234@aol.com

This is great! I've had a chance to read some of your profiles, remember your names and faces, and it's been wonderful to catch up with your lives!
My name is Marsha Millstead ('67) and I attended all four years at Scottsdale High School . I later taught at Saguaro. I've had a great opportunity to go to the 20 and 30 year reunions for the class of '67 and got to catch up with lots of friends.
Email me at Marsha1234@aol.com and let me catch up with you.
Thanks so much Bill!

Beth McKee
Subj: Scottsdale High graduate
Date: 11/29/99 6:32:55 PM Central Standard Time
From: Dsrtflwr49@aol.com

I'm Beth McKee Bareham and I graduated from Scottsdale in 1967, along with my sister Jean McKee. My three brothers, Bob, Don, and Ken, also graduated from Scottsdale High School in 1972, 1973, and 1976 respectively.
I've spent time in Louisiana, Indiana, and California, but came home three years ago and currently live in Ahwatukee. Bob and Ken still live in Scottsdale, Jean lives in the D.C. area, and Don is in Nevada.
Last year I started working in the Tempe Union High School District and have discovered four other Beavers, three at my school and one at a rival school. I will definitely pass on information about this web site to them.
Please add me to your list of 60's graduates.

Sherri Nuttal
Subj: 1967 Graduate
Date: 10/30/00 12:50:48 PM Central Standard Time
From: sroj@home.com (Sheri)


My name is Sheri Rojers. I was Sherri Nuttal when I graduated Scottsdale High School in 1967.

I have 3 daughters and 7 grandkids. Not too much else to report. LOL

"Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons,
for you are crunchy and good with catsup."

Vickey Petley
Subj: Register
Date: 2/7/00 7:05:07 PM Central Standard Time
From: Vpetley@aol.com

My name is Vickie Petley. I am a manufactures sales rep for the greater Phoenix, and outer areas. I have done this for 20 yrs, since I grew up in the business. I graduated in 1967, ASU for two years, banking 18 yrs(robbed twice), worked for father in greeting cards for awhile, lived in Atlanta for 2yrs, moved back to good ole Scottsdale. I am kid less, dog less, cat less, and man less. That about covers my life since Scottsdale High School . Vickie. my email is Vpetley@aol.com


Nancy Scavarda
Subj: Scottsdale High School 1964-1966 - Saguaro-1967
Date: 1/6/01 5:06:39 AM Central Standard Time
From: Adnnjn@aol.com

I am almost a Scottsdale High School alumnus.  I transferred to Saguaro High my senior year and graduated in 67.  Most of my classmates remained at Scottsdale High School so I was wondering if I could register at this site and be informed of the upcoming reunion events and touch base with old classmates.  In the old days, the first graduating class of Saguaro High was included in Scottsdale High School reunions, but I have lost touch completely.  Can you help me??

Nancy (Scavarda) Novack

Mark Smallsreed
Subj: All Class Reunion
Date: 8/9/00 1:32:46 AM Central Daylight Time
From: smallsreed@yahoo.com (Mark Smallsreed)

My name is Mark Smallsreed. I graduated from
Scottsdale High School in 1967. I'm interested in
locating other Scottsdale Singers who where in the
chorus or any musicals between the years of '63-'67.
I had many a good time singing and dancing with those
people, but because we were all not in the same class,
I've lost touch with most of them. If any of them/you
are planning on attending this all class reunion, I'd
like to know. Wouldn't it be fun to see each other
again? I'd like to know what happened to you all. I
might even tell you something about me, if you want to
know. No, I didn't make it big or you'd already know
about me. But I did finish college with a degree in
the theatre. I've done some, but not any thing really
professional. I hope to hear from ya'll real soon.
Tom, Nancy, Mike, Valerie, Stixrood, Boli, Waybill.

Mark Smallsreed


Debbie Suchy
Subj: Class of '67
Date: 10/4/00 1:34:45 AM Central Daylight Time
From: moveusa@worldnet.att.net (James Haddow)

Debbie Suchy
c/o P. O. Box 159
Pinetop, AZ 85935


Graduated 1967 with the greatest class EVER. We all still look young and are totally cool. That's because we're Beavers. I think we are all especially funny, too. I can't remember all that I've been doing, can you? I have two sons (Richard, a biologist, and Marc, an ecology grad student), one horse-loving young daughter, and a pretty cute husband. I've worked as a newspaper writer and an editor, and I've kept in touch with all of the Scottsdale High School guys that really mattered -- that being my cousin Kenton Brown, and Richard Parks and Greg Russnak and (in alphabetical order) Steve Verfurth. All four of them are single, and Steve, Greg and Richard are each raising two cute young sons. Steve is a mechanical engineer and lives in Scottsdale, and Nice Girls can get his number from me if they beg. Greg is healthy and happy and living in Alaska, and Richard is moody and handsome and living in the South. Uh, their numbers are even harder to get. (That is, unless they've voluntarily posted them here on the website!) I've left one person out, but they still matter.
When you've gone to Scottsdale High, had some great children, had some neat jobs, and had some great friends, you've had it all.


Barbara Watkins and Charles Schable (1961)
Subj: Class of 1967
Date: 12/26/00 7:18:13 PM Central Standard Time
From: CAS7724@aol.com


    My name is Barbara Schable (Watkins) and I graduated from Scottsdale High School in 1967.   I married another Scottsdale High School alum (Charles Schable, Scottsdale High School 1961) in 1973.  We currently live in Atlanta, GA and are both employed at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  I am an epidemiologist in the Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion.  We both hope to return to Arizona in a few years when we retire from the Federal Gov't.

    Your website it great!

Barbara Schable

Bobbie Wyatt
Subj: Reunion 2000
Date: 4/9/00 11:05:40 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Bjsvette3@aol.com

My name is Bobbie Palmer, FKA Bobbie Wyatt, graduated from Scottsdale High School in '67. What a great idea. I haven't talked to anyone from my class since the 10 year reunion. My email address is bjsvette3@aol.com. Would love to register. Thanks.



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