Richard Corral
Subj: Class 0f 1951
Date: 8/31/00 9:05:08 PM Central Daylight Time
From: DickC10182@aol.com

Richard Corral class of 51 says hello to all Scottsdale High School Beavers.Its nice to hear from all .After high school I joined the air force. 20 years and many moves later, moved back to Arizona and settled in Glendale. Married the former Lois Glandfield in February 1954. We had two boys and two girls. We have six grandchildren.
After several years of working in the mines, I retired in Glendale Ariz. Lois and I are both retired.
Looking forward to the 2000 get together..
Richard email dickc10182@aol.com

Loretta Ann Davis
Date: 5/5/00 12:01:37 AM Central Daylight Time
From: jlhaggard@cybertrails.com (James L Haggard)

Loretta Ann Davis Haggard Class of 1951
Married James Haggard in Aug of 1952 moved to Mesa Az. Had two children's and have three grand and 2 1/2 great grand children's . Worked for Mesa Public schools for 29 years and retired from there. Moved to Payson Az in 1995 where we live now.


Bobby Hilliard
Subj: Scottsdale High School Alumni Reunion 2000
Date: 5/5/00 10:00:38 AM Central Daylight Time
From: BHilli4277@aol.com

Bobby Hilliard
102 Red Oak Lane
Flower Mound, Texas 75028
email: bhilli4277@aol.com

Class of '53

Spent the first twenty years after graduation in the Air Force, returned to Arizona in
1975, went to work for Motorola, was transferred to Nebraska in 1980, then Texas
in 1987, retired from Motorola in 1996, started my own business and then retired,
hopefully for good, in January this year.

I have four wonderful children by my first wife, three sons and a daughter, three
grandchildren and one on the way.

I married my present beautiful, wonderful wife, Nancy, in March 1993 and we are
we live in "Crime Free" Flower Mound, approximately 25 miles north of Dallas.

At present I seem to be the only graduate of the Class of '53 that has registered.
Hopefully I have started a trend.

Eleanor Mowry
Subj: Hello
Date: 02/13/2005
From: ellieb@ev1.net

This is Eleanor Mowry Brierley, class of 53.  After graduation I went to school in San Francisco to become a dental assistant.  I returned to Arizona and worked for a dentist in downtown Phoenix until it dawned on me that this work was a lot of cleaning up after people and that was never my big thing.  I worked for the Telephone Co for several years until I married and became a Mom.  My husband and I have 2 children and 4 Grandchildren.  We are so lucky that all of the kids and Grands live in Arizona so we can be a part of their lives.  I have had 2 more careers after the Telephone company and am now retired but actively volunteer at my Church as it's Treasurer and with the Scottsdale Historical Society as the Gift Shop manager and their Fund Raiser Chair.  We celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary this year.
The last reunion was great and this one should be better.  Let's all give Bob Leone the help he needs to put this gig together.


Ruth Smith
Subj: Registration
Date: 6/23/00 2:16:36 PM Central Daylight Time
From: pinky0035@home.com (RUTH BANKER)

Even though I attended Scottsdale High my Freshman and Sophomore years only, I would have graduated with the class of 1953. Then a few years ago I re-established contact with one of my classmates and I have now been in touch with several more of them recently.
After attending Junior and Senior year at another high school, I enrolled at Arizona State College in Tempe for a year before leaving Arizona and in 1957 graduated from Swedish Covenant Hospital School of Nursing in Chicago as a Registered Nurse.
A week after finishing nurse's training, I married the brother of one of my nursing classmates. He was a design engineer of governors for motors. We adopted two children and I worked part-time as a nurse in a couple hospitals in our area. I retired from nursing in 1996 to have total knee replacement surgery. My husband also retired in 1996 and we celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary in 1997, took a three week trip to Phoenix to visit my family, and then in early 1998 my husband was diagnosed with cancer in the bone marrow that took his life in June 1998.
I have become a snowbird and have traveled to Israel and Germany.
See you in October.
Ruth (Smith) Banker
(My father, Cletis Smith, founded Land-O-Sun Printers in 1948)


Jon Bonnell
Subj: Class of "54"
Date: 8/3/00 12:11:49 PM Central Daylight Time
From: YAZZIE@aol.com

Hi --- This is Jon Bonnell , Senior class president of the class of 1954, the LAST Scottsdale class of less than 100 persons. After high school, I did a lot of things with no direction, college , rodeoing, hell raising etc . I finally settled down with a good woman(married a Texas girl - Paulla - 37 years ago) got my degree in Chemical Engineering and went to work for 15 years in the aerospace industry( worked on good stuff like Mercury, Apollo, Gemini capsule equipment etc.)

When my mom and dad got real sick, I came back into the White Hogan and we've been running it ever since. We're in a new location since the old days - we're on 1st Avenue instead of Main St, but other than that everything is much the same.

When your in town ,stop by and say hi!
Jon Bonnell - The White Hogan
7144 !st Avenue
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Phone: 480-945-5556 FAX: 480-945-4310
E-Mail: Yazzie@AOL.com

Lois Glandfield
Subj: Class of 1954
Date: 8/31/00 6:32:27 PM Central Daylight Time
From: DickC10182@aol.com

Hi Scottsdale High School grads. What fun to be in touch with old friends after all these years.
My name is Lois Glandfield Corral. I married Richard Corral Feb.14 1954. Richard graduated from Scottsdale High School in 1951. We have four great kids and six grandchildren.
After 20 years with the US Air Force, we retired in Glendale in 1973. Both retired and loving it.
Looking forward to seeing many fellow Beavers in October
Our email address is: dickc10182@aol.com
Sincerely yours
Lois Corral

Mike Kelly
Subj: Great Memories!!
Date: 7/25/99 12:00:44 AM Central Daylight Time
From: MKelly4133@aol.com

Hi, everyone...my name is Mike Kelly, class of 1954. I have many, many fond memories of Scottsdale High School ...both fellow classmates as well as many of the teachers. Does anyone remember the Mexico trips that Ellie Lee Kahl escorted between Christmas and New Years each year? I went on three of those trips and had a ball each time. If I remember correctly (and my memory has taken some hits over the years!!) those trips cost about $20 or $25 for 5 days, including bus transportation (school bus to Nogales, then Mexican Greyhound to Guaymas) hotel rooms, and most meals. Fireworks were extra!! Have lived in the Phoenix area all my life (was born in Phoenix) with the exception of 4 years in the Air Force. Graduated from ASU in 1965 with a major in German and a minor in French...was going to teach but stayed at the R&G where I worked part time while going to ASU. Now retired and enjoying every minute of it. Would love to hear from classmates.

Orme Lewis
Subj: '54 reunion
Date: 9/27/00 11:00:22 AM Central Daylight Time
From: adviser_az@email.msn.com (Orme Lewis, Jr.)


I attended Scottsdale Grammar School
5th-8th, and Scottsdale High School for
my freshman and sophomore years of which
I was class president.

Graduated elsewhere in '54.

Please send along reunion information, via
e-mail: adviser_az@msn.com
fax: 602 840 6003.

thank you,

Orme Lewis, Jr.
4325 East Palo Verde Drive
Phoenix, AZ 95018-1127

office: 602 952 8800

John Poer
Subj: Class of 1954
Date: 6/22/00 11:40:16 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Toyboy922@aol.com

John Poer '54 has always wondered what has happened to all of his terrific Scottsdale High School classmates and friends. I was there in 1983 for the closing reunion and saw a few of our class. I still live in Pasadena, Ca. with my wife of 36 years, Barbara. Three children, no marriages or grandkids, yet! (Some of you have great-grandchildren)
I was a garment manufacturer for 38 years, sold my business two years ago and am happily retired. I will definitely be attending the October Reunion.

Dee Whisenhunt
Subj: Class of 54
Date: 9/1/00 5:54:56 PM Central Daylight Time
From: dwhiz@primenet.com (Dee Whisenhunt)

Hi, I'm Dee Whisenhunt, class of 54.

After graduation, spent 4 years in the Air Force, then went on to graduate from ASU, then 13 years with Western Electric, then farming, now sales manager for a manufacturing company out of Kingman. Plan to retire this November. Divorced in 1980, 2 sons, 3 grandsons. Would really enjoy seeing old classmates again.

Dee Whisenhunt
660 W. Road 2 South
Chino Valley, AZ 86323


Pat Brumley
Subj: Scottsdale High School Beaver Alumni
Date: 5/8/00 1:45:04 PM Central Daylight Time
From: WGROOD@aol.com

My name is Pat Brumley Rood, class of 55. I've been trying for years to get in touch with some Alumni's, so was delighted to see the website. My husband Bill and I just celebrated our 42nd. anniversary and have lived in the Phoenix area for most of this time, taking out 2 years while he attended law school in San Diego. Currently retired and living in Chandler, have 3 children and 12 grandchildren. Would love to hear from classmates from the 1955 era. My e-mail address is wgrood@aol.com. or fax (480) 821-5469

Anita Coverdale
Subj: Signup
Date: 4/12/00 6:07:32 PM Central Daylight Time
From: APAULSON@prodigy.net (Anita Paulson)

I'm Anita Coverdale-Paulson, moved to Scottsdale in 1954 for my senior year graduating from Scottsdale High School in 1955. In a nutshell, I started college at U of A Tucson, graduated from Luther College in 1959; married, had 3 children (now 3 grandchildren); got a couple of MA degrees; worked as a Marriage, Family Therapist and elementary school counselor; retired (lived mostly in Garden Grove, San Luis Obispo and Rohnert Park, CA); and now live with Chuck, my husband of over 40 years and our long haired German shepherd, Nika, in Sun City, AZ in the winter and Truckee, CA in the summer.
Have done some writing and am now thoroughly immersed in my long time interest in painting. I have also been involved in Pet Assisted Therapy programs with Nika and am a Hospice Volunteer.
I was sorry to miss the last reunion, especially since I was in Sun City, but I didn't hear about it until after the fact. I'm afraid I'll be on the East Coast the first weekend in Oct., but would like to stay connected and hear from any former Scottsdale friends.

Kathryn Jo Blaker Gnepper Virden
Subj: 1955 graduate

Date: 98-01-21 23:12:15 EST

From: LOYAL2@prodigy.net (Jo Virden)

WOW !!!!! What a fun idea! My sister Guelda Blaker Hustad just E-mailed me with the news of the Web site.

My name is: Kathryn Jo Blaker Gnepper Virden. I graduated in 1955. Have attended several of our class reunions. There hasn't been one for many, many years. I too, have a brick confiscated by one of the "Reddell" boys.  There are five of us "oldtimers" that get together for lunch several times a year, to talk over old times, grandchildren etc.

The five are: Lynn Britten Reddell, Lynda Britten Reddell, Gail Wasbotten Hodges, Billie Beck Meador and myself: Kathryn Jo Blaker Gnepper Virden.

I raise, train, and exhibit Shetland Sheepdogs all over the U.S. This has been a hobby for the past 25 years.

Have been married to Ponder Lee Virden (North High '52) for 29 years. We live in Scottsdale. Do spend the summers in Prescott, Az.

Bob Linneman
Subj: Reunion
Date: 10/3/00 3:13:31 PM Central Daylight Time
From: robertl@icdc.com (Robert M. Linneman)

This note probably too late to be posted, but Class of '55 needs some
more names! Although we broke the 100 graduate barrier with 105 strong,
we seem to be short on attendees!! Wonder if the school and area has
grown much since then!! My wife and I are boarding a plane from
Philadelphia tomorrow to join in the fun. Lots of great memories to
share -- plenty of laughs no doubt! Trust that we all look the same so
recognition will be no problem.

We are considering a move to AZ and the hot, dry heat. Ideas welcome.

Bob Linneman

Joe Lutz
Subj: Register
Date: 4/27/2008
From: kwz99@comcast.net

Hi Bill,

My name is Joe Lutz - left SHS in 1955, 2 weeks after turning 16, talked my father into lying my age so I could
go into the USN. [Was in my Junior year @ SHS]. I see
a lot of people on this site that I recall, and I am trying to
local a dear friend of mine: Jake Brown [Norman Jacob
Brown - aka: "Red"]. Last time I saw him is when the
wife and I returned my mothers' ashes to Scottsdale for
interment in April 2001. I have tried phone number
I had - found he had moved, but cannot find out where.
I hope that Jake has not passed away, as I this past
year I called Buddy [One-eye] Hughes, and found out
from his wife that he had passed on the previous year.
I think I registered years ago on this site, but cannot find any record of it. Can you help me out?

Annette Reynolds
Subj: REGisteration
Date: 3/10/00 9:41:33 PM Central Standard Time
From: Sprtangel1@aol.com

Name: Annette Reynolds
Married Ray Lopez in 1956

Three children and 10 grandchildren and 6 greatgrankids
*Widowed in 1994 * Currently residing in Phoenix.

Have realized a lifelong dream of working in the field of parapsychology and developing my own natural gifts including Extra Sensory Perception.
Published author and public speaker on these subjects.
I have personally been responsible for working around the Globe with various Police Departments
in solving murder cases and kidnappings using these gifts.
The most interesting "whodunit" was solved using Psychometry in locating the murder weapon in Mesa, Az. The hubby had suffacated his wife with the dry cleaners plastic bag which he ever so carefully draped over her laundry in the closet. The PD called me in on the case. I "located" the weapon and the case was solved. Hubby is still incarcerated.
I love using my natural gifts to assist others.
Sprtangel1@aol.com 623-849-3614 PS Please use entire bio.

Stephanie Stevie
Subj: 1955 graduate Registration
Date: 9/21/00 7:12:32 PM Central Daylight Time
From: stuart@cybertrails.com (Stephanie Stuart)

Stephanie (Stevie) Stuart - graduate of 1955
Snowflake, AZ
Email: stuart@cybertrails.com


Penny Albright Peterson
Date: 9/8/2005
From: PennyPete2@aol.com

Penny Albright - Petersen: graduated SHS l956. Spent 30 years teaching Theatre and English at H.S. and Community College level.

Now retired, living in S. Chandler and writing plays and books.

Very glad to see there's a picnic coming up.

Jim and Peggy Cox Alcorn Beavers
Date: 4/2/99 12:43:05 PM Central Standard Time
From: JAlcorn693

Dear Bill,
Wow how neat that you have started this web site. Good job.

Jim was in the class of  l956 and I, Peggy Cox was in the class of l958. I have been chairman of several of our class of '58 Reunions. We have one every 5 years.

Currently we are planning an ALL CLASS BEAVER CRUISE being held in September of 2000. The cruise begins on Labor Day and returns on Friday after. We will be boarding in Los Angeles at the San Pedro Harbor and going to Catalina Island and down to Ensenada then returning to Los Angeles. Should be fun. Will have prices soon and must start booking ASAP as it will take a year to plan and for Cruises they require deposits up front. Approximately $50.00 per person.

This is a good link to get ahold of people and I will be more than happy to share the Travel Agents information so those that want to join in can. Jim and I currently live in Prescott, AZ.,we are retired and enjoying it. We lived in Mesa and Chandler for 40 years that relocated. Several Beavers are up here. I can supply you with names and addresses of class of '58, we just finished (Sharon Brown Massey) also class of '58 mailing out a newsletter. So we are fairly current.

Let me hear from you please. Our e-mail is JALCORN693@AOL.COM.
Thanks for doing such a great job.

Just thought of something else, we have two bricks and we attended the Old Timers Reunion and bought a Painted brick from Mary White Keltner's aunt who also attended Scottsdale High School .
I could go on forever but will close now.
Your Beaver Friends,
Peggy and Jim Alcorn

Anita Henthorn Cassey
Subj: Class of 1956 Registry
Date: 11/28/98 1:28:46 PM Central Standard Time
From: alcassey@cox.net (Anita Cassey)

Hello, My name is Anita Henthorn Cassey. I graduated from Scottsdale High School in 1956 and would love to hear from any one from that class. I live in Mesa, have four grown children and been divorced for eight years. I would love to attend a Reunion but have not heard of one for several years. Hope to hear from someone from that great Class of '56.Please add my name to your Webpage My email address is alcassey@cox.net

(Update: November, 2005)

I attended the All Class Reunion Picnic in October, 2005.

Albert Iovinelli
Subj: A Beaver
Date: 4/28/99 9:52:38 AM Central Daylight Time
From: aiovinelli572@earthlink.net

Retired in Las Vegas, NV Does anyone know if 50 year reunion will take place in 2006?
Albert Iovinelli
8025 Golfers Oasis Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89149


Robert Pease
Subj: A Beaver
Date: 4/28/99 9:52:38 AM Central Daylight Time
From: rpease@as.net (Robert Pease)


I graduated in 1956 and I am registered with classmates. My wife is
Madalene Goff, who was in the class of '57, but gave up a promising baton
twirling career to marry me.

Robert Pease

Update October, 2000

Robert Pease
Subj: 1956
Date: 10/11/00 3:19:05 PM Central Daylight Time
From: rpease@as.net (Robert Pease)

I graduated in 1956 from Scottsdale High. My wife, the former Madalene
Goff, was the head Majorette and was one year behind me. I went into the
Air Force right after graduation, and Madalene and I were married when I
got out of boot camp in September, 1956. After four years with the Air
Force, I returned to Phoenix and went to work for Mountain States Tel &
Tel. I spent 14 months with them and then was selected to go to Air
Traffic control school. After I graduated from school, I returned to the
Phoenix Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) and stayed there until
they closed the center. I transferred to Seattle Center and stayed there a
year and then transferred to Sea-Tac Tower. From there, I went to Edwards
RAPCON in the Antelope Valley in California. I then transferred back to
Phoenix to the Phoenix TRACON and stayed there a year. Then I returned to
the Antelope Valley to the Los Angeles ARTCC and there I stayed until I
retired in January, 1995. In 1976 I joined the Los Angeles County
sheriff's reserve and was active in that until I retired from the Sheriff's
Department in October of 1987.

I now have a small Tax Preparer & Notary Public business and I am also a
part time Park Ranger for the city of Lancaster, Ca. Madalene and I
attended the 2000 bash at Rawhide and we had a great time. It was
wonderful seeing some old faces. Some I had not seen for over 45
years. I'm looking forward to the next one in 2023.

Bob Pease

Thom Wilson
Subj: Class of 1956
Date: 02/13/2005
From: thomwilson@cox.net

Thom Wilson, Class of 56; Married since 1963, 3 children, 3 grandchildren so far.  ASU, Air Force, aerospace, North American Rockwell, Lockheed, Hughes, And Mcdonnell Douglas. Attended the Gulf War as a member of theAF Reserves in 1991.  Would love to hear from anyone, and find out more about the reunion this year. (I live in Chandler now)  .
                   Thom Wilson class of "56"


June Allar
Subj: Class of l957
Date: 6/16/00 7:47:30 PM Central Daylight Time
From: jjride@core.com (John Ridinger)

I graduated from good old Scottsdale High in l957. I just love your website, it brings back alot of memories. My name is June Allar (Ridinger). I would love to hear from any classmates. My E-mail is jjride@core.com. If you need more information, please E-mail me. Thank you, June

Mike Blanding
Subj: Reunion
Date: 9/27/00 11:23:39 AM Central Daylight Time
From: mblanding@home.com (M Blanding)

Dear Mary,
I just read about the big reunion for Scottsdale High School coming up in a week or so. I would like to attend, and will plan on calling you also.
Mike Blanding - graduated in the class of 1957. Student body president. Football, basketball and captain of the baseball team.

home address:
4839 E. Whitegates Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85018
(602) 840-6846

Mike Blanding

Ronnie Corral
Date: 11/29/99 10:27:36 PM Central Standard Time
From: SOCKS1937@aol.com

This is Ronnie Corral.  I was born in Scottsdale, Arizona and graduated from Scottsdale High School in 1957.  Glad to see that there are still some Beavers around.  I live in Glendale, Arizona with my beautiful wife Kathleen, two sons, two daughters and eight grandchildren.


Madalene Goff (see Robert Pease, 1956)

Mary Ann Geiger
Subj: Scottsdale High, Class of 1957
Date: 7/7/00 10:46:35 PM Central Daylight Time
From: vsekgrama@earthlink.net

Mary Ann Geiger (Merendino)
Scottsdale High, Class of 1957

Love the website and all the memories it creates! Being at Scottsdale High was a wonderful experience. My happiest times were being in Band and Mr. Hansen. I was delighted to see his photo on the site. I vividly remember marching down Main Street at Disneyland one year. I have attended a few reunions, the last one being the class of 58's and really enjoyed seeing everyone there.

I lived in Phoenix until 1968, then moved to CA where I lived until 1997. I moved here to the Seattle area in 1997 where 2 of my children and all of my grandchildren live. After working in the Corp. world for a while I took early retirement and now spend most of my time doing temp. work and playing with the grandkids.

Would love to hear from any classmates who may remember me!

Update 2005 - Also, I would like to include in my message that I am unattached and looking once more for Mr. Right!
Thank you for the great job,
Mary Ann
--- Mary Ann Merendino

Nelda Hilliard
Subj: Register
Date: 9/8/00 9:44:27 AM Central Daylight Time
From: gambler@wmonline.com (Nelda Pickens)

My name is Nelda Hilliard Pickens
I started 1st grade in Scottsdale and graduated in 1957.
I am a widow and have one son and 5 grandchildren.I worked at Motorola for 35 years and retired in 1998.
I lived in Mesa for 30 yrs before retiring to Overgaard, Az.
I would love to hear from other classmates.
e-mail address is gambler@wmonline.com
Can you guess what my favorite past time is by by address!!!


Carl Hobson
Subj: Class of 57
Date: 6/13/01 3:33:18 PM Central Daylight Time
From:    hobsonc@soc.mil (Hobson, Carl J MR)

I am looking for the business or home phone number for Keith Huggins, class
57.  Also, is there a reunion planned for class 57 for 45 years?  Any info
would be appreciated.  I am a civil service employee working for the
government here at Ft Bragg in North Carolina (it ain't Arizona) planning to
return to AZ but not sure where.  My email is hobsonc@soc.mil.  Thanks for
any help. Carl

Genevieve Voss Kiefer
Subj: Scottsdale Alumni-1957
Date: 98-04-06 20:07:41 EDT

I tried this one other time and it didn't make the list so I am trying again. I think this site is a great idea and hope to see more alumni hear about. I attended from 1953-1957. I went to the state badminton tournament all four year years, although never went very far, but had a terrific time. I now teach school in Villa Park, IL. My day is very busy with four different subject areas: math, English, social studies, and reading/writing to eight graders. Mr. Kidd would really be surprised.

My e-mail is GVK39668@aol.com
Have a great day.
Genevieve Voss Kiefer

Mary Ann Merendino
Subj: Scottsdale High School Alum
Date: April 04, 2001 PST
From:    vsekgrama@earthlink.net

I graduated from Scottsdale High in 1957, can't believe it has been 50 years! I did not hear of any reunion this year, anything coming up? Our class was pretty small, about 150 students. I now live in WA state, near Seattle, but come back to Scottsdale from time to time.
Thanks for the great website!

Mary Ann Merendino
EarthLink Revolves Around You.


Susan Robinson
Subj: Scottsdale High School Alum
Date: April 04, 2001 PST
From:    SusanR@programmer.net
My name was Susan Robinson

I graduated in 1957, graduated from the University of Arizona and went to grad school at ASU.

I now live in Pleasanton, CA. where I work for a software company.I learned to fly before I moved from Arizona and I have a Private Pilot's license and an Instrument Rating. In my spare time I volunteer with an animal rescue organization.

I am divorced, with five children and two new grandchildren. They are spread around and so we visit back and forth between the United States and Europe.

Please write, I would love to hear from you.

Susan Robinson

Carol Vietmeier
Date: 6/19/01 11:22:04 AM Central Daylight Time
From:    cschaefer@tri-lakes.net (Carol Schaefer)

Carol Schaefer (nee Vietmeier)  Class of 57

I started grade school in the 3rd grade.  Grad. in 57. Was in the band for 3 years.  My father owned a Sheet Metal business in Scottsdale for years.  I moved to Missouri and was married in 1959.  We had 2 children. I was a homemaker for 18 years.  Kept very busy with the Lutheran School they went to plus church. After our daughter went to College I went to work.  I took courses that I needed on the computer.  I really enjoyed it.  We have been retired for 4 1/2 years now and moved to Table Rock Lake . We are only 8 miles from the Arkansas border.  Have a home overlooking the lake, and boat dock.  We are also about 45 mins. away from Branson, MO.  We have 4 grandchildren that we enjoy very much.  Our son and his family live in Kansas City MO. and our daughter her family live in Maryland Hgts. MO.  We do some traveling, have been on a couple of cruises and just got back from Seattle WA. 


I have a older brother and sister that went to grade school at Scottsdale but both of them went to Technical School in Phoenix for High School.  We were all active in 4H.

Ronald Vietmeier and Sharon Vietmeir.  Sharon lives in Topeka KS , Ronald lives in Seattle WA.  My younger brother and sister still live in Arizona, so I am out there every few years.


My email is:  cschaefer@tri-lakes.ne

Judy Wade
Subj: "Beaver Bash"
Date: 9/9/00 6:04:43 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Jurley10@aol.com

Whoops, I forgot that I was (in addition to officially registering) supposed to tell you a little about myself.

OK, here goes - graduated Scottsdale l957 - not with very high grades but with the fondest of memories and some very dear friends. Have younger brother Don Wade who is also a Beaver graduate (l960) and will also be attending.
Went to ASU and graduated in l960 with a degree in Physical Education. Taught 4 years at Valley View Elementary (Roosevelt District.) South Phoenix and then moved to Long Beach, California and have been at Charles Lindbergh Middle School teaching PE EVER SINCE ( yes, if you are any good at Math, that means that I have been at the same school for 35 years) and believe it or not, I still love it and the kids !!! No retirement plans as yet. Can't even imagine it !!
My favorite Scottsdale teachers were Ms. Strong (of course - PE), Mr. Coates and Ms. Sawaii. I have a great story about her but will save it for later. I did see her and Mr. Coates when I "crashed" the 59 reunion with my friend Karen Peterson.
That about covers it - see you in October.
Thanks again for all your hard work.

Judy Wade - class of 57
ps - could you help me locate Burness Kennedy (had a younger sister Joyce), Carole Nordick , Carla Baehr and Marilyn Stobbs??? (all 57 grads)


Peggy Cox Alcorn (see Jim Alcorn, 1956)

Judy (Alexander) Brown
Subj: Class of 1958
Date: 4/12/2004
From: Judybrown77@comcast.net (Judy -Alexander- Brown)

Our 2003 class reunion last year in Prescott was fantastic. 

I am married to a wonderful man, Angelo Gama, who I met while advocating for the homeless in Sacramento, Calif.

We have now been together many years and enjoy having 6 kids between us and 8 grandkids all together.

I have been living in the Sacramento area for over 20 years now.  I love it here.  Lots of trees!

This site is great and I hope to hear from others.

Lots of hugs,

Judy Brown

My email site at home is:




Buddy Bequette
Subj: Class of 1958
Date: 6/26/01 12:09:55 PM Central Daylight Time
From:    dbequette@cuefinancial.com (Dick Bequette)

HI there...I was in the Class of '58, one of the best times of my life!
Still live in the Valley of the Sun...married Sue Manghelli (Class of '61)
in 1961, had three wonderful children, but divorced in 1977. I had a great first career with the Phoenix Police Department, retiring as a Captain in 1982. Moved into the investment business with CUE Financial, in Phoenix. Am married to an absolutely WONDERFUL woman named Jeri, and between us, we have five beautiful grandchildren. My golf handicap is holding steady at about 9, and I live at Westbrook Village, which has two courses for me to butcher. If anyone is around from the 58-61 era who likes to play, give me a jingle. I can be reached at dbequette@aol.com. Great website!

PS...Anyone know what ever happened to Nancy Howard?

Richard "Buddy" Bequette

Duane Davis

Hello. My name is Duane Davis, class of 1958. Since graduation I attended ASU, graduated with a M.S. in Engineering, and worked until recently as a research engineer for the Navy in Port Hueneme, California. I can be reached at the following address:

3500 W. Isle Way
Oxnard, CA 93035


I'm interested in attending any reunion of my former classmates.

Duane Davis

Marian (Farmer) Miller
Subj: Class of 1958
Date: 4/30/99 8:47:09 AM Central Daylight Time
From: marianfromva@webtv.net (Marian Miller)

Hi! I transferred to Scottsdale High School my senioryear. Tho' only there one year I
have good memories. I graduated from college (NM) and moved to NJ with
my husband. I retired three years ago after teaching 32 years. Four of
those yeas I taught for DoDDs in Germany. My maiden name was FARMER and
would love hearing from anyone who might remember me.

William Johnson (Staff, 1958-1963)

Patsy Jones
Subj: Patsy Jones Nicholes
Date: 4/5/00 11:11:53 AM Central Daylight Time
From: bnichol@micron.net (Bruce O. Nicholes)

Hi to all the Beavers,
I am now living in Idaho, have been since 1974. I was in Arizona
visiting my sister. We decided to go to a movie when I saw this reunion
ad. I am so excited. I didn't get to graduate with my schoolmates at
Scottsdale but I my heart was always with them. I have spent all my life
working at Motorola first for 17 yrs then coming to Idaho and working at
Micron Tech for another 16 yrs. I want so much to see all of you in
October. Jan Cavalier and Doris Harrel if you see this please contact
me and any other friends, I would love to hear from you. See you in

Penny Paul Spray
Subj: reunion
Date: 3/5/00 2:48:15 PM Central Standard Time
From: Centavo2@aol.com

Penny Paul Spray class 58

I have attended and greatly enjoyed all class reunions. The last one was the greatest- thanks committee and especially Barbara for a great job. I lived in the Arcadia area for over 30 years and the house is finally getting tired. In fact Dot lives one block from me and i never see her. I have three grown children and one old husband whom I've been with for 38 years in our group that good but certainly no record. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Carol Stimson
Subj: 1958 ALUMNI
Date: 8/2/01 3:58:57 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Beenimom@aol.com

Hi I! I'm Carol  Dykman (Stimson) Judy Routt as most people knew her informed me of this websit for Scottsdale High School . Glad to know about it, very interesting to read about so many familiar names. Have made all but a few reunions and really was sorry to miss the Cruise to Mexico in 2000.  Seems like the same bunch does the  58 reunions all the time, and what a job they do. Those of us too far away to be of much help owe them so much in the way of THANK YOUS----THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN GREAT!!!        My husband Jerry and I have been married since 59  and have 4 children & 4 little grandsons --2,4,6 &8 Yrs.We moved from Phx. in 85 to Denver Colo., where all our children and grandchildren live. Our youngest lives in Illinois with us where we moved to in 92.  Chicago is a vibrant fun fun place to live  but when we finally retire we hope it will be in Colo. It  would be great to hear from some other alumni.        My E-mail address is:   beenimon@aol.com

Gail Wasbotten
Subj: Scottsdale High School class of 58
Date: 5/3/99 7:20:03 PM Central Daylight Time
From: k9copper@extremezone.com (J.R. Parrow)


This is to inform you of another Scottsdale High School graduate for listing on the website.

Gail Wasbotten
Garduated 1958, currently residing in Scottsdale, married Nick Hodge in 1995, Two daughters, 13 Grand Children.

Can be contacted by email through: Son-in-law: k9copper@extremezone.com



Susanne Balash
Subj: Scottsdale HS Alumni
Date: 8/5/99 4:13:31 PM Central Daylight Time
From: gypsysue@hotmail.com (Susanne Boyd)

Hello !

I am Susanne Boyd (Balash), class of 59.

I just stumbled onto this site by chance. I'm living in Tucson, AZ. I
moved here in Nov. 1994, after being in Show Low, Az for 30+ years.

I am now divorced, retired, and have 3 grown children. I have recently
moved into a new home in a 55+ gated community, near the Desert Museum and
Sahuaro Park on the southwest side of town.

I lost all contact with classmates years ago, as I was never able to attend
any reunions because of conflicts of one kind or another. Sorry, I did not
know about the May reunion--guess my ex did not forward any info on it, if
he got any.

I would love to hear from classmates. You can contact me through e-mail

or ICQ #13914755

Susanne Boyd (Balash) class of 59
Tucson, AZ

Gerri Cates
Subj: Class of '59
Date: 6/5/99 2:51:21 AM Central Daylight Time
From: fishnbear@harborside.com (Gerri Taylor)

Gerri (Cates ) Taylor
32251 Squaw Valley Rd.
Gold Beach, OR 97444
After living on a guest ranch in Montana and 27 years growing grapes for
Sebastiani in California My husband and I have settled on the coast of
Oregon, where the Rouge River meets the Pacific, much cooler then California
and Arizona. We have four children and 6 grandchildren( subject to change) .
I moved to Scottsdale my Junior year, and really enjoyed the two years I
spent there. I haven't any idea where any one is and would like to hear from
fellow classmates from the Class of 1959.

Lowell Crow
Subj: Scottsdale High School registration

Date: 98-01-23 19:38:10 EST

From: klbird@pacbell.net (Lowell & Kim Crow)

Lowell Crow

Class of '59

I was very pleased to receive the newspaper article by Rachel Ochoa announcing this web site. My sister who lives in Scottsdale sent it to me. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area (Danville) and hope to see some oldtimers on the list.

I would like to congratulate Bill Farrell for starting this web site........I think it's a great idea.

P.S. I too have two bricks from Scottsdale High School .

Steve Gatschet
Subj: Registration
Date: 3 March, 2006
From: Sgatschet40@comcast.net


My name is Steve Gatschet, a Scottsdale High School graduate, Class of 1959. After graduating from SHS, I attended ASU where I majored in physics and then switched to architecture. I graduated from the College of Architecture in 1965 and moved to Philadelphia where I have been ever since.

I’ve had a terrific career, designing just about every building type there is, and am also an adjunct professor at Drexel University. I figure I’ll work until I’m at least 75. I really enjoy it, but I also take time to travel extensively.

I’ve been married twice and have a son who is a paratrooper in the Army, (he was “in country” in Afghanistan), and a daughter who is an actress in New York. Currently she plays the part of Tammy on The Guiding Light.

Life is good and so are the memories….. even the ones of blowing up my hands in the Rocket Club!


Steve Gatschet

2201 Pennsylvania Ave. #307
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Gary Glassford
Subj: Scottsdale High School Web Page
Date: 5/3/00 7:40:35 PM Central Daylight Time
From: gary@glassford.com (Gary Glassford)

You have done an admiral job on this page. Just located it when I received the invitation for the 2000 Bash.
Gary Glassford, Class of 59

Larry Hall
Subj: Class 0f 1959
From: oksang@mindspring.com

My name is Larry J. Hall. I was a member of the Scottsdale High School
graduating class of 1959. I have been traveling the world for many years and
am now retired and finally settled down in one place. My address, telephone
number and E-mail address are listed below.
Larry J. Hall
7913 Lanai St.
Diamondhead, MS 39525
E-mail: oksang@mindspring.com
wife: Ok Sang
I hope to be put on your mailing list and look forward to attending a
reunion in the future.Thanks, Larry


Wayne Hughes
Subj: Nostalgia!!
Date: 98-01-11 17:08:27 EST
Wayne Hughes

Attended Scottsdale High School from 1956 to 1959 and always looked back on those days as the best days of my life. Still living in Scottsdale --it saddens me to go by the vacant field that was once our great school. Had to graduate my senior year at Arcadia when it opened -- but my loyalty is still that of a Scottsdale Beaver!!

Nancy (John) Kores
Subj: Scottsdale High School registration
Date: 98-05-12 22:57:58 EDT
From: davek@verdenet.com (David Kores)

Hi: I would like to register. I am Nancy (John) Kores. I graduated in the class of '59. I currently live in Cottonwood, AZ. and teach part time at Yavapai College. I still enjoy music and belong to the Cottonwood Community Band and also the Smitty's Play It Again Band.

Nancy Kores e-mail davek@verdenet.com

Janet (Lewis) Mitchell
Subj: Registration
Date: 3/12/99 2:44:54 PM Central Standard Time
From: jmjm@primenet.com (Janet M. Mitchell)

Janet (Lewis) Mitchell Class of '59
2929 E. Pierson
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Dave Mills
Subj: Alumni Information
Date: 3/21/99 5:34:02 PM Central Standard Time
From: Caroledave@aol.com

I transferred to Scottsdale High School for my senior year and graduated in 1959. Still have fond memories of that quick year and wish to be included in any information on the upcoming 40th reunion.

Dave Mills
1359 Buckwood Lane
Monument, CO 80132
Home phone: 719-481-3516
Office phone: 303-481-3516
E-mail: caroledave@aol.com, dmills3516@earthlink.net

Jim Regan
Subj: Class of 1959
Date: 5/11/99 6:38:30 PM Central Daylight Time
From: jpr@cwnet.com (Jim Regan)

Please add my name to the class of 1959.
James P. Regan (Jim Regan)
POB 254933 Sacramento, CA 95865

Barbara (Schulte) Hughes
Subj: register as former Scottsdale High School student

Date: 98-01-11 16:37:31 EST

Went to Scottsdale High for Freshman & Sophomore years - 1958 & 59. Met my hubby (Wayne Hughes) my freshman year and we're now married 34-1//2 years.

Parents moved the summer of 59 breaking my heart as I had to finish at West High while all my alliances were at Scottsdale High School -- but that didn't change much since I kept dating Wayne & hung out with his group. My two children, Lisa & Wes also attemded Scottsdale High School . Lisa got to graduate there in 1983, and Wes was furious when he had to go to Saguaro his Sophomore year and then to Coronado his last two. Still miss the charisma we all had then -- Lute's pharmacy for malteds and the whole shebang.

Richard Rea 1959
Subj: Addition of name
Date: 98-04-02 16:48:04 EST
From: rrea@syspac.com (R. Richard Rea)

Noted that you have opened this up. Please add my name to the list:

Richard Rea 1959

Steve Sargent
Subj: INFO FOR Scottsdale High School ALUMNI HOME PAGE

Date: 98-02-12 11:24:02 EST

From: Steve.Sargent@hq.doe.gov

Greetings to Scottsdale High School alums,

The Scottsdale High School home page is a great idea--thanks to Bill Farrell for getting it started.

This is Steve Sargent, class of 1959. We had a great 30th reunion in 1989 but missed our 35th. Several of us have been plotting a 40th next yeat.  Bill's suggested All-Year Reunion in March/April 1999 sounds like a great idea--that is about when we have been thinking of having our 40th, and to have alums from all years would make it even better.

I have the mailing list for 1959 alums as of the 1989 reunion. Am plotting a way to digitize it to put it out on the net. If someone wants a paper copy in the meantime,let me know.

Here are my coordinates:

e-mail: steve.sargent@hq.doe.gov
Address: 1919 Pinal Road, Golden, CO 80401
Phone: (303) 278-3809.

PS--There are a couple pictures of me on the web, for those interested.

Current face is at my office home page:
http://www.feral.net/test/drso/drso2/index.htm - click on "Who We Are".

A gag mug shot circa 1973 is at:
http://www.hr.doe.gov/IIPOC/ - click on "E-mail List".

Hope to hear from some of you out there.

Steve Sargent

Dorothy Sohren
Subj: Scottsdale High Alumni '1959
Date: 3/15/99 7:37:26 PM Central Standard Time
From: ddean@foothill.net (Dotty Dean)

Thank you, Mr. Webmaster for starting this website!!!

My name is Dotty Dean (nee Dorothy Sohren), graduate of the class of 1959, went to ASU, then to UCLA, now living in Auburn, CA (since 1976.) This area is the beautiful Sierra Foothills (45 minutes to great snow skiing, lakes and rivers all over the place, and an hour and a half to San Francisco.) So everyone is invited to come to Auburn for a visit!!!

If any of you out there remember me, please e-mail me a note. My best friend in high school was Suzanne Stegner (4'10") and since I am 5'10", everyone called us Mutt and Jeff. We were also nerdy brainy people...my favorite movie of all time is 'Revenge of the Nerds.' We carried around our sliderules and actually knew how to use them!!! They were a cute accessory that went well with our petticoats.

I was hoping for a 40th year reunion since I've missed all of the previous reunions, and, I'm retired and have lots of time on my hands!!!

Best wishes to all of you...

Dotty Sohren Dean

Linda S. Gregory
Subj: Scottsdale High Class of 1959
Date: 2/9/99 1:14:53 PM Central Standard Time
From: lgregor@azstarnet.com (Linda S. Gregory)

Linda Soule Gregory
1788 West Vista Ridge Drive
Green Valley, AZ

I'm Linda (Soule) Gregory. I just found this web site last night after calling Scottsdale Unified School District about a possible 40th Reunion. I was delighted to see the names of some of my classmates. Please contact me at Lsgregaz@aol.com.
My husband and I moved back to Arizona in 1995 and now live in Green Valley. He's from New England (we moved here from Boston when we decided we just couldn't stand the winters any more), and having a little trouble adjusting to the desert life (except in this glorious winter we've been having). Now that we're not so far away, I'm hoping to attend the reunion, if there is one.

Best wishes to all,
Linda (Soule) Gregory

Dennis Starkins
Subj: "CLASS OF 59"
Date: 5/11/99 4:04:21 PM Central Daylight Time

NAME: DENNIS STARKINS SUBJECT: "CLASS OF 59" DATE: MAY 11, 1999 FROM: dstarkins@yahoo.com (PH#480-998-7368) This website is a great idea! I have been living in Phoenix since graduating from Scottsdale in 1959. I attended Phoenix College and ASU and played a lot of baseball thru 1963. Joined the Phoenix Fire Dept in 1964, the same year I was married. I have 2 beautiful daughters, Kerry & Cindy and 2 great sons, Danny & Donny. My daughters have given me 4 grandchildren 2 girls & 2 boys. Both of my sons played baseball for Larry Smith at Scottsdale CC. Playing ice hockey, tennis and mountain biking keep me feeling young but I still hurt the next morning. Divorced in 1982, I am trying to find my high school sweetheart,( where is Carol McCutcheon?). I am looking forward to our class reunion this weekend and I hope to see everyone there.

John Tennyson
Subj: CLASS OF 1959
Date: 4/20/00 3:22:44 PM Central Daylight Time
From: crown41@QuixNet.net (John & Kathleen Tennyson)

John Tennyson
8540 W. Sanna St.
Peoria, AZ 85345
(623) 334-1777

Would like to see as many "old" band members as possible at the 2000 reunion. Maybe there would be enough "TOONTOPPERS" to play some dance band music !?!? Please feel free to call and see if we could get together!!!!

Lani Wingfield Steinman
Date: 10/28/98 10:10:52 AM Central Standard Time
From: snsammo@marion.net (Lani Steinman)

Lani Wingfield, class of 1959. Name is now Steinman, living at 524 Park Blvd. in Marion, Ohio 43302-4810. Would really like to hear from any and all of you. Have lost touch with Janet Carter Vaeth, who was my primary contact there for some years. Anyone know where she is now? My e-mail is snsammo@marion.net, and yes, it is ammo related. Not a full time business, but an interesting hobby of my husband. Been an interesting life so far. Sent an e-mail to Steve Sargent, but neglected to give him anything except my secondary e-mail address, sorry Steve. Tickled me to find the "home" site for Scottsdale, I've been looking but didn't actually have any luck till last night. I'm relatively new to the computer game but it's lots of fun. Again, I'd like to hear from any of you. I'll keep a close eye on the home site now. Good luck!

Billy Walker
Subj: Registration
Date: 4/1/00 8:56:50 PM Central Daylight Time
From: billywalker@home.com (Sincaeronautically,)

Terrific site, great idea! Kudos to William Farrell for putting the
site together.

Moving to Scottsdale in October of 1958, I graduated Scottsdale High School Class of 1959.
In spite of the help I received from classmates like Steve Sargent,
Richard Rea, Jack LaSota and some other academics, I was most notable
for helping out with the other end of the Bell Curve ;-)

I was voted the most unlikely to succeed and was awarded the MUVP (Most
Unvaluable Player) on the Beavers football team. I went to ASU from
59-64. Since then I have been fortunate to enjoy life doing my hobby
(flying airplanes) and, with my wife, Cheryl, raising our son Preston.
He converted us into grandparents in January 1999 and will add to that
project this August. My wife, Cheryl, and I just celebrated 4 happy
years together. That ain't bad outta 29!

I spent 23 years with the old Frontier airlines, then 11 years with
America West Airlines. Presently, I am a senior captain and check
airman for jetBlue Airways based in NYC and maintain residences both in
NY and Phoenix. www.jetblue.com

I am sorry to have missed out on the May reunion, but hope to make the
next one.


Billy Walker

Stan Whisenhunt
Subj: i'd like to register...
Date: 9/2/00 4:00:57 PM Central Daylight Time
From: gwnpwl@earthlink.net (Gwen Powell)

Stan Whisenhunt, class of 1959
My e-mail address is Swhisenhun@aol.com (note: without the ``t'').
I've lived in Ventura California since 1965. Was managing editor of the
Ventura County Star for 17 years before leaving in 1990 to start a public
relations/marketing company.
My passions are golf (index 13,2 for those golfers out there), sailing,
skiing and my Jack Russell, Riley. My wife, Sherry, and I have a New York
36 sailboat and half interest in a J-24 racing sailboat (was fleet champion
in 1999). Business has been quite successful.
My daughter, Patty,is a graduate of the UCLA film school and lives in
Hollywood, where she hopes to make it big some day and then buy me a
Mercedes (OK, a cheap Toyota, or maybe a bigger sailboat).
I was shocked a few years back when I went to 1989 reunion and discovered
our old high school doesn't even exist anymore. Thank God we've got some
good memories (at least I think I can remember.)
Well, Patty says that's enough; that I'm boring you, so go get a life.

Sandy Wilgus (see Jeffrey Wilgus, 1962)


Sandy Wilgus
Subj: Time To Update
Date: 9/28/00 4:37:52 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Azwilgus@aol.com

Hi All:

I'm Sandy Wilgus, class of '59. My brother Jeff ('62) shamed me into attending the reunion. He's coming in from Moscow and I live in Scottsdale and hadn't registered!

Would love to hear from fellow 59ers. Arrived late for the 40th reunion and only was there for about an hour before jet lag took over (I said jet lag; not age lag).

I used to hang (go steady...) with David Ellis. Did see Jane Retter a couple of years ago and every once in a while run into one of us "local yokels".

I'm azwilgus@aol.com -- Jeff's at wilgus@online.ru.

See ya next week.

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