Volume 1
Volume 1 1980-1981
Volume 2 1982-1983 and beyond

Nancy Anderson
Subj: Register...
Date: 1/2/00 2:32:03 PM Central Standard Time
From: Otrigum@aol.com

Nancy Andersen Castro
9555 E. Crosscut Drive
Flagstaff, AZ 86004
(520) 527-7974

Greetings to the fine Class of 1980!
Boy, time flies!...Seems like just yesterday I was driving my '69 Cutlass Supreme across town to Scottsdale High School . I finally felt as if I "belonged" when I made my move from Chaparral High over to Scottsdale High School . I have my fellow classmates and alumnists to thank for my fondest memories of High School. Looking back, I can't believe how many doughnuts we indulged in across the street at lunchtime.....or classtime? I guess it was a good thing that following graduation, I secured employment at many health clubs around the valley..........remember 24 Hour Nautilus???? That was a carefree & fun time for me.

Sparing you my entire life after High School story, I don't actually know how I wound up in this exact position in life, but I believe there's a reason for everything, and am definitely blessed and thankful for all I have, (tangible & not, in my life:).

I hope each & every one of you have been equally blessed in your lives! See you in September , 2000! I missed our 10 year..was working on a ranch in Wyoming.....Laura, did I see you??..does Goosewing Ranch ring a bell??

To those Teachers whose classes I may have "missed" a few times, even though I was present on the office roster..........I apoligize! I now know how important it is to be in class, on time, and coherent. I now teach..........who would of thought??????

God Bless the Scottsdale High School Beavers...................................class of 1980!
Warm wished for the New Year!

E-mail me at Otrigum@aol.com

Looking forward to seeing you all in 2000!!!>

Anne Anderson
Subj: Class of 1980
Date: 6/28/99 5:11:21 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Anmedrano

I am Anne Anderson Medrano, class of 1980. Looking forward to our 20 year reunion. My e-mail address is anmedrano@aol.com.>

Linda Bate
Subj: Linda Bate-Pellerito '80
Date: 7/26/99 12:01:02 AM Central Daylight Time
From: rockymtnhi4@juno.com> (Pellerito)

I was so glad to find this page! My husband graduated from
Coronado High also in 1980 and they have a webpage so I
thought I'd search for one from Scottsdale High School - success! I sure miss
seeing our old school and my husband never tires of teasing
me about it being gone whereas Coronado is still standing.

I attended Kaibab Elementary (now closed), then Scottsdale High School (closed)
and graduated from ASU (hopefully it won't close...) with a
degree in Elementary Education. I've been married 13 years
and we have two daughters: an 8-year old and a 1-month old.
For the last few years I was substitute teaching at my
8-year old's school but I will go back to being a
stay-at-home mom now that we have a newborn.

The only Scottsdale High School person I have kept in close contact with is
Laura Cooper but I would love to hear from others! Spread
the word about this site! It is great!>

4456 Larksong Place
Castle Rock, CO 80104>

David Boundy
Subj: Alumni from 1980
Date: 8/8/2005
From:    Klipsee@cox.net

Hi, So fun to see your names again, some I remember well, some not too well, Well lookin' at the site, most posts have been awhile ago, hope it's still being checked up on. ya probably remember me as in 75'th st crowd and haven't changed much, but don't smoke the bud no mo , still love my beer! Am a custom home and commercial electrician now and have been since leaving shs besides my Navy thing which probably taught me a thing or two.
Am married now, to whom I love very much, Donna, And have been in the area since, now live in Chandler. We have no kids, but my baby is my Harley (big surprize huh?) Been Interested in doing the real estate thing and goin' for it , Just lovin' it, Who needs a place to rent?!! Just kiddin'.I did manage to grab some of the ol' bricks from the last building torn down but they're holding my desk up to a proper height now, and cinderblocks ain't cool anymore so I can't part. Hope you're all Lovin' life , and maybe hear from ya, without payin' 200 bucks to wonder if you'll be remembered, right?!!
Ps There's a fight behind the Church at 3:00< ha,ha ,ha

Allen Brown
Subj: Alumni from 1980
Date: 5/1/2005
From:    allen122200@aol.com

i still live in the phoenix area. i was in the class of 80, my sister was class of 78, my mom was class of 58 and my dad class of 56. i started a snack and soda vending company in 1980 and still own and run it today. Is there going to be a 25th reunion for the class of 80?

Allen Brown allen122200@aol.com


Jim Bumgardner
Subj: Alumni from 1980
Date: 3/29/01 11:21:05 PM Central Daylight Time
From:    jbum@jbum.com (Jim Bumgardner)

Hi, Jim Bumgardner here.  I attended Scottsdale High School for one year only, my senior year,
1979-80, after which I went off to Los Angeles to study music.  After 4
years of
writing avant garde electronic music, I became hooked on computers, and have
been a Los Angeles multimedia hacker/geek ever since.  I got married in
1988 and
have two kids.

In the mid-90s I cofounded an Internet Startup (the Palace) which
subsequently tanked, as
do all Internet startups, and I currently write Interactive TV and game
software.  You may enjoy
my website at www.jbum.com which has a few laffs, pasta recipes, and a
little piano music.

Write me at jbum@jbum.com>>


Todd Burns
Subj: Todd Burns
Date: 2/8/00 11:55:58 PM Central Standard Time
From: tsburns@swbell.net

I would have graduated the class of 1980. Long story . . . some may rememebr me, some not. This site is great. Hope to make it to the reunion.

Todd Burns
Mansfield Texas>

Laura Cooper
Subj: Register
Date: 9/1/99 1:26:21 AM Central Daylight Time
From: MJIMMAURER@aol.com (Jim Maurer)

Laura Cooper class of 1980

Now Laura Maurer (for 16 years) Living in Scottsdale, married to Jim
Maurer(paradise Valley 78). We have two girls, Sarah-15 and Jamie-12.

I just sent Sarah off to Arcadia (sorry Beavers) this year-are we really
old enough to have high schoolers? Jamie is in 7th grade at Christ
Lutheran School. I work at Good Samaritan as an RN in Labor and
Delivery- I've even taken care of some of my former classmates!! I am
looking forward to the reunion of 1980 next year and have had fun helping
to plan it.

I have fond memories of Band and I still play for church sometimes. I
still keep in contact with Linda Bate Pellerito (we were tweedle dee and
tweedle dum in high school). It is fun running into people here and
there- I even ran into someone at a horse ranch in the middle of Wyoming
about 8 years ago!! I just can't remember who right now!!


Would love to hear from old High school buddies!!

Update:  June 23, 2000
My e-mail address has changed to MJIMMAURER@aol.com. We also have a new baby, Anna who is now 7 months old ( almost 8) that we have adopted!!! Hope to se everyone at the 20 year in September and the all-class in October!! I am even hoping my dad will come for the all-class-he is a Scottsdale High School grad too!!>

Meg Connors
Subj: Class of '80
Date: 7/28/99 1:09:24 AM Central Daylight Time
From: MHConnors1

Meg Connors,Class of 1980.
I am looking for information on our twentieth reunion. E-mail me at LLMC4362@aol.com. I am currently teaching in Albuquerque and living in Bosque Farms, NM.
1430 Toby Lane
Bosque Farms,NM

Adam DuBose
Subj: Long overdue!!!

Date: 98-01-19 12:21:04 EST

From: adnkel@prodigy.net> (Adam DuBose) 1980

I'm glad someone finally came up with this idea. It's been needed since all the buildings became a dirt lot. Speaking of which, Andre Kelly, that's probably the most effective way to remove a VW from the roof of the auditorium!

Reading through all the above notes, I can't help but admire all of you who have gone on to get your degrees at various Universities. While I went to ASU for over 7 years, I never actually applied for a degree, so am lacking that particular success.

My wife and I live in Olympia, WA, where I am a consultant for a firm which works with Technical Systems (sound, acoustics, lighting, video) for large church auditoriums. My wife is the Food & Beverage Manager at a private country club here. We visit Scottsdale as often as we can, since my folks still live there.

I would love to hear from any fellow Beavers in the Puget Sound area, or along the NW coast. If any have filtered into the Memphis area, let me know. I get to Memphis or Nashville about once a month.

Anyone have an auditorium brick for sale?

Adam DuBose


Don England
Subj: Registration
Date: 9/8/99 9:33:27 PM Central Daylight Time

Don England, Class of 1980. I am currently a house painter/contractor. I am not currently married, but I have a daughter that is 15. Since I don't have a computer, feel free to contact me at 941-5710 or 6917 C E. Osborn Rd. Scottsdale, AZ 85251. Look forward to hearing from all of you.>

Bill Esry
Subj: Class of 1980
Date: 11/29/98 4:52:49 PM Central Standard Time
From: billebob@mindspring.com (Bill Esry)

I was just told of this web site by Linda Lloyd sometime last week. Pretty Cool!

My name is Bill Esry and graduated Scottsdale High School in 1980. I did an 8 year stint in the Navy where I saw half the world before I was 25! I am currently working and living in Georgia in hopes that some day, I will win the lottery and retire!

Please keep me informed of an up and coming 20 year reunion. I am sorry I missed the 10 year reunion.

Bill Esry, MCP

Don Frost
Subj: Class of 1980
Date: 02/13/2005
From: Dafron1341@aol.com

Don  Frost     Graduated    Class   of 1980     Busy  working   days  at  Frys  Food  stores  and  Nites  at  the  america  west arena/  bank  one  ballpark  and Dodge  theatre    Sorry  folks  no  free  tickests  but  stop  by  and  say hi


Shivonn (Gaines) Allbritton
Subj: Class of 80'
Date: 3/8/99 2:39:45 AM Central Standard Time
From: XeWarrior

Just out of curiosity in using this wonderful technology called the WEB, I found my old high school home page YEAH!
Hi, my name is Shivonn (Gaines) Allbritton and graduated in 1980, I was plenty involved in band, choir, and drama, drove my English teacher Kirk Jaeger nuts, and remember many an early sleepy 6am learning halftime shows on a football field, I miss uncle Norm.
I'm currently living in Marysville, Wash. just north of Seattle in a country setting, I'm married 12 years to a charming Texan and have one son age 4, I work in a medical laboratory and also have a parttime cake business.

my email address: XeWarrior@aol.com>

Steve Garn
Subj: Class of '80
Date: 9/27/00 1:45:32 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Steevo G@aol.com

Hi Beaves,
I suppose I was most likely to end up doing something with hot cars with a nickname like "Mopar", but haven't had a chance to play with them since HS. My wife Berta (Westwood '83) & I live in Mesa sporting 4 kids - Michael (14), Jacob (12), Samuel (10) & Lizzie (7). We are in the AV business designing & setting up home theater etc.
It's fun to reflect back on the fun stuff - tearing down "Scottsdale High School sucks" signs at Arcadia during lunch with Jeff Jones (and getting chased all the way back to Scottsdale by the football team), the dances with all those cute girls, cruizing Main Street, Central & Wonderview and those brutal tennis matches against Jeff Havranek to see who would rank 19th on the tennis team.

Hope you all had great memories too and that life is still full of good things.

Steve Garn
Steevo G@aol.com


Katrina Gonnerman
Subj: Class of '80
Date: 11/14/2005
From: katrina_manoleas@yahoo.com

I would like to add my note to the 1980-1981 Scottsdale High School Alumni Web site (thanks!):

Katrina Gonnerman-Manoleas
Graduated 1980, but really feel a part of the class of 1981, as I graduated a year early.
Sisters Karla (1973), Krista (1975), and Karrie (1983) also attend SHS; father (Paul Gonnerman) taught World Geography at SHS for over 20 years. SHS played a big role in our family.
I live in Italy with my Greek husband (Costas) and our two sons, Kiriakos (born 1999) and Pavlos (born 2000). We are relocating in Spring, 2006, most likely to Denmark, for my husband's multinational career. I am told that I have to learn to like pickled eel. For more info on what has happened in the past 25 years, see http://manoleas.tripod.com/ - it needs an update but gives a good history.
I miss my SHS friends; I have fond memories of the fun we had while in school together, and would love to hear from any of you at katrina_manoleas@yahoo.com . Separately, please put me on the mailing list for any 1981 class reunions, I may not be on the list due to my early graduation.

Katrina Gonnerman-Manoleas
Preferred e-mail address: katrina_manoleas@yahoo.com

Natalie Kay (Green) Olsen
Subj: Class of '80
Date: 3/28/2004
From: Natalie Kay (Green) Olsen

Hello Fellow Beavers !
I didn't graduate from SHS, but I did attend, and REALLY would have preferred not moving to Mesa and graduating as a Jackrabbit.
Natalie Kay Olson (maiden name)
Green (name I used in High School, alias)
Would have graduated in 1980
Was a Senator in my Freshman Year
What else do I need to tell Y'All (except that I obviously spent some time recently in Texas)

Email me at: :



Jerry Woodrow & Susan Harrer
Subj: Registration for All-Class Reunion
Date: 4/24/00 12:10:18 AM Central Daylight Time
From: PHXCRICKET@aol.com

My husband, Jerry Woodrow, and I (Susan Harrer Woodrow) graduated from Scottsdale High in 1980. Thanks for including us in any mailings, etc., for the all-class reunion in October 2000. Our address and phone number are as follows:

Jerry and Susan Woodrow
6341 E. Alta Hacienda Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
(480) 425-8777

We look forward to the event!>

Jane Holliday
Subj: registration
Date: 4/14/99 3:54:36 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Hollidayja

Jane Holliday graduated 1980. 


Hi everyone...Jane Holliday here. Most of you probably don't remember me. That's because I spent all my waking hours on 75th Street or off campus. Fortunately I did get my diploma. Wonders may never cease.
I was surfing the big WWW and decided to see if anyone still cared our old, torn down beautiful school. ( Anyone got a brick they want sell? ) And to my amazement there are a few of you like me who want to bring Scottsdale High back to life.
I moved back to my home state of Minnesota when they took her. ( Scottsdale High School )
Fortunately I had the opportunity to come back and visit every other year or so. Now I have moved back here 5 years ago. I'm home..Yeah!!!!!! I Love Arizona!
If anyone wants to flip email back and forth I am all for it.
I also volunteerted to help with some of the upcoming reunions. Hope you're all going to be there.
Email - Hollidayja@aol.com
Bye all you kids.>

Paul James
Subj: Go Beavers!

Date: 98-01-21 05:55:03 EST


This is a great site! My mom just sent me an Arizona Republic article about it, and I think this is a great idea!

I've lived in Florida or The Bahamas since the day I graduated, having earned a degree in Oceanography from Florida Institute of Technology. For twelve years, I rode ships and submarines for the US and Royal navies at the Atlantic Undersea Test & Evaluation Center (Tom Clancy always mentions it in his books). One year ago, I decided I'd had enough sea time for a lifetime, and am now an account executive for Pitney Bowes.

I am from the Class of '80, and it appears so far that everyone on this page graduated well before I did. If anyone attended Scottsdale High School between '76 and '80, please email me at pablojam2@aol.com.

Paul James

Liz Jones
Subj: Class of 1980
Date: 5/16/00 5:41:50 PM Central Daylight Time
From: nevill@earthlink.net (Elizabeth Ettinger)

Greetings from Elizabeth Jones Ettinger, formerly Liz Jones. I graduated
from Scottsdale High School in 1980. Married in 1985. Graduated from ASU with a BFA in Art
Education. Husband, John, graduated from ASU with a BFA in Jazz
Performance. John is a violinist and also works for Mongo Music, an
internet company. I taught for several years at various grade levels. I've
spent the last three years renovating (and now selling) an old hotel here in
San Francisco where we've lived since 1992. No kids, lots of cats. We have
a funky flat in the Haight-Ashbury district and love living in the City.
Looking forward to the 20th reunion. Scotty Hagestad will you be my date?
Bob and Dave Coyle where are you? I can be found at nevill@earthlink.net.
Hope you are all healthy and happy.>

Jenie Kemp & Richard Magen
Subj: Jenie Kemp '80
Date: 11/29/99 1:17:24 PM Central Standard Time
From: kemp1@email.msn.com (J. Kemp)


Hi! My name is Jenie Kemp, graduate of Scottsdale High School in 1980. Looking forward to our
20th in 2000. I currently live in the Arcadia area with my husband Richard
Magen (also Scottsdale High School '80) and our 4 year old twin daughters. Would love to hear
from any former Beavers wanting to catch up. Kemp1@msn.com>

Bill Knappenberger
Subj: Register
Date: 4/27/2008
From: bknappenberger@cox.net

Hi all,
I am Bill Knappenberger Class of 1980. Still spending time in our wonderful state of AZ, living in Mesa.
I work at Motorola/Freescale Semiconductor, which I have done for the past 25 years.
I am married to my wife Janet for going in 19 years. We have 3 kids ages 17,14, and 12.
I still see John Attwood from our class from time to time.
I am active in my church, which is in Scottsdale, not far from the old SHS site. I pass it frequently, and think about it.
I am also an avid baseball fan, so I like to go to Diamondbacks games.
I can’t believe we are coming up on 30 years. I can’t be that old.
See you in a couple of years

Laura Lang
Subj: It is here again!
Date: 10/24/99 6:27:41 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Kglynn1026@aol.com

Laura (Lang) Glynn Class of 1980
I can't believe it is already here. It seems we just had our 10 year reunion which was a blast!
I live on Long Island, NY. I have been here for 13 years and married for 12 years. I have a 7 year old daughter and a twenty month old son. I have my bachelors from NAU in early childhood education and my masters from Adelphi, NY in reading. I have taught kindergarten, third and now teaching first grade which I love.
I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again. The only person I have kept in touch with is Brenda Schnell, now Buzzard and we talked the other day about this web site.
My e-mail is KGLYNN1026@aol.com>

Linda Lloyd
Date: 10/12/98 11:52:19 PM Central Daylight Time
From: LindaMLloyd@yahoo.com(Linda Lloyd)

My name is Linda Lloyd. I am a graduate of the 1980 class, who still lives in "town" (currently Mesa). I really miss all the fun I had with band, bells, and choir..but mostly I miss the people. (and now, the actual buildings, too!) I can be reached at lloyd61@inficad.com Our 20yr reunion in the year 2000 will be awesome! Thanks to everyone who is making this website a reality. This is so cool !

Thomas J.C. MacDonald
Date: 98-06-10 22:25:44 EDT
From: Tjcm@worldnet.att.net (Thomas MacDonald)

Hi, Thomas J.C. MacDonald here, class of 1980

email tjcm@worldnet.att.net

David Marks
Subj: Class of '80
Date: 2/1/00 1:15:01 AM Central Standard Time
From: damarks@mpsaz.org (David Marks)


I am a graduate of the class of '80, and have been down here in Casa Grande
since '85 (See Update below. -webmaster) , teaching and coaching at the HS. I teach history, and don't plan
to stop anytime soon. I also coach baseball and football, and am the
director the past ten years of our summer school program. Please do keep me
posted as to events and happenings as concerns our alma mater.


David Marks

Update November, 2004. David writes:

I am remarried as of March 13, 2004, to the former Tami Marcus, and have three stepdaughters, Brooke and Bethany, 3 year old twins, and Erika, 6. I have changed jobs, and can be contacted via Skyline High School at this web address. My son, Brandon, turns ten in January, and is a great kid. Hope all the former Beavers are doing well.

David Marks
Skyline High School
Assistant Principal - Activities
845 S. Crismon Rd.
Mesa, AZ 85208
480-472-9404 Office


Jill Martin
Subj: Hey Class of 80
Date: 8/13/99 1:32:58 PM Central Daylight Time
From: jmartin@computerprep.com (Jill Martin)

Hi I'm Jill Martin, I graduated in 1980. I work in Phoenix at a place called
ComputerPREP we make software trainig materials.
I've kept in touch with a couple of people from my class. I found out about
this web page from Cindy Welt. I ran in to a couple of class mates recently.
I ran into Mark Sinnett at Chuy's on Bike night in Tempe. He still works
with Terry Carpenter. I've also seen Jeff Henry a couple of times & see
Cindy Welt & email her occasionally. If you want to email me my address is
jmartin@computerprep.com. Looking forward to our 20 year class reunion.
Take care all,


Adam McMillan
Subj: Scottsdale High School Class of 1980
Date: 9/18/00 8:15:15 PM Central Daylight Time
From: ajmak2@home.com (aj mak)

From: Adam McMillan...Hi there fellow Scottsdale High School grads! Interesting to read
what people have been up to! My wife and I (Linda) have been married 15
years and have three children; Amanda (7), Christina (5), and Erik (3).
After graduating from ASU (in 1984), I went to pilot training and have
spent the last 15 years flying jets for the Air Force and moving around
a lot. Am currently stationed in Norfolk, Virginia doing staff work.
Looking forward to seeing everyone at our 20th. I just recently talked
Frank Stout into going (he lives in New Jeeeersey). See you there!!!!
Drop me a line anytime.

Adam McMillan
ajmak@mindspring.com OR


Margie Milne
Subj: Margie Milne 1980
Date: 8/29/00 9:35:48 PM Central Daylight Time
From: MMilne8914@aol.com

After graduation I attended ASU then moved to Lake Tahoe for a few years. I returned to Scottsdale in the late 80's and just recently moved to Portland, Oregon which I absolutely love !!!! I would love to find Kay Kasper or Sara Smith out there in Beaverland as well and Georgia Murphy Schnackenburg. Beavers Forever !!!!!! :)



Michele Moblo (Harris)
Subj: Michele Who?
Date: 1/8/00 11:45:25 PM Central Standard Time
From: Oconnellrm@aol.com

I'm Michele O'Connell, formerly Michele Harris , formerly Michele Moblo....now who could forget a name like that? Anyone passing through Camarillo please say Hi!
Michele O'Connell
6014 Tahoe Place
Camarillo, CA 93012

Make sure you check out the great job our old classmates are doing on the '80 webpage!>

Rob Moore
Subj: Class of '80
Date: 4/7/00 12:32:49 PM Central Daylight Time
From: rob_moore@mindspring.com (Rob Moore)

Hi, my name is Rob Moore - class of '80. It's great to find this list and
see so many familiar names. It's hard to believe it's been 20 years! I live
in Denver now and work as a designer. I'm looking forward to the reunion and
hearing from fellow classmates. My e-mail address is
rob_moore@mindspring.com >

Natalie Kay Olson
Subj: What if I didn't Graduate from Scottsdale High School ?
Date: 4/21/99 12:16:30 AM Central Daylight Time
From: OhKayNat

Hello Fellow Beavers !
I didn't graduate from Scottsdale High School , but I did attend, and REALLY would have preferred not moving to Mesa and graduating as a Jackrabbit.
Natalie Kay Olson (maiden name)
Green (name I used in High School, alias)
Would have graduated in 1980
Was a Senator in my Freshman Year
e-mail OhKayNat@aol.com
What else do I need to tell Y'All (except that I obviously spent some time recently in Texas)

Jerry Raby and Lisa Van Paris
Subj: Registration
Date: 1/18/00 1:26:35 PM Central Standard Time
From: grlvp@gateway.net (grlvp)

Here's OUR registration!!!

Jerry Raby ('80) and Lisa Van Paris(-Raby) ('82)
10382 E. Hillery Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ 85259
Phone: 480.473.8090
E-mail: grlvp@gateway.net>

Calee Palmer Ranger
Subj: Scottsdale High School Class of '80 reunion
Date: 1/8/99 11:54:22 AM Central Standard Time
From: Rangerpc

Hi Bill - My name is Calee Palmer Ranger, Scottsdale High School Class of '80 President, and I am in charge of our upcoming 20 yr reunion to be held in 2000. I have barely begun the process of making arrangements when I came across this webpage. I'm planning on creating a webpage specifically for class of '80 grads to keep them posted on the reunion info next year. Would you mind emailing me regarding your webpage. My address is: rangerpc@aol.com. Thanks, Calee.>

Michelle Sohl
Subj: Class of 1980
Date: 8/23/99 11:38:16 AM Central Daylight Time
From: micham@doitnow.com (Michelle Hamilton)

Hello fellow Scottsdale High School Beavers!! My name is Michelle Hamilton (Sohl-maiden name)
and I graduated from Scottsdale High School in 1980! I lost touch with lots of my fellow
classmates because my senior year I attended Cosmetology College thru the Vo
Tech program so I only had one class (Govt) on campus!

I have often wondered about so many people that I went to school with!
Especially now that I have kids in Jr High and High School. I have lived in
Apache Junction since 1981. So although I have not moved far... I still lost
contact with so many people.

I was so disappointed when I was never contacted for past reunions! Thank
god for the web so now maybe I will not miss the next one! Technology is
awesome isn't it???

Anyone who might remember me can email or call me... I would love to hear
from you! I am on the web everyday and check my email often throughout the
day due to being on medical leave from work! I have, in the past, looked
for people on the web hoping to find them. Right off the top of my head I
would love to find Dayna Nelson(1980), Lisa(1981) and Laura(1982)
McConnaughy and Mark Holt (1980). I can't think of anyone else at this time
but I probably will as soon as I send this! LOL
My email addy is micham@doitnow.com and my phone number is 480-671-8245.

Please add me to the contact list for reunions. And anyone who would like to
contact me please feel free to do so!

To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the

Elaina Sorrell
Subj: Registration
Date: Oct. 24, 2008
From: elainaraineri@yahoo.com

I just discovered the SHS Alumni website. How do I register?
BTW, it's great to read everything there, thanks for your efforts!


Clay Stamper
Subj: Registration
Date: Jan 7, 2006
From: repmatsyalc@yahoo.com

To anyone who might want to rehash those days of reckless abandon contact me at RepmatsYalc@yahoo.com.Since high school I have experienced and done too much to relate on a website but look for the forthcoming book! I hope you all are well..........Clay Stamper

Bob Stenz
Subj: What Happened to Our School
Date: 3/11/00 1:04:16 PM Central Standard Time
From: bobs100@earthlink.net (Bob Stenz)

Hello fellow classmates. I'm Bob Stenz, from the class of 80 ("the Class with Class") and Camp Kaibab elementary. I moved from AZ after graduation from ASU ('84). Spent time in TX (MBA from UT) and now live in Mountain View, CA (10 plus years) working for a software company. I married Catherine Parker (from Texas) in 97...no kids...yet. Those who know me know that I spent a lot of time swimming at Scottsdale High School . Well, I swam in college and am still swimming today (I met my wife swimming). You may even find me coaching master swimmers from time to time. I miss AZ and look forward to every visit (my mom and older brother still live in the valley). My wife and I will be at the 2000 reunion. Look forward to seeing everyone. >

Sherry Szotek
Subj: Class of 80 Registration
Date: 4/2/00 9:31:15 PM Central Daylight Time
From: swoodle@juno.com

I am Sherry (Szotek) Woodley and my husband is Paul Woodley; we are both
1980 Scottsdale High School grads. We're living in Scottsdale with two kids, two dogs, and
one bratty cat. If you are interested in contacting us, please write to
swoodle@juno.com. The website is a great idea!>

Todd Toombs
Subj: High School Memories - Class of 1980
Date: 10/21/99 11:46:26 PM Central Daylight Time
From: T W T 25@aol.com

Hi There! I graduated from Scottsdale High School in 1980. What an awesome school!!!!!! I still can't stand to drive by where the school used to be as it makes me miss the good ol' days. I moved away after graduation but have been back in the valley for nearly 10 years now. I am really looking forward to the 20-year reunion! In fact, I am waiting for Jon Tortoriello to show up at my house right now. He is in town for the weekend from Memphis.

I live in the Ahwatukee area with my beautiful wife Liz (from Minnesota, not an ex-Beaver unfortunately!) and our three kids, Angela, 17, Andrew, 14, and Allison 12.

Feel free to e-mail me at twt25@aol.com>

Tina Vitale
Subj: Re: Register for reunion
Date: 3/29/00 12:30:23 PM Central Standard Time
From: THedin820@aol.com

I graduated in 1980, and I would love a mailing sent to me.

Thanks for your response.

Tina Hedin (Vitale)maiden name>

Mark Walters
Subj: mark walters - 80'
Date: 6/2/00 7:02:13 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Mark.Walters@hboc.com (Walters, Mark)

Hello Beavers, I'm Mark Walters, Class of '80. I spent six years at Navajo
and four at Scottsdale High School and I look forward to seeing and hearing from all of you
whom I grew up with, (close and not so close friends). While there are some
periods I'd like to forget, mostly I'm anxious to hear of my classmates
successes and challenges and have someone new to bore with stories of my
three kids.

I have spent the majority of my adult life in Southern California, although
I spent six years in Atlanta, Georgia. We moved back to Thousand Oaks,CA.
in June 98'. I am presently managing my sons Little League team (my
greatest accomplishment) and doing computer consulting out of my home. We're
active in our Church and community and were most recently blessed with
Rosanna, now one years old.

I have particular interest in hearing about my (and many others) "only"
coach, Jerry Haley. If anyone has information about he or his son Jeff I
would love to hear from you-


Elaine West
Subj: Web page
Date: 10/30/99 2:05:44 PM Central Standard Time
From: AdamAndElaine@webtv.net (Adam Pieczynski)

Class of 1980! Elaine (West) Rudolph is now residing in Michigan. I'm
looking forward to our 20 year reunion as well as the all-class reunion.
My address is:
11660 Long Lake Hwy, Posen, MI 49776

Beavers Forever!>

Steve Wheeler
Subj: missed reunion
Date: 98-06-18 05:43:55 EDT From: smichdom@openlines.com (steve)

my name is steve wheeler.I'm a traveling musician,bummed about missing the 10 year reunion,but I am sure glad to see this site.Tony Z, whats up? It's been a long time.Too bad they closed scottsdale high I miss it.

Hello to all my old slacker friends and any body else I knew.

Donna Williamson
Subj: CLASS OF 1980
Date: 12/25/99 9:42:47 PM Central Standard Time
From: CHSRD99@aol.com


I would like to register my name for the Class of 1980.

Donna Williamson-Bowser
1401 West Megan
Chandler, Arizona 85224

Kim Wong
Subj: Finally
Date: 9/2/99 12:11:20 PM Central Daylight Time
From: steeler@primenet.com (Phil Haller)

Hi, my name is Kimberly Haller. My maiden name was Wong. I graduated with the class of 1980. I missed our ten year reunion because I was in the Police Academy. I still live in the
Phoenix area. I am married with two sons ages 17 and 14. Scary thinking of them in high school since I remember how I used to be. I am a Phoenix Police Sergeant working out of South Mountain Precinct.  I am really looking forward to FINDING some of my old friends. Unfortunately after high school I went my own way and lost all of my old friends. Hopefully I will be able to attend the reunion meetings to help with the planning.  I would love to hear from anyone who I graduated with. Yes, I still have all of my yearbooks and I will be looking up your picture. HINT!!! I've changed alot and like the rest of you, don't look the same.


If anyone knows how I can get in touch with Bonnie Byrd, Sue Junius or Steve England, e-mail me at carsnooper@juno.com. Hope to hear from everyone.>

Sandra Wood and Tom Zurick
Subj: Tom Zurick and Sandra Zurick (Wood)
Date: 9/25/00 4:59:48 PM Central Daylight Time
From: SZinAZ@aol.com

Hello class of 1980! My husband Tom Zurick and myself, Sandra Zurick (formerly Wood) were both grads of Scottsdale High School . We just finished attending the 20 year class reunion and had a wonderful time. The reunion committee did a terrific job and it was great to see so many of our old friends. If anyone would like to keep in touch, please contact us at our email address szinaz@aol.com. Thanks for all the wonderful memories!




Jeff Allen
Date: 9/25/00 11:29:59 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Jeffandkimallen@msn.com (Jeff Allen)

Hi everyone!! I've been in Seattle for the last 7 years--missing the AZ Sun!! I am married with two cute boys--ages 3 and almost 2. Just found out about the Oct. reunion from Lorri Swan. Won't make that one but will be down for sure for ours next year. Would love to hear from old pals!! Anyone else feeling old right now???

Margaret Ashton
Subj: Margaret 'Siou' Ashton - Class of 81
Date: 5/3/00 9:35:10 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Margaret.Ashton@usarec.army.mil (AshtonMS)

Hello fellow Beavers! I'm writing to you from 'the Commonwealth of
Kentucky' (BURP!). After graduating Scottsdale High School I attended ASU and got my
degree in electronics engineering. I got into ROTC in the Summer of my
Sophomore year (since I couldn't find a co-op job!) and was commissioned
into the Army Reserves upon graduation in 1985. I attended my Officer
Basic Course at Fort Huachuca, AZ, where I will call my home in
retirement. I went to work in St Louis for McDonnell Douglas in 1986,
where I stayed for 3 years, until boredom set in.

I quit (!), went to Defense Language Institute (Monterey, CA) to learn
German, then 'hung out' a couple years, living off my reserve pay and
the 'nest egg' I accrued while at MDC. Guess I wasn't meant to 'hang
out,' since my reserve counterintelligence unit was activated in Jan 91
during Desert Storm. We went to Germany to provide counterterrorism
support to US forces there, so I refer to the period as 'Snow Storm.'
Shortly after returning from that, I decided to return to active duty in
support of the reserves. I will be retiring in 3-5 years, as a Major
(current rank) or POSSIBLY as a Lieutenant Colonel, depending on how the
promotions go. My positions have included Counterintelligence Team
Commander, Counterdrug Operations Officer, Assistant Professor of
Military Science (NAU 96-99) and my current specialty is Operational
Research and Systems Analysis.

Since graduating from Scottsdale High School , I've lived in St Charles/St Louis/Rolla
Missouri, Monterey California, Heilbronn Germany, Little Rock Arkansas
(during the '90 election!), Atlanta GA, Birmingham AL (anyone want to
buy a house there?), Sierra Vista AZ (several times), Flagstaff AZ
(BRRR!), Fort Leavenworth KS (SHORT tour!), Fort Lee (Petersburg) VA,
and now at Fort Knox (Radcliff) KY (home of Armor). I loved Sierra
Vista when I first went there, and bought a home to retire to when I
returned the 4th time (1995).

I never married - I say I move to quickly for someone to catch me! I
keep myself entertained with military travels, bicycling, managing my
rental homes and selling Mary Kay and Melaleuca products on the side.
If you're ever in town, drop in and say HI to me and my 3 rabbits!

I keep in touch with Lisa Gross (now Sternhagen), and vague contact with
Denise Garner. I'd love to hear from my band, track, class or club
friends, particularly Glenda Moy.

Margaret 'Siou' Ashton
912 Timberwood Drive
Radcliff, KY 40160
(270) 352-4589
Scottsdale High School 1981@aol.com
YEP!! I'm the one who snagged that screen name!>

Kelley Beedle
Subj: Class of '81
Date: 7/4/00 3:38:28 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Beedlebugg@aol.com

Hello fellow beavers,

I am Kelley Ashton, formally known as Kelley Beedle. I have done nothing but smile since I found this site, laughing and remembering all the great times we had. I now live in Scottsdale again and am so glad to be home (Lived in New Orleans for a couple of years and had to move home to dry out!). Married a man from Las Vegas (Dennis) and after many in-vetro attempts have a beautiful daughter named Taylor who is 4 years old. I have a alot of animals (4 rescue dogs, 2 cats and 2 pigs) and my life is always full. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers "Beedle" and likes to laugh at the old days.
I am still in touch with Kris and Paul Cummings from Scottsdale High School . So would love to forward anything for them too.
My e-mail address is Beedlebugg@aol.com

Love to all
P.S. George Randolph...now I know how to get my money! Love ya

John Brehm
Subj: hi everyone
Date: 4/27/2008
From: jbrehm@hotmail.com

I hope everyone is doing well...

John Brehm

Matt Christ
Subj: hi everyone
Date: 02/13/2005
From: matt@brownwholesale.com


Carey Colletti
Subj: hi everyone
Date: 6/4/00 10:43:59 PM Central Daylight Time
From: CBUNNYG@aol.com

Carey Colletti (Schrutt)
Graduated 1981
I have been married for 21 yrs have 4 kids and I am really looking forward to seeing all the people I went to school with and see what everyone has been up to.
See everyone soon .

Shawn Connors
Subj: Class of 1981
Date: 9/12/98 8:42:10 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Psconnors

Please add me to the list - I'm from the class of 1981. Shawn Connors
I can be reached at e-mail PSConnors@aol.com.

John Curry
Subj: addition to list
Date: 98-06-28 13:10:22 EDT
From: MADDOG6198

My name is john curry. I was part of the 1981 class of scottsdale high.
I can be e-mailed at maddog6198@aol.com

Charles DeElena
Date: 98-01-12 20:56:42 EST

Hello, my name is Charles DeElena and I graduated from the awesome class of 1981. I am a computer programmer living in Austin, TX. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in MIS. Unimaginable that I would ever go to college. But, hey some of us had to do it. I did not have a chance to go to my ten year reunion, but anxiously anticipating the twenty year. Would love to hear from the many alumni at Scottsdale who attended 1980, 81, & 82, or if you just remember me. Had many good times back then and would like to reminisce.

My email address is (see update below). Drop me a line and let me know what is going on, especially in 2001. I have only met one alumni since 1987 and that was in Cancun, Mexico. How Bizarre?

Subj: Update
Date: 2/9/99 12:17:07 PM Central Standard Time

I have recently changed employment and my email address in the previous
posting is no longer valid. My personal email address is
SYNERGY@TEXAS.NET. Keep me informed of the 20 year reunion. I have only
heard from a couple people so far. Come on, tell your former classmates
and let's get this list going. It would really be a great networking tool
for all you business folks, if you know what I mean.>

Lori Fatica
Date: 6/22/00 12:24:38 AM Central Daylight Time
From: lablondie@earthlink.net (Lori Fatica)

--- Didn't we have the best basketball team? Just wanted your attention.
Lori (Fatica) Sanders and Mary (Latino) Sanders are glad to join the Scottsdale High School
'81 register. Looking forward to the this reunion as well as our class
reunion. Lori and I are heading up the '81 class reunion as well as others
(Kristen (Kippy) Nielson, Nancy (Velarde) Martin and anyone else who would
be interested in signing on. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
We are also interested in any photos from our classmates for the '81
reunion or input. Please E-mail us at lablondie@Earthnet.net. P.S. We
are both living in Scottsdale, "Married with Children" (living the sitcom

Barbara Florio
Subj: Class of 1981
Date: 2/16/2005
From: evnflo2000@yahoo.com

Please add my name:
Barbara Florio (now Gustafson), '81
Scottsdale, AZ


Debi Gibbons
Subj: Class of 1981
Date: 1/23/00 9:36:20 PM Central Standard Time
From: dgibbons@lamar.colostate.edu (Debra Gibbons)

Hi everyone!
This is from Debi Gibbons. My twin sister, Denise, and I graduated from
Scottsdale High School in 1981. Currently, I'm practicing veterinary medicine in Fort
Collins, Colorado. Yep, I'm a doctor.

email address: dgibbons@vth.colostate.edu>

Dan Heldenbrand
Subj: Class of '81
Date: 9/29/00 12:07:22 AM Central Daylight Time
From: HELDENBRANDC@aol.com

Hello fellow graduates.

My name is Dan Heldenbrand. Shortly after school, I attended SCC and then went into the Army, where I was stationed in Massachusetts and then Hawaii for the remainder of my tour. After I returned, I remained in the Reserves for two more years while attending SCC and ASU graduating the school of Interior Design. Since then I have lived in Scottsdale, have been married to my beautiful wife for seven years (a Saguaro graduate... ...blah) (I'm getting the "our school is still standing" crap right now.) and work for Est Est, Inc.; a firm that has been practicing since the early 50's in old town Scottsdale. More recently, besides work, I've also been active in the American Red Cross serving on the North Valley Disaster Action Team responding to valley home fires and assisting displaced families.

I look forward to the weekend events. Has anyone heard from Lenny Hume or Craig Tudgen (Auto Shop teacher) recently?
If you have, you can contact me at heldenbrandc@aol.com


Elizabeth Hernandez
Subj: Class of 1981
Date: 2/6/01 9:44:54 AM Central Standard Time
From:    EHolthe@TWEISEL.com (Elizabeth Holthe)

Hello Class of '81 Reunion Committe,

My name is Elizabeth Holthe, formerly known as Elizabeth Hernandez.
I have been living in San Francisco for the last 7 years with my husband and
daughter. Previously resided in San Diego for 6 years. I work for an
bank, Thomas Weisel Partners, in the Private Client Department.

Unfortunately, I've lost touch with my Scottsdale High School classmates, but would love to go

to the class reunion. My contact information follows:

Elizabeth (Hernandez) Holthe
2000 Broadway #101
San Francisco, CA  94115
(415) 567-9217

Best Regards,

Elizabeth Holthe
Venture Services Group
Thomas Weisel Partners
Phone (415) 364-2938

Matt Hollister
Subj: Scottsdale High School Lives On!
Date: 5/11/99 4:32:46 AM Central Daylight Time
From: mateo@myway.com (Matthew Hollister)

Greetings fellow Beavers! My name is Matt Hollister and I am from the great
class of 1981. My family moved away to Mississippi my senior year, thus
leaving me the only one of my siblings that didn't have the great honor of
graduating from Scottsdale High School . I will always consider Scottsdale High School my alma-mater, as I spent my
entire life up until Senior year in the Scottsdale School District, a
graduate of Navajo Elementary before moving on to Beaver's paradise! After a
short 3 year stint in Mississippi, I moved to Texas spending 6 years in
Houston, and 6 years in Austin. I moved to San Francisco in 1995, and
currently reside in Santa Cruz, CA where I am employed with the U.S Postal
Service. I still communicate with several of our former classmates from time
to time and would love to catch up with more of you. I attended the 10 year
reunion and had the time of my life! I am anxiously awaiting the 20th.
Anyone wanting to catch up can contact me at: MailMatt@worldnet.att.net>

Maureen Kastner
Date: 6/27/00 10:24:42 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Mjacks1@aol.com

Hello everyone. I can't believe it is almost 20 years since we graduated(Class of 1981). I am now Maureen Jackson(maiden name Kastner). I got married in 1988 and live in the Ahwatukee area. I have two children, Kevin age 6, and Erika age 4. I look forward to more of our class on this website as our 2001 reunion approaches. I enjoy reading about our classmates. If you ever read this Lynn Simon, send me an e-mail.

Don Kesteloot
Subj: Registration
Date: 4/26/99 9:54:28 AM Central Daylight Time

Don Kesteloot - Class of 1981 email address: kestelootdon@worldnet.att.net>

Susan D. Kidner
Subj: enter alumni list
Date: 98-02-03 11:02:22 EST
From: miners@futureone.com (Susan D. Bower)

Maiden Name:		Susan D. Kidner

Current Name:		Susan D. Bower

Address:		13601 N. 41st Street
			Phoenix, Arizona 85254

Home Phone:		602-953-0112
E-Mail Address:		sdb@amug.org

Work Phone:		602-483-8848

Work Fax:		602-483-7338

Graduated:		1981

Scott Kidner
Subj: class of '81 & others
Date: 98-01-18 16:11:21 EST

Scott Kidner, class of '81
Interested in hearing from fellow Beavers from my era.


Jennifer Kirsten
Subj: Jennifer Kirsten class of 1981 registration
Date: 1/7/01 2:26:38 PM Central Standard Time
From: MButton366@aol.com

Margaretashton, Scottsdale High School 1981

Subj:  Jennifer Kirsten
Date:  01/07/01

Hi!  I am still living in Arizona, in Mesa.  I was married until recently and have 1 son, Ryan, age 7.  After graduating from Scottsdale High School in 1981, I pursued a degree in Microbiology, graduating in 1987 from ASU.  

Since graduation I have been working in the Blood Banking Industry, first at a plasma company then known as ABI and now at Blood Systems Laboratory, one of the two labs for United Blood Services.  I am currently a Supervisor in the Viral Marker Dept.  

In my spare time I hang out with other soccer/karate moms, take in an occasional movie, and generally do family oriented stuff.  I like to travel and just returned from a trip to Orlando, Fl. with my son.

I look forward to attending the June reunion for 1981 and would like to hear from other Scottsdale High School 1981 graduates.

Jennifer Kirsten
1027 W. Portobello Ave.
Mesa, AZ 85210


>Robert Kropp
Subj: Class of 1981 enclosure
Date: 12/20/00 10:37:04 AM Central Standard Time
From:    rnkropp@uswest.net (robert kropp)

Just a quick line check from Robert Kropp, Class of 1981.>

Hard to believe we're coming up on a 20-year reunion. Seemed like only yesterday I was lumping around an old Nikon camera on campus playing newspaper and yearbook photographer.

Spent the next decade or so continuing the role of the photojournalist after college with newspapers, a wire service and finally a magazine gig. Had a lot of fun, saw a lot of neat places and made very little money. Transitioned into another high-paying field(!) - instructing. Wrapped this up when Congress closed Williams AFB. My camera work in the last few years has been technical in nature, shooting up homes and buildings to be renovated with federal housing dollars for a housing agency in Arizona.>

The 80s and 90s were a blur - more good than bad, fortunately! Did the marriage thing. Did the divorce thing. And the beer thing! Did the marriage thing again - followed by the family thing - which now puts me in a house in Mesa, AZ, with three children. My Karma - all girls.>

Started an aviation restoration business a few years ago, and now split my time playing bomber pilot  and head wrench for aero demands civilian and military. Looking forward to hearing from some of our newspaper class alumni - any of 'em carry on endeavors beyond "The Beaver," I wonder?

My e-mail address: rnkropp@uswest.net>

Laurel Lawrence
Subj: Howdy beavers!
Date: 1/29/00 12:55:11 PM Central Standard Time
From: BERGERWORLD@aol.com

My name is Laurel Berger (formerly Laurel Lawrence).
I graduated from Scottsdale High School in 1981, and here it is almost 2001! What a long strange trip it's been. In the first ten years, I graduated from Scott. Comm. Coll., worked at Motorola, and various resorts in Scottsdale as a children's program director. In 1991 an outfitter from Montana offered me a job as "camp cook." I've been here ever since. Montana - home of the Unibomber, land of the Freeman. Talk about taking a walk on the wild side! (They still trap and skin BEAVER here!) (Yikes!) My husband John and I were married in front of our 18ft Sioux teepee in full buckskins and the works. We own a wildlife art business called Berger's Taxidermy. (No..we do not "stuff" pets or small children) ha ha. During our off season we fish, hike, bow hunt, camp, raft, snow ski, and make every effort to be outside as much as possible. We have 2 Labradors, 13 chickens, 1 guinea pig and a huge raspberry patch.

"Life is good in Berger Land!"

Would love to hear from fellow friends, teachers, and classmates!
My e-mail is "Bergerworld @aol.com">

Darren Leite
Subj: Darren Leite,Class of '81
Date: 98-06-02 15:30:54 EDT
From: darrenlite@juno.com (Darren S Leite Leite)

Hi, My name is Darren Leite and I graduated in 1981. I've never left Scottsdale and currently live in the Hayden & Shea area. I attended school at SCC, ASU and University of Phoenix. In the 80's I worked for 6 years in the Hotel business and spent a very educational 2 years in the car business from 1984-86 before going back to school full-time. Since 1989 I've worked at Scottsdale Culinary Institute where I am Vice President and Director of Admissions. We have about 350 full-time students and It's our family business so I do a little bit of everything administratively and also handle our advertising and marketing. I don't have any children and I've never been married (engaged twice but couldn't pull the trigger!) although I'm probably ready to finally settle down. It's hard to believe that we graduated 17 years ago!

I stay in touch with a number of people and occasionally pop into DJ's where I'm likely to find numerous 81 & 82 grads anchored by Jeff Thoren & company. I'd love to hear from anybody out there.

Email me at darrenlite@juno.com


Vance Macdonald
Subj: Class of 81
Date: 12/19/00 8:54:07 PM Central Standard Time
From: Vmac@aol.com

What a jolt it was to stumble onto this page!   I went to Pima elementary school (with some of the names I see here -- Patty Crowley, I can't imagine you would remember me, but I had a crush on you!).  Don Kesteloot (let's see... mr. quarterback, g/f was Jane Davis in 8th grade?) and George Randolph (big and fast, playing football in the street)... haven't even heard your names for so long.  My fault...  skipping around the country and not staying in touch with AZ roots.  Many other familiar names on this site, already.   Lori Swann... Kim Nelson...  Gibbons sisters...  Jerry Raby from '80... I wish I had been more involved in activities so a few of you would remember me! 

After a brief tour in the Navy (nuclear power), I finally discovered a passion for learning... after stops in several fine institutions, including ASU, I graduated with a degree in History and Philosophy from the University of New Hampshire.   Then PhD study in History of Science from University of Pennsylvania.  A series of non-descript and very boring jobs followed.  Finally found an interesting niche, and am currently VP of Call Center Operations for a telecommunications company in Pennsylvania (but in several other states, including AZ).  I am also currently working on a novel or two.  And still get fired up about astronomy -- thanks, Mr. Lemke (?).  Hmm, that all sounds rather nerdy... I'd better throw in something like I love to mt. bike, snowboard, travel, and ride my triumph (motorcycle) -- thought I don't have enough time for much of any of those things.  I am (finally) getting married next spring in Scotland... to a southern belle from atlanta (who works for a dot-com startup in manhattan).

Please spread the word about this website, because I am utterly fascinated to find out what became of everyone else...

Vance Macdonald

Teri Mandelin
Subj: Class of 1981
Date: 11/12/00 9:29:55 PM Central Standard Time
From: meljoy5@home.com (meljoy5)

Please register me for Class of 1981 Alumni. I am looking forward to info regarding the 20year Reunion in June! My name is Teresa (Teri) Mandelin

938 E. San Miguel Phoenix,
AZ 85014

Home phone: 602-263-5087

Nancy Martin
Subj: Registration
Date: 8/20/00 11:29:09 PM Central Daylight Time
From: NVRNSTATE22@aol.com

Hi everyone, My name is Nancy (Martin) Velarde of the class of 1981--What have I've been doing for the last 19 years?? Well, I have been a Registered Nurse for 16 years working in the mental health field. Currently I am the Arizona State Hospital in an administrative position. I only left Arizona for 3 years back in 1990 to live in Texas-the humidity was just a bit much, so I moved back home. I met my husband Dennis when I moved back to Arizona in 1993 and we were married in 1994. He is a Police Officer-How ironic considering the trouble I caused during my high school days. Anyway, we have 2 dogs(and that is plenty-hat's off to you parents-) and live in the Chandler area.Still keep in touch with Mary and Lori Sanders (a.k.a. Lori Fatica and Mary Latino.) The class of 81' was great and still is great. I even have relatives that are 81' Scottsdale High School alumni. Shawn Connors (his brother Mike married my sister Sally ) and Kristen (kippy) Nielsen(her sister Michele married my brother Greg)- so as the saying goes ... It's a small world!! And once a Beaver always a Beaver! Hope everyone is doing well..SEE YOU AT THE 81' REUNION!!! Nancy
My e-mail address is NVRNSTATE22@aol.com.

Lisa McConnaughy
Subj: Scottsdale High School Memory Lane
Date: 12/20/99 10:17:24 PM Central Standard Time
From: Shmmoopey@email.msn.com (Lisa And Gil)

Hi fellow classmates! I'm Lisa Kiehle (maiden name McConnaughy) graduated
1981. It's hard to believe we're fast approaching our 20th reunion! I have
a 14 year old terrific daughter named Danique, a wonderful S.O., Gil and we
are all here in beautiful Arizona. I've been to almost every other state
and couldn't bring myself to live anywhere else. Looking forward to the all
class reunion......email is Shmoopey@msn.com.>


Mary McGinley
Subj: Class of '81
Date: 4/18/01 3:27:08 PM Central Daylight Time
From:    smilin01gal@yahoo.com (Mary Wilson)

Hi everyone!  Mary (McGinley) Wilson here! :)  I hope
everyone out in "Beaver" land is doing well -- Life
has had the usual ups & downs, but I cannot complain,
I have 2 great kids; Brandon (13, size 12 shoes and
taller than me as of a month ago) and then there is
Lindsay (10, my precious girl!) Brandon BMX races in
most of his spare time.  His "other" spare time :), he
is busy being a real "ladies" man,has plenty of girls
after him all the time! Lindsay plays soccer and has
taken tap,ballet & jazz since she was 3 years
old!She's quite the little dancer!! I have been
divorced for about 6 years -- but Mike and I have a
very amicable relationship, our kids are #1 in our
lives!!! I have worked in the Homebuilding industry
and Finance industry for over 14 years, currently am
working in a combination of Real Estate and Financing,
and really enjoying my career.I would love to hear
from some of my old friends and aquaintances -- please
feel free to email at smilin01gal@yahoo.com -- I will
probably attend the
BIG 20th -- hope to see you soon!

Robert Mehok
Subj: Class of 1981
Date: 1/11/2005
From: ram5137@lausd.k12.ca.us

Hey Bill-My name is Robert Mehok and I am a 1981 grad of Scottsdale High.If you could put my name and e-mail address on the website I'd appreciate it.Thank you.

Kim Nelson
Subj: Alumni Registration for Kim Nelson, Class of 1981
Date: 10/10/00 11:15:38 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Jeffandkimallen@msn.com (Jeff Allen)

Hi everyone!! Kim (Nelson) Allen (class of 81) checking in here with my whereabouts. I'm up in Seattle and currently cheering on the Mariners. Am interested in catching up with high school friends!! I would love to hear about the reunion and am looking forward to our class reunion next year. My e-mail is Jeffandkimallen@msn.com. Hope everyone is doing great!!

George Randolph
Subj: Hello Out There
Date: 12/16/99 11:24:53 AM Central Standard Time
From: george.randolph@medtronic.com (George Randolph)

Hi Everyone:
I graduated in 1981 and have seen & had some great times with some Scottsdale High School
alum over the years. I'm currently working as a Product Engineer at
Medtronic it Tempe & live in Gilbert. My wife, Michele & I have been
married 12 years & have 3 kids: Brittany 12, Ciera 9 & Colton 7.
Attached is a photo (if it comes across).

Drop us a note at: geo.shell@prodigy.net or
george.randolph@medtronic.com if you get a chance (unless I owe you
money, then those addresses aren't valid).


Tim Ring
Subj: register
Date: 8 April, 2006
From: csring@msn.com

Timothy R. Ring, Class of 1981

Attorney for GMAC-RFC

Arizona State University, B.S Finance, 1986
William Mitchell College of Law, 1990

Tim Ring
3625 Glenhurst
St. Louis Park, Minnesota 55416


Julie Rogers
Subj: Class of '81
Date: 12/15/99 12:43:20 PM Central Standard Time
From: dpalko@home.com (Dan and Julie Palko)

Hi! I am Julie Palko - maiden name Rogers. Found this site accidentally but have enjoyed it immensely! I met my husband at a Circle K. We have been together 16 years next March. We have two sons aged 7 and 9. I am a domestic engineer and my husband is an Air Traffic Controller. We have lived on Oklahoma City,OK - Fremont, CA (San Francisco Bay area) - Lancaster, CA (approx. 1 hour NE of LA) and for the last 5 years San Marcos, CA (San Diego area). We love it here! I am looking forward to our 20th reunion. Had a great time at our 10th. Hope to see you there! If you want to drop me a note my E-Mail address is dpalko@home.com

Take Care,

Susan Sauder
Subj: Class of 1981!
Date: 5/25/99 7:40:03 PM Central Daylight Time
From: r18160@email.sps.mot.com (Susan Sweeney)


My name is Susan Sweeney, and I graduated from Scottsdale High School in 1981 under my
maiden name Susan Sauder. I am still living in Scottdale and am looking
forward to the 20 year reunion. I am married with 2 children and work
at Motorola at 52nd Street as a Computer System Manager. I earned my
CIS degree from ASU in 1993. And started at Motorola upon graduation.
My husband, Jim Sweeney, graduated from Scottsdale High School in 1982.

I really enjoyed seeing all the familiar names and messages from the
Scottsdale High School alumni! I know a lot of you! This is a great website!

Please feel free to write me anytime!

Also I am looking for a couple of people that graduated from Scottsdale High School
that are not registered, so if any of you knows how to get ahold of
them, please let me know.

Looking for:

Vito (1981) or Mike Brady (1979)
Elizabeth Jones (1980)


Susan Sweeney

Debra Silvey
Subj: Class of '81
Date: 6/6/00 5:16:48 PM Central Daylight Time
From: DStevens@awarena.com (Stevens, Debra)

Greetings, fellow Scottsdale High School Beavers! Debra Sivley Stevens ('81) here ... I have
really enjoyed reading the messages from my former classmates (even going
back to the Navajo Buffalo years!). Our ten-year reunion was terrific and
I'm looking forward to reconnecting with everyone at the October all-class
reunion and our 20th (egads!) in 2001.

Where have I been? I went to ASU and graduated with a degree in
communications in '85. I've worked in a variety of PR jobs since then.
I've been married to Chris Stevens (Camelback '79) for 17 years and we have
two sons, Kyle (7) and Joel (5). We live in north Scottsdale.

I've worked for the Phoenix Suns for the past 9 years and am currently the
team's vice president of public relations. I also head up our charity
foundation, Phoenix Suns Charities. I've always been a basketball fan, so
it's my dream job.

It would be a hoot to hear from some of my old high-school buddies. Either
e-mail me or I'll see you at the October reunion.

Jill Soderquist
Subj: Graduate of Scottsdale High School, Scottsdale, Arizona.
Date: 9/7/00 12:05:49 PM Central Daylight Time

(See important notice below.)>

Graduated as Jill Soderquist in 1981
I worked at Goldwaters Department Store, Scottsdale AZ until 1983
I worked at Valley National Bank, Scottsdale AZ until 1987
I worked at PCS Health Systems, Scottsdale, AZ from 1987 - 1999
Met John Michael Warren (graduate of Shadow Mountain 1982) at PCS in
February 1994
Married Mike in April 1995.
Matthew Warren born January 1997.
Mitchell Warren born June 1999.
Moved to Frisco, Texas August 1999.
Both work at EDS in Plano Texas...

Jill Warren

Important Notice
September 20, 2000
Not long after she posted this message, Jill (Soderquist) Warren died
in a car accident in Texas. In an effort to continue Jill's memory,
especially for her children Matthew (age three and a half) and
Mitchell (age one and a half), her husband Michael has created a
website for friends to share their stories about Jill's life. Please
go to www.jillwarrenmemory.homestead.com.

Thanks for your help.

Randy Soderquist

Susan Strickler
Subj: Register- '81
Date: 6/12/00 10:02:03 PM Central Daylight Time
From: AZGunn@cs.com

What a cool website. My name is Susan (Sue) Strickler- Scottsdale High School '81 (OK, wasn't around much towards the end, but don't hold that against me!)...have lost touch w/ so many people from the old days! My e-mail is aznimisys@aol.com- please write- it's so hard to talk to people about what Scottsdale was REALLY like.....

Lorri Swan
Date: 6/6/00 10:36:29 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Lorri_Swan@AFCC.com (Swan, Lorri)

Lorri Swan
Class of '81!!!

Still in Scottsdale! Hoping everyone well!
e-mail lorri_swan@afcc.com!

Looking forward to the reunion!

Steve Swanson
Subj: Class of '81
Date: 8/23/99 11:39:09 PM Central Daylight Time
From: SwanPC

Hey guys ... Steve Swanson here from Class of 1981 ... My brother Mark was also in our class.

I'm so glad to find a alumini page for Scottsdale High .. the school is gone but the memory lives on. I was at a meeting recently in one of the buildings built on the old Scottsdale High School site. It's hard to believe only a street sign remains.

I'm currently back living in Scottsdale after venturing out to the Windy City for two years .. that was long enough !! It was just toooo COLD !! Glad to be back in Scottsdale and look forward to information on the 20 year reunion, missed the 10 year.

If anyone wants to say Hi to myself or my brother drop me a line.

I can be reached at SwanPC@AOL.com>

Monica Vohs
Subj: Registration
Date: 1/22/00 2:20:46 PM Central Standard Time
From: MVSYMCA@aol.com

Monica (Vohs) Suriano class of 1981

I live in Chandler,AZ now with my husband John ( whose brothers both married Scottsdale High School alumni ) and my two sons Sean and Christopher. I'm a stay-at-home mom and teach aerobics part-time. I keep in contact with Lisa Van Paris '80, Allison Hosking '80, Cindy Bitter '80, Janice Wolfe '81, Gail Montague '81 and Denise and Debi Gibbons '81. I would love to hear from Glenda Moy '81 or Ruth Ann Showalter '81 if anyone knows how to contact them let me know. You can reach me through e-mail:



Roslyn Wheeler
Subj: 1981 Scottsdale High School Graduate
Date: 3/11/01 9:56:03 PM Central Standard Time
From:    rozzlw@yahoo.com (Roslyn Wheeler)


My younger brother told me about this site, he graduated in 1983, I'm a 1981
graduate. My name is Roslyn L. Wheeler. I have a year-book from that year,
and it's quite entertaining to look at school colleagues from 20 years ago.
In short....In 1982 I moved to San Diego; in 1986 moved to Michigan, then in
1993 I moved back to the valley. I am a graduate of Arizona State University
and currently teach at 2 community colleges.  I have a beautiful and
talented 9 year old daughter, her name is Leah and I am proud to be her mom!
I currently own a place in the N/W valley but am looking forward to the
opportunity when I can buy some land and move to Prescott. I am looking
forward to the reunion this year. The 10 year reunion was not possible for
me, I had my daughter a day or 2 within the June 1991 date. If anyone would
like to chat or correspond please e-mail me at either one of these
addresses: rozzlw@yahoo.com  or RLWheels@netscape.com  Isn't the information
highway great? :)
Roslyn L. Wheeler

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