Volume 2
Volume 1 1980-1981
Volume 2 1982


Cindy Bitter
Subj: Registration
Date: 1/22/00 12:10:23 PM Central Standard Time
From: sschaib@idt.net (Steve B. Schaible)

What a great web site! My name is Cindy Schaible (maiden name Bitter).
I am currently residing in Gilbert with my husband Steve and daughter
Corrine. Both my husband and I teach school in the Gilbert school
district. I graduated in 1982 from Scottsdale High School and have many great memories
from there!

E-mail address - sschaib@idt.net

Marlese Boundy
Subj: Class of '82
Date: 9/12/00 7:23:27 PM Central Daylight Time
From: marmcl@cox.net

Hello everyone! I graduated in 1982 as Marlese Boundy and attended Scottsdale High School since 1978 as a wee little girl from Pima Elementary School (remember getting Smarties at lunch Jill?). So many memories in those four years at Scottsdale High School ! I am thrilled my brother David (class of '80) told me about this web page! As I was reading through, I was looking at all of our innocent freshman faces in one of my yearbooks. My we were a rowdy bunch!
After graduation, I went with Tina Lutrell to Ixtapa Mexico for a week. It's all a blur now just as it was when we were there! Remember waking up to an earthquake one day Tina? Anyway, since then, I did the extreme party bit (you know Whit, all that beer...) attended SCC but unfortunately began working - a lot - until I married in '87. Let's just skip that ~ ~ I remarried in 1997 to a wonderful man and now have two new additions! There is my 12 year old Shawn, 9 year old Heather and 10 month old Megan and Mitchel (twins!). We're extremely happy in our Chandler home! I am so looking forward to catching up with lots of you! Send me an e-thing!
Hope all is fan-Beaver-tastic!
Marlese McLaughlin

Cyndee Chaddock
Subj: Class of 82
Date: 9/11/00 2:44:07 PM Central Daylight Time
From: jfrauen@dc5.starrtech.net (John W Frauen)

Hi There
I am Cyndee Frauen (Chaddock). I graduated Scottsdale High School in 1982. I also attended Paiute Ele. I live in Dodge City, KS with my husband John of almost 12 years and our 3 beautiful daughters, 8, 7,and 3. I am the director of an after school program. I've been with the program for 12 years. Soon I will begin subing for the schools in this area. My live keeps me very busy.
I'm saddened that I will not get home for the reunion, but I would love to hear from classmates. My e-mail address is jfrauen@dc5.starrtech.net.

Cyndee class of 82

Jim Clark
Subj: Orange Crush
Date: 8/23/99 10:47:01 PM Central Daylight Time
From: hornet78@home.com (Jim and Cathy)

Ye Haw S.H.S. lives on, albeit on the web. I'll let the few people I've
been able to stay in touch with know about this site.
Well a little about me, right after our 10year reunion in 92 I
got divorced, best move I've ever made. Then met my current wife Cathy who
I met on a blind date arranged by Tom Tring "82" and his wife Janice who's
brother is David Jacobelli "82" i'm not sure I still follow it.
After high school I went to S.C.C. and M.C.C. and P.C.C. taking
various fire science classes to start building a resume for my next four
years of testing with the Phoenix Fire Department. As I was doing this I
was working for Southwest Ambulance. In February of 87 it all paid off and
I was hired. Now 12 years later I'm driving the back end "tiller" of a
ladder truck yes its a BLAST!.
I'm looking forward to catching up with a few others on this sight
and spreading the news about it.  If ones not careful you might get run over
on this information superhighway Ha!.

Barry Coffman
Subj: Hello Class of 82
Date: 4/7/99 1:12:34 PM Central Daylight Time
From: barrence@home.com (Barry Coffman)

Hello fellow Scottsdale High School alumni and the class of 1982 in particular. I'm Barry
Coffman a graduate of that wonderful year. If anyone wants to email me
please feel free to do so at Barrence@aol.com. I'm also looking for
information on our 20th year renuion. I know it's a couple of years
away, but I would like to keep heads up on it.
Take Care,

Mike Connors (see Sally Martin)

Susan Cordaro
Subj: Old friends
Date: 3/28/00 10:18:02 PM Central Standard Time
From: susancordaro@email.msn.com (Susan)

Hey all!
This is too cool! Unbelievable that I found this site on a business card
left at my chiropractor's office. Serendipitous, I guess.

I graduated in '82. Every time I drive by the old property, I get very
nostalgic. It's amazing the changes that have happened over these last 18

There's still a lot of us missing from the list, so spread the word!

Jennifer Cuilty
Subj: Memory Lane
Date: 5/13/00 10:22:07 PM Central Daylight Time
From: JC2106@aol.com

Hello fellow Beavers!
This is Jennifer Cuilty from the Class of '82. What a terrific idea this website is! Thanks to all who took the time to put it together so we can stay in touch.
I live in north Phoenix with my companion, Gail, and our two dogs, three cats, and two birds. For the past sixteen years I've been working for Hurley Trucking Company as a driver. I've also been working on my associates degree and hope to graduate from Paradise Valley Community College in 2001 (I was going to be thirty-seven anyway... degree or no degree!). I envy all of you who took the 18-22 academic route- it really is more difficult as one gets older. After graduation, I plan on continuing my education at ASU WEST to complete a BA in Sociology and Religion.
Some of my fondest memories was hanging out with the Young Life crowd. Monday night meetings (what did they call them?). Campaigners. Pancake breakfasts at Bill and Janny's. Lunch time Bible studies and prayer gatherings. Wood Leaf. Tioga Pass (those who went on that trip will remember). I think of ya'll often. Some of you might be glad to know that I've kept the faith all these years, in spite of being persecuted by the gay community AND the Church for being a gay Christian! I'm active in the Justice and Peace Ministry in and on behalf of the United Church of Christ (UCC), as well as in youth ministry (to pass on the gift that I received from so many terrific YL leaders). Someday, if I ever get the time and money I'd like to go to seminary. I figure by that time, history will catch up to the future and the rest of the 9/10ths of the Church universal will ordain openly gay ministers- if I live that long. Glad that times are a changin'.
I occasionally run into Scottsdale High School alumni, although the encounters seem to be less seldom as the years go by. I do see Bill Jenkins and Don Nordlund fairly regularly whenever I visit Scottsdale Congregational Church. Also, I see Mrs. Caskey, when I visit First Congregational Church in Phoenix. The woman hasn't slowed down! I have to admit, the first time I saw her, a memory flashed through my mind, of the time she caught me walking across campus with no shoes on! Back then Principals seemed bigger than life. Funny how we remember the times we got in trouble. Oh, and I also saw Mr. Olsen (English faculty) recently.
If anyone knows the wherabouts of Jodi Herring and Betsy Dickson (class of '82), and also Kim Hinton (moved out of state in '80) please ask them to contact me: 602-993-5479 or JC2106@aol.com
It was great to read the messages from alumni- the stories we could tell! Take care, and hope to see ya'll at the millenium celebration in October!

Grace and Peace,
Jennifer L. Cuilty
Scottsdale High School Class of '82

Leslie Davis
Subj: Class of '82
Date: 5/23/00 12:20:06 PM Central Daylight Time
From: graffin@uswest.net (Beau Graffin)

Wow, this is great! I'm Leslie(Davis)Graffin. I attended
Scottsdale High School from '79-'82 and had a great time. My two brothers,
George ('75) and Mark Davis('78) and my sister,
Terri(Davis)Deasey('83) also went to Scottsdale High School . I've been married
to the love of my life, Beau, for ten years. We own our own
business where Beau is a custom home designer and builder.
We just had a beautiful baby girl, Savannah Mae, on
Valentine's Day. I attended ASU and graduated with a degree
in Secondary Education. I've had several careers. The
longest being in management at Dillard's and also at Bank of
America. Now I am a stay home mom and love it! I have very
fond memories of Scottsdale High School and have thought many times how much I
miss going to football games! I would love to hear from
other grads. graffin@uswest.net

Bill Durrenberger
Subj: No Subject
Date: 9/5/99 5:25:34 PM Central Daylight Time
From: WKD1964

My name is Bill Durrenberger. I was in the class of 1982. Not only am I an alumnist, both of my sisters were also. Susan, graduated in 1980, and Marcia, graduated in 1972. I played soccer and tennis in my four years at Scottsdale High School , and have many memories. I would like to hear from anyone. I currently am employed at a company called Paul's Hardware. Many of you may know it, it is truly the best hardware store in Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, and Tempe. I currently at the FH location. I have been with them an incredible 13 years. I have a wonderful wife, Helena, who is a Tempe High alumnist, and have two great children, Billy who just turned 12, and Kyra, who is 13 months. This web page is a wonderful tool, and I hope to hear from lots of people!

Andy Gott
Subj: hello
Date: 3/21/00 5:54:57 PM Central Standard Time
From: bgott@rglobal.net (A & B Gott)

My name is Andy Gott, and I am a class of 1982 graduate. My high school
sweetheart Brenda and I got married in May of 1983. We bought a home in
Mesa in 1987 and had Justin David that year also. A job offer from
Northrop Grumman in California had us packing and moving to the Southern
California high desert in November 1990. Aimee came along in May of
1992. We have been in CA almost ten years now. We enjoy being near the
ocean to cool off when the summer gets hot! It is great to contact
long-lost friends by this website, hopefully more will make
contact. ANDY GOTT bgott@rglobal.net

Adrienne Greeley
Subj: Graduate of the Class of 82
Date: 4/21/00 8:42:48 PM Central Daylight Time
From: aadrienn64@msn.com (Adrienne Greeley)

Adrienne Greeley, class of 82, I used to hang out with Kira Hellinghausen,
Tim Marsh, Ben Hoglund, etc. I am living in Spokane, WA now, just built a
house, have a wonderful (significant other, Mike), never got married, and am
a Closing officer at a Mortgage company. I found out about this Web Site
from Tim Marsh. Would like to Attend the 2000 reunion. If anybody has any
info, please email me at aadrienn64@msn.com

Update 4/2008:

Hi all, haven't visited the Web site for awhile and have a new email address. I am still in Washington with my husband Mike and my cat Molly. We just built a Victorian style house in the Veradale area, a suburb of Spokane. I work at home processing and brokering owner financed notes in the secondary market. I love working at home. My husband Mike works for local trucking company. All is great here. Anyone know when the next class reunion is?

Adrienne Greeley, Class of 82

Corrin J. Green
Subj: The great Scottsdale High School !

Date: 98-01-29 02:19:58 EST

From: thrdplnt@uswest.net (Corrin Green)

My name is Corrin J. Green, and I graduated with the class of '82.

I had a great time at Scottsdale High. Although I lived close to Arcadia, my mom and grandparents had all gone to Scottsdale, so I gladly undertook the extra two mile bike ride to be a part of the Scottsdale High School experience. It was a great choice; not only because the feel and attitude of the school suited me better, but because its location in the heart of the city gave me a much broader experience than I would otherwise have had.

Downtown Scottsdale was a much different place when Scottsdale High School was open - less overtly commercial, and much more in touch with locals. I was on the newspaper staff, and it was quite useful to have Mayor Drinkwater, the police department, the library and most of our major advertisers only 5 minutes walk from campus. I can almost count the number of times I stayed on campus for lunch on my fingers and toes. With such a wealth of local fare at reasonable prices, why would I?

It really was a blow that so many of the local businesses, Sabas most prominently, lobbied the school board to close the school. I don't think they new what they were doing. They were hoping the property would be quickly turned into some sort of attraction that would draw yuppie dollars away from the Scottsdale Rd / Shea Blvd area. Instead, the property still sits largely vacant, and it's difficult to find anyone under the age of 25 downtown at all.

Ah, but I digress. I took away a lot from that school.

James Habecker
Subj: Registration
Date: 10 March, 2006
From: JLhabfam@hotmail.com



Scott Hagen
Subj: Class of 1982
Date: 10/3/00 9:33:34 PM Central Daylight Time
From: HagenKS@aol.com

Hello fellow alumni, this is Scott Hagen.

I finally got married in 1996. Surprise! I'm not gay. Kelli and I are expecting our first child in April 2001. I haven't been so - so scared in my whole life.

We still own a home in Chandler, but we've been living in Northern Virginia since the summer of 1999. We hope to move back home in a few years. We relocated because my wife was selected as a President's Management Intern and is currently a Program Examiner for the Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget, Bureau of Veterans Affairs.

I worked at the Honeywell (formerly AlliedSignal) plant in Tempe for 15 years prior to moving east. I started sandblasting parts in the paint shop and then as an aerospace mechanic before I started going to night school in 1992. I was able eventual able to convince someone to let me put away the wrenches and got into the business side of the business. I'm currently a Contract Manager in the Legal Affairs Division of Electronic Data Systems in Herndon, VA.

I've put on about 60 pounds since graduation - of which the first 30, or so, was desperately needed. It's hard to imagine that I was once this tall and a 100 pounds lighter. The skin has cleared up pretty well since then too. Other than the extra weight and a touch of gray, I don't think I've changed all that much, and if you remember me you'd probably recognize me if you saw me. See ya.


Allison Hosking
Subj: Alumni Register
Date: 7/21/99 8:24:11 PM Central Daylight Time
From: cycling_az@email.msn.com (cycling_az)

Allison Hosking-Suriano (update) Quik update! Graduated May 1987 from U of A with degree in Architecture. Married Tom Suriano In November 1987. I work as a Project Manager for W. E. O'Neil Construction here in Phoenix. (we're the ones building all those hotels!) Tom works at Motorola. We live in a little historic house in downtown Phoenix and enjoy being "DINKS" (double Income No Kids). We keep in touch with Kelly (Moore) Frost, Marcia (Harrer) Sobek, and Leslie (Davis) Graffin. Of course, we also see alot of Mona (Vohs 1980) Suriano, since she married Tom's brother; and Michelle Ruman (?year..Dan's sister), since she married Tom's other brother. Small world! Would welcome emails from 1982 classmates.
Class of 1982 Scottsdale High School
Allison (Hosking) Suriano

Connie Hedges Lamoureaux
Date: 9/28/98 2:44:01 PM Central Daylight Time

I just found the page, and I'm excited! I graduated in 1982, and wondered where to get any information about current goings on. My address Is

Connie Hedges Lamoureux
152 Persinko St
Manville, NJ

E-mail: BurtnConnie@juno.com

I look forward to hearing from any fellow beavers!

Connie L


Maggie Hundley
Subj: Class of '82
Date: 3/27/01 1:50:25 AM Central Standard Time
From:    jinjerh@earthlink.net (Jinjer from her HOME)

OMG! I'm so glad I found this website! I'm Maggie Hundley and I went to
SCC & ASU for about a year and then I'd had about as much school as I
could take so I went to work. I worked at Credco from 1984-1990 and Time
Systems from 1990-1995 except for my brief venture into the world of
retail, working at TJ Maxx for a couple months and Sam Goody for a few
more, in between the two. Then, at midnight on New Year's Eve, 1995, I
packed up and finally made my dream move to Los Angeles and have lived
happily here ever since.

I'm hoping to get in contact with my dearest high school friends, Melodi
Lay, Jacquie Kozlick, and Patti Bush. Anyone have their e-mail

Anyone else that feels like talking to me, go right ahead!

My e-mail is: jinjerh@earthlink.net

Robert Hutchison
Date: 5/20/00 11:43:31 PM Central Daylight Time
From: MHROCKE@aol.com

Robert (Bric) Hutchison
Class of 1982

Married 16 years now , I have 3 children , 16, 12, and 19 months. I live in mesa Az, I have been a BMW technician for 16 years now and restore old cars in my spare time.

Louis Kosednar
Subj: Scottsdale High School Class of 1982
Date: 6/26/00 2:29:42 AM Central Daylight Time
From: louisaz@mciworld.com (Louis)

I remember Mr Bryan's chemistry class. We did an experiment with sodium
and it made a nice loud BANG....

He was a neat instructor. Too bad he died in 1980 or 1981, he never
completed the school year. There was a biology teacher cannot remember
his name, but he actually died in the class room.

Louis Kosednar Jr Scottdale High Class of 1982

Dominic Macchiaroli
Date: 4/11/00 3:44:54 PM Central Daylight Time
From: macco@pcslink.com (macco)

My name is Dominic Macchiaroli. I graduated from Scottsdale High School in 1982, as did three
of my brothers; Mike ('73), Jim ('75), and Tony ('77). We all still live in
the Scottsdale area and have been here more or less since leaving high
school. We were involved in a family farming business until recently and
are now wasting our time doing other things. We still see many friends from
Scottsdale High School and Paiute, which we also attended. My e-mail address is
macco@pcslink.com. You have provided a great service in putting up this
site, thanks.

Stacey Marten
Subj: It's About Time!!!
Date: 11/7/99 8:46:09 PM Central Standard Time
From: TBSofAZ@cs.com

I am so glad I finally found this page. I am Stacey D'Abate, Formally Stacey Marten, Graduating Class 1982. I am married to another Scottsdale alumni, Sam D'Abate, class of 1981. We have one beautiful daughter, Paris who is 7 years old. I own a Beauty Supply called The Beauty Supplier of Arizona and a salon called Salon Du Soleil on the corner of Indian Bend and Hayden Road. I still continue to play my French Horn in the Tempe Symphony, and I am active in ASU Band's Alumni, called the Devil's Horns. Life Is Great and it was so much fun reading about some of the old alumni!!! I can be contacted at TBSof AZ@compuserve.com.

Sally Martin & Mike Connors
Subj: Scottsdale High School '82
Date: 6/22/00 12:11:52 PM Central Daylight Time
From: SCONNORS9@aol.com

Class of '82 - Sally "Martin" Connors - married Mike Connors class of '82.
We live in Peoria, AZ , but still hang out in Scottsdale. Have 2 Boys Chandler (7 yrs) and Hayden (5 yrs). Hope to see you all soon - Sally

Troy Moyers
Subj: Life After High School
Date: 8/1/00 8:09:42 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Asignguy1@aol.com

Troy Moyers

Class of '82

I left the Zona, and moved to Lake Tahoe.
After years of dereliction and generalized ski bumming I emerged from the fog relativley
unscathed and started my own sign business.

I have a beautiful daughter Taylor (5 1/2 yrs)

I have recently been in contact with Trish, Whit, CJ, Ross Butler and Tom Larkin.

See you in October.

Tim Newland
Subj: Class of 1982
From: newlandts@sbcglobal.net

Hi everyone. As a graduate of Scottsdale High School in 82, and a proud BEAVER, I'm glad to share my story. I'm happily married ( 10 years), and my wife Shannon and I have 3 great kids; Zachary, Steven and Lauren. Shannon and I are both officers in the Air Force. Presently, we live in Northern California, in between San Francisco and Sacramento. We have lived several places (moving is part of the military lifestyle). We own a farm in Missouri, although we don't know where we'll live when we retire ( the ocean is very inviting! ).

The accomplishment I'm most proud of ( besides my family) is a collection of songs I wrote and recorded ( I play guitar and sing). I continue to improve my music...and who knows, maybe I'll be on the radio someday.

My parents and siblings still live in Scottsdale, and it's where I still consider home. Whenever I visit AZ and see how Scottsdale continues to change, I'm constantly amazed. I have many happy memories of "the good ol' days" at Scottsdale High School . Craziest thing I ever did at Scottsdale High School : jump out of a window of a moving school bus on a dare from Joe Wasinger ( what was I thinking!). Mr. Miller
(vice- principal) laughed at me in his office. Funniest memory: being dumped in a garbage can as a freshman ( I didn't think it was funny at the time). Best friend at Scottsdale High School : Joe Wasinger (still is). Dream girl at Scottsdale High School : Cyndi Peterson...OH BABY! Biggest regret...being too shy.

I was fortunate enough to go to the 20 year reunion and see some "old" friends. What a good looking bunch we are!!! Must have been something in the water.

I'll check with classmates.com for a possible 25 year reunion, then 30. I'll look forward to seeing how we are all improving with age.

To all the other Beavers who read this...I sincerely send my best wishes for peace and love.

Tim Newland

5777 Kodiak Road
Diamond, MO

Terry Pendergrass
Subj: Fwd: (Class of '82)
Date: 11/17/99 12:49:48 PM Central Standard Time
From: terrypen@zdnetonebox.com

This is Terry Pendergrass (Class of '82). Jim Clark('82) told me about this site. Actually, I didn't graduate from Scottsdale High School but it's still my alma mater. My Senior year, I moved to San Angelo, Texas, I attended Scottsdale High School from '78 - '81. My brother is Darryl ('79), man is he getting old ;-)
After graduation, I went to work for a masonry contractor in San Angelo, then I went to school for A.C. and Heating. I found out that that is not exactly what I was wanting to do, so I joined the U.S. Army in '86 to support my family. I was married in '83 had a daughter and by '86 had a son on the way. I was stationed at Ft. Polk, La when my son was born, we spent about 5 years there. I spent a year in Honduras and El Salvador, then returned to Arizona via Ft. Huachuca. I stayed in Sierra Vista, AZ for about 2 years then moved to Mesa,AZ to be closer to my brother(the same one that I couldn't wait to move out). I married my current wife in '96 and am still in Mesa,AZ.

I am currently employed with Entex Information Services, a computer consulting firm (http://www.entex.com). We are currently sub-contracting to Intel in Chandler, AZ.

So, class of '82, get in touch. That 20year is coming up quickly.

Terry Pendergrass
terrypen@zdnetonebox.com - email

terrypen@azcyberspace.com - email


Christophe Prosnier
Subj: Scottsdale High School Graduate class of 82
Date: 7/3/00 12:47:57 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Alincp@aol.com

Christophe C. Prosnier
8320 East Sage Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85250-7356

Alice Reiss
Subj: Class of '82
Date: 10/17/00 4:32:30 PM Central Daylight Time
From: areiss@mail.sandi.net (alice Reiss)

I guess I'll just start in the here and now. I'm an English teacher in San Diego, Ca .(Thank you, Mr. Luther Stewart).
I got married a little less than two years ago, I've got a dog, and I'm moving into a brand new house next weekend. Did Scottsdale High School somehow prepare me for that life? Probably not, but it provided me the friends with whom I love to share it all. I'm sorry I missed the reunion, but I love reading about it and everybody I haven't seen in ages. I keep my diploma in my classroom, copies of The Beaver on hand, and my mug with the fight song printed on it in my kitchen. I guess you can take the girl out of Scottsdale, but you can't take the Scottsdale out of the girl!

Alice Reiss Malone
Class of 1982

Jill Saunders
Subj: Class of 82
Date: 4/14/00 1:40:53 PM Central Daylight Time
From: jmiller@jekel-howard.com (Jill Miller)

Hi all - this is Jill Saunders, now Jill Miller. What a great website this
is. It is great to have an easy way to hook up with old friends from the
past. There are several of you from the Class of 82 that I'd love to find
again - hopefully the word will spread and old friendships can be renewed.
Thanks Whitney for giving me the info! For those of you who remember Page
Putnam for our days of lore, she is living in Virginia. She is still my
best friend in the world so if you want to contact her, you can do so
through me. I'd be happy to pass on a message to her.

I hope life has been good to all of you. It is hard to believe it has been
18 years since we said goodbye. (18 years, 3 marriages, 2 kids and 100 gray
hairs, but who's counting!) I'd love to hear from any of my old pals -
e-mail: JMiller620@hotmail.com. Hey, Vince ---I'm looking for Brenda &
Henry? Are they still together?


Elisa Schaeffer
Subj: Elisa Schaeffer Brancati, Class of 82
Date: 1/7/01 12:43:40 AM Central Standard Time
From: Russellbrancati@aol.com

I still can sing the Scottsdale High School fight song and do it regularly if asked.

I am married with 5 children.  I did it the easy way only 2 pregnancies.  We have triplets and twins.  They are less than 2 years a part.  I have survived 5 in diapers and sleepless nights for years.   We do see the light now, they are in 1st grade and preschool. We are raising our family in Scottsdale.  The kids go to Kiva.  In my spare time I am the Human Resource Director at Chaparral Suites.  I have worked at the hotel for 15 years and now do it part time. 

Looking forward to our reunion in 2002.


Debbie Schumacher
Subj: Scottsdale High School Registration
Date: 4/12/99 12:01:15 PM Central Daylight Time
From: dschuma@mail1.ade.state.az.us (Schumacher, Debbie)

Debbie Schumacher, Class of '82

email: dbearssis@aol.com

Paula Sheets
Subj: Class of 82
Date: 9/25/00 11:32:33 PM Central Daylight Time
From: pdudley1615@aol.com

Paula ( Sheets ) Dudley
Hi Everybody! How fun this was to find. I've been living on the Central Coast of California for over 12 years now. My husband Dan and I have been married for 12 years also. I have two awesome boys, Dan 11 yrs and Evan 4 1/2. I have been in banking for over 14 years now and have worked my way up the ladder. I'm currently a Branch Manager for Heritage Oaks Bank in San Luis Obispo , CA. My husband Dan and I have a paint contracting company also, so we definitely stay busy. It's hard to believe how fast time goes by, but the memories live on forever. I think about all the crazy things we did in high school and now that we have kids it scares the heck out of me. WE DID SOME CRAZY THINGS!!!!!! Go Beavers!!!!!! My E-mail address is pdudley1615@aol.com

Whitney Sorrell
Subj: WLS
Date: 4/8/00 8:52:13 AM Central Daylight Time
From: WLSORRELL@aol.com

My name is Whitney Sorrell, class of '82 (and for those of you who remember, Miss Beaver of the Year, 1982). After high school I bumped around ASU a few years, joined the FIJI fraternity with Roony, Don Yearin, Chris Boileau, and Carl Hilliker; eventually ASU gave me a degree in Finance, apparently I had consumed enough beer to qualify. I then had a lot of fun running around with the BBS (bad boys of Scottsdale) but finally got serious about life and went to work for the IRS (yes the IRS, can you believe they gave me a badge and a gun? What fools).

Anyhow I became a CPA (my mom couldn't believe it) and got my MBA (which was fun - more beer) but kinda got bored with stuff so I went to law school at ASU (yup, they let me back in, apperently they had a beer surplus). I graduated near the top of my class, made Law Review (wow, brains, I didn't know I had 'em), prosecuted DUI cases in Mesa (apparently I had enough practical experience with drunk driving) and even authored several published articles in the Journal of Arizona Taxation; now I work as a tax attorney for a medium size law firm in McCormick Ranch. Estate planning, tax litigation, business mergers and seperations, real estate tax planning and stuff like that.

I got married in 1998 to Colette Dizon from Mountain Shadows HS (class of '84) and we had a little girl last year, her name is Whitney Lyn (who said a girl can't be the junior of the family?). Whitney Lyn is a great baby - already walking at 9 months and looks just like me (perhaps she'll be a Miss Beaver of the Year herself). Life is pretty good (with the exception of school loans and having to settle up with my beer tab). Feel free to send me an Email, and, uh, oh yea, Go Beavers!

Go Scottsdale Beavers, fight on and win, fight on to victory, blah blah blah, blah blah blah, blah blah blah, fight fight fight! Is that how it goes? WLS

Derek Tadrick
Subj: sign me up
Date: 5/16/00 2:24:42 AM Central Daylight Time
From: HOT TAD@aol.com

just another beaver making his way back up stream where it all started. i'v taken the
right and WRONG fork in the river. been over the HUGE waterfall and shot thought the rapids. maybe high school wasn't so bad. its the final exam thats killing me

David Teeters
Subj: Scottsdale High School alumni reunion
Date: 6/13/00 2:43:46 PM Central Daylight Time
From: KNIGHT_OWL_98@YAHOO.COM (David Teeters)

My name is David Teeters and I am a 1982 graduate of Scottsdale High
School. Went to
Scottsdale Community College after graduating. Finally getting my first
degree last year.
Still work in downtown Scottsdale at the Texaco at 2nd Street and
Scottsdale Road.
My email address is KNIGHT_OWL_98@YAHOO.COM

Kurt Weber
Date: 4/10/00 11:14:05 AM Central Daylight Time
From: pepperpot@mindspring.com

kurt weber
class of 82

997 windrace trail
sanford, nc 27330




Steven Whitfield
Subj: Class of 82!
Date: 12/28/00 7:49:39 PM Central Standard Time
From:    tskolos@pacbell.net (Skolos)

Hello everyone! My name is Steven Whitfield, I have 3 other former beaver
sisters that some may remember Cathy Whitfield, Caren Whitfield, and my
little sister Katie. Wow were do you begin? I have recognized alot of the
names, some even from grade school! Im happly married with 4 kids.Loza great
memories, but then again some good learning experiences. The stuff Im
teaching my boys never to do! HA! The names I remember most are Vince
Greene, Pat Sey, and a whole bunch of Football Jocks! Sheesh we thought we
were bad..haha.I gave my life to Jesus Christ in 1984..Thank you Young Life
on monday nights for the seed of hope! After a Drug overdose and a brush
with death I figured I wasnt ready to go just yet.I live in southern
california and own a pest control company as well as 2 boarding centers for
annimals. My wife and I stay real busy!I stopped growing at 6'4 and 245
pounds.My real name is steven skolos aka: whitfield, wich is my step fathers
name.I go by Steve Skolos now. Take care all and see you there! email me at

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