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Bill Bartlett
Subj: Greetings -- Class of '71
Date: 1/13/00 12:40:51 AM Central Standard Time
From: bbartlett@prodigy.net (Bill Bartlett)

What a great web site -- thanks! Since we don't live in AZ, I don't get to see too many fellow Scottsdale High School alums. My husband (25 year anniversary this year) and I live in Lake Forest, CA where he is pastor of a church. I work there as the Director of the preschool. Our 21 year old just graduated from college, and our 18 year old just started college this fall. Hard to believe how quickly the years go by. We would like to try to come to the reunion in Oct. and hope to hear from some people we haven't seen for years. Our e-mail address: bbartlett@juno.com

Jane Butts
Subj: Scottsdale High School Alumni (well, sorta....)
Date: 3/21/00 6:55:08 PM Central Standard Time
From: aoakley626@nac.net (Jane Butts)

Hi! Jane Butts here. I would have graduated in 1971, but my father was
transferred, and we left Scottsdale in the 2nd half of my junior year.
I attended Kaibab Elementary from 3rd grade on. Finished high school in
Oklahoma (!!), but always thought of myself as a Scottsdalian, a fact I
fear I made perfectly clear to the kids at my new school.

I was pretty much of a nerd at Scottsdale High School , and most folks probably wouldn't
remember me. In fact, I was best known as being John Butts' (1969)
little sister. Was in choir and a couple of Mr. Coats' musicals and
mostly tried very hard to be a kinda hippie (as much as you can be when
your dad's an FBI agent!) Warm memories of friends Lynn McCullough,
Denise Cohen, Karen Titterington, Martha Weiss.

Kicked around some and here I am in New Jersey (wrong turn in
Albequerque.) Left a 16yr career as Chief Park Ranger to run a boarding
kennel for dogs. Ride and train polo ponies on the side, am unmarried
with the greatest 10yr. old son Mac.

I can't believe they bulldozed our high school!!!!!>

Tim Calland
Subj: We should be Tasmanian Devils, not Beavers
Date: 12/20/99 8:33:45 AM Central Standard Time
From: TimCalMex@aol.com

Dear Bill,

First, thanks for all the work you put into this site on an ongoing basis. Although until now, I haven't written, I do read it regularly. (I shoot for Mondays (You usually do updates on Sunday, right?) when I should be working.)

I think I remember you. Letter sweater and a camera, right? Anyway, thanks again.

The reason why I am writing is that although I took today (Monday) off, I thought I would go to the site on my home computer. Alas - no bookmark, and I forgot the URL. So I went to AOL Netfind, put in "Scottsdale High School" and came up with this. It is a little sluggish, but it turns out to be the web site for Scottsdale High School in Tasmania, Australia. All those times we were saying "Go Beavers" we had no idea just how far away we were being heard.

Just thought you and the fellow beaves might like to know.

Go Taz!, er Beavers!
Tim Calland
Class of '71

PS I ultimately found your site by going to the official Arcadia site, under Alumni. I should probably get a life. Regards, TC

Brooks Clark
Subj: photo
Date: 11/23/98 9:24:39 PM Central Standard Time
From: bclark@csi.com (Brooks CSI Clark)

1968 yearbook, page 65, Old Main Building. Easy.

Brooks Clark, '71

I didn't graduate from Scottsdale High School but I remember my time there with VERY fond
memories. I can still flip through my yearbook and remember you all quite
vividly- Mary Wiley, Robert Campbell, Jerry Moloney, Dee Meacham, and more.
Thanks everyone. E-mail if you remember, too>

Tom Cloute
Date: 6/14/00 2:29:35 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Akaofishal@aol.com





Lynn Marie Desjardins
Subj:  Scottsdale High School reunion
Date: 11/1/00 5:49:18 PM Central Standard Time
From:    schfam@oldwest.net (Jeff Schwartz)

Hello William,>

>I am Lynn Marie Desjardins (now Schwartz) Of 1971, I think (or ' 72). I just got the reunion letter  from SCOTTSDALE HIGH SCHOOL today from my sister. A little late. My address has been changed from 8512 E. Thomas Road Scottsdale, Arizona  to  6707 Lariat Lane Prescott,  Arizona 86305. (520) 778-5204. I have live here for 12 years and have a 17 year old girl and an 8 year old boy. My husbands name is Jeff. He is a great man! >

I have MS (mutilple scolrosis). I walk with a cane during the winter and use the scooter or wheel chair in the summer. The heat isn't good for me. Other wise I do well. I am not working. Just a  full time mom and wife. >

I have been trying to locate Peggy O'Connor.  Hankins is her married name. The last time I saw her was 12 years ago. When I moved up here. Could you possibly find her new address? Her old one was 127 East Carson Dr. Tempe, AZ 85282.


>Lynn Schwartz

Brice Fawley
Subj: Class of 71'
Date: 3/23/00 7:01:57 AM Central Standard Time
From: PittedPrun@aol.com

Brice Fawley
Greetings fellow Scottsdale High School grads
Married now for 25 years to Lori ( Gilbert ), also a Scottsdale High School student but graduated from Arcadia in 74'. We have four children, Leyland 24, Ian 21, Spencer 18, and Ashlay 12.
We still live in the Arcadia area but plan a move to the Phoenix Mountain Preserve area south of Shea with room for our horses and other assorted pets. I am a General Building Contractor, and do mostly high end custom remodels in the Arcadia and Paradise Valley areas. We enjoy riding our horses, going to Lake Powell and summer trips to Lori's family ranch in Ouray, Colo. I look forward to seeing everyone at the 2000' reunion.
My E-mail address is PittedPrun@aol.com

Sue Fellows
Subj: Register
Date: 9/14/00 3:41:49 PM Central Daylight Time
From: cusi@phoenixdsl.com (Sue)

Hi there, My name is Sue Fellows Wilson, Class of 71.
I still live almost around the corner from the old Scottsdale High School .
I have been married for 25 years, married a great guy
from this area, Dave, we have 2 kids, Sarah who is 23,
and a son, Taylor who is 18. Great kids, both went to
Coronado High. Have been busy for the past -WOW-
29 years working hard and playing hard.


Cathy Franklin ( Ditzler)

Date: 98-01-13 19:52:21 EST

From: galahad@goodnet.com (The Franklin Family)

Class of 71

Nice to see a Scottsdale High School website. My famly and I still live in the area and it would be nice to hear from fellow beavers. Currently I'am working as a graphic design instructor at Al Collins Graphic Design School. I 've enjoyed running in to fellow Scottsdale High School grads over the years. Some of us have even had our kids in the same class in grade school together. You may reach me at...

galahad @ goodnet.com

Mike Kincaid
Subj: 1971
Date: 3/28/2004
From: Mike12321@aol.com

Hi my name is Mike Kincaid and I graduated in 1971. I stumbled across this web site through a guy that I met at a KU basketball party over the weekend. I am a dentist and live in Lawrence Kansas after graduating from Arizona State and getting my DDS at the University of Iowa. I also obtained an MPH from the University of Kansas a couple of years ago. I work as a practicing dentist and also teach continuing education courses in dentistry for the federal government. My wife Anne and I have been married 21 years, have three sons and a good life in Kansas.  We are a busy bunch whether on the lake in the boat or taking trips on the Harley and enjoy life to the max. I would love to hear from any of you that graduated around the same time as I still get back to AZ a couple of times a year to see my dad in Scottsdale and would like to keep in touch. Too bad about Beaver paradise as it was a great time!!!
My Email is mike12321@aol.com.    Best of luck to you all.....................

Jack LaPota
Subj: 1971
Date: 10/10/00 1:36:27 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Carjac97@aol.com

My name is John LaPota class of 71a.k.a. Jack LaPota.I did not graduate with my class in 71 cause of some trouble I got into at school. I attended all four years of high school at Scottsdale high. Can I still be counted? My email address it is
carjac97@aol.com I also have a Web site for my business powercarpettile.com
please include me in your mailings if you can I know everybody from classes 71 and would like to be included even though I did not graduate technically. My mailing address is 1833 E. baseline road No. 255
Gilbert, Arizona 85233

Jill Lawson
Subj: is there a 30 year reunion
Date: 3/4/01 6:03:50 PM Central Standard Time
From: Yamcat11@aol.com

aka - Jill Lawson - Have been in Oregon the last 9 years - coming to Az to move my sone back from college - thought I would see about any reunion plans  - I got this
e-mail address from my mom - who still lives in Phx - so I,m not sure if this will
get to someone or be lost in e-mail space, but figured it was worth a try - Hope
someone is out there!!! Thanks Jill Lawson Tyrrell

Kathy Mahoney
Subj: Scottsdale High School 71
Date: 7/27/99 3:10:50 PM Central Daylight Time
From: blickle@erols.com (Robert Blickle)

OK, here goes a second try. Thanks to Rob Peterson for telling me about
this website; after I checked into it I understood that I was supposed to
WRITE SOMETHING on the email message, which would be my posting. There was
no questionnaire....I'm just too used to filling out forms, I guess.

I'm living on another planet, Washington, D.C. 3 year tour of Navy active
duty, supposed to end the summer of '01 - maybe I can figure out a way to
blast off early, however. I still can't believe I'm putting on a uniform
every day and working within the beltway.

A few other truths which are stranger than fiction: my son Casey is halfway
through college at Notre Dame.....I've delivered eulogies to both my
parents..... I'm only in touch with two people from high school - Rob
Peterson and Pat O'Donnell (who also lives and works in the DC area) - and
just barely with both of them..... the price of a long distance phonecall to
Denmark is 10% what it was 25 years ago......the turn of this century is
only 4 months away......I still have dreams about forgetting my locker
combination......politics in the private sector, military, church and civic
organizations are EXACTLY the same as in high school......I can swim a mile
but not run two blocks......and most difficult of all for me to comprehend -
if our 30th reunion is only 2 years away, we must be nearly 50!

My husband Rob and I have a great house on beautiful Whidbey Island, in the
Puget Sound - to which we hope to return after this assignment (or the next)
in the Navy. Between us we have 4 kids, our major project being to get them
all through college - one down, three to go. Thanks to his active duty
career and now mine, we've traveled a lot, lived in 5 places in the past 10
years and envy certain aspects of staying settled in a hometown. But that
doesn't seem to be in our movie, maybe never will be?

Kathy Mahoney (Blickle) or Kathy Blickle (Mahoney) I really don't
understand how that's supposed to be done. In high school it was Mahoney,
now it's Blickle. Rhymes with "Nestle", not "pickle".

P.S. Email penpals welcome. Blickle@erols.com Anyone know whatever
happened to Dave Denny?

Les Matlock
Subj: Scottsdale High School Graduate
Date: 11/26/99 12:25:08 AM Central Standard Time
From: AzDejaVu@aol.com

Les Matlock
Class of 1971
Still in Arizona
Soon to retire
Steve Kennedy
Lyn McDonough
The Mason Cousins
Beavers Paradise
Verde River Boondockers
Ray Planeta (a lot, it seemed!!)

How do I post a note on the site?

(You just did! - webmaster)

Leslie McConnaughy
Subj: All Class Reunion Registration
Date: 8/31/99 2:56:42 PM Central Daylight Time
From: lpiotrowski@grci.com (Piotrowski, Leslie)

From: Leslie S. McConnaughy-Piotrowski Class of '71 (barely!)

I'm in Washington, DC now working as a Beltway Bandit. I did 20+ years active duty in the Navy - retiring in Oct '97. Since then I've been working in and around the DC area as an Information Security Analyst supporting the government.

I have two sons, Richard is 11 and Michael (who I call Zippy is 7), and have lived in the suburbs of Maryland since 1990. I get home to Scottsdale about every year and a half to visit my family. My sisters are all alumni - Linda '65, Peggy '66, Lisa '81 and Laura '82. My brothers (Mike who would have been class of '72 and Mark who would have been class of '74) both went into the military and completed school there. My Dad is retired and living all over the country - my Mom passed away in '94. Among the McConnaughy Clan there are 7 kids, 19 grandkids, and 2 great-grandkids.

I was very saddened to hear of Dave Coats passing. He was a wonderful teacher (even with his temper) and had more faith in me than any teacher I ever had. I can't say there is any one thing in particular I miss about Scottsdale High School - I do have a recurring nightmare that I left all of my stuff in my locker and couldn't remember where my locker was. Not good. I keep in touch with Marcy Fidler (now Heard) Class of '72 who keeps me posted on the latest Scottsdale High School news. I do miss sitting at the Tastee Freeze smoking and goofing around. Waking Doug Dole up after History Class (good thing he didn't snore); I do remember Jeff Trapp. Jeff you lived a few houses down the street from me and tried to make my life miserable for years. Now I'm a respectable citizen - you never did get to bust any of us!; I also remember carrying Eric Tucker's books while he coughed the entire mile and a half from our neighborhood to school. Whooping cough will do that to you.

I am planning to attend the reunion - along with my sisters - so I will hopefully see some of you that I remember and who remember me. Until we meet again

Leslie S. M. Piotrowski lpiotrowski@grci.com

Jim Miller
Subj: All Class Reunion
Date: 1/5/00 9:45:45 AM Central Standard Time
From: j.miller@morrisind.com (James Miller)

Top of the Morning to all!

Jim Miller here, class of '71
Scottsdale High School Newpaper/Yearbook photographer

Please send me more information on the upcoming reunion. I have several
contacts of former Beavers and they too are interested (One being a
graduate and teacher).
My current address is:
17249 N. 7th. Street #1163
Phoenix, Arizona 85022

Thanks for maintaining a web site.

Phyllis Moore (now Quatman) Class of 1971

Date: 98-02-10 15:20:43 EST

From: quatman@cyberport.net (phyllis quatman)

I am now living in Whitefish, Montana. I am married to Jack Quatman (20 yrs) and have two kids, ages 9 and 14 (Jack and Lyndsey). I am an attorney - prosecuted in Richmond, Calif. for 8 years (until 6/97).

Hubby also prosecuted for 25 yrs in Oakland. After over 20 yrs in law enforcement, decided to get out of Calif while our family and lives were still intact! We love it here. Opening a small practice here this week (2/98). e-mail is quatman@cyberport.net I'd love to hear from or about my classmates, especially Laurie Parks (now ____?). I also have the latest on my brother, Kevin Moore - class of '69, my cousin Doug Drake - class of '68, my cousin Linda - class of 70, and my sister-in-law, Bong Sung (aka Sue Moore) - class of 70.


Liz Oslund and Jim Roehr
Subj: 1971 30th Reunion
Date: 8/27/01 1:58:03 AM Central Daylight Time
From:    jimandliz2001@home.com (Jim and Liz Roehr)

Hi Guys!

It's been great reading all your bios!  This is Liz Oslund Roehr, married to
Jim Roehr, yes from our same graduating year at Scottsdale High School !  And we didn't even
date in High School!  Hey, I'm working on the 30th Reunion with Nancy Eckle
Sherr, and are looking for as many addresses and email addresses as
possible.  If any of you have any info on friends from school, please email
me with whatever you have.  The Reunion is scheduled for Nov. 23-25, 2001
(Thanksgiving weekend)
, and we hope to see all of you there!  We're planning
on doing the mailing this week, so let me know any updates as soon as
possible!  Also, we're in the process of setting up our own website:
Scottsdale High School Class71.com   It should be up and running within about a week, so check
it out.  Bill, we appreciate all your work with this website, and hope to
put a link from ours to yours if that's okay with you.  I will send you more
info on our Reunion, too so maybe you can post it on your website as well.
Thanks in advance for any info you guys can send us.  You can send it to us
at jimandliz2001@home.com.  By the way, we're doing great.  Our 3 kids are
all grown and married or away to college.  We have 3 grandkids and 2 more on
the way.  If you're in the valley, you may have seen Jim in the
AccessArizona commercial this past week or so.  He does quite a few
commercials, but they don't always show here in Phoenix.  He's also teaching
Theater at Desert Mountain High School in Scottsdale, and does a lot of
Theater around the valley.  He was just nominated for an Ari"Zoni" best
actor award.  I'm a corporate trainer and travel all over the world doing
training.  Some of the places I've been to are Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur,
Helsinki, Sydney, Frankfurt, Jakarta, Manila, and Kuwait!  I also do Theater
around the valley.  Jim and I were in "Pump Boys and Dinnettes" this past
spring, and will be in "Fiddler on the Roof" together this fall.  We still
have our band, and play regularly.  Well, that's what we're up to.  Hope to
hear from you all, and see you at the 30th Reunion!  Our address is:
10847 E. Forge Cir., Mesa, AZ  85208     480-354-1054hm, 480-354-1055fax

Thanks a bunch!
Liz and Jim Roehr

Buff (Palmer) Berg
Subj: register
Date: 11/5/98 9:13:29 PM Central Standard Time
From: BPB5@aol.com

Good work, Bill Farrell!

My son at ASU informed me of this website. Though I am completely computer illiterate, I thought I would register. I'm Buff (Palmer) Berg, from the class of '71. Along with my brothers, Mike '69, Rett '72, Tab '73, Clip '78, and sister, Calee '80, we covered a few years there. Since I still know all of them (duh!) I know where and what they are doing, if anyone needs to know.
I've lived back in Scottsdale for 10 years now, after living in Salt Lake City for 13 years.
I have a husband, Mike, and three boys, Dustin (18), Tyler (15) and Ryan (4). I work at America West Airlines
I've been involved in our class reunions and still keep in contact with quite a few people.
My boys have gone to Saguaro, which was at first hard to cheer for. (The things we do for our kids.) We have a great life!
Plan on checking in every so often. Thanks for the info. "Beavers Forever"!


Robert B. Peterson
Subj: Greetings from Rob Peterson, Class of '71
Date: 4/9/99 5:17:09 PM Central Daylight Time
From: rbpeters@srpnet.com (Robert B. Peterson)

Hello fellow Beavers, hope all is well with everyone...........

I still remember the advice that Jose Barcala gave me years ago: Un
boca cerrada, no entran moscas. Too bad that the only value I received
from it was to never forget the Spanish word for fly. I remember
learning in Social Studies that the most politcally informed age groups
were high school students, college students, and senior citizens. Hmmm,
sort of explains why the most important politcal event for the Baby
Boomers was the White House affair. I can't wait for April 30 so I can
participate in the Great Gas Out. You know, the day, the one single
day, where everyone is supposed to avoid buying gas in protest if high
prices. Too bad that everyone else in the world pays $3-$4/gallon.
Isn't it funny that sometimes the only dirty jokes you can remember are
the ones you didn't get when they were told. It took me two years to
get the dirty joke that Jean Hollis told the night she had the world
famous Flamenco dancers over at her house. And, I still remember that
joke, how strange. A teacher could get in trouble for telling jokes
like that nowdays; too bad. Remember how cool it was hanging out in
Beaver Paradise. I wonder what Beaver Paradise looks like now. Looking
forward to seeing you all at the next reunion.

If anyone wants to chat or just simply play an email chess game, please
write. I'm a MWM, tall, NSLD, interested in all types, looking for
ex-beavers that want to have fun.



Becky Roland
Subj: Scottsdale High School web site
Date: 4/4/01 11:22:14 AM Central Daylight Time
From:    phillipr@spot.colorado.edu (Becky Phillips)

Hi Scottsdale High School webmaster!

Thanks for doing such a great job on the web site!  I'm a 1971 Scottsdale High School graduate and would like to put a little letter on the web (along with all the others) to let old classmates know where I am and what I'm doing.  How do I go about that?


Becky (Rowland) Phillips
Boulder Campus Staff Council
207 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309
492-5473  FAX 492-2765

Gary Sapp
Subj: Hello from Gary Sapp, Class of 71'
Date: 3/2/00 10:12:36 AM Central Standard Time
From: garyatalliance360@email.msn.com (Carole Brookins)

After graduating in 1971 I went to NAU for a year. I married in 1972 and
have 3 children by my first wife. I started in the printing business in
1973. In 1977 I moved to Texas to start a company in the town (14,000) where
my parents were originally from. Lived there 4 years before closing my
business and moved to Colorado in 1981 where I pursued my hobby of technical
climbing which I had started in high school. Plus, those Texans in small
towns were pretty rednecked and prejudice back then and that didn't work. In
1983 I started another printing business in Fort Collins, Colorado which I
had until August of 1999. I live about 20 miles out of town with my second
wife of 11 years, Carole. I spend most of my off time either climbing or
exploring Wyoming (35miles to the north) looking for arrowheads. Would like
to hear from any of you, especially those from the old Kaibab elementary
days. I can be contacted at:
Gary Sapp

Glen & Lois Shaw
Subj: Scottsdale High School web site
Date: 12/08/2004
From:    glenandlois@comcast.net

Hello all!  I have been busy the past 33 years.  After High School I joined the Army and served with the 25th Infantry Division,  After discharge I moved to Seattle To marry my first wife August 10, 1976.  We had one son born January 1978 and were divorced October 10, 1984.  I have been working for the Department of Veterans Affairs since May 1984, for the last 6 years as a computer specialist (I work the help desk).  On December 16, 1994 I married again but this time to a most wonderful woman, Lois.
What a surprise to run across the Web Site that Bill maintains.  I have attempted a few contacts but the email address is usually no longer valid or people have applied an approved senders list.  I for one would be glad to hear from friends from the past.  Take care and God bless.
Glen and Lois Shaw

Nancy Sherr
Subj: Class of 1971 Reunion
Date: 9/14/00 1:37:01 AM Central Daylight Time
From: sherr@ionet.net (Nancy Sherr)

This is great!  I'm starting work on the Class of 1971's Second 15 year
Reunion (ok 30th but how I hate to say it!).  What I want to know is if
we can post info on committee meeting and event info here.  If it's ok,
let me know how to go about it.  Our first meeting will be on Thursday,
September 21, 2000 at 7pm, my house-8835 N. 47th Place, Phx.  Any and
all classmates are encouraged to get involved in the planning.  I can be
contacted at 480 483-3381 or sherr@ionet.net.  Thanks for all your help
with this and for the great work on the Scottsdale High School alumni site.

Nancy Sherr

Clifford Slyder
Subj: Count me in!
Date: 8/28/00 9:22:36 PM Central Daylight Time
From: CJSLYDER@aol.com

I know, it's about time I came around. This is Clifford Slyder, one of the Notorious Slyder Brothers, class of ''71 checking in. Send me all your registration poop to:
3547 E. Highland, Phoenix, 85018.
Call if you want to, 602-955-0933

Shari Spears
Subj: I Love E-Mail
Date: 10/9/00 12:36:43 PM Central Daylight Time
From: ANDYBOMBECK@prodigy.net (andrew w. Bombeck)

Thank you very much for all the time you spend on this website, it is most generous of you.
On the strong recommendation of the fabulous Ms. Terri Rundle and the indomitable Elisabeth Andres, I joined the party at the Coast on friday night. We arrived a little late as I had a prior engagement with Aartlink downtown, but found the crowd in good party form. To my immediate dismay, my boyfriend, Andy, was the first person recognized by someone he dated years before. Hey, this is my reunion! But, then I was approached by possibly the handsomest man on the set, Mike Hymer. What a perfect denouement, thank-you Mike. Anyway, Mike, what are you doing these days? Of course, Danny Harkins looks great, probably all those free adjustments, Donna Phillips was beautiful and still very little, Mike Goss-wow, Buff looks like Marie Osmond, Amy Johnson is still short and of course still cute, Jerry Burgess write to me. I missed several persons and inquiring minds want to know where are they?
Like, Kathy Flanigan, Gary Wierck, Tim Calland (I still remeber our first kiss), George and Kris Tibsherany, Teri Wager, Mike Titterington, Wayne (who made my heart) Ake, Dave Ellis, Ted Decker, Carla Plenert, Duncan Wales, Kathy and Sally Andrews, Marc Zebell, Bernie Zavala, Marcia Durrenberger etc., etc.
Short bio, so you know if you want to correspond with a normal person like myself. I divorced a couple of years ago, have three beautiful daughters, Margot, Simone and Dominique and four grandsons. I have been painting for many years and I have developed a comic strip, soon to be published and I write a series of fictional email correspondences between Iris Botticelli and Lily Breakfastnook. I went to college for many years, majored in ten things, started doing yoga and macrobiotics, didn't let my children watch television or eat sugar, sold vintage clothes, painted car and store windows, edited the coop newsletter ( the granola years) went back to school for ceramics, html, computer graphics and teaching certification, taught high school English and Art for several years, had my art in some exibitions, sold my art and got a job at Sun Sounds Radio, a radio reading service for the blind, where I run focus groups, surveys, and design publications and web content. I am soon to be a board member of Artlink a downtown arts association, I am hoping to produce a drag show for some of the upcoming first fridays and if you want to be notified of these gala events just email me and I will put you on the list. I play tennis, badly and still do yoga, drive a '76 cinnamon red convertible volkswagen, so wave if you see me.

If you care to drop me a line, I would love to hear from you.

Shari Spears a.k.a. Shari Boulanger

P.S. Man of La Mancha at the Phoenix Theatre is great, so see it if you can.


Howard Suggs
Subj: Howard Suggs Class of '71
Date: 8/20/01 10:56:23 PM Central Daylight Time
From:    svalles@qwest.net (Shelli Valles)

I can receive email at this address:  svalles@qwest.net.  I'm interested in
information about the 30 yr class reunion.  Thank you, Howard Suggs

Layna Taylor
Subj: Regstration
Date: 2/16/00 12:57:42 PM Central Standard Time
From: ltaylor@ica.state.az.us (Layna Taylor)

From Layna Taylor, Class of 1971:

MANY THANKS to Bill Farrell for setting this up and giving us the
opportunity to find long lost Scottsdale High School friends and keep in touch until the next
reunion and beyond.
I am still in the Phoenix area, graduated from ASU with a BA in 1975 and a
JD in 1980. Am now an Administrative Law Judge for the Industrial
Commission of Arizona. I have worked on all the prior 1971 reunions (we
had such fun at the 10th that we just kept having them every five years) so
have seen some of my old buddies but am looking for many others -- (Laurie
Parks, Mary WInter, Kathy Cramer, for instance). Am looking forward to the
all-class reunion. Hope to see many friends there. Contact me at
laynat@hotmail.com -- Beavers Forever!

Carrie Thompson
Subj: Scottsdale High School
Date: 3/9/99 6:35:04 AM Central Standard Time
From: Nostwo

Cool site! I emailed Mary and gave her my scoop.
I am Carrie Thompson from the class of '71. I am a jazz singer. My performing
name is Carri Coltrane.

Go to my web site!

Thank you for creating this site. I asked my web guy to link up.


Rex Townsend
Subj: 1971 Scottsdale High School Graduate
Date: 10/9/99 2:39:53 AM Central Daylight Time
From: rrt@connectexpress.com (Rex R. Townsend)

Good website! I've been oblivious to any alumni acitivity all these years, but I stumbled across this site and a few old memories came back. (Not too many - graduation was almost 29 years ago!) Anyway, a real short bio: Graduated from ASU in 1975. Met my wife Jan in 1976 while I was near the end of a San Diego to Canada marathon camping trip with Terry Kalaf, a 1973 Arcadia grad. Married Jan in 1977, and lived and worked in Victoria, British Columbia and then back in Phoenix before settling in Medford, Oregon in 1981 where our two kids were both born. Moved to the Seattle area in 1983 and been here ever since. I completed the Pacific Coast Banking School at the University of Washington in 1994. I'm currently CEO of American Marine Bank headquartered on Bainbridge Island where we reside. I don't get back too frequently to AZ, but it sure was a shock the first time that I saw that the old Scottsdale High School was totally gone! I'll probably get back to the valley a little more often in the next few years as my daughter is a freshman at ASU this year (1999-2000), and my son who is a high school junior is considering taking the same route. Who would have thought that I would be paying out-of-state tuiton to ASU? Anyway, it was nice to see some familiar names on the website such as Rob Peterson, Buff Palmer, Phyllis Moore, and yes even Jeff Trapp!

Rex Townsend

Jeff Trapp
Date: 98-01-10 00:00:25 EST
From: trapp@goodnet.com (Jeff Trapp)

Geez...It was such a flash. Did I graduate in 69, 70, 71? I will have to ask my kids. Jeff Trapp, still in Scottsdale. I will never leave .....until you pry my cold, dead fingers from around the door handle of Fashion Square. (Mr. Reith, is my grammar O.K.?)

[You graduated in 1971, Jeff. I looked it up. -webmaster]

Fred Valcho
Subj: class of '71
Date: 10/6/00 2:10:15 PM Central Daylight Time
From: fvalcho@cisco.com (Fred Valcho)

Not of Scottsdale, but of Acadia (booo hisss!!!) but all my grade school
friends and my younger brothers went to Scottsdale. Anyways,
anyone who knew my from grade scholl, please right. Whatever happened to
Doug Dole?

| | Frederick D. Valcho
:|: :|: lab: (408) 525-8713
:|||: :|||: voice: (408) 527-1346
.:|||||||:...:|||||||:. e-mail: fvalcho@cisco.com
C i s c o S y s t e m s e-page: fvalcho@epage.cisco.com

Phil Watson
Subj: Me ;Class of 1971
Date: 6/22/01 11:37:10 PM Central Daylight Time

Hi everyone,

I got lost for about 20 years and haven't kept contact with anyone. Finally got myself together and work for the government as a computer analyst for the last 12 years. Ron Rodgers, you dork, send me an email. Anyone else remember me, send me one too.  philwatson9@hotmail.com.Hope to hear from ya,     Phil W.

Tim Wingo
Subj: Scottsdale High School Alumni
Date: 4/7/00 7:56:33 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Wingman t@aol.com

I just stumbled upon this site today and thought I'd toss in my bio since the days wandering the campus of good ole Scottsdale High School . It has been 29 years and I don't have a huge amount of memories from that era, perhaps some of my catching up will reveal why (hint: raising 5 children will do that to ya!)

As I mention in my "hint" above, I am married to another Scottsdale High School graduate Bonnie (Crosley) Wingo (Class of '74). We've been married a little over 20 years and have the 5 children between the two of us. I had 2 from a previous marriage (a Coronado graduate! NOT a great idea! lol) and Bonnie had 1. Together we added 2 more and ended up with 4 boys and the last being our only daughter. Only our daughter remains at home and is almost 18 years old.

The past 29 years are not all that important so I'll just tell where I'm at today. I live in Avondale and have worked for the past 28 years or so in the title insurance business. I am also Associate Pastor at a church here in Avondale (kind of a bi-vocational thing going on for now) and hope one day to be full time in church ministry. Bonnie is my greatest support and my best friend.

I haven't kept in touch with any of the old crowd, life kind of moved me around. My high school years were very non eventful and not many probably would even remember me. Yet, my mother still lives in the house I grew up in and when I drive by where the old campus used to be I feel a bit melancholic and remember when...

Beavers forever!

Tim WIngo
Class of 1971

Connie Woolsey
Subj: class of 1971
Date: 7/5/00 1:15:08 AM Central Daylight Time
From: servicetek@earthlink.net (Craig Heidenthal)

Hello all you Beavers. I was very excited to learn of this site. My
name is Connie Woolsey-Heidenthal. Also known as the first senior to
get married before I graduated, guess what? I am still married to the
same man. My husband Craig also went to Scottsdale High School (class of 67). We have one
daughter, Maggie (22) she's a student at San Diego State. In 1983 we
moved to Thousand Oaks CA, due to job transfer. In 1989 we started our
own business as automotive equipment suppliers. We go back to Scottsdale
a couple times a year and we are both very sad when we drive my the old



Kathy Baker and Danny Bradford
Subj: Registration
Date: 8/23/00 3:03:58 PM Central Daylight Time
From: KBRADFOR@usagroup.com (KATHY BRADFORD)

My husband and I registered and paid quite awhile ago.... please include us in the section of the web site regarding "Who in your class has registered".. Thank You.

Danny Bradford- '70
Married Kathy Baker- class of '72. Two daughters, Tiffany- 23 & Tamara- 20.
Spent most of his adult life with the military. The US Navy during the Viet Nam War and 15 years as a CW3 in the US Army.
Traveled and lived many places, to include- Korea, Japan, Hawaii, Germany, and many state side states.
Served in the Persian Gulf War
Worked for 6 years for the VA Hospital in Phoenix. Currently back in the Communications Security arena working for an international company for the military... currently residing in Sierra Vista.

Kathy Baker Bradford- '72
Married to Danny Bradford-class of 70. Two daughters, Tiffany- 23 & Tamara- 20.
Thanks to Dan's military career- enjoyed living in many wonderful places, to include- Georgia, Washington, Hawaii, and favorite of all... Germany.
Worked for the American Red Cross in Germany and for the past 5 years, works in the Quality & Training department of USA Group, a large Student Loan company.


Loretta Bauer
Subj: Great Reunion!
Date: 11/8/00 2:20:43 AM Central Standard Time
From:    loretta@aritegroup.com (Loretta Rite)
I just wanted to thank everyone who worked so hard to put this reunion
together.  I'm also glad this website is still being updated.  Since I was
in band all four years of school, it was great to be able to see all my
fellow band members who graduated from 1969 thru 1975.  Hopefully, you can
post this with my e-mail address so some can keep in touch.  I was surprised
at how many of us live so close to each other.  We were so excited to see
each other at the reunion, that many of us forgot to exchange phone numbers
until later in the evening when a few had already left.
Will look forward to future updates of info.
Loretta (Bauer) Rite '72

Nancy Baumann
Subj: Great site!
Date: 7/8/00 1:55:34 PM Central Daylight Time
From: chonies@azstarnet.com (Price & Rochman family)

I've had so much fun reading the messages from people I remember, and
from people whose messages jogged my memory. Thanks for doing this.
How do I get my message in with the 70s group?

Nancy Baumann Rochman  72>

It's been a blast reading everyone's messages. I live in Tucson with
one husband, two daughters and three stepdaughters - now only 3 of the 5
girls live at home due to aging and moving on (marriage, graduating from
college and starting a career in another city). I work as Vice
President in a small medical device manufacturer in Tucson; I was the
Controller, but now am responsible for Human Resources and Quality
Assurance (our company is regulated by the FDA). Anyway, I have loved
watching my kids go through high school years; it is a time of life with
opportunity to get involved in so many different things, and yet you
don't have the responsibility of a career, a marriage or children. It's
a time of being so self-conscious!!! How did we get through it
intact?????? God, that seems like a lifetime ago, but unlike so many
things these days, I actually have distinct memories of some of the
moments of our 4 years at Scottsdale High. Looking forward to sharing
some of them with everyone at the reunion. I hope I recognize a few
people! Write if you want to be in touch before the reunion.


Marleigh Braswell
Subj: register?
Date: 3/7/01 9:29:27 PM Central Standard Time
From:    MarLee@dakotacom.net (Lee & Marleigh Freyenhagen)

HI! Marleigh "Poofy" (Braswell) Freyenhagen here. I should have graduated in 1972, I attended all four years and was 1/2 credit short. I have a GED. Am I eligible to register?

My brother, David, and sister, Kerry, also graduated from Scottsdale High School . I sent them the home page.Thank you for keeping a nice site and giving everyone a chance to reunite with old friends.

PO Box 442
Sonoita, AZ 85637-0442
P.S. Paul Slyder told me about the site, but I see he is not registered...

Doug Brown
Subj: Class of 1972
Date: 7/27/99 8:01:04 PM Central Daylight Time
From: brownmcse@getnet.com (Gordon Brown)

I graduated in 1972 and was known as Doug Brown, so please use the following as
my registration: D. (Doug) Gordon Brown

Thanks and if you need any computer or Internet assistance, please don't
hesitate to ask.

Very Best Wishes,
D. Gordon Brown, MCSE, MCP+Internet
Direct Line: 602.889.6546
HomeOffice: 602.675.8684
Pager: 602.409.7901
Cell: 602.329.5514

For Those Who Fought For It, FREEDOM Has A Flavor
The Protected Will Never Know.

Dan Burtnett
Subj: BEAVERS PARADISE forever !!!
Date: 10/17/99 2:32:45 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Burtdani@aol.com

Dan Burtnett
Class of 72 !!!

Frank Byers
Subj: Frank R. Byers
Date: 8/1/00 11:27:29 AM Central Daylight Time
From: frank.byers@motorola.com (Frank Byers)


I'm Frank Byers class of 1972. Married to a Coronado graduate, Tracy,
and we have three children, Amanda, Sabrina ,and Austin. We live in
Gilbert and I work for Motorola. Some of you may remember one of my
brothers, Bill, Tom or John and lets not forget my baby sister Elaine.



Dan Cauble
Subj: Scottsdale High School Reunion 1972
Date: 11/2/00 9:08:10 PM Central Standard Time
From: dlcisw@home.com (dlcisw)

Dan Cauble
E-mail dlcisw@home.com

Pam Christensen
Subj: Registration
Date: 2 November, 2005
From: PLongbine@aol.com

Hi Bill

A friend of mine (Lynn Crook Whitman 1971) recently sent me the website for SHS. It is terrific!

I graduated in 1972 from SHS and recently moved back to the Scottsdale area after 20 years in the San Franciso Bay Area and SO happy to be back home!

So thought it might be a good idea as it would be fun to reconnect with a few of my friends.
If you wouldn't mind adding me to the roster, that would be most appreciated.
Pam Christensen Longbine 1972

Paul Connolly
Subj: Class of 72
Date: 2/13/2005
From: theconnollys@charter.net

Howdy Beavers,
My name is Paul Connolly (1972) I attended Scottsdale for 3 years but graduated at another school.  I started out at Paiute Grade School in 1962.  I have read some of the memories you guys have really made me think about those years 1968-1971.  You guys remember the open campus issue. Teachers and students going back and forth of whether we could leave campus at lunch.  I was really happy that they settled on letting us go off campus for lunch.  Long hair, tight bell- bottom jeans, pin striped shirts,  wire rim sunglasses, and tire-tread sandals.  I also enjoyed Rodeo week at SHS They had the Sheriff put you in Jail and you had to be tried and pay a fine to get out of jail.  Seems like in 1971 we played a joke on a bunch of teachers and tied them in a circle around a tree with a long rope and after a few minutes of laughing at them we were suppose to untie them but some one suggested that we should leave them and go home which several of us did.
   I think my favorite Teacher was Mr. Macgregor ( I think that was his name) Biology teacher.  We all learned the Arachnid song and many will remember that "Oxidation produces quite a flame,- oxide is the new materials name". and that you better get your WATHI in on time.  I had fun in his class because I found out that at 5 or 10 minutes before the end of class you could raise your hand and request to sing a song.  Macgregor would tell which of his songs you could recite and Wham!  Thirty seconds of embracement singing in front of the class and he would let you leave class after you sang.  Hey, that was extra time in the boys bathroom for cigarettes.  I wonder if anyone has a picture of the Beaver Mascot they could scan for me.  I think it would be cool on a tee shirt. or maybe a patch for my coat. I have moved to Tennessee for several years but will always remember you all.
Beavers Forever,
Paul Connolly


Bruce Fanshaw
Date: 6/19/00 3:53:18 PM Central Daylight Time
From: RYBRYV@AOL.COM (Fanshaw, Bruce OSCS (EWTGPAC N7))

Marcy Fidler
Date: 1/2/00 11:24:36 PM Central Standard Time
From: HeardDKFL@aol.com

Was told about this site by a friend of many years. I am Marcy (Fidler) Heard and graduated in 1972. I am now living in the same house I grew up in. I have been married 16 years, have 2 children ages 14 and 12, worked for the Arizona Diamondbacks all 1999 season and am now working for the Team Shops. Since high school I worked in telemarketing for 11 years, some banking, have done some retail, had a home based business for four years, and I am to begin going to college for the first time.

I was told about the reunion in October of this year and would like more information about it. I am still in touch with grads from '69, '70, '71, and '72.

Happy Millennium!

Sue Glady
Subj: Hello '72 Grads!
Date: 2/11/00 2:05:13 AM Central Standard Time
From: Sammarcs@home.com (Sammarco)

Hi All!

This is Sue Glady (now Sammarco) and I have really enjoyed reading everyone else's stories. I can't believe so much time has passed and so many of us are talking about our grandkids! Does anyone else still feel like a kid themselves?

I have been married to my second husband for four+ years. I have two sons, ages 19 & 21, from my first marriage. They are great--one attends UofA in the pre-vet program and the other has almost completed his BA in Graphic Design. I also have a married step-son and a grandson.

I have had a variety of career paths in my adult life but my current position is that of Director of Public Relations for The Art Institute of Phoenix. We are a private post-secondary school.

For fun, I continue to show dogs as I have done since the age of 11. We have Newfoundland dogs that we show throughout the Southwest.

At the time of the last reunion, I was very involved with the Ostrich industry in AZ but when that industry changed, I had to go back to work at a real job. It gave me a great opportunity though, to gain political experience and some renown as a writer on a national level which was very fun.

The time has slipped by so fast and some of those days seem so fresh. Does anyone else remember the teachers' strike? I recall walking beside Mr. Bruscemi, the Latin teacher, as he espoused the importance of the strike. Or the day we took the teachers out and tied them to the big palm tree?

We were so innocent, in spite of the drugs and war of our era. Life was still easier than it has been for our kids. I look forward to sharing with old friends of the past at the October reunion. I hope you all can make it! In the meantime, feel free to write...


Nancy (Hay) O'Brien
Subj: Class of 1974
Date: 6/21/2004
From: nanobrien@hotmail.com

I was Nancy Hay, graduated in 1972. I was married for 27 years as Nancy Lindquist and divorced 2 years ago and went to my mother's name O'Brien when I turned 50 on St. Pat's Day. I live in Oregon now and would love to hear from some of the gang. I missed the last reunion as I was driving from Phoenix to Eugene!

Where did the last 30 years go?
I guess I will try and heed the words of that Tim McGraw song, ?In my next 30 years!?

I have the fondest memories of high school and had the great fortune of working with some of the same folks I went to school with or even better, had as teachers, as I worked for the Scottsdale School District for about 10 years.

As a ?Beaver? I was Nancy Hay. I went to Kaibab Elementary with the gang and then on to SHS. I lived on Montecito and can close my eyes and still see Mike Goss? VW bug swerving to miss the oranges being hurled from Norm Lydiard?s mustang
Remember Orange Wars? I remember Buff Palmer, Kris O?Hara, Marcene Hamblin, and Stephanie Marusich and on and on.

I went to four universities in my first four college semesters and finally finished at ASU. I might have been one of the first to get married at the ripe old age of 20. I was married for 27 years and divorced in 2002.I have four of the most wonderful children known to mankind ages 25, 24, 20 and 8!!!!!! What a gift the 8 year old is!!! The two dogs, cat , Mak (the 8 yr. old) and I live in Eugene, OR now. (Oregon is the most beautiful state
and Eugene is like losing 30 years
welcome to the 70s)!

I am a cancer survivor. I turned 50. I changed my name to my mother?s family name.

My younger sister Jane Hay Beuerlein lives in Cave Creek.

Please email or call if you ever get to the great northwest!

Again, thanks for the site...I have the best memories of high school!

Laurie Hutchison
Subj: 72' Graduate
Date: 11/21/99 12:52:33 PM Central Standard Time
From: taylornc@bellsouth.net (Laurie Taylor)

I am Laurie Hutchison Taylor
After 11 years of trying to figure out what I wanted to be
when I grew up American Express hired me. I am now a Sr.
Business Systems Analyst at American Express in Greensboro,
North Carolina. I have one son and three grandchildren.
My older sister married Gary Damore (a 1970 Scottsdale High School graduate)
and he has turned out to be someone I truly admire!
My husband I and love North Carolina and plan to retire
here. We visit friends and family in Arizona whenever we
can. We just had a wonderful visit and I attended a small
reunion of Scottsdale High School friends Patrice Huston, Sue Carr, Terry
Grandy, Kathy Kiley and Sharon Kane. What a great time!
Hello to my old friends....has anyone seen Nancy McConaha?
Best wishes!
Laurie Hutchison Taylor

Kent Hepburn
Subj: Hello - Class of 1972

Date: 98-02-04 21:19:30 EST

From: WKHepburn@cs.com (William K Hepburn)

Hard to believe that it has been more than 20 years since the Class of '72 went out on there own. I presently work for Banc One as a Sr. Systems Analyst. Hope to make one of the reunions in the future. For me, the timing has always been bad when the reunions for the Class of '72 comes around.  This web page is a great idea and hope to read more about graduates from all the classes.

Brook Hollister
Subj: class of 72
Date: 11/24/99 2:27:05 PM Central Standard Time
From: chiggerbug@alltel.net (BRUCE AND BROOKE GLOVER)

Brooke (Hollister) Glover
Class of 72

Hey Scottsdale High School Buds!!  Long time no see anybody.  I live in Quitman, Arkansas.  I have 2 daughters:  Kendall, 25 and Jennifer, 22.   I married Bruce Glover 6 years ago.  I also have 2 granddaughters, (Kendalls):   chandler and Hayden.  I have 2 granddaughters, Emily and Sydney from my stepsons Jason and Eric.

I left Scottsdale in 76 and went to Missouri for a short while where Mom and Dad are now, and then moved to Arkansas.  I am a behavioral management specialist working with the adult developmentally disabled.

I am looking for any info on:  Debbie Barnes, Lila Barton, Jim Gibson, Beverly Bittner, Bobbie Rindy, or any other dear old friends.  If you know anything contact be at chiggerbug@alltel.net.

Isn't this great now that we are approaching the twilight years we can all go back and enjoy the past.

Love and miss you all,


Patty Jones
Subj: Re: HELP
Date: 9/15/98 1:55:54 PM Central Daylight Time
From: pjones@sun1.wetmore.amphi.com

I graduated from Saguaro in 1972 and I'm not having too much luck in
cofinding old classmates. Could you help?

John Liffiton
Subj: registration
Date: 7/30/99 5:04:49 PM Central Daylight Time
From: john.liffiton@sccmail.maricopa.edu (John L. Liffiton)

Faculty - Language & Communication Division

Scottsdale Community College
9000 East Chaparral Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85256
Tel: 480-731-8866 x 14296

email: john.liffiton@sccmail.maricopa.edu

Diane (Limparis) Messer
Subj: Class of '72
Date: 4/12/99 10:39:38 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Diane77774

Diane (Limparis) Messer

I was pleased to find out about this web site. I'd like to hear from anyone who knows me. I saw a lot of familar names. I am still in the Phoenix area, married with 3 kids.


Deborah Lee Mack
Subj: Another one surfaces
Date: 6/11/01 5:26:42 PM Central Daylight Time
From:    wedwose@sierra.net (Deb)

My name was Deborah Lee Mack, now Butler.  I would have been Class of 1972
had my parents not moved to Tempe my Junior year.  The kids from Scottsdale High School were my
long-time childhood companions and I always regretted losing contact with
everyone. A friend suggested I look for a website, and voila! If there is
anything in the offing for a 30 year bash, count me in.

For what it's worth, I'm an artist living in Tahoe (Nevada side) for the
last twenty-two years, and a have a five-year old little savage named Ian.
Find me at wedwose@sierra.net.  Happy trails.

Katy McClanathan
Subj: Registration
Date: 6/15/00 11:52:59 AM Central Daylight Time
From: smate@cfl.rr.com (Steve Mate)

I was only at Scottsdale High for 2 years but I had a great time. I'm Katy
McClanathan Mate Class of '72. If anyone knows where to find Mark Hay Class
of '72, please e-mail me at kmate54@hotmail.com I'm also looking for Robin
Jefferson Class of '73. I'm sure her last name is different now but let me
know if you know of her. I live in Florida now. I moved here 12 years ago
with my husband and 2 children. I'm still an artist and also enjoy my
animals - 2 big dogs and 2 horses. Hope to see some familiar faces at the

Mike McConnaughy
Subj: Beavers in Paradise
Date: 9/1/99 12:00:53 AM Central Daylight Time
From: MURPH2001

Mike McConnaughy 1972 here one of approximately seven McConnaughys to attend dear old Scottsdale High School . Linda '65, Peggy '66(?), Leslie '71, Mike (me) '72(sort of), Mark '76(?) Lisa '81 and Laura '82(?). Linda lives in Scottsdale and always has. Peggy lives in Mesa, Leslie is retired from the Navy and lives in Maryland. Mark lives in Orem, Utah. Lisa lives in Peoria. Laura lives in Gilbert.

My wife Meg and I live in Glendale. I have been vice president of an electrical products manufacturer in Tempe for about ten years but am leaving this fall to establish my own company. I would love to attend the all class reunion and especially curious to find some of the old Paiute gang circa 1968.

Email me at Murph2001@AOL.com

Doug Nesselroad
Subj: Nesselroad's registration for Scottsdale High School reunion
Date: 3/10/00 5:49:08 PM Central Standard Time
From: dlness@uswest.net (douglas nesselroad)

Hi, I am Doug Nesselroad graduate of class of 1972, I am
married to Terri Wampler graduate class of 1974. We live at
8625 E Whitton Ave., Scottsdale Az, 85251

My brother is Bill Nesselroad graduate of class 1969.
We are all interested in all class reunion for Scottsdale
High school scheduled for October 2000. Please send us the
registration info.

Go Beavers!!!

Steve Opp
Subj: What I did for the last 29 summers...
Date: 6/24/01 5:14:10 PM Central Daylight Time
From: SDSteveOpp@aol.com

Greetings from La Jolla (San Diego), y'all. This year, several good high school friends have re-surfaced, so now I'll put my two cents in. Thanks to everyone who posted emails on this website. I am the national director of marketing for an automotive retail chain, but took off 6 years in the 90s to do volunteer work in Mexico and Costa Rica, including Peace Corps service. My interests are health/fitness (a 25-year vegetarian), personal growth, beach volleyball, ocean swimming, car restoration, architecture and remodeling, cooking, travel, Latin American culture. Be cool, stay young!

Steve Opp (sdsteveopp@aol.com)

Don Reed
Subj: Arcadia HS Update
Date: 11/9/99 8:18:46 PM Central Standard Time
From: Don-Reed@Home.com (Donald C. Reed)

Please add my name and e-mail address to the directory. I graduated
from Arcadia in 72.

Regards, Donald C. Reed

Stephen Rhoades
Subj: Class 0f 1972
Date: Monday, May 19, 2003 6:46:49 AM
From: sr@alumni.unh.edu

please add me to the Scottsdale High School register:
Stephen N. Rhoades (class of '72)
295 Harvard St. #1008
Cambridge, MA 02139
email: sr@alumni.unh.edu

Dan Rosenson
Subj: Class of 1972
Date: 3/27/99 10:35:35 PM Central Standard Time
From: D1E1R1

Hello: My name is Dan Rosenson and I just found this site. I am a 1972 graduate, and miss those days terribly. I have lived in California since 1976. Some of my old friends were Peggy O'Donnell, Michelle Rosanoff, Bill Lungren, Merrit Wiley, Ray Graves, some guy named PORKY, etc. Has anyone heard of or no whereabouts of Keith Kelly? Would love to hear from anyone from 1972, or who would remember me.

Scot Russell
Subj: Back in touch
Date: 6/29/00 12:12:19 PM Central Daylight Time
From: ScotR@sisna.com (Scot Russell)

I'm Scot Russell, class of 72. I live in Salt Lake City and hope to attend the reunion, although still need to make final arrangements. Will add more info later. Thanks for the great website.

This is the "upgrade" of my message (I didn't realize the first one was to be posted). I will be at the reunion and look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting others. My brothers Brent ('73) and Kit ('75) will be there and Patt --- well, he should come but you never know. I've been back in Salt Lake City for 15 years after spending a few years in other places, originally coming here to do my doctoral work in clinical psychology at the University of Utah. I worked on the faculty at the University of Utah Health Science Center and then started a private practice 2 years ago. My wife Diane and I have 3 kids together (two 16 year olds and a 9 year old). Being in SLC the last few years has been like watching Scottsdale and Phoenix "get discovered" in the 70's and 80's which gives me mixed feelings. One of my best and craziest accomplishments to date is that I played in an over-30 baseball (hardball) league for a couple of years in my "early" 40's --- and I only tore one leg muscle.

I want to call others out that I haven't seen on this site. Bagel Bopper and the rest, you know who you are. Let's have some fun.

Email: ScotR@sisna.com
Address: 1208 South 1700 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108
Phone: 801-583-6713 (home)

Carrie (Shainer) Rosko
Date: 98-01-09 22:07:53 EST
From: CarrieNation@worldnet.att.net (Carrie Rosko)
Reply-to: CarrieNation@worldnet.att.net
Carrie (Shainer) Rosko

Graduated class of '72. Looking to get in touch with Elaine Swanson (would have been class of '73). Also Chuck Teetsel... Nancy Schoenecker..Any blast from the past....

Subj: Patti (Pat) Sauro
Date: 12/27/98 4:52:41 PM Central Standard Time
From: SunsFnatk@aol.com

Hi Class of '72!
Those of us who still live in the Phoenix /Scottsdale area, let's do a happy hour or Sunday brunch! Post a message if you're interested! Or send me an email to Sunsfnatk@aol.com.
Thanks for building this site, Bill!
Beavers Forever!

update October, 2000
Hi all--
Great to see so many of you at the reunion last night! The class of '72 is looking fine!
Here's my updated address and info--let's keep in touch!

Pat Sauro
5409 N. 77th St.
602-200-0600 (work)

Judy (Schutz) Gillham
Subj: Proud to be a "Beaver!"
Date: 8/31/98 12:22:28 AM Central Daylight Time
From: JGillWhit@aol.com

Judy (Schutz) Gillham, now living in Whittier, California.
Greetings to all my fellow alumni of the class of 1972 ! So many fond memories of Scottsdale High School came flooding back when I discovered the web page. Great idea! I'm married to a photographer and I work for a staffing service. We've been married 14 years and have a 10 yr. old daughter, Katie. I still sing - mostly in a praise band at church - and even hit the boards from time to time in the local community theatre. They had a revival of OKLAHOMA! a while back, and I couldn't resist! Has anybody heard from Mr. Coats lately? The lessons he taught me were so valuable. I'd love to hear from the old Singers crew. e-mail me : JGILLWHIT@AOL.COM Blessings - Judy

Dave Swartwout
Subj: reunion
Date: 9/24/00 10:09:51 PM Central Daylight Time
From: daves@sedona.net (Dave Swartwout)

Dave Swartwout class of 72

Own and operate Giant Screen Theater in Sedona Married 2 kids

Sheila Thompson
Subj: the late 60's
Date: 10/8/00 9:56:18 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Violinly@aol.com


Though I didn't graduate from Scottsdale HS, would have in '72. Moved to California after sophmore year. My name is Sheila Thomson, went to Loloma Elementary. Found out about this from a friend in in Phoenix area who sent me a newspaper clipping. In your listing of famous attendees, wanted you to include Cleve Jones, who went on to start the Names Project and the Aids Quilt. He attended at the same time as I did, went on to Phoenix country day in his junior year because of the gay bashing in the bathrooms at that time. A brief description of his time at Scottsdale High School is in his autobiography published this year "Stitching a Revolution." Though he doesn't say it in the book, he did have a little core group of friends at Scottsdale High School -other 'freaks' who hung out at lunchtime in our little cave in the yews out front.
Wish I could have been there for your grand party,
Regards, Sheila Thomson

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