Volume 1 1970-1972
Volume 2 1973-1975
Volume 3 1976-1977
Volume 4 1978-1979

Special Commentary: This was the first e-mail received when the site went live January 9th, 1998.

James Reith
Subj: Congratulations
Date: 98-01-09 12:43:09 EST
From: jmreith@enterprise.extremezone.com (james and martha reith)

Your quest for fellow alumni is both admirable and exciting.
Though not an alumnus, my heart still belongs to Scottsdale High School , having been an
English teacher there from 1965 to 1974.

Your fellow alumni may be sad to learn that Luther Stewart, long-time
English teacher at Scottsdale High School , died shortly before Christmas.

I will monitor your site from time to time to learn what is happening
in the lives of my former students.

Thank you for doing this good thing.

James Reith




Denise Alford
Subj: Class of 1970
Date: 9/29/00 3:34:03 PM Central Daylight Time
From: costellol@compuserve.com (Linda Costello)

Denise Alford here!!! (Now Lewis)
I graduated in 1970 and have remained in Scottsdale, (except for 4 years in Cal.)
I have been married for 23 years to Michael, which I met at the RED DOG in 1971!
He was playing with The Chris Morgan Brotherhood (some of you may remember).
I have 3 "youngin's", Nikki, 30, (yes....30), Sean 21 and April is 17. My how time flies.
Looking forward to the reunion.
I do not have an e-mail address, yes it's true, I am having a hard time slipping into the 90's much less this new century!!!!

Kathy Andrews
Subj: class reunion
Date: 6/8/00 3:50:34 PM Central Daylight Time 1970
From: celkml@home.com (Kathleen Lujan)

Hi, I am Kathleen (Kathy) Andrews Lujan I had just gotten my computer when I stumbled upon a class reunion site. I am shocked at so many people responding! I went through the list and found Bryan Dewitt's name and emailed him. He remembered me to my amazement. I have not made it to any of the reunions as I was never contacted. I am really looking forward to the 30yr reunion and getting the chance to meet up with friends from highschool. I have been married for 25yrs and have two children Jen 23yrs and Julia 22yrs and 3 grandchildren(and dyed hair to cover the gray)! We have lived in Arlington,TX for the last 13yrs. We do try to get down to Tucson every year but I haven't been to Scottsdale for awhile. I was looking at the list and couldn't find a dear friend, Lorie Hitler(maiden name). Has anyone had contact with Lorie? I am going to email a few more people from the list and see if I can jog their memory! I am crazy about this internet thing! Well all take care and email me if you would like to chat about old times. As you can probably tell I need alot more practice on the computer.

Linda Colton, Steve Atwood
Subj: registration for Scottsdale High School .....
Date: 10/25/99 6:06:45 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Ididitat46@aol.com

dear bill,

Linda (Colton) and Steve Atwood

Steve and I graduated from Scottsdale High in 1970. We, too, are very sad every time we drive down Indian School (having a street named "Scottsdale High Way" just doesn't cut it.....). Steve went to Mesa Community for one year and then to Texas Wesleyan in Fort Worth (along with Rick Ryser, Larry Kottraba, and Chuck Kushell), where they all played baseball together for the next three years. He graduated in 1974 with a degree in business and then got a job in mortgage banking (where he's basically been every since - varying capacities, varying companies!) I went to ASU, majored in Special Education, and graduated in 1976, or was it 1977? Something like that! Taught for one year, and then we started our family. Oops. Forgot to say we got married in 1975! We moved around in Phoenix, then to San Diego in 1990, then on to Dallas in 1998. We have three children. Geoff is 21, moved back to Phoenix this fall (he loves being around those DeWitt kids again!), works at Border's Bookstore in Mesa, and just enrolled in Mesa Community. Michael is 20 in April, lives in Boulder, Colorado, and is attending C/U, majoring in computers. Cami is 16 in March, and a sophomore at McKinney High School. We moved her here as a freshman, hating Texas AND Texans more than anything in life! Now she LOVES it here and we even caught her listening to country last week - go figure! Unfortunately, for her, her dad will be sitting her down this weekend to break the news that we're moving back to California. Good luck, Steve! We, too, keep in touch with several Scottsdale High School alumni - Bryan and Karen (Rassmusen) DeWitt, Dave and Diana (Mason) Gilbert, Lisa (Petello) (and Ken) Ramsower, Jim (and Nancy) Harris, Bruce (and Cindy) Hamlin, Leslie Morley, Suzie Wolf, Adriana Perez-Rizzo, Rick Ryser. Even ran into Nancy Giles at the cleaners in California - small world! (Hi, Nancy!) If anybody wants to contact any of these people and they're not registered on this, just email us! We look forward to seeing you all (it'll be hard to leave Texas!) next fall!

Satwood831@aol.com (Steve's email)
Ididitat46@aol.com (Linda's email)

 Judy Bartley
Subj: Class of '70
Date: 5/6/00 8:32:49 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Jujobee@aol.com

Go Scottsdale Beavers!! Hi from Judy Bartley Blabe, Class of '70. It's great to hear from all the old Beavers. Thanks to Jim Harris for telling me about this website! I have lived in Yuma for the past 17 years with my husband John, and daughters Christi (18) and Cindy (16).
I work as a Speech Pathologist and hospital volunteer and I'm busier than I want to be. I fondly remember my years at Scottsdale High and look forward to seeing old friends at the reunion in October!

Judy jujobee@aol.com

Dan Beardsley
Subj: Class of 1970
Date: 6/11/00 4:31:33 PM Central Daylight Time
From: DOBeardsley@aol.com

I've been waiting for news of a 30 year reunion, now that I moved back to Scottsdale. This website is really very cool-thanks Bill Farrell.

Dan Beardsley

My story? Graduated from UofA in 1976 w/Pharmacy degree, worked a couple years in the Phoenix area, then got married & moved to Flagstaff for 7 years, got a divorce and moved to Alaska, something I had wanted to do for a long time. Stayed 7 years there, remarried and moved back to Scottsdale in '93. Have 2 kids from my first marriage, both currently at NAU. I got to one reunion, I think it was our 15 year. It was held at Studebakers in Tempe. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in October!

David Blaine
Subj: Scottsdale High 1970
Date: 7/14/99 3:46:58 PM Central Daylight Time
From: david.blaine@nokia.com (David Blaine)


Thanks for creating the web site. Cheers.

I'm Dave Blaine, class of 70. I went to ASU then got a job
in Santa Barbara. I now work at Nokia Mobile Phones and live
in San Diego. Before ASU I went to Scottsdale CC - yes, I'm
an artichoke. I still have the tee-shirt.

I was greatly dismayed to learn that Scottsdale High School was torn down - but
they kept Arcadia?

Among my fondest memories of Scottsdale High School is the theatre arts
teacher, Dave Coats. Great fellow, the first teacher that
treated me like an adult.


Danny Bradford (see Kathy Baker, 1972)

Barbara Bradish
Subj: Beavers Forever!`
Date: 11/8/99 8:14:48 PM Central Standard Time
From: smallwonder@uswest.net (Scott & Barb Small)

Barbara Bradish Small
Class of 1970

Thank you Jim Harris for telling me about this site! But where is the Class of '70?? It was terrific seeing several of you this summer at the impromtu get-togethers. The 2000 reunion should be great, but I would love to hear from any classmates before then. Email me either at smallwonder@uswest.net or bsmall@grand-canyon.edu.

Su Brazie
Subj: Register
Date: 5/29/2005
From: subrazie@sbcglobal.net
Su Brazie, Class of 1970

I’m up in Los Angeles working in the music business and trying to find a way out, believe it or not! I own my own music services business for music publishers and small record labels as a consultant and licensing agent. I also advise singer/songwriters as to how to handle the business side of writing.

Worked for Herb Alpert (yes of the Tijuana Brass) and Jerry Moss in their music publishing division, Rondor Music International, Inc. (they had founded A&M Records and sold for a HUGE profit to Polygram years ago). Then they sold Rondor to Universal Music Publishing and I worked there awhile as well. Have run non-profit songwriters organizations and produced seminars. It’s been a ride. Met so many people who wrote and played the music we grew up with (yes that includes Gary Puckett to those non-believers!) and actually worked with them regarding their songs. Great times and stories to tell. Sometime else.

Lived in San Diego for 17 years, working in the insurance industry (don’t ask) I loved San Diego sooo much but no way to make a living in music. Still single and childless by choice and loving it! My oldest nephew, who some will remember as a wee babe, is now 36 and a psychiatrist practicing in New Zealand! If you want San Diego in the 60’s, Auckland is the place to be. Have a niece 22 and a teacher and nephews 20 and 18 in school

Now, I’m into the 3rd act of my life and reinventing myself again! Can you believe we’re in the 3rd act of our lives? Totally amazing. Please feel free to contact me at this email address if you remember who I am!

Best to all!


Steve Canzano
Subj: Register
Date: 7/22/00 3:04:07 PM Central Daylight Time
From: canzano@earthlink.net

Hi, My name is Steve Canzano, Scottsdale High School Class of 70. Please add me to the
Alumni Roster.

Current Address:
515 Big Valley Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
(719) 264-8176
Spouse - Emily
Son - Anthony (age 14)
Daughter - Stephanie (age 12)
Current Occupation:
Colonel, United States Air Force
Air Force Space Command
Peterson AFB, CO

Thanks, sjc

Update, July, 2005: A friend told me about the 2005 Reunion Bash coming up so I went on the site
and made my way to the 1970 page. I was disappointed to see that all of the
messages were from 5 years ago (except Carol Kolar's...way to go Carol). So
maybe I can help re-start something by also sending in an update.

Steve Canzano here, and after 26 years moving every 2 or 3 years as an Air
Force Officer, we decided it was time to retire from the military and give
my High School-age kids a stable 4 years. During my career we have lived in
Los Angeles (twice), Northern England, Montgomery Alabama, Guam, Santa Maria
CA, Washington DC, Lubbock TX, and Colorado Springs CO (twice). We are now
living back in the Valley of the Sun in Gilbert. When I left here in 1975 I
didn't even know there was a town called Gilbert. My wife, Emily, and our 2
children, Anthony 19 and Stephanie 17 along with Yeager the wonder-dog have
enjoyed the beautiful winters here with the fine weather and skiing at
Sunrise...now summer is a different story and we try to escape to our house
in Pinetop as often as we can.

After an Air Force career of working with Space Systems, I now work for
General Dynamics, in Gilbert, buildiing spacecraft for the Department of
Defense. Maybe we'll get a chance to caatch up at the 2005 Bash...hope to
se some older but familiar faces there.

Steve Canzano, Colonel USAF (Retired)
(480) 855-6122

Chris Crowfoot
Subj: Hey there.....
Date: 7/20/00 5:04:56 AM Central Daylight Time
From: crowfoot@azstarnet.com (Chris Crowfoot)

This is Chris Crowfoot,(class of '70), and I just got the website address from my sister. I had wondered what ever happened to everyone after they closed ole Scottsdale High School down.

I am living NW of Tucson, and am a customer service rep for Bombardier (the Sea-Doo company) working with their Learjets, Challengers and Global aircraft. No, I never became the president of the Hell's Angels as predicted. I never gave up the car fetish and race my sports car whenever I can afford it. Please let me know more about the reunion in the fall and I will definitely be there.

Gary Damore

Date: 12/21/98 12:48:05 PM Central Standard Time
From: damoregp@primenet.com (Gary P. Damore)

Class of 1970

Denise Damrow
Subj: Registration - Class of "70
Date: 7/15/00 6:19:22 AM Central Daylight Time
From: DAMROW@prodigy.net (D. I. Damrow)

Denise Damrow
Class of '70

Hello, fellow Beavers and kudos to Bill Farrell for such a great site! I've had such fun browsing through everyone's notes and am looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion. In the meantime, I'm passing the URL on to others and would love to hear from old friends/classmates via e-mail (DAMROW@prodigy.net).

I've been living in Long Beach/Signal Hill, California for the past (dare I count them) 29 years. Just doesn't seem like 30 years since we filed past Leo Landers one last time, grabbed our diplomas and threw our caps in the air. Since then, I went on to get a law degree from USC. After working my way up to partnership in a Los Angeles law firm, I decided to chuck it all (especially the long commute and grueling hours) and started my own firm in 1995. That move gave me the opportunity to have a life beyond work---I've been able to travel to Europe 3 times and to get involved in local government. I serve as a Commissioner on Signal Hill's Parks & Recreation Commission and have been busy building several parks and a connecting trail system to preserve our open space and leave a legacy to the future. I'm also involved with raising funds for the library, our summer concert series, and various art projects..

Some of you may wonder whatever happened to my brothers and sister. My brother, Don (Class of 72), served in the Air Force after graduation and passed away in 1978 from a brain aneurysm. My sister, Donna (Class of 1975), also lives in California and works for a software company, Havas Interactive (Sierra, Blizzard, Davidson, Knowledge Adventure). My brother, Dale (Class of 1978), went to Johns Hopkins for a year but missed the Arizona sunshine and "dry heat" so much that he moved back to Scottsdale and has lived there (or in Phoenix) ever since, working in the air freight business..

Steve Ellerbee
Subj: Class of 1970
Date: 2/2/00 5:33:55 PM Central Standard Time
Reply-to: htbguy@earthlink.net (Steve Ellerbee)

Hi folks,

My name is Steve Ellerbee. I recently found George Reuben through another site and he turned me on to this one. I'm a 1970 grad and I now live in Huntington Beach, CA. I own my own Internet advertising consulting company that I recently started. Anyway looking forward to the 2000 reunion in October. You can reach me at:

Business # 714-742-2555
Home # 714-960-0793
Address 502 Yorktown #3
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Email htbguy@earthlink.net

Beth Fox
Subj: Scottsdale High School REUNION
Date: 8/29/00 7:35:29 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Pap1322@aol.com

Hi!  My name is Beth Pappas.  I was Beth Fox and would have graduated in 1970 but moved.  Have sent in a check for registration and may bring a friend.  I'm in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Hope to see all missed friends at the reunion.

Beth Pappas

Paul Hallowell
Subj: Scottsdale Beavers!
Date: 98-01-09 21:02:09 EST
From: PHallowell@knxv.com (Hallowell, Paul)

Up until today the only thing my wife and I had to connect to our high school past was a brick from the auditorium and our yearbooks. My name is Paul Hallowell, and my wife of almost 25 years is Beth McConaha Hallowell. Both 1970 graduates and high school sweethearts, Beth and I still live in the Phoenix area with our two daughters. I am now the Production and Operations manager at KNXV-TV, the Phoenix ABC affiliate. Beth handles payroll and other accounting duties at The Little Plant Co., a plant rental and maintenance firm, in addition to managing the household and keeping me in line. What's everybody else doing?

Paul Hallowell


Bruce Hamlin
Subj: Bruce Hamlin class of 1970
Date: 10/27/99 12:00:40 AM Central Daylight Time
From: bhamlin@pacbell.net (Bruce Hamlin)

I received an e-mail from Diana (Gilbert) Mason on the Scottsdale High School web site and
I just had to look! My name is Bruce Hamlin and I graduated in 1970. I
looked through the names that had registered and figured- Why Not! I'm
looking forward to the ALL Class reunion in 2000.

After graduating in 1970 I went to Mesa CC, U of A and graduated from
ASU. Moved to Tucson soon there after and meet my wife Cindy. I meet her
in a bath tub in a bar.!? Got married and have 2 boys, one is a freshman
at University of San Diego and the other is a junior in high school.
After living in Chandler for 6 years, we moved to CA to go into the car
business. We are currently buying a Chevrolet Dealership in Santa Ana.
We like to go to the Laughlin in the summer, we have a boat and all the
toys. At least our kids will come on those trips!

I have a lot of good memories of high school.The dances, the parties,
the boon-doggers out at the Verde river.Rick Ryser took me on the most
terrifying car ride on a race from Scottsdale High School to Sahuaro High. WOW!!! He was
insane! I still go hunting with Dave Mason and Bryan Dewitt twice a
year. I ran into Brad Jones on an airplane flying to Phoenix. I hadn't
seen him in 15 years. We talked about Kent Craig, Jim Harris and the
Phantom Gizzer!!!!! Who was that????? We are still very close to Dave
and Diana (Gilbert) Mason, Lisa (Petello) and Ken Ramsower, Karen
(Rasmussen) and Bryan Dewitt and see Linda (Colton) and Steve Atwood.
Paul Cox calls me every once in a while. He is living in Montana. Well,
that about all I can write. Just like in High School essays I run out of
things to say, so see ya at the 2000 reunion.

Lynn Hanrahan
Subj: adding my bio
Date: 10/2/00 4:10:56 PM Central Daylight Time
From: info@mirador-pdx.com (Mirador)

Hello there,

I am a bit uncertain as to how to add my two cents worth here. I'm class
of 1970, Lynn Hanrahan. Do I just e-mail it to you
kind webmaster?

Lynn Hanrahan

Goods for the Art of Being
Kitchen + Healing + Home
Steve & Lynn Hanrahan, Proprietors
1123 SE Market Street
Portland, Oregon 97214

Jim Harris
Date: 11/7/99 2:26:00 PM Central Standard Time
From: JHarris870@aol.com

Jim Harris
Class of 1970

Greeting to fellow fighting Beavers, this WEB site is amazing, and I applaud those who have taken the time to put it together.
After High School, I went to ASU, stayed in the Tempe\Mesa area, then moved to Southern California
I married my College sweetheart, Nancy, we have two daughters, Sarah 20 (at SDSU), and Laura 17, a senior in High School, become a very protectve dad, who is very skeptical of teenage boys, for a good reason.
I've been in touch with several people over the years, Brian Dewitt, Steve Atwood, and managed to get by to see Bruce Hamlin who lives about 30 minutes away.
Many fond memories of pachukaville, playing basketball at Ryser's, beating Arcadia on Gary Volkman's fumble recovery, and boondockers at "the Hut" and the Verde
Southern Californa is great, I took up surfing to address mid-life crises, got to coach my kids teams, and it has been a great experience, not sure if I would move back to Ariz.
All the best to you all, anyone from class of '70, keep in touch. We are trying to set up a get together the evening to the all Scottsdale High School reunion. If you have any addresses, please forward them to me.

Robin Helber
Subj: Register Me, Please
Date: 8/24/99 7:18:21 PM Central Daylight Time
From: rbburns@worldnet.att.net (Robin Burns)


Kuddos Bill for a terrific web site and many thanks to Kip Miller for e-mailing me and letting me know about it. (I'm still not sure how he found me.)

My name is Robin Helber, now Robin Burns. I graduated from Scottsdale High School in 1970. WOW, that was a really long time ago.

After graduation, I starting working for First National Bank of Arizona and in January of 1971, married Terry Smith. Terry was a medical technology student at ASU and unfortunately, lost his 2-S deferment from the draft (Oops, bad grades) and before Uncle Sam sent him a letter he decided to enlist in the Air Force. We made a brief visit to Wichita Falls, Texas for training and then moved to Spokane, Washington as a permanent duty station.

I began working for the Old National Bank of Washington in Spokane in 1972 and held the position of Vice President of their insurance subsidiary and Assistant Risk Manager of the holding company, Old National Bancorporation. I was also extremely lucky that Old National Bancorporation chose to pay for my entire college education and I graduated from Eastern Washington University with a Bachelors in Business Administration and a minor in Communications.

Terry and I separated in 1978 but still remain friends and we just recently gave our 25 year old son, Brad, away in marriage to a very beautiful young lady named Leah. Brad and Leah live in Kansas City, Missouri.

In 1982, I married my soul mate and very best friend, Bob Burns. We both worked for the Old National Bank and when the bank merged with another Pacific Northwest financial institution, Bob received a job offer in Phoenix that we decided we could not turn down and we have been living in Scottsdale for the last sixteen years. When we returned here, I went back to work for First Interstate Bank (previously known as First National Bank of AZ), retired from banking and over the years have held positions with a local insurance broker. On occasion, I do some small business consulting. In my spare time, I teach Yoga and really enjoy it. Bob and I enjoy snow skiing, scuba diving and riding around the country on our Honda Gold Wing motorcycle.

I often think about great times spent with friends in the Fine Arts Department at Scottsdale High School and wonder about Mr. Hilse, and Mr. Stanley and my fellow Scottsdale Singers, Madrigal Singers and members of Les Jeunes Fille. It was very sad to read about Mr. Coats passing away. Thinking about him brings back memories of South Pacific, The Music Man, Brigadoon and George M and with those musicals, memories of several fellow classmates who are no longer with us. It's good to find the web site and know that you all are out there keeping the spirit alive. (By the way, they could have at least left the old library building standing).

My very best to all. Perhaps we will see each other at the All Class Reunion.


Robin (Helber) Burns

Dan Henson
Date: 1/19/99 4:20:54 PM Central Standard Time
From: danjotsd@worldnet.att.net (Dan B Henson)

I posted a message on your website but I thought I would contact you personally since you graduated
about the same time as the young lady that I'm trying to locate. Her name was Lynn Thompson and she was
probably in the class of '70 or '71. I met her while I was performing at a place called "Reuben's" located in the
Goldwater Mall then. I am a professional musician and she was a hostess there at the time. In case it doesn't
come through with the message, my E-Mail address is: danjotsd@worldnet.att.net Thanks for any help you
can give me! Dan Henson (541) 688-5286

Laurie Hibler
Subj: Class of 1970
Date: 7/10/00 11:55:58 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Telg8r@aol.com

Laurie Hibler Wilson
......Wow! This website is great! I have to admit I have spent hours just reading up on people from all the different classes which bring back so many wonderful and crazy memories. I have been married to Mark Wilson (Scottsdale High School 1966) for 20 years and we have 2 kids. Ryan, 18, is going to ASU this fall and Heather, 16, is a junior in High School. We live in Scottsdale and I have been a Special Ed teacher for 21 years. We are big time ASU fans so needless to say we were thrilled that our son chose ASU for college. (no pressure there) It saves on the wardrobe, too! I see Debbie Hoskins all the time and occasionally cross paths with some Scottsdale High School folks because of the kid's sports.
Being the jo-jock-et Scottsdale High School cheerleader that I was I now look back and realize how much fun the opposing teams fans must have had as we did our spread jumps and yelled "BEAVERS FOREVER!"...and we did this over and over and over WITH SMILES!!!!!! Boy, we were loyal.............. BTW Gary Damore, my daughter was asking some chemistry questions and I gave her your email address ..tee hee...hope you don't mind!!!!! ..thank you for getting me through that class!
Looking forward to seeing everyone in the fall.....

Dawn Hill
Subj: Registration
Date: 4/10/00 11:10:32 AM Central Daylight Time
From: StripeyB@aol.com

Hello everyone. I was in the class of 1970. I need to take some time and go through these registrations to see who I know; so far I feel totally overwhelmed. I was in band, several clubs and an editor on that student magazine Author . . . Gee. It's all kind of a jumble, those years. Miniskirts and hot pink and bright sunlight. I live in Texas now. I got my doctorate in vertebrate paleontology and work on dinosaur biomechanics, taught college for about 12 years, and then two years ago quit that to head a nonprofit education and research organization. I was married, got divorced, have a nearly 20-year old son who reads Chinese Taoist classic texts in Chinese (I keep wondering where he came from! ), and live on 10 acres with a mustang horse, four dogs, a rabbit, and cats I've lost count of. I'd love to hear from any of you! And thanks to Barbara Bradish for sending me the url for this site!!!

Dawn (Hill) Adams


Steve Hughes
Subj: Class of 1970
Date: 9/18/00 1:20:00 PM Central Daylight Time
From: HCS-Intl@home.com (Steve Hughes)

Steve Hughes - Class of 1970

Hello everyone!

I ended up going to ASU for two years before setting out on my own search
for truth. I lived in Scottsdale and worked for Flint Distributing and
Flint British Motors until 1980. During that time I raced cars
semi-professionally. I didn't do too bad. At one point, I was even up for
a test drive for the local Indy Car team. Unfortunately, due to internal
politics at USAC and the eventual birth of CART, the opportunity fell apart.
After another year of racing, I went into semi-retirement (you never quit
racing!). I then moved to California and after a very brief stay, I was
lured into opening a business in Flagstaff. I lived there for two years and
loved every minute of it. In 1982 I was recruited by a company and moved
back to California to become the purchasing manager of one of the largest
automotive import parts companies in the US. In 1986 I decided that I
needed to start making my own money instead of helping everybody else and I
started my own company. My company exports surplus and obsolete import auto
parts all over the world. It's been great fun having my own business and
it's made life much more comfortable. In addition, it has given me the
opportunity to travel all over the world. I still race cars and karts
occasionally but, it is obviously no longer a career pursuit.

Although I have lived in California since 1982, I truly do miss the
personality and relationships that I developed in Arizona.

I will be at the reunion with my brother Greg (1966) and sister Kelly
(1976). I am looking forward to seeing old friends and reminiscing about
all the good times and crazy stunts we pulled.

Contact info:

Steve Hughes
28337 Ridgefalls Court
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275
(310) 544-5531 (W & H)



Kirk Iverson & Sue Kaar
Date: 9/25/00 11:51:37 PM Central Daylight Time
From: customworksandsound@juno.com (kirk w iverson)

just checking to see if you received our registration information and
check for Kirk Iverson class of '70 and Sue (Kaar)Iverson class of '72.
I was concerned as in checking the web , I couldn't tell. Its getting
close so thought I should check , we sent our info , in mid aug or so.
Also I have info re: 3 of our friends that sadly are not with us .
Class of '72 , Bev Bittner, Don Damrow, and Rob Petley, are you doing
any sort of memory wall etc. Thought people may like to know . thanks
in advance for all your hard work in putting this together, what a
terrific thing to do.

there is quite a few other people we know that I know are planning to go
, but I do not see registered as well:

class '72 : Terry Grandy, sharon Kane, Kathy Kiley, Patrice Houston,

Class'71: Dave Bittner

Thanks for checking on this and getting back to me,


Darrell Covert
Rita Johnson
Subj: registration alumni
Date: 6/2/99 3:02:34 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Covert DJ

Darrell Covert -class of '72
Rita (Johnson) Covert - class of '70

703 W. Bentrup St.
Chandler, Az. 85225

(480) 831-5225

Covert DJ@aol.com

John Joseph
Subj: JJ's Info- Class of '70
Date: 8/20/00 10:07:07 PM Central Daylight Time
From: jjoseph1@vtown.com.au (JOHN JOSEPH)

Sorry I can't make the big event- Please add my details to your reunion news booklet or website

John Joseph (JJ) - After finishing at ASU I began primary teaching in Australia in 1975. My wife, Leonie, is from Brisbane, Queensland. We have 3 children: Shannon (20) Sarah (18) - both studying science at the University of Queensland
Patrick (aged 16) in Year 11 at High school.
I hold dual citizenship - American and Australian- although my accent is more American - people say.
My hobbies are coaching basketball, planting the school rainforest project with students, internet projects and fishing for flathead.

We live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Address: P O Box 6030, MOOLOOLAH, Queensland 04553
New email: jjoseph1@vtown.com.au

Exciting news at the moment- My first visitors from Scottsdale High School arrive for a 3 week holiday next week- Tony Penrod (and his wife Susan)and Jim Brower. Should be a wild time for all as their tour guide....


Carol Kolar
Subj: class of 70
Date: 1/15/00 12:08:13 PM Central Standard Time
From: carol0571@aol.com

Update: 6 October, 2003

I have moved back to Arizona and have a new email address. My update is that my name is once again Kolar (no longer married) and that I live in Phoenix again. I had a great time at the 2000 All Class Reunion.

My name is Carol Drewry. Maiden name Kolar. I graduated from Scottsdale High School in 1970. Since then I married and have a beautiful daughter and 3 wonderful grandchildren.

I am an accountant with a home builder. I've been in the accounting field for 21 years.

About the only one that I am in contact with from school is Karen Sorensen. Have also seen Rob Azar when living in California and Karen would come to visit.

I'm really looking forward to coming to the October 2000 reunion. I went to our 15 year reunion but I missed the others.


Jim Lewis, Susan Watson
Subj: Scottsdale High School '70 and '75
Date: 1/28/00 9:34:02 PM Central Standard Time
From: siwel98@email.msn.com (Susan)


Hello from Colorado! It's great to see a website dedicated to keeping all
of the Beavers together. Thanks to Rick Ryser for letting us know about it.

We have been married for 22 years and have 2 children. Our daughter is
about to graduate from high school and head to college (where did the time
go?). Our son is a freshman in high school and enjoys playing football and
baseball. He thinks it is great being 2" taller than his father at 15 years
of age.

We are both ASU graduates (go Devils!). Jim has worked for Safeway for 25
years and enjoys his current position as VP of the Colorado Division. Susan
works in the food industry also, as a claims auditor for a national food

We enjoy life in Colorado with the beauty of the Rockies and the change of
seasons. Occasionally we get back to Scottsdale to see our families.
Things have sure changed over the years. What ever happened to Beaver's

We're looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.
Please feel free to drop us a line.

Karen Lucas
Subj: Class of 1970
Date: 6/7/00 7:08:37 PM Central Daylight Time

I'm not really sure why I'm responding to this, but I have looked at it
at least twice
now and figured, what the heck! I'm more likely known as Karen Lucas,
of Terry Lucas (The Big Beaver -1973 grad) or cousin of Kathy Mahoney
(1971 grad). After graduating from Scottsdale High School I went on to Purdue University
and received a bachelor's degree after 4 1/2 years (1975) - don't why it
took me so long, but it may have been too much partying! I worked in
Indianapolis until 1982 and then relocated
back to Scottsdale where I met my husband, Mark. He and I moved to San
in December of 1987 and started a document conversion company which I
proudly state is still in business. No children - only employees, which
is enough.

Many fond memories and jokes over the years about the "Beavers" and the
"Beaver Builders". Looking forward to the reunion - what a great idea
since I've missed all others.

e-mail: kjarchow@imaging-concepts.com

Connie Matteson
Subj: Connie Matteson-Reynolds class of 1970
Date: 7/18/99 5:18:50 PM Central Daylight Time
From: conrey@uswest.net (Constance Reynolds)

Hello to all who read this page. My name is Connie Matteson-Reynolds
and I graduated with the class of 1970. I was born in Mesa and then my
parents bought a home in Scottsdale when I three years old. I went to
kindergarten at the little school across the street from Loloma, it use
to be approximately where the Stage Brush Theater is now. I then went
to Loloma until the third grade at which point they built Paiute. I was
transferred there in the fourth grade and continued on till I graduated
from the eight grade. I then went to Scottsdale High School for the next
four years and with the help of many friends (including some of the
greatest teachers like David Coats) I graduated .

I have a brother (Roland Matteson class of 62) and a sister (Janice
Matteson-Luckey class of 66), they both went to Loloma and Scottsdale

I have three children, two daughters Alma (almost 19) Katie (14) and a
Kayle (10). I am a stay at home mom and have my own child care business
of which I care for four children.

I'm looking forward to the all-class reunion in the year 2000 and I'm
wondering if the class of 70 is going to be getting together separately
from this. If anyone knows please let me know.

Best wishes to all,
Connie at alma8102@juno.com

Ray McAllister
Subj: Class of '70 (were it not for moving)
Date: 10/22/99 12:16:45 PM Central Daylight Time
From: RMcAllister@timesdispatch.com

Great site. I learned about it in writing a newspaper column here
in Richmond, Va., about the closing of Scottsdale High School .

I had come to Scottsdale High from Navajo Elementary in the fall of
'66, along with people like Bruce Tomaso, Craig York, Bob Snider,
Larry Kottraba and his friend Mike (who did have a last name, I
remember, but alas, that's all I remember). Any word on them? Please
let me know at one of my e-mail addresses. Thanks.

Within days of entering school, we signed a huge good-luck banner
for Jim Palmer. Palmer was a '63 graduate about to pitch in the 1966
World Series. I wrote about that banner some 27 years later for the
Richmond Times-Dispatch, when Palmer was inducted into the Baseball
Hall of Fame. (Did you know, according to the Scottsdale Daily
Progress, that more than 1,500 students signed the banner -- and the
school enrollment was only 1,453?)

It was then, in 1990, that I learned the school had been closed.
What a shock. A very nice school district spokeswoman, Cheryn Wall,
sent me a brick from the school.

Anyway, I had left Scottsdale High School after only a year and a half, when my family
moved to Pennsylvania. I went to Penn State, became sports editor of
the student paper and, of course, covered football games in a stadium
named, coincidentally, Beaver Stadium.

I moved to Virginia after graduation, met and married my wife
Vicki, and we have three children. I've been at the Times-Dispatch
exactly 25 years and 1 day. I've been a columnist for the last 11

It was this week, while writing about the possible closing of some
Richmond schools, that I revisited our school's closing. I found out
about this site and the All-Class Reunion next year. I hope to be able
to attend. You don't want to hold it in Virginia, do you?

I would love to hear from anyone at Navajo/Scottsdale High School in the mid-'70s or
from any grads living in or near Virginia. Please write.

Ray McAllister

P.S. As if it wasn't shock enough to learn the school was closed, I
also found out in 1990 that Dan Quayle had briefly attended Scottsdale High School .

Steve McCrea
Subj: 1970 grad
Date: 9/3/99 8:22:47 PM Central Daylight Time
From: stevenjodie@webtv.net (Stephen Mccrea)

Marsha Morgan
Subj: FW: Class of '70
Date: 11/1/00 8:14:17 AM Central Standard Time
From: Marsha_Morgan-P16487@email.mot.com

Hi from Marsha Morgan. Thanks Pete Wright for telling me about the Scottsdale High School
website. I live in Queen Creek, AZ and have been raising horses for the
past 6 years and loving the country life. I have worked at Motorola in
Scottsdale for the past 16 years.

I have 1 beautiful daughter and 3 beautiful Grandsons. Boy, how the years
have gone by.

It was really depressing when they tore down Scottsdale High School . I sure miss seeing that
beautiful old building.

If anyone wants to write me, my web address is: GoArabLady@aol.com

I hope you all have fun at the reunion.

Marsha Morgan

Becky Mumma
Subj: Still around
Date: 11/3/99 11:53:18 AM Central Standard Time
From: becky.l.endres@intel.com (Endres, Becky L)

Thought I'd check in and see if any old Beavers from the class of 70 still
around! Working at Intel (20 years now!) and loving every minute....

Drop me a line if you're out there. Next year is our 30th!!! class reunion.
Who's aging???
b (formerly Mumma)

Becky Endres
(480)554-2611 phone
(480)554-7674 fax
1-800-693-7243 pager; ask for Becky
5000 West Chandler Blvd
Chandler, AZ 85226

Jacque Parry ( see Jeff Trapp, 1971 )

Chuck Paugh
Subj: 1970 Graduate
Date: 2/29/00 9:49:26 PM Central Standard Time
From: DOGFOOT1@aol.com

Chuck Paugh
Still alive, in Gilbert AZ, with wife, 3 kids, dog. So where are the wackos I hung out with? You can find me at dogfoot1@aol.com.


Doug Pickrell
Subj: 1970
Date: 9/19/00 11:39:20 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Roadspick@aol.com

My husband, Doug Pickrell graduated in 1970. We are planning to attend the reunion. I will ask him for a bio, if he does not cooperate, I will send one.
Have you posted messages about this reunion on the www.classmates.com
website? I have not been able to find it. If you are not members, I will be happy
to forward all the Scottsdale High School alumni registered there.
Judy Roads Pickrell

Jacqueline Prigg
Subj: Beavers 1970
Date: 10/8/00 3:07:21 PM Central Daylight Time
From: jacq@batterybusters.com (Jacq)

Bill, great job on this unique website! I'm 1970 graduate, Jacquie Prigg. I was in the band and marched in a lot of half-times...outfitted with lights, one year, as I remember. After graduation, I set out to discover America. I've lived and worked as far north as Alaska and down south to North Carolina. I majored in Consumer Resources (Home Economics) at U of A in the early 80's. I did an Internship at a wilderness lodge on Lake Clarke in AK for my degree, that was an experience. Since 1990, I've been raising my brother's 3 kids, 10 years to 16 years, and taking care of my 83 year-old mother, in Scottsdale. (kids, now there's an education!) I deliver flowers 3 days a week and run a battery business. My brother developed a battery pack for digital cameras and laptops and I market the products on our website. The business has taken me to tradeshows and conferences all over the country. Asia is my next destination as that is the location where our next model will be produced. I am a Cub Scout leader in Pack 100, (who wants Scout-O-Rama tickets?) which has honed skills I never knew I had! I have only been computing since January, (These things will do everything but kiss you goodnight!) and am eager to learn more, every day. Can you believe how wonderfully the world has developed, especially technologically, since we graduated? Looking forward to seeing ya'll at the reunion in October. Beavers Forever!!!
Jacqueline Prigg
Battery Busters, Inc.
480-860-1472 Phone
480-314-0651 Fax
8513 E. Catalina Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Shelley Putnam
Subj: Class of 1970
Date: 8/19/00 9:11:21 PM Central Daylight Time
From: glewis2@san.rr.com (George)

Thanks for this website. I love reading everyone's stories. Everyone is so happy, successful, and well adjusted. (I didn't realize how many Beavers married each other!) While I work for a bank and don't do overtime. I left Scottsdale/Phx a long time ago when I finally caught on that it was just too hot to live there. We have lived in San Diego for over 20 years. My son, Cole is 23, lives at the beach and surfs every day. He has managed to live in the land of fruits and nuts this long with no tatoos or pierced body parts (not that there's anything wrong with that). The husbondo has a day job and plays in a rock n roll band that does the San Diego sleazy bar circuit. We live down the street from my sister, (Beep Putnam Scottsdale High School '69) and our kids were lucky enough to grow up together. I would love to go to the reunion. Although I am too lazy to keep up with anyone, there are so many people that I would love to see. However, I am afraid that I just don't have enough time to lose 50 pounds.
My e-mail address' are glewis2@san.rr.com and lewiss@calbt.com.
Shelley (Putnam) Lewis

Les Raichert
Subj: from Les Raichert
Date: 10/5/00 11:53:41 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Airles@concentric.net (Les Raichert)

Les Raichert class 1970

See ya all there Saturday. I have been living Cave Creek many years, 3
kids,21,19,16 divorced, happy that I am still alive.

Karen Rasmussen and Bryan DeWitt
Subj: Class of '70
Date: 12/30/99 11:31:29 AM Central Standard Time
From: KDewitt70@aol.com

Karen (Rasmussen) DeWitt and Bryan DeWitt

After much pressure from some of my fellow grads who remain my friends, I've decided to jump on the bandwagon and post our names. Married almost 27 years (?); have 3 sons:; Chris, 23, Matt,21, Pete, 17. Still living in Mesa and sad everytime I drive down Indian School and see what has gone up in place of the old Beaver Paradise!

We're trying to put together a Class of '70 Reunion to tag onto the All Class Reunion in October 2000 so if we don't have you on our mailing address yet, please let either me or Jim Harris know where you are! Jim is doing an initial mailing very soon: jharris870@aol.com Send him your address PLEASE!

George Reuben
Subj: Registration
Date: 1/9/00 12:25:41 PM Central Standard Time
From: jrg@quixnet.net (George Reuben)

Great to see the site. Here is my info..

George A. Reuben - Class of '70
PMB 456
26741 Portola Pkwy. #1E
Foothill Ranch, CA 92610-1743
949.455.3171 Office
949.716.0246 Home/Fax
email: jrg@quixnet.net
password: ebiz

Bernie Rookey
Subj: Class of 1970
Date: 6/7/99 2:02:14 PM Central Daylight Time
From: susie@txps.com (Susan Rookey)

Graduate: Bernie Rookey
4418 Storie Road
Arlington, TX 76001
(804) 483-8813 (h)
(804) 794-0068 (w)

Rick Ryser
Subj: Class of 70'
Date: 8/24/99 2:23:08 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Bsball26

I received an email tonight from an unknown address. I usually just delete email from unknown addresses, but for some unknown reason, I double clicked on it. (Probably because I only had 3 emails so I said what the heck.) To my surprise, it was from a person, who I will not name, regarding Scottsdale High School . To my surprise again, as soon as I saw the name at the bottom of the email, I thought dang, I remember her! So I checked out the site mentioned in the email and here I am - two hours later!!! So thanks to "her" for sending me this site (you know who you are).

My name is Rick Ryser, class of 70, 71, 72, 73, 74..... ha ha. To some folks surprise, I actually did graduate in 70. To some teachers great relief, I graduated in 70!!! To the Scottsdale community great relief, I went on to college in Texas and left Scottsdale before I destroyed it!! If you were at Scottsdale High School from 67 - 70, then you probably remember me being the one in the principal's office at least 2 days a week. I was probably the only 18 year old that still got the paddle from the vice-principal! ha! On a serious note, it was sad to read that Luther Stewart passed away. While I was probably the worst student he ever had, he was one of my favorite teachers.

Well I won't bore y'all with where I've been and what I've been doing for the past 29 years. It's enough to say that I am alive, healthy (that's with an "h" and not a "w"), have a great wife, great kids, great pets, great friends, and a great job. I coach my kids sports, workout, and love anything outdoors - hunting, fishing, camping, backpacking, biking, horseback riding in the mountains (I had to sell mine when I moved back to Texas because there are no mountains in Texas!!!), and watching the kids grow up.

If anyone remembers me, and I didn't offend you in school, then feel free to email me at Bsball26@aol.com. I wonder if "Scottsdale High School " is still burned in Arcadia's baseball field? Hey, Joe Michaud lit the match - I only poured the gas!!! ha ha

Linda Sheib
Subj: class of 1970
Date: 1/1/00 8:11:02 PM Central Standard Time
From: librow@earthlink.net (Roy Brown)

Hi, to the class of 1970.
Linda Scheib Brown
E-mail: librow@earthlink.net

Marilyn (Schwartz) White
Subj: 1970 Scottsdale High School graduate
Date: 11/22/98 12:05:53 AM Central Standard Time
From: CHANTAL615@aol.com

Hey all you Beavers! My name is Marilyn (Schwartz) White and I'm a 1970 graduate. Talk about deja-vu ... it seems like only yesterday I was strolling through Beavers Paradise on my way to French class. I wasn't much for clubs but I found my niche when the Yogurt Club was born, as did a lot of other "flower children". Anyway, I have some great memories of Scottsdale High School and it's nice to know I'm among friends, especially those of you who attended Navajo School also. Take care and keep the memory alive! My E-mail address is CHANTAL615@AOL.COM if anyone recognizes me and would care to say "hi".


Randy Soderquist
Subj: to the class of 1970
Date: 9/7/00 1:43:24 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Randy_Soderquist@bingaman.senate.gov (Randy Soderquist)

Since I won't be able to make it to the class reunion, I will send a
quick synopsis of my life for all. Baker, Davis, and Hermanson know
all about me as I still stay in touch with them. I don't know why
they haven't sent something to the site. Someone should harass them.

Here is my life in a nutshell. I graduated from Scottsdale High School , went to MCC,
went to UofA, dropped out because I had opportunity to go into
restaurant management (and because I partied too much and couldn't
concentrate on anything anyway), did that for seven years, stopped
doing that to work in a winery in Sonoma, stopped doing that after
four years to go back to school, got a B.A. from Sonoma State, got an
M.A., got married and had two kids, got a divorce, got another M.A.
and a Ph.D. (international political economy, emphasis on Japan/East
Asia), lived in Japan awhile in that timeframe, worked at the National
Science Foundation, and now work as Senior Policy Advisor for Economic
and International Affairs for a U.S. Senator (Jeff Bingaman, D-NM).
Yes, the title is a bit like the Wizard of Oz giving the Scarecrow a
brain. Strange things happen. As of this very moment, I live in
Virginia with my "significant other" (Deborah), and all is well. We
make it to Scottsdale every so often. I was there this spring to hang
out during spring training.

I can't make it to the reunion because we will be busy trying to get
appropriations bills passed - we don't want to have the government
shut down after all! - and the reuinion is scheduled right in the
middle of the usual insanity. But I hope everyone from the class of
`70 is doing absolutely peachy. Have an absolutely great time at the

Karen Sorensen
Subj: Class of 1970
Date: 5/11/99 11:36:57 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Karizonie

Hi fellow Beavers! Karen Sorensen checking in, graduated with the Class of 1970. Married, divorced, etc. I have some fond memories of Scottsdale High School - study hall in Beavers Paradise. First job at Tastee Freeze! I'm still in touch with several classmates, Carol Kolar (Drewry), Joanne Almhjell, Rob Azar and Marilyn Schwartz (White). I am still living in Scottsdale and work as a legal secretary for a law firm in Phoenix. Hope to see some news soon for the 30 year reunion! I would love to hear from other classmates!

Email me at Karizonie@aol.com.

Kris Tibsherany
Subj: Scottsdale High School '70
Date: 6/7/00 9:10:05 PM Central Daylight Time
From: gostib@worldnet.att.net (Kris Tibsherany)

Kris Tibsherany

Linda McKinney & Michael Titterington
>Subj: Class of 70 and 71
Date: 4/30/00 3:11:02 PM Central Daylight Time
From: LTphx@aol.com

Linda (McKinney) Titterington 1971 and Michael Titterington 1970

Mike and I have been married 25 years with 2 boys, 20 and 16. Mikes in business for himself and I work with Peoria School District at Sunrise Mountain High School in food management.
Would love to hear any news :O)


Rick Widner
Subj: Registration for All Classes Scottsdale High School reunion
Date: 4/20/00 10:40:49 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Ricckk22@aol.com

Hello All Beavers!! - My name is Rick Widner, and I was in the Class of ' 70. I pass the site of the old campus almost daily. I still live in Scottsdale, and I work in Phoenix as a phamaceutical sales rep. I have been married to Gail for 14 years. I have 2 kids, Garrett (11), and Olivia (8), and we have a very happy life in Scottsdale. I have passed on this awesome website's address to Dan and Kathy Bradford , also of the class of 1970, who live in Mesa. Kudos to Bill Farrell for his work on this site. Also, it was great to have heard from Mr. Reith. He was a great teacher, who made a very positve impression on me. I am at Ricckk22@aol.com. See you at the reunion!!


Tim Wilkins
Subj: Tim Wilkins Class of '70
Date: 1/9/00 12:37:42 AM Central Standard Time
From: wolfkin@ispchannel.com (Jana Wilkins)

Howdy Beavers!
Hope you're all doing just dandy. I have been happily married to Jana Jane' (Scottsdale High School class of 74) for 23 years. Dylan, our 22 year old outdoorsman and Windy, our 19 year old preppy collegiate scholar, have flown the coop. Skylar, our 13 year old too cool teenager, still lives at home.
I enjoyed my vacation and really had a great time playing tennis every day. The only problem was no salad bar when I got home.
I am now a stock market daytrader who trades like a madman. Some days I trade 50,000 shares of stock. It is stressful but exciting, as both the highs and the lows are extreme. Jana is a web developer and systems administrator in the online trading industry. Her company is involved in online currency trading.
We live on Bainbridge Island, a 30 minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle. I trade at home with the mouse, she commutes to the city by ferry.
We work hard, play hard and still throw wild parties. We're getting old. How about you?
I can't wait to see you all and catch up on old times as well as new times.

Rock on.

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