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Sean Arnold
Subj: Class of 76
Date: 3/6/01 11:21:42 PM Central Standard Time
From:    arworld@email.msn.com (SEAN ARNOLD)

Hope this posts to your web site
    Sean Arnold, class of 76
Got the goods on the website from Jon Kitchel.  I'm still alive, still in Scottsdale.  Married twenty years, two beautiful daughters 17 and 19.  Talk to Guy Murga and Sam Clay about once every ten years, see alot of the rest of you around town from time to time. To everyone who graced the fine arts department, wow, thanks!   e-mail is arworld@cox.net 

October 2004 update:

who remebers the the lounge upstairs in the fine arts building,  patio parties, the homecomig party at connie phelps, (sorry, didn't plan to name names, but thats bound to happen with this sort of thing), cast parties?  Tell your stories or I will. I realize most of us should not be able to remember anything from those days,  but I remember it all!    Maybe.   Cmon shs fine arts dept.    SPILL  
72-76                         THE TATTLE TALE(TAIL)

Donna Barbanell
Subj: Hi Class of '76
Date: 8/17/99 9:27:38 AM Central Daylight Time
From: dlynne14@cox.net

From: Donna Barbanell Dewberry
I am still living in the Phx area, I have been married for 14 years and
I have 2 step daughters ( 21 & 18 ) and a son age 12. My husband and I
are owners of a concrete company. I am involved in the Scottsdale High School All Class
Reunion for the year 2000. I am looking for class lists so we can create
a data base of names and addresses. Anyone who can help with that please
e-mail me @ dlynne14@cox.net. I am looking for Karen Harrison, Lynda
Lennox, and anyone else from the class of 74 and 75 that I knew and hung
out with. It would be great to hear from any Scottsdale High School alumni.

Update, August, 2005: I have been married for 20 years. My kids are 26, 23, 18. I am now an empty nester and we are loving it!
I am looking forward to the picnic in October. I plan on helping to organize things with Bob Leone and crew.

Kathy Bieger
Subj: Scottsdale High School Reunion
Date: 10/18/99 12:28:47 AM Central Daylight Time
From: dlmcguire@fastwave.net (Dennis McGuire)

Kathy (Bieger) McGuire here.

Graduated 1976 from Scottsdale High School . Now reside in Rancho Bernardo, CA. Married for 19 years to a great man who passed away this past March. Have two great kids, BJ (17) and Karen (13). Have worked for the same company with different names for 18 years. Currently we are know as Marconi Integrated Systems. I work as a Principal Cost Estimator. Love my job, go camping alot, have taken up sailing, golf and kick boxing. I play softball as well.

This web site is a great idea. Hope I will hear from some of my old buds out there.....

Kathy McGuire
17388 Caminito Canasto
San Diego, CA 92127

Lucinda Blackledge
Subj: Registration for SHS
Date: 3/24/2005
From: lswatzell@semo.edu

Class of '76.... the year of the bicentennial, a presidential election (the first year I voted), the Olympics, Star Wars, Leap Year with 5 Sundays in February.
It was the year that I dated and eventually married Dan Swatzell from Coronado High. I would be found as Lucinda Blackledge.

These days, my first name is Dr. , as in "Dr. Swatzell, I didn't get that email. What test are we having on Friday? Dr. Swatzell, I won't be in class tomorrow. Dr. Swatzell, I just got accepted into med school!................................."

I am an Assistant Professor at Southeast Missouri State University (yes, I came here intentionally) and teach Plant Biology, Plant Physiology, Ethnobotany, Cell and Molecular Biology........ I think you get the idea. In addition, I am investigating how xerophytic ferns maintain water balance in arid environments. Somehow, it seems like the desert never lets you go.

Lucinda Swatzell
Department of Biology, MS 6200
Southeast Missouri State University
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701


Bill Caldwell
Subj: Hello there
Date: 8/17/99 10:27:58 PM Central Daylight Time
From: caldfam@access1.net (Tracey Caldwell)

Greetings 1976 grads and others:

Here we are in Poway, California. I've run into a few Scottsdale High School folks in the
San Diego area and have heard of a few more. Rode on a plane recently
with Jolene Mc Donough '76. Jim Knutsen '75 is around someplace too.

Life is pretty boring in the land of fruits and nuts. A wife, two kids,
two dogs, two cars and one very big mortgage.

Air Products, my employer, keeps me in Asia about a third of the time.
I might be in a very exclusive club of Scottsdale High School alums who take regular trips
to Borneo - no kidding. Any others out there spend time in Japan,
China, Singapore or Malaysia? Work in the semiconductor industry?
Maybe we can have shabu-shabu and a beer in Shinjuku some time, or fish
head curry at Samy's in Singapore.

My folks sent me Lois Mc Farland's article from the Tribune where I
found this site (Dad taught special ed at Scottsdale High School , 7th and 8th Pima before
that, he's doing fine for 74 years old).

My work e-mail is caldwewb@apci.com. Drop me a note sometime.

Best regards.

Bill Caldwell
Class of '76

Sue Cowie
Subj: Class of '76
Date: 10/1/00 1:18:44 AM Central Daylight Time
From: dbbmw@email.msn.com (dbbmw)

Hi, I'm Sue Berger - was Sue Cowie back then. Just discovered this web site recently but already had mailed in my registration via snail mail. I live in Minneapolis and am still in theatre (am a Lighting Designer). Favorite teachers were Mr.Mc.Girr (had his wife Molly Mc.Girr for 1st grade at Paiute), Mr.Davis(Eng 2-A and 4-A), Mr. Stewart(Eng 3-A),
Mr.Woodard(choir) and Mr.Coats who inspired me to become a theatrical Lighting Designer by insisting that only the boys could do lighting and that I should try the Costume Committee instead. Hope to see you all soon!

Bob Craig
Subj: Scottsdale High School Registration
Date: 5/22/00 1:45:17 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Waiter4U2@aol.com

Hi! I'm Robert (Bob) Craig. I was supposed to graduate in 1976 but didn't so I joined the Army and went to Germany. I graduated high school only when the military made me! Oh well, I finally learned to do what I was told! I went on to spend 17 years in the Army touring the world. Working many different positions including Nuclear weapons and Drill Sergeant. Who would have ever thought....

I moved back to Scottsdale in January 1998 after divorcing my former wife of 17 years. I have a son who is 19 but resides with me due to a mental handicap. I now work for Schneider National Carriers as safety and training support position. I also drive a truck. Not much to brag about. But I am finally finishing my degree in business through the University of Phoenix.

Good to see that there is a web site devoted to Scottsdale High School. I have many fond memories of high school and the people who I ran around with. Maybe I'll run into them again!

Robert Craig

Stephanie Creighton
Subj: Registration
Date: 11/2/00 9:08:15 PM Central Standard Time
From: evrv@citlink.net (Richard)

Stephanie Creighton, class of '76.

Lea Deatherage
Subj: Register me!
Date: 8/9/99 11:46:54 AM Central Daylight Time
From: lkiraly@pvusd.k12.az.us (Lea Kiraly)

Heard about the big shindig being planned for Scottsdale High School Beavers and wanted to
join in.  My name is Lea Kiraly (Lea Deatherage), graduated
in 1976 from our infamous Scottsdale High.  I have lived in AZ all
my life, and married an upper classman named Steve Kiraly
Great guy, owns his own landscape & maintenance business for years
now.  He graduated Scottsdale High School in 1973.

I have two children (Lauren 14 & Nicole 11), one of whom is just
entering Horizon High School. The other is a 6th grader at Sonoran Sky
Elementary.  I work at Sonoran Sky as our school's computer technician
doing a wide variety of cool jobs, from teaching computer skills to 
Trouble Shooting. I'm in the process of updating our school's web site
and very much looking forward to getting back to work with the kids and
teachers.  Summer is too long!

  • My best friend from Scottsdale High School was Dea Vanlandingham, who is now Dea High,living in Colorado.  We keep in touch now with email.
  • I have a brother, David Deatherage (graduated Scottsdale High School 1973) who married a friend of mine from Scottsdale High School named Denise Michaud.  Both are working hard in managing their business Copperstate Engineering.
  • My sister Jo Deatherage  (graduated  Scottsdale High School 1974) currently is living in Gallup NM, but will be moving back to Scottsdale before thenew year.  She's working hard for the Gov't as Special Agent Jo.
  • Don't forget my sister-in-law, Amy Springmann (Amy Kiraly) graduatedScottsdale High School 1975! Mother of 3, living in Scottsdale.

I hope to hear from some of my long lost friends...... Keep me informed about the up and coming Beaver Bash.
Lea Kiraly

Robyn Ferracane
Subj: registration
Date: 8/9/98 12:13:51 AM Central Daylight Time
From: RiRo711RoX
To: Scottsdale High School Alumni

My name is Robyn Ferracane. My class was "76". I'm married with a daughter . I still act around town. I'm looking for Kathy Swan...Ceritelli.

Barbara Foster
Subj: Reunion Registration
Date: 1/29/00 3:12:40 PM Central Standard Time

My name is Barbara (bobby) Foster. I graduated from Scottsdale High School in 1976. I have been married for 10 years to Don Williams, we have 2 daughters, Madison is 5, and Sloan is 3 this June.
I worked for my family's business for 10 years, Scottsdale Culinary Institute, which we sold to a large corporation in July 1998 and am now fortunate enough to be able to stay home and raise my daughters and do some traveling. Last September and October we rented a motor home and traveled around the United States for 2 months. Would love to do it again only not for that long.

Look forward to seeing old friends at reunion.

Barbara Foster

Pamela Franklin
Subj: The Chorus Teacher...?
Date: 7/3/00 12:55:13 AM Central Daylight Time
From: LMelmich@aol.com

To Whom It May Concern:

I was wondering if anyone had heard from the Chorus Teacher I had from 72-76. I would dearly love to see him again. His name is Floyd P. Woodard, I beleive he is klisted in the Scottsdale Phone Book and I think he lives on "Hubble". Can someone tell me if he has registered for the reunion. He was at the School for many many years. Please respond if you know anything as soon as you can, thank you very much. I realize your very busy at this time. One more thing my counselors name was Myrna Horton does anyone know where she is?

Pamela Franklin Levasseur

Judy Gaiffe
Subj: Class of '76
Date: 9/27/00 7:21:50 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Gaif524@aol.com

Hi Class of 76! Looking forward to seeing the faces of some familar names on the site at the reunion. Will be there with my sister, Joanne (1974 Graduate). Living in So. California (Fountain Valley) for the past 16 years not far from the beach. Fell in love with the ocean when I visited Huntington Beach with Nancy Clifford in 1974. Anyone know how I can reach her?? I'm married and have a 4 year old son, who keeps me young. Worked for Valley National Bank right out of high school and have been with Wells Fargo in California for the last 16 years. Trying to track down Jolene McDonough too, if any one knows where she is.


Judy Gaiffe

Sue Heck
Subj: Reunion registration
Date: 9/11/00 10:29:14 PM Central Daylight Time
From: suzanne6094@gateway.net (suzanne6094)

Hi eveyone, this is Sue Heck, I really did graduate in 1976 from Scottsdale High School . I know it's hard to believe that I did graduate. I must have been out of the trash can long enough to receive a diploma. Ha ha :) I moved to Greenfield, Iowa for about 7 years. My son Evan who is 15, and I recently moved to Prescott, AZ and we are really enjoying being close to family again. My sister Leslie Heck, who graduated in 1976 also has her hands full raising Angela 11, Eddy 4, and Robbie 2. Talk about an angel! We will both be at the reunion and are looking forward to catching up with old long lost friends. FYI my e mail is suzinaz_2000@yahoo.com if you're interested. See you soon. Take care. :)

Diane Heyl
Subj: Class of 1976
Date: 7/5/2005
From: dheyl@cableone.net

Has it really been 30 years? Don’t know about anyone else, but I haven’t aged a day!

“K”; you wouldn’t believe my life, drop me a line. I’m in the big city now…Globe!
Kim Rasmussen; I cannot believe you have not one, but two horses, have you learned nothing from Pinetop/Lakeside? I can’t help but think of you whenever Elton John comes on!
Sue Cowie; I’m with you, I can still recite “the classification of man according to the linean system of classification of organisms”. Without a doubt the best teacher there ever was!
Judy Stewart; we have a common acquaintance…Jim Smiggs, I believe your first husband worked for him. Well, I was wife #3 for about 25 years.
There are a lot of other names I recognize, but fail to put a face with, maybe I have aged a bit?
I’d love to hear from anyone that can put a face with my name.

Kelly Hughes
Subj: Class of 1976
Date: 6/5/00 6:13:38 PM Central Daylight Time
From: k.volkman@worldnet.att.net (kelly volkman)

My brother, Steve Hughes forwarded the Scottsdale High School web site to me recently. I'm
Kelly (Hughes) Volkman. I have three brothers who attended Scottsdale High School : Greg
(class of '66), Steve (class of '72), and Mitch (class of '78). I married
Steve Volkman (class of '74). This month is our 25th anniversary. We have
four children, Jamie, Wes, Keetan and Kaeli. Our oldest daughter Jamie is
married and has two girls - Micah (6) and Drew (3). We've also been foster
parents for over 14 years. Steve is in construction and works for Archon,
Inc. and I work part time as a legal secretary for Steptoe & Johnson LLP.

Laura Johnson
Subj: Please register me!
Date: 9/10/00 6:58:15 PM Central Daylight Time
From: petenljs@citlink.net (Peter G. Scholten)

To Whom It May Concern:
I would like to register for the all-class reunion. I will be attending alone (well..with a friend from my class). Please send me any info necessary. I threw away the mailing because my friend had decided not to go, but she changed her mind!! I'd like to play in the band too, if that is still available. Send info to:

Laura J. Scholten (Johnson) '76
41 S. Paloma Dr.
Show Low, AZ 85901
(520) 537-1874

Thanks, Laura Scholten

Kevin Mahoney
Subj: Class of '76 Scottsdale High School "Love them Beavers"
Date: 8/7/99 6:30:36 PM Central Daylight Time
From: bonez@erols.com (Patric Mahoney)

From: Kevin Mahoney
(For everybody that would have no idea who K. Patrick Mahoney is)
Hey Everybody,

This is really great!!!

My sister (Kathy Mahoney) just let me know about this site.

I am also living in N. Virginia, (Washington DC) Working as a
computer geek for contractor at a federal agency inside the beltway.

I am Married with 3 boy's. I live here because My wife is from here.
(unlike my sister who can get out of here in a few years).

I was really sorry to have missed the 10 year reunion. I was looking
forward to it from the day of graduation. I sure had some good
stories to tell... well maybe next time. I was in Scottsdale the year
before and the next year I moved back for a few years. In '86 my
oldest son was just a few months old. sometime lifes priorities
overrun desires. Thanks for the invitation Jan, it did find me, My
mother was still at the old address in '86. I noticed you just found
this site yesterday. I last saw Lisa T. in 1980 at the Grand Canyon
we were both working there (I met my wife there.)
Hi Norm, Say hi to your sister for me

Anyway before my message gets longer than Kathy's, later.
Yes Kathy, I will call tonite after I get off of the net!!

"Kevin" Patrick Mahoney
all emails welcome.
all spam will be filtered or hunted down and e-mail bombed.


Tim McLaughlin
Subj: Registration for Scottsdale High School Alumni ( Class of 1976 )
Date: 8/19/01 8:56:48 PM Central Daylight Time
From:    tim.mclaughlin@bridgeband.com

(Updated August, 2005)

Greetings everyone.

I am currently living in Bozeman Montana, enjoying the four seasons.

I volunteer for the local Fire Department and love it.

Considering pursuit of a PhD in the next year or so and teaching at the University here ( MSU).

Married, to Patty Page ( Class of 1978) and living the good life.

Take care and if anyone is in the Yellowstone Park area, Look me up.


Tim McLaughlin
192 Annie Glade Drive
Bozeman, Montana

Take care everyone !!

Tony Murray
Subj: Class of '76
Date: 5/2/00 3:09:42 PM Central Daylight Time
From: RICO1157@prodigy.net (The Murray's)

Quick update. Married, Three kids 14, 3, 1 plus one(last) on the way. Own a Mobil fleet maint. company and do some aviation consulting on the side.
Good job, Bill. I'll pass along the website.
Anthony (Tony) Murray
Class of '76

Celia Niesman
Subj: Scottsdale High Reunion - 76
Date: 10/9/00 7:21:10 PM Central Daylight Time
From: cniesman@swlaw.com (Celia Niesman)

Hi all!

I did not graduate from Scottsdale High School but attended my freshman year there and went to Kaibab previously. After my freshman year, my family moved to Tucson where I graduated from Catalina HS.

Happened to find out about the reunion the day of the big party, Saturday, from Holly Marrie (Pickrell). Her husband and I work for the same law firm, Snell & Wilmer. Mike (her hubby) and I were getting ready to take our turn in the dunk tank at our annual firm picnic. While waiting, we began talking and realized I knew both her brothers (Tom & Wayne) from Kaibab and Scottsdale. Pretty wild! Holly mentioned the web site and that I should check it out. Very nice!

I have been back in Phoenix for quite some time, training computer applications at Training ala Carte, and in fact have run into John (Taco) Garcia, right after the 20th reunion for 75, David Carlson, it really shocked him when I recognized him in one of my classes at APS and Paula, can't remember her last name off the top but also recognized her in one of my training session, I believe she went to Navajo.

I am doing a lot less training these days, working for Snell & Wilmer for over a year now as the Database Administrator and Computer Services Training Facilitator backup. Love what I do, with the growth and opportunities it has provided me.

My sons are 15 & 17, Danny attends Horizon High School, is going into wrestling in a couple of weeks, and is a member of the Civil Air Patrol.
Jerry finished all his classes at Horizon a year early so is attending PV Community College. He plans to transfer to a University out of state, hasn't quite pinned that one down but wants to become a firefighter.

I have had the opportunity to do some travel, spend time with family, friends and just enjoy as much as possible! Not everything has been perfect, but am very happy with what has been given to me. Would love to hear from those I knew back when.

I can be reached at cjniesman@yahoo.com

Celia Niesman
Snell & Wilmer, L.L.P.
Database Administrator/Computer Training Specialist

Michele O'Connell
Subj: Scottsdale High School , more stories!
Date: 3/18/99 12:23:18 AM Central Standard Time
From: Oconnellrm

Hey Bill, just read your roof riding story and am also a graduate of Scottsdale High School and Pima ( Go Warriors) Elem. Class of ''76, we lived on Mulberry Street, which may not have been there in '69, I wasn't. Isn't it interesting what a small world we live in. Thanks for the page.
Thoughtfully, Michele O'Connell (aka Moblo, yes just like it looks Mow-Blow, nobody forgets a name like that)!  I can be reached at 805-445-9112, live in S. CA.

Patty Phelps
Subj: Hello
Date: 8/31/99 3:45:52 PM Central Daylight Time
From: pmfjwf@inficad.com (Patty & Jason Fairfield)

Hello to fellow 1976 grads and band members. It's fun to read about what everyone has been doing. My name is Patty Fairfield (formerly Patty Phelps). I live here in Scottsdale and am currently doing the Mom shuttle. I have three children - Jack, 7; Ellen, 4 and Andy, 3. I am also a part time legal assistant.

I am sad to hear about Mr. Coats and Mr. Stewart. They were two of my favorite teachers. I can still hear Mr. Stewart talking about "gloom and doom" and can still see him wearing his sunglasses during tests to ensure that we don't cheat. Like we would dare.

I still keep in contact with Susan Hays (now Susan Vandervoort), class of '75 and Sara Leonard (now Sara Recer) (76). Both are fine. Susan lives here in Scottsdale and Sara lives in Houston. I would love to hear from fellow band members and classmates at pmfjwf@inficad.com.

Norm Pratt
Date: 5/5/99 2:36:33 AM Central Daylight Time
From: newie@getnet.com (N.Pratt)

Norm Pratt
Class of 1976

Kimberly Rasmussen
Subj: Kimberly (Rasmussen) Cooley
Date: 1/25/00 10:33:29 AM Central Standard Time
From: kcooley@mahoneygroup.com (Kim Cooley)

Howdy Beavers! I Am Kimberly Rasmussen, Class Of 1976, Now Kimberly Cooley. I Live In Prescott, Arizona With My Husband Roger. We Own 2 Acres Out In The Country & Have 2 Horses, 3 Dogs & 3 Cats. I Have Been In The Insurance Industry For 21 Years & Am Now An Insurance Agent I Have Remained In Arizona Except From 1984 To 1991 I Lived In Snohomish Washington, Beautiful Country But A Little To Much Rain For The Native Arizonian So, I Returned To Prescott. I Plan To Attend The All Class Reunion & Hope To See All My Old Buddies There.

See You In October!!

John Schaller
Subj: Scottsdale High School Beaver Newspapers
Date: 8/14/00 11:32:56 PM Central Daylight Time
From: jlschaller@home.com (John Schaller)

Webmaster, I have a dozen or so school newspapers "The Beaver" from my
years there '72 to '76. If I could scan them onto a file do you have any
interest of posting it to the website so people could view them if
interested? I thought thought some folks might get a kick out of seeing
the old newspapers. You can reach me via email.

John Schaller, M.D.

Mark Schnell
Subj: Class of '76 Graduate
Date: 2/27/99 9:21:30 AM Central Standard Time
From: schnell@paulbunyan.net (Schnell's)

My name is Mark Schnell and I now live in northern Minnesota. I was one of the "freaks" that hung out at the well in Beavers Paradise. Probably because of that and the fact that I moved the day after graduation, I didn't keep up with anyone. I did go to the 20th reunion. I hung out with Steve Harambasic, Bob Johns, Mark Neroni, Dennis Webster, Scott Zurr, but couldn't tell you where any of them are today. My e-mail address is schnell@paulbunyan.net if anyone cares to write and jog my memory.

Rex Shank
Subj: Rex Shank
Date: 9/18/00 1:57:23 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Rhsmcis@aol.com

hello scottsdale high grads of 76! If any of you remember me, I`m now living in coeur` d alane, idaho. I spent the previous eight years in Whitefish, Mt. I`m still working the restaurant trade as a chef, currently employed at a gin joint known as Crickets Steakhouse and Oyster Bar. I`m working on my fourth wife, but this one seems to like me better than the others, so I guess I`ll keep her. I wish I could say more, but since I signed on at the C.I.A, I`m forbidden to say more.If anyone wants to E-mail me, I can be reached at Rhsmcis @aol.com .

Jennifer Small
Subj: Jennifer Small Weeks
Date: 9/30/00 6:52:46 PM Central Daylight Time
From: AWUVAS@aol.com

Dear Committee,
I have sent in my registration and am not listed on the class list for 1976 graduates. Please contact me to verify my registration. I sent it snail mail and confirmed with Donna Barbanell. Jennifer Small Weeks

Larry Spires
Subj: Ciao
Date: 12/6/00 9:13:22 AM Central Standard Time

From:    ljspires@fedex.com (Larry Spires)

Ciao to all 76 grads,
And now for something completely different.
This is Larry Spires the worst dressed senior in "76"  living in Venice
Since high school, lived in California twice, Newport Beach with Dan
Stragier, Huntington Beach, Arizona all over the Phoenix area, once with
Bill Baker, Memphis Tenn, Orlando Florida and now Treviso Italy.
I moved to Italy in June 2000 lived on the beach in a town called Jesolo
for 4 months then moved to Treviso Italy, about 20 miles north of
Venice, plan on staying 5 to 6 years in the Venice area, then on to
Singapore for more fun.
I work for FedEx in Aircraft Quality Assurance Air Operations Division,
which I enjoy very much. I was married for 20 years but soon to be
divorced, have 3 children, Rocky 20, Wendi 18 and Tawnya 15, OUCH!
getting old.
I have worked in the aviation field since high school and was a Scuba
Instructor for about 3 years, I don't instruct any longer but I still
I miss Scottsdale, that will always be home for me unless I can end up
on a tropical Island then I will say that is home.
I keep in touch on and off with Tom Haenfler, Bill Baker, and a few
other people.
If any beavers want to come to Venice look me up, I will give you the
tour. Say no More!
Keep in touch Ciao.
Larry Spires
Via S. Parisio 13
31100 Treviso Italy
Home Phone 011390422540610
Work Phone 011390415416390

Pete Steckl
Subj: registration

Date: 98-02-03 07:01:43 EST

From: Esquitero @aol.com

Read the article forwarded to me by my folks from the republic. I am Pete Steckl, class of 76. I live in Atlanta.

Brenda Stein
Subj: Brenda Stein, Class of '76
Date: 11/27/99 4:03:18 PM Central Standard Time
From: haskelbb@netvision.net.il (Bracha Haskel)

Scottsdale High School ! Marching Band, musicals, German Club, football games and Farrell's!
What great memories!Wonder why no one else has mentioned Frau Jones? I heard
our old band uniform is now a museum piece... Remember all those years
marching in the Parada? Football halftimes?
After graduating from Colorado State U., I came to Israel for a year, and
have stayed ever since. I've been married 15 years, six great kids, very
different lifestyle! We live on a communal agricultural village in the Golan
Heights. I teach childbirth education and do breastfeeding support through
LaLeche. I'm now using my Hebrew name: Bracha Haskel.
I have been in touch (sort of) with Marian Cromley, Hans Laetz, Meg Svaco,
Linda Schulz, Laura Hohanshelt, Sue Cowie, Dawn Knappenberger. Would love to
keep up contact and find other old friends!Any other Kaibab/Scottsdale High School ers out
Thanks for the site! Those high school days were really great! Hard to
believe my oldest son started high school this year...
Bracha (Brenda) Haskel (Stein), Class of '76.

Judy Stewart
Subj: Class of '76
Date: 3/22/00 2:26:33 PM Central Daylight Time
From: FJBUSS@aol.com

Hi everyone, it's Judy (Stewart) Bussemeier. I am glad to have found this site. I have been mostly working for myself for many years. I was married for 5 years, divorced and now married to my husband Frank for over 15 years. I have two children, Brandon - 17 and Whitney - 14. I would love to hear from anyone from Pima or Scottsdale High School that knew me. I am hoping to go to the all class reunion, but not sure yet. Take care!


Nanci (Sauro) Atwood
Subj: Registration
Date: 12/31/98 2:06:48 PM Central Standard Time
From: msatwood@yahoo.com (Nanci Atwood)

I am Nanci Atwood, (was Nanci Sauro)....Graduated 1976....Have such fond
memories of Scottsdale High School ....can't wait for our 25th reunion!!! Thanks for the
website...it's great!

Nancy Sydow
Subj: Web Site - Fantastic 1976
Date: 7/30/00 11:51:08 PM Central Daylight Time
From: davis6@cox-internet.com (davis6)

Fritz Teetsel
Subj: Fritz Teetsel
Date: 9/14/00 2:57:01 PM Central Daylight Time
From: FritzTeetsel@email.msn.com (FritzTeetsel)

Graduated in 1976. Learned from Kristy Larson the "art" of dancing slow during one of the High School dances. The song was "Color My World" and John Dant was the DJ. I was the goof that always got him to play it twice. I believe the dance step was referred to as a "Bear Hug". Does any on remember it? I haven't danced that slow since. Been involved in publishing, movie music and of course where do all washed up musicians end up, selling real estate. And I love it !!! Life's pretty neat. Hope it is for you, too.

Janice Toenjes
Subj: Janice Toenjes of '76
Date: 8/6/99 7:47:38 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Janlefevre

Great site! I only wish we could get everyone signed on. I am still living in Scottsdale - never left. I am looking for Bill Caldwell; David Harding; Kathy Cerritelli; Amy Hooks; and Lisa Tortoriello. Does anyone know where they are? If you would like to e-mail me: janlefevre@aol.com

Lisa Tortoriello
Subj: Lisa Glass (Tortoriello), Class of 76
Date: 11/1/99 11:25:31 AM Central Standard Time
From: natmat99@bellsouth.net (Tyson Glass)

I just found out about this website from my brother, Jon Tortoriello
(class of '80). I'm not sure if sending you this message is how to get
onto it, but thought I'd give it a try! I currently live in South
Carolina, and my email address is natmat99@bellsouth.net. Since there
is so much on the website already, I'll be brief and if anybody wants to
contact me, I can fill them in on my history since High School then.

Janet Vaughn
Subj: Singers, Balladeers, musicals..oh my!
Date: 9/20/99 10:07:44 AM Central Daylight Time
From: flychick@uswest.net (Janet Elliott)

Hi Everyone,
I just found this web page by accident and it is really fun to recognize
some old buddies from the past from Scottsdale High School . I live in Denver now and have
two children, Brandon 20 and Annie 16. Brandon took after his mom and
just got his Private Pilot's license. I taught him ( I am a flight
instructor). I do not recommend teaching your own child how to fly.
Driving was hard enough. Anyway, we are all very healthy and happy in
Denver. I've been married for 22 years to Howard, a USAFA graduate and
USAF pilot. He is no longer in the AF but we go to all the USAFA
football games and he roots it up.

I had a very successful career in Information Technology for 15 years
and left right after being promoted to a CIO at a cable company here in
Denver. I gave it up because I was completely burned out from 70+ hour
work weeks, voicemail, email, cellulars, late night database crashes,
demanding users, presentations, panty hose... You name it!!! So, I took
a sabbatical and got my flight instructor ratings (CFI, CFII, and MEI)
and started teaching flying. Remember that I had my Private Pilot's
license back at Scottsdale High School . I found I loved aviation so much that I stuck with
it and now I have been hired by an airline (Mesaba) to fly a 4 engine
regional jet. I have 2 weeks in Minneapolis and then 5 weeks of
training in Manchester, England at British Aerospace. My family will
continue to live in Denver and I'll be commuting back and forth as I

Well, here are a couple of tidbits from the past..... Singers going to
San Diego for the choir fest and SeaWorld. Lana Hamilton hurt her ankle
on that trip ( I have a picture). Eating at that little hamburger shack
down from Scottsdale High...High in fat but OH SO good. Blacking out
from the heat while waiting to get your books at the bookstore for the
new year. Triping into the orchestra pit during a rehearsal for "The
Wizard of Oz" due to being in the Lullaby League and only wearing socks
and sliding across the stage into the pit (no kidding...that hurt!).
Mimicking the pom pom girls in the stands at the football games.
Listening to "Color My World" at the highschool dance. I still hate
that song with a passion! Sitting in Beaver's Paradise on a break
watching people running to their P.E. class. Having Mr. Woodard yell at
me for talking during class (again!). Remember Mr. Stanley and Mr.
Coates? I drove them nuts as well.

Hope everyone is healthy and happy. Write me!!!! I'll always be reading
my email!


Patty Volpe
Subj: Class of 1975
Date: 3/17/2005
From: kvolpe@ci.paradise-valley.az.us

I just wanted to add our names to the list as proud Beaver Alumni.

Margaret Volpe Class of 75
Patty Volpe Class of 76
Kevin And Karen Volpe Class of 77



Sara Welty
Subj: Scottsdale High School - Class of 76
Date: 98-05-04 02:02:36 EDT
From: SOliverphx@aol.com

Great site. Nice work Bill Farrell.

I was Sara Welty, (now Sara Oliver) and went to Scottsdale High School from 72-76. Heavily involved in band and fine arts along with my sister's Lisa (72) Martha (74), Amy (78) and Mary (79). My brother John was a mid-sixties student, but transferred to Saguaro in it's charter year. Have many fine stories and memories of hanging out under the tree
in the science quad, marching before school in the morning, squad leader trips, halftime shows, sitting in the orchestra during the annual musicals, and automatically having 80 people to hang out with Friday after the game. Many nights
(and subsequently, a job and a husband) at Farrell's or the Frontier drive-in. Favorite teachers were Mr. McGirr, (belch-stoppers), Mr. Davis (Chuckie chicken), Mr. Stewart, Mr. Cutting and Norm Stanley. Keep up the good work - I'll check in and let other Scottsdale High School conenctions know about it.

Dawn Youwer
Subj: Scottsdale High School Alumni Registration - Dawn Youwer - Class of 1976
Date: 1/23/00 10:15:36 PM Central Standard Time
From: drissi01@cox.net
I recently found out about this web site and I was eager to locate some old friends. My husband Pat (a 1975 Coronado Don graduate) and I live in Gilbert with our 3 teenage sons, Chris - 18, Andy - 16 and Dan - 14. I have been teaching 1st grade for the Gilbert School district for the last 8 years. I had a lot of fun coordinating our 10 and 20 year high school reunions, but I haven't kept in contact with very many people. My brothers, Mark (Class of 77) and John and sister Karen (Class of 81) still live in the valley also. I work with two teachers who also graduated from Scottsdale High School in 1981, Yuval Larsen (I don't know her maiden name) and Cindy Bitter Schaible. My oldest son, has had Dave Schulz (Class of 79) for his Honors Math teacher the last few years. Small world isn't it? I sure would like to hear from some of my old buddies. Contact me at: drissi01@cox.net


>Ginger Brannon
Subj: Class of 77 - Ginger Brannon
Date: 9/9/99 12:22:53 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Gingergoss

Hi! This web site is great! It's great to see some familiar names out there and I'll try to help spread the word!

I am currently Director of Sales Administration at PCS Health Systems - have managed to stay in Scottsdale the whole 22 years and have two children - Kyle, age 10 and Katie, age 6. I was married to Jeff Gossen for 13 years and have been divorced 5 years but we still remain friends.

I would love to hear from anyone - my email address is Gingergoss@aol.com.

Matt Bucko
Subj: Registration
Date: 2/22/00 5:44:13 PM Central Standard Time
From: mbuc310@primenet.com (MDB)

Matt Bucko, 1977
Married, retired, father of 3 girls and one boy. 22 years on the Scottsdale Police Department, last 5 in SWAT/Tech Ops. Currently doing computer repair and consulting. Living in Scottsdale, or what is left of it. Maybe I will run for council.

Marie Edwards
Subj: Class of '77
Date: 10/10/00 11:52:33 PM Central Daylight Time
From: mlunceford@compuserve.com (marie lunceford)

Well, this site has put a smile on my face and brought back some very old memories. Thanks to Al Smith for sending me the address.

Formerly, Marie Edwards, my last name is now Lunceford. After moving to Idaho, I had a successful marriage for 13 years and a harmonious dissolution 9 years ago (are you doing the math?). Two grown daughters, 20 and 18. Now living in Seattle, after experiencing many fortunate adventures.

Occasionally visit Scottsdale and Paul Arnold, who is still living in the area. Does anyone know where Chris Pavlik is??

Funny, this reminiscing thing, after what?? Twenty-two years... doesn't seem a quarter century ago...

Jeff Formica
Subj: Registration
Date: 14 April, 2006
From: Jeff.Formica@pearson.com

Jeff Formica
1983 Graduated ASU with BS in Computer Information Systems, emphasis in Business Administration
Involved in IT 22 years now (worked for Microsoft in Redmond, WA. For some 7+ years)
Married now 20 years (this year) with 2 children (18 and 11) and living in Fountain Hills, AZ.

Mark Garcia
Subj: Alumnus update
Date: 8/23/99 12:18:10 AM Central Daylight Time
From: MarkAGarcia@compuserve.com (MarkAGarcia)

Hey fellow Beavers! I'm Mark A.J. Garcia (Taco), class of '77. The
following is a short synopsis of my experiences since graduation:
-graduated from ASU, May 81, B.S. in Personnel Management and
Production Operations Management
-married Janis L. Stull, Alhambra Class of '77, Jun 81
-owned and operated Elite Pest Control 80-82
-entered US Navy Dec 82
-received commission as Ensign, USN Apr 83
-flew T-34C, T-2C & T/A-4J, awarded Wings of Gold/designated Naval
Aviator Sep 85
-chosen to fly F-14 Tomcat Sep 85
-flew west coast F-14s in VF-21, as an instructor at VF-124, as CAG
Landing Signal Officer with CVW-2 and CVW-9, and as Operations Officer
with VF-24 85-95
-T-45 Requirements Officer at the Pentagon 95-9
-awarded 14 individual and unit commendations/medals for service
-awarded a 15 year retirement Oct 98
-retired back home to Arizona
-hired by Southwest Airlines Feb 99, currently serving as First

-2 children: Mark Jr. 22 Aug 88, and Anne Marie 26 Aug 91
-hobbies: restoring American muscle cars, mostly Corvettes
-wife Janis is an attorney specializing in Business Law, opening
her own law office Sep 99

Sam Giallanza
Subj: Class of 77
Date: 06/19/04
From: samgiallanza@msn.com

Registering for the Class of 77.

I am Sam Giallanza and I graduated class of 77.
Home has been Tucson, Arizona since 1997 and my
twin sister Mary Anne still living in Chandler, Arizona.
I occasionally call or talk to some of the old gang,
Tony Macchirolli, Don Langley, Bill Clarkson etc.

I am happily married, and have a young daughter.
We work and live in Marana, Arizona which is a fast growing city next to Tucson.
I would like to add that my twin sister Mary Anne, and, her family live in Chandler.
I am very pleased that someone took the initiative to build a web site to catch
those alumni from SHS, good job.
Feel free to email me, would like to hear from you!
Sam Giallanza



Kevin Horton
Subj: Long Live Scottsdale High School Memories
Date: 11/5/99 10:32:11 AM Central Standard Time
From: hortons@netvalue.net (Kevin Horton)

Kevin Horton
Class of '77
(Pima Elementary school, 8th grade class of 1973)

Hello to all Scottsdale High School ers, and especially former Band members and faculty and
former Farrell's employees!

I'm still holding down the fort in Scottsdale (which is, by the way,
"America's Most Livable City" for all of you that have moved away -- it even
says so on the "Now Entering Scottsdale" signs). Graduated from ASU with a
BS in Finance in 1981. After my Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor years of '74 to
'77 (how many of you ever finished a Pig Trough or got run over by a Zoo?),
I did a stint with Swensen's Ice Cream and then kicked off my career with
Valley National Bank (now Bank One) in 1978 and have been there ever since.
Actually just COMPLETED that career and am enjoying a bit of a sabbatical
while I decide what to do next.

Married in 1981 to Jocelyn McAhron (a Saguaro Sabercat of all things) and we
will be celebrating 19 years of marriage in 2000. We're proud parents of 3
boys (currently 5, 8 & 10 yrs old).

Didn't touch the drumsticks for over 15 years after playing in the Beaver
Band and later in SCC's concert band, but am now lucky to be able to play
drums for the "praise band" every Sunday at First Baptist Church of
Scottsdale (70th & Osborn). Great fun for an old guy like me!

Current fun project: Transferring all of my favorite '70's songs from my
vinyl album collection to CD for eternal preservation! As the opening track
from my 1978 LP "The Cars" says, "Let The Good Times Roll!"

...Kevin Horton khorton@uswestmail.net

Kevin Horton
Subj: Long Live Scottsdale High School Memories
Date: 11/5/99 10:32:11 AM Central Standard Time
From: hortons@netvalue.net (Kevin Horton)

Kevin Horton
Class of '77
(Pima Elementary school, 8th grade class of 1973)

Hello to all Scottsdale High School ers, and especially former Band members and faculty and
former Farrell's employees!

I'm still holding down the fort in Scottsdale (which is, by the way,
"America's Most Livable City" for all of you that have moved away -- it even
says so on the "Now Entering Scottsdale" signs). Graduated from ASU with a
BS in Finance in 1981. After my Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor years of '74 to
'77 (how many of you ever finished a Pig Trough or got run over by a Zoo?),
I did a stint with Swensen's Ice Cream and then kicked off my career with
Valley National Bank (now Bank One) in 1978 and have been there ever since.
Actually just COMPLETED that career and am enjoying a bit of a sabbatical
while I decide what to do next.

Married in 1981 to Jocelyn McAhron (a Saguaro Sabercat of all things) and we
will be celebrating 19 years of marriage in 2000. We're proud parents of 3
boys (currently 5, 8 & 10 yrs old).

Didn't touch the drumsticks for over 15 years after playing in the Beaver
Band and later in SCC's concert band, but am now lucky to be able to play
drums for the "praise band" every Sunday at First Baptist Church of
Scottsdale (70th & Osborn). Great fun for an old guy like me!

Current fun project: Transferring all of my favorite '70's songs from my
vinyl album collection to CD for eternal preservation! As the opening track
from my 1978 LP "The Cars" says, "Let The Good Times Roll!"

...Kevin Horton khorton@uswestmail.net


Laura Jensen
Subj: 1977
Date: 9/9/00 5:48:32 PM Central Daylight Time
From: redmans3@yahoo.com (Laura Redman)

Hi my name is Laura Redman.You may know me with the
last name of Jensen. I graduated in 1977. I just lived
across the street from the school on Miller rd. In the
town houses. My best friend in school was Mary Hix she
graduated in 1976. I currently live in Kentucky and
have been married for 18 yrs. I have one daughter soon
to be 16. Would love to exchange e-mail with some old

Theresa (Reith) Leyes
Subj: Hi!

Date: 98-02-09 12:37:58 EST

Reply-to: theresa.leyes@alaskaair.com

Greetings to my friends in the Class of 1977!

Theresa (Reith) Leyes
POB 941
Wauna, Washington 98395

Tom Larsen
Subj: Class of '77
Date: 10/20/00 4:06:36 AM Central Daylight Time
From: tlarsen@eur.ko.com (Tom E. Larsen)

Hello All - My name is Tom Larsen. I am 1 - 5 Larsen's to graduate from
Scottsdale High School .

Cindy '70 - Married w/ 3 kids living in Tucson
Rick '72 - Married w/ 3 kids living in Temple
Randy '75 - Married w/ 3 kids living in Kansas City
Tom '77 - Married w/ 3 kids living in Brussels, Belgium
Bruce '80 - Married w/ 2 kids living in San Juan Capistrano California

LeaAnn (Class of '79 - Lennemann) and I have been married for 17 years.
Next September (2001), we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary of when
we started dating back during the Scottsdale High School days. We met at Jon Perryman's Labor
Day party in 1976. Mark Garcia gets credit as match maker. We now live in
Brussels, Belgium. It has been a tremendous experience seeing other
cultures and travelling throughout Europe. I have worked for Coca-Cola for
18 years starting straight after graduation from ASU.

Lea Ann asked if anyone knows how to reach Jenny Rogers?

We can be reached at:

Home: tlreelars@yahoo.com
Work: tlarsen@eur.ko.com

John McCrea
Subj: The Class of 1977
Date: 8/21/99 9:35:43 AM Central Daylight Time

The existence of this wonderful site was brought to my attention by my friend and alumni Pat Aiken...Good job Pat! I would love to hear from any old Beaver band members out there. I have managed to keep my sax playing a part of my life, Im in a Big Band and enjoying every minute of it! Thank you Mr. Norm Stanley and Mr. Warren Jeffries, I am glad I choose the path that lead into that big old fine arts building!...Anyone have a "swimming lesson" ?
I still have the digits 17-29-4 tumbling in my noggin....A long forgotten locker location but the combo is still with me!
My wife Katariina and I just celebrated our 8th year of marriage and we have a 5 year old daughter and a brand new 2 month old baby boy!...40 and having babies...that will certainly keep you young!
Hope to see some of you at the 2000 gathering of "BEAVER'S FOREVER"
Feel free to e-mail me @ jjkkmccrea@aol.com

Scott McKinney
Subj: Registration
Date: 1/15/00 4:13:06 PM Central Standard Time
From: Plumblord@aol.com

Scott P. McKinney
class of '77

Steven Nelson
Subj: registration
Date: 9/19/00 4:03:42 AM Central Daylight Time
From: skn@compaq.net (skn)


I am Steven K. Nelson, class of '77. I'm sending along the form and a check today. Look forward to it.

Cheers, Steve

Suzanne Ohlson
Subj: Hello
Date: 7/22/2005
From: johlson@foxcoinvest.com (Suzanne Ohlson)

please register me:

Suzanne C. Ohlson Class of 1977,

Brady Olds
Subj: Hello
Date: 5/5/2005
From: bdoldsrealty@commspeed.net

My Name is Brady Olds,
I graduated in 1977
I am presently a real estate broker practicing in Sedona, AZ. Since leaving high school, I always seem to be involved in some kind of business opt. or real estate investment.

Jon Perryman
Subj: Hello
Date: 1/16/00 9:52:20 AM Central Standard Time
From: JLPerryman@aol.com


I just read your story in 'Beaver's Paradise'. WOW - Tom and I have been close friends since PIMA and Scottsdale High School . Tell Tom to email me at:


I would like to give him my new address, info, etc. and see how Leann and the family are doing. Thanks, Jon Perryman - class of '77.

PS - Tell him I will be in Dallas June 23-29 for a National Basketball Tournament with my team, maybe we can all get togther???

1028 E. Mountain Sage Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85048
1.602.725.5249 mbl

Michele Prosnier (see Kit Russell)

Kit Russell & Michele Prosnier
Subj: 1977 Beaver Graduate
Date: 9/14/00 12:03:19 AM Central Daylight Time
From: krussell@apd.maricopa.gov (Kit Russell - APDX)

Hi, my name is Kit Russell. My wife, Michele, and I both gradutated from
Scottsdale High School in 1977 and were high school sweethearts there. We both then went on to
college at NAU and graduated in 1981. We were married in 1982 and had the
first of our three boys in 1985, when Shane was born. In 1986, Spencer was
born, and finally in 1989, Colin was born. Shane is currently attending
Saguaro High, but would be going to Scottsdale High School if they would not have closed and
then demolished it.(What a shame!)
We will be there at the all class reunion and look forward to seeing others
from our class. At least two of my brothers are also going, as well as some
of Michele's siblings.
I am proud to be a BEAVER, but the name gets little respect!! Anyway,

GOOOOOOO B E A V E R S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Sapp
Subj: Scottsdale High Graduate
Date: 7/31/00 11:30:21 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Lhawley@companynurse.com (Lisa Jo Hawley)

Hello everyone. I graduated from Scottsdale High in 1977 and had gone to
Kaibab elementary school here from kindergarten through 8th grade. My
maiden name was Lisa Sapp. My brother, Gary, graduated from Scottsdale High
in 1975 and my sisters, Lana and Lora, graduated from Scottsdale in 1960 and
1962 respectively.
We all moved here from Oklahoma to Scottsdale in 1956, so a LOT of changes
since then!
Until February 2000, I had worked the past 23 years with CNA Insurance here
in Phoenix, AZ. I took early retirement and I am now Director of
Underwriting at a small workers compensation agency in Scottsdale,
Compensation Value Alliance.
My husband is Dennis Hawley and we married in 1990. Dennis is a graduate of
Westwood High in Mesa, class of 1968. He, too, is in insurance but on the
claims side, working at Chubb Group. We recently moved to a new home in
Mesa having lived the prior 10 years in east Phoenix. We have 4 children
(my step-children) ages 17 through 27 and we have one grandson a year old
and two more on the way this December.
I hadn't made it to earlier reunions for my graduating class so I look
forward to seeing some familiar faces.

Hope everyong is having a great 2000 and see you in October!.

Lisa Jo

Al Smith
Subj: Scottsdale High School
Date: 9/17/00 1:14:34 AM Central Daylight Time
From: aesmith3@flash.net (Al Smith)

Graduated in 1977, should have been 1976 but I was a child of the 70's :-) I was actually in the graduation pictures for both '76 and '77. I snuck in the the picture session for '76 with Janet Castelinni. If anyone remembers the long haired country boy with the cowboy hat contact me at aesmith3@flash.net

Cruz Salazar Soto
Subj: Scottsdale High School
Date: 4/27/2008
From: csalazarsoto@google.com (Cruz Salazar Soto )

I graduated in 1976 along with Maria Corral (my best friend for 45 yrs), Alex Demarbieux (sp?) John Schaller, Denise Froehlich, Jennifer Gasser, Mindy Strawn and Diane Heyl to name a few. Most of us know each other way back from grade school (Loloma).

Had a beautiful daughter in high school when I was only 16 yrs. old (too young) but now I have a beautiful granddaughter Abyssinia 8 yrs old so I'm a young Nana.

Due to most of my career in International trade I have lived in many cities: Chicago (twice) worked for small back and Citibank accross from Sears Tower, Dallas, Houston, Tampa Florida and almost San Francisco. Still prefer living in Arizona (we're spoiled weatherwise).

After working with many major banks: Citibank, Valley National Bank (Bank One), Chase for past 30 yrs.; I now work with the State of Arizona (AHCCCS, Dept. of Business & Finance (Budget unit).

Would love to hear from many from Scottsdale High (have fond memories of most and the faculty).

Cruz Salazar Soto

Carole Sullivan
Subj: 1977 Graduate
Date: 10/19/00 4:55:52 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Franklincd@aol.com

Hi my name is Carole (Sullivan) Franklin. Following graduation from Scottsdale High School in '77 I attended NAU then graduated from ASU. For the past 10 years I have worked in the finance area at SRP. I have been married for over 21 years and have 2 boys - an 18 year old college freshman and an almost 16 year old sophomore. I have lived in Mesa since I got married. I am always sad to drive by where Scottsdale High used to be. I still have a Scottsdale High School t-shirt! I was very involved in dance - very fond memories of tap dancing in George M!

I can be reached at franklincd@aol.com if anyone is interested.

Jackie Thomas
Subj: Registration
Date: 6/23/00 12:31:50 AM Central Daylight Time
From: jmtwitty@uswest.net (Jax)

Jean Marie "Jackie" Twitty (Thomas)

class of 1977

Matt Toombs
Subj: Matt Toombs Class of 77
Date: 10/20/99 8:12:40 PM Central Daylight Time
From: 6toombs@us.hsanet.net (matt toombs)

Hey Bill, great webpage! Great way to keep in touch with all the "old" gang.
Got this link from Mark Garcia - Thanks Mark!
Will pass it on to my siblings Tina (' 72), Mark (' 73), and Todd (' 80).
The 20 yr reunion was a hoot! Looking forward to the next one. Please keep me up to speed on any plans.
Drop me a line at: 6toombs@us.hsanet.net

>Robert Tustin
Subj: Scottsdale High School
Date: 12/21/00 8:46:03 PM Central Standard Time
From:    atgautosalestraining@netzero.net (atgautosalestraining)


My name is Robert Tustin and I graduated from Scottsdale High School in 1977.  I have been trying for years to score one of the Scottsdale High School Beaver T-Shirts.  Can you help me find this damn thing?

Please feel free to email me or call me at 480 675-0287.>


Bob Tustin

Class of '77

Kevin and Karen Volpe
Subj: Class of 1977
Date: 3/17/2005
From: kvolpe@ci.paradise-valley.az.us

I just wanted to add our names to the list as proud Beaver Alumni.

Margaret Volpe Class of 75
Patty Volpe Class of 76
Kevin And Karen Volpe Class of 77


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