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Cyndy Argana
Subj: register
Date: 2/9/99 9:16:08 AM Central Standard Time
From: mustangcyndy@hotmail.com (Cyndy Bensema)

1973- Cyndy Argana now Cyndy Bensema (married 1973 alumni, Steve
Bensema)-my e-mails:
mus5639@imap2.asu.edu (might not work much longer, since I finally
also: mustangcyndy@hotmail.com

need anything else?


John Baker
Subj: Class of 73
Date: 98-01-14 21:14:45 EST

John Baker - class of 1973.

I live in Cypress, California. I have four children (and a wife) and I teach high school English, OF ALL THINGS! Thanks to Mr. John Dant, Sophomore English teacher, I was turned on to reading and writing and have been at it ever since. Also - I was inspired by Luther Stuart in the politically incorrect and "heavy" class for the time peroid of "Black Literature." Feel free to email me: awats@pacbell.net (notice the awats acronym - yes, I'm still a major Todd Rundgren fan, "A Wizard, A True Star.")

Subj: update
Date: 98-06-24 18:03:28 EDT
From: awats45@pacbell.net (John Baker)

Well, I'm single again. Yes, indeed. I also teach Drama & English in the Fullerton School District in So. Cal. I run the drama dept. and I love it! I sure wish more '73 grads would log on. Where's Vicki Walton, Cheryl Lennox, Randy Irwin, or any of the old tribe?
Email me as soon as you read this.
John Baker

Donna Beamer
Subj: Scottsdale High Renuion
Date: 2/1/00 2:35:35 PM Central Standard Time
From: donna.kardell@domail.maricopa.edu (Donna Kardell)

Greetings Beavers,

I am Donna Kardell (Beamer), class of '73 and I look forward to seeing
all my fellow classmates at the Reunion in October.

Diana Carey
Subj: Go Scottsdale Beavers!
Date: 3/29/00 12:19:53 AM Central Standard Time
From: diana@colemanhines.com (hines)

My name is Diana Carey Hines and I graduated with the Class of '73. I have not wandered far from home and have my auditorium brick to remind me of those wonderful days at Scottsdale High School . Memories like, OKLAHOMA with Mark Montana, football games and Beavers Paradise..... oh, yeah and Leo Landers.

I have two beautiful children, Ryan who will graduate from Corona High School in Tempe this year and Angela who will be a sophomore next year at Corona (whose colors are orange and yellow - close but no cigar!) and I have worked at SRP and its affilliate New West Energy for 18 years total. I have recently started my own company with a partner and I am excited at the new chapter in my life.

Brother Bob Carey ('79) and sister Yvonne Carey ('74) will be registering soon. Anyone from Rose Circle Drive (Paiute Elementary) out there?

Looking forward to seeing you in October!

Robert Cope
Subj: Register
Date: 4/27/2008
From: matowapiye@cox.net

Robert Cope Class of 1973 and class of 1969 at Kiabab elementry. Graduated SHS but missed the ceremony due to work in Yellowstone park. 2 years at Mesa CC and a few at ASU then Joined the Navy for 20+ yearsBoot camp Medical School in San Diego Hospital in Camp Lejune NC then a Destroyer in SC, Clinic in Bangor Wa then to the Hospital in Keflavic Iceland wher my daughter was born. then to Paris Island SC where my son was born then to a ship in Sasebo Japan where I had a chance to sail the other half of the world. Returning to Moffit Field then to Sandiego where I retired from the Navy. Following my wife to Raleigh NC where I was divorced and Moved to Pensacola to keep the family together. I remarried to my present wonderful wife and my Children are close My Daughter gets her masters fro UWF and my son works close by. I work In the Family Medicine clinic at the Naval Hospital here in Pensacola waiting for the Housing market to settle so I can sell the house and retire hopefully in AZ or NV. I am planning a trip back top Scottsdale this April for the first time in 35 years Everybody keep in touch and If any body knows the whwereabouts of John Austin class of 75 PLEASE let me know.

Paul Ellner
Subj: Class 0f 1973
Date: 12/12/99 10:51:42 AM Central Standard Time
From: Pellner@chorus.net (Paul Ellner)

Paul Ellner here. My sister Rita (now Olson) showed me this page. Talk
about a stab from the past. Great to see you are all doing so well.
After spending 10 years on a fire lookout tower near Flagstaff , hiding
from humanity and reading a few books (check out the hastily made web
page: http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/Meadows/2443/index.html ) I
left the warmth of Arizona on walkabout. My peregrinations have taken
me to North Carolina, (where smoking is not so much a right as an
obligation) several places in Kansas (which is not quite as bad as it
sounds), and now Madison WI. I married, and helped my wife finish
raising her teens years ago. Time to retire!

It is odd to look back over the years, to read snippets of people's
lives I haven't seen for decades. What makes a good life? How do we
measure success? We all have seem to have different answers. As we are
dragged into middle age remember: An old person is nothing more than a
young person wondering "What happened?"

Gary Elsner ( see posting for brothers/sister: Steve, Janet & Dale)

Lisa Hamlin
Date: 10/31/99 12:50:14 PM Central Standard Time
From: LRH523@aol.com

Graduate of Class 1973. Lisa Hamlin Hamilton
6445 Suzanne Lane
Solon, OH. 44139


Cheryl Harris
Subj: Hi! All Ya'll Beavers! from Cheryl (Harris) Wilson '73
Date: 9/16/00 10:43:58 PM Central Daylight Time
From: balanced@uswest.net (Cheryl Wilson)

It's wonderful to see all the familiar names! Hoping to find out what
happened to old friends. Even if you stay in town it's easy to get
Please feel free to contact me to say HI! or find out about my sister
Carrie (Harris) Hipskind '74 or Dennis Harris '76.
I moved to Estrella Mtn Ranch last year from Awatukee. Way out West...
Dennis has just moved back to Phoenix from Calif. Carrie is living in
Caspar, Wyoming. Great memories of the Teacher's Strike (went to the river
that day), Boondockers at Pima & Bell.....(Can you imagine one there now?!),
Beavers Paradise, and marching in the Drill Team and working on the
musicals.. Hope to see ya'll at the reunion!
Beaver Forever,

Reed Hearne
Subj: Information?
Date: 3/16/2005
From: rhearne@prodigy.net


My name is Reed Hearne and I graduated from Paiute in 1969 and SHS in 1973. After high school, a confusing period for me, I fled the Valley and moved to Los Angeles with my brother, Michael, and my best friend at the time, Paul Guthrie. Four years later I moved to San Francisco and I have lived here ever since with my partner, Roger, and various generations of cats. I attended the ten and twenty year reunions and really enjoyed them. Even though I wasn't close to a huge number of people in high school, I was always paying close attention to everyone and found it really fascinating to see what became of the other folks who showed up. I've been writing both fiction and non-fiction for a number of years and quite a lot of my writing can be found on the Internet by googling my name if anyone is interested. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me and am especially interested in the people I attended Paiute with for all eight years.


Mark Hollister
Subj: Information?
Date: 5/10/99 4:33:21 PM Central Daylight Time
From: festal@hotmail.com (Festal Sturgeon)

Hi (insert your name here)!

I was given your email address by an e-mail acquaintance, he said you might
have information on Scottsdale High alumni (he didn't have your name, so I
don't know either). I'm Mark Hollister, class of '73. So far all I've
found is a site called classmates.com, but only a few from my graduating
class have found it and added their names. Do you have a list of names?
I'd sure appreciate getting anything you have!

Thanks, Mark

Later that day......Hello fellow Scottsdale High School -ers, especially class of '73! I was swapping e-mail with a
nice fellow who saw my name on classmates.com (he went to Loloma and wants
to get in touch with alumni from there, his name is Scott T. Schlief;
Scott0355@aol.com if you can help), he told me about this great web page and
here I am. I really miss Scottsdale, I joined the Air Force in the fall of
1973 and have only been back once to visit. I've been living in Austin TX
since '91, it's great here too! Never married, no kids, maybe someday if I
get a round tuit.

I've heard from several reliable sources that former V.P. Dan Quayle used to
attend Scottsdale High School . I don't know if he graduated from there or not. Wouldn't it be
a hoot to run into him there at the All Classes reunion? I for one am a
fan, "potatoe" notwithstanding.

I'm sorry to report that everyone's good friend Bob Scallicky was killed in
a rodeo in Wyoming at the very young age of 26. This guy picked beans and
did other odd jobs while growing up in Minnesota, and when he got to
Scottsdale, he finally pieced together enough money to buy his dream '67
V-back Corvette. He painted it pearl white with blue flames on the sides
(headers too, of course). He had the coolest car on the lot. He was into
Elvis when Elvis wasn't cool. He was such a good friend!

If anybody knows the whereabouts of Sheri Hall, Chuck Allender, Richard
McBride, Laurie Sanchez, Jim Knutsen, Pete Reynolds, Gary Russell or John
Dawson I'd be grateful. Also anyone from Navajo please write!

Bev Hook
Subj: Class of '73
Date: 2/6/00 3:25:58 PM Central Standard Time
From: ckrealty@northlink.com (Chuck Kessler)

Hi, my name is Bev Kessler (Hook) and I graduated in 1973. I believe my
address, and the address of one of my fellow graduates has been lost to
reunion organizers. Is this the right place to update it? If so, please
update our names and addresses.

Beverly Kessler (Hook)
P.O. Box 155
Crown King, AZ 86343
email: ckrealty@northlink.com

Dianne Evenson (Simon)
962 E. Jensen
Mesa, AZ 85203

I am also trying to find out what happened to another graduate of 1973,
Nancy Saxton. Does anyone know her or her brother Dale Saxton, class of

My husband and I moved from the Valley of the Sun up to a small town in
northern Arizona, Crown King, a couple of years ago. We are enjoying the
cooler weather and the non-existant traffic. My sister Janice, class of
1974, found this site and let me know about it. It is nice to see that even
though our school building is gone, that the Beaver's live on!

Jerry Lay
Date: 2/29/00 8:41:11 PM Central Standard Time
From: JDL7709@aol.com

Jerry Lay
Class of 1973
I have been living in Albuquerque, NM since 1985. I am divorced and have a 12 year old son (Travis). My family is still in Scottsdale, so I get back there 2 or 3 times a year. I am still in touch with a few fellow graduates (Craig Swartwood, Lane Bridwell, Alan Saylor and John Sekan) I would to hear from any of the old gang. My e-mail address is JDL7709 @Aol.com or I can be reached at home at 505-897-9986.
Take care

Cheryl Lennox
Subj: registration
Date: 9/6/00 6:11:49 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Cheltzibro@aol.com

Cheryl Lennox 1973

Lynda Lennox1975

My E-mail is Cheltzibro@aol.com

Thanks Cheryl Lennox Watson

Marilyn Lewis
Subj: Register
Date: 4/23/00 1:08:44 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Bunnabear1@aol.com

Hi I'm Marilyn (Lewis) Heisel and my address is 5920 E. Spring Road Scottsdale AZ 85254 class of 1973, phone no. (602) 996-8540 AND email is Bunnabear1@aol.com Please register me in the class of '73 Thanks.................. Also the artist of your beaver on the web site is Pat Noonan class of 1973 she is still living in Scottsdale and is still an artist, and Hair Stylist

Lezlee Matlock
Subj: Class of '73
Date: 6/3/00 8:11:46 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Lbmommee@aol.com

Hi, I'm Lezlee (Matlock) Becker and graduated in 1973. I live in Peoria, AZ and have been teaching forever (or at least 23 years!!). Currently I teach 6th grade math. My husband of 21 years is also a teacher. We have three children. Corey is 16, Brandee is l3, and Kelsee is 9. I'm quite pleased that Corey is currently working at Dan Harkins's newly opened theater. It takes me back to Scottsdale High School days when Dan and his family theaters seemed a part of the school!
My brother, Les, graduated in '71 and is a Phoenix policeman. He is also registered, but as of now his listing is pretty vague! Maybe after he retires in July he will update his entry!
Our sister, Lynda, class of '79, also lives in Peoria. Although she had enlightened me about this web-sight, I notice she hasn't registered!! As Les keeps crime off the streets, and I contend with controlling (and occasionally teaching) children, Lynda stays near home and keeps our families in control. Actually, she may be known to some as a "stay at home mother" or "housewife", but in reality can seldom be found at home. She does volunteer at her boys' school and is always there to step in whenever I need her to help with my family. So, obviously, I consider her career to be quite an asset to society! With a police officer, a teacher, and a professional mother, what more American family can we expect? It's enough to make Donna Reed, June Cleaver, and Fred McMurry proud!
Our parents, Les (Scottsdale High School '47) and Louise Matlock still live in Scottsdale. Dad is quite excited about the All Class Reunion.
Well, I'd love to hear from old (we are, you know!) Scottsdale High School friends and those who went to Loloma Elementary School. Hopefully we will see many of you at the reunion!!

Patti Murphy
Subj: Scottsdale High Alumni

Date: 98-01-10 15:49:06 EST

From: PMurphy197 @aol.com

My name is Patti Murphy and I moved from Miami, FL to Scottsdale in 1972 -- my senior year of high school. I graduated 1973. Unfortunately, I didn't get to know a lot of people at Scottsdale High School during that one year, but the few people I became acquainted with are still among my closest friends. I lived in Phoenix for 25 years and worked in Public Relations, most recently as Public Information Officer for the City of Phoenix. This past November I was offered a job in Boise Idaho, so that is where I am living now. It's a beautiful city with lots of open natural spaces, rivers, ponds, and wildlife, all within the city. I admit I enjoy the snow and change of weather from the Phoenix but I REALLY missed Scottsdale Fashion Square and the Biltmore area at Christmas time -- the shopping here just can't compare! This web page is a great idea - congratulations!

Connie Phillips
Subj: Connie Phillips
Date: 9/17/00 5:31:52 AM Central Daylight Time
From: script@harborside.com (Connie Hunter)

Connie Phillips:
I graduated in 1973! Yikes! I was a band member. Yikes! I was a hippie chick, but married a jock! Yikes! I live on the Oregon coast, eight miles north of the California border. I had my son, Jason, when I was twenty. He passed away from kidney disease nearly ten years ago, a few month before his seventeenth birthday. During his illness, I had the rare and wonderful experience of donating a kidney to my son. I remarried when I moved the Northern California to work as the west coast marketing director for a record label. Thank you, Mr. Stanley! But, I reverted to my bad habit of writing fulltime. Currently, I have three screenplays and two novels out there being pitched. I have my now "Tuesdays With Morrie) mentor who is a three-time Academy Award Winner--including the Academy's prestigious "Lifetime Achievement Award." We currently are collaborating on a screenplay called "Dragon Rock." Thank you, Mary Hansen! My husband, Skip, is a college instructor (Soc.; Anthro.; Marriage and Family Life...) in Northern CA. We work together on writing projects (he does the hard stuff-the research). After my son passed away, I didn't know if life would ever be sweet again. But it is! Email me at in Oregon at:script@harborside, for a few more weeks, then I head south to enjoy October where wine country meets the redwoods and the coast looks like New England--where they filmed "Murder She Wrote". I'll be watching the vineyards in their glorious autumn colors. After that, I'll be in AZ for the winter, and then, L.A. Oh yeah, if I was ever a butthead to you as a teenager, I'm sorry. And, to set the record straight, my younger sister, Colleen, invented "POST-ITS".

Brent Russell
Subj: Please put my name on listing
Date: 10/2/00 11:36:15 AM Central Daylight Time
From: brent.russell@commtrans.org (Brent Russell)

I'm Brent Russell from class of '73 and I'd like to register my name with your listing but was unable to open the form. Could you do that for me if possible? Here's some info.

I attended Scottsdale High School all four years after going to Paiute elementary in Scottsdale. I have three brothers and one sister who also went to Scottsdale High School . I played in the band (percussion/drums) and ran a little track. It was great being in the band and I had a lot of good times playing in the musicals or playing at the games. I've lived in Washington state for the last 20 years (rainy) and am married with one daughter. I work for a transportation agency as a planner and like to fish a little. This will be my first reunion (and last ?) but I'm looking forward to remembering some of the craziness of the early 70's.

Michael Solomon
Subj: Class of 1973
Date: 10/11/00 12:19:05 AM Central Daylight Time
From: otayeaz@cox.net

I was born in New York and lived in Connecticut until I was 6.I moved to California and lived in the San Fernando Valley until my junior year in high school. My name is Michael (Mike) Solomon. I went to Kester Elementary, Pinecrest Private School, El Oro Way Elementary, Patrick Henry Junior High, and Robert Frost Junior High (it's first year). I was in the journalism class at Robert Frost, and also worked on the Laureate (newspaper) and the yearbook staff . I next attended Granada Hills High for one year - and then my parents decided to move to Phoenix Arizona after the 1971 earthquake.  I attended Granada Hills High School 1970-1971. I saw our football team win the L.A. City Championship and the band was invited to march in the Rose Parade. Boy was that exciting. Remember beating San Fernando H.S. and Anthony Davis!!! Remember the riot after one of the games?
My family bought a Pet Shop in Canoga Park, Ca.    I moved to Arizona after the 1971 Sylmar, CA earthquake.  We bought a pet shop in Thomas Mall and then opened one in Metrocenter and then in Valley West Mall. We sold the stores in 1984 and I became a stock broker.
After moving to Phoenix I lived in Arcadia and I attended Scottsdale (AZ) High School and was in the fine arts dept. I was in several musical productions, and was also in singing groups called the Balladeers and The Scottsdale Singers. What a great and fun experience. I graduated from Scottsdale (AZ) High School in 1973.
I still live in Scottsdale/Phoenix. I am married to wonderful woman, Wendy, and four great kiddos. And By the way, I'm a grandpa too.
Hope to hear from all of you. (well most of you) LOL
Mike and Wendy

Update, August, 2005:

Hello fellow Beavers-

Well I left a message about 5 years ago, and so I thought I'd touch base again. I attended Scottsdale High School my junior and senior year and graduated in 1973. I most enjoyed all of the wonderful friends I made in the Fine Arts department. I having fond memories of the musicals that we did and singing in the Scottsdale Singers and the Balladeers. What a trip that was !!!! I still live in Scottsdale (well actually Phoenix with a Scottsdale mailing address) I am married and have 4 kids(age 25,24,13, and 11) Oh, and I have a grand-daughter too. So you can all call me Grampa Mikey.

It's so sad that our school is gone. My mother actually just moved into a luxury loft just about where my science and math classes used to be. What a trip !!!

I hope to see all of you at the all class reunion in October. I attended the 10 year reunion, but I missed all the rest. It should be fun to see everyone.

I hope everyone is well.

Michael Solomon - Class of 1973


Sherry Toenjes
Subj: Sherry Toenjes
Date: 10/11/00 12:19:05 AM Central Daylight Time
From: sherrpie@gilanet.com (Sherry Johnston)

Sherry Toenjes (now Sherry Johnston)
Sorry I missed the great reunion. My sisters carried on for me and brought word of everyone back to me. Then I was really upset that I had missed the festivities and so many people I remembered I forgot. I'll be at the next one.
Since graduating from Scottsdale High School in December 1973, I got an accounting degree from ASU and became a CPA.
Married, had two wonderful daughters, divorced. Remarried and moved to Tucson. Five years ago we retired and moved to Pie Town, New Mexico (population 72) where my husband and I built a log home from big spruce logs. I still practice accounting but on a much calmer scale here on the continental divide. Our closest grocery store is 65 miles is Springerville, AZ. so traffic and crime are not a big part of our world, more worried about the elk and deer in the yard. Visit the Phoenix area regularly to see clients and my sisters but sure hate all of the noise and congestion. It sure has changed (or is it just me). Somehow, I think that Luther Stewart would be most upset with what has become of our writing with the advent of e-mail.

Debbie Thorpe
Subj: Scottsdale High School Graduate
Date: 3/29/00 8:47:55 AM Central Standard Time
From: cammate@cammate.com (Cammate Systems)

Please add the list of people who graduated in 1973 my name was Debbie
Thorpe is now Debbie Clifton email at cliftondeb@aol.com I verbally
registered to get on the mail list for class information earlier this week.

Debi Varel
Date: 98-05-13 14:07:54 EDT
From: dvarel@ix.netcom.com (Debi Varel)

Debi Varel, class of 1973.

Will there be a 25 year reunion this year?

Email address DVAREL@ix.netcom.com

Wendy Weintraub
Subj: Scottsdale High School Graduate
Date: 2/14/2005
From: wendy_karr@mac.com

I'm Wendy Karr, previously Weintraub and graduated in 1973. I have 2 kids and currently live in Bath, England. I work as an administrator for the hospital here and my husband is a professor at the university. I also have several siblings that went to Scottsdale High. Debbie, a year older, Robin and Randy, 2 years younger, Jeff, Steve and Barbara. The school closed while Barbara was still attending. She had to finish up at Arcadia. I spent several years in California (northern and southern) and a bunch more in Chicago. Most of the family is still in Arizona so I visit regularly.


Debbie Andrede class of 1974
3707 N Hayden Rd
Scottsdale Az 85251

Mike Arnold
Subj: Registration
Date: 7/30/99 10:01:30 PM Central Daylight Time
From: rarnold@pharmacon.com (Renee Arnold)

Hi, my name is Mike Arnold (class of '74). Steve Nebgen (also class of '74) told me about this site. I produce and/or direct shows for CBS Sports. I've been with CBS since 1981.I live in New York City with my wife Renee and six year old son Marc. I'm computer illiterate so my wife is helping me find this web site. I think it's great. If you want to contact me you can call me at 212-975-5148. I just wish they could categorize it by year.

Steve Bennett
Subj: Hello Class of 74
Date: 9/30/2004
From: SBennett@WesternWindowSystems.com

I'm still alive and living in Ahwatukee. Will be going through my second
divorce in a few months. Well, you win some and lose some. We have a great
10 year old son named Patrick, he loves baseball about as much as I did.
I've been employed at Western Window Systems for the last 11 years in the
sales department. I try to catch as many D-Backs games as I can, enjoy golf
(mainly the beer drinking part of it) and ride my road bike (bicycle). I've
been averaging 4000 miles the last four years. Longest one day ride was 125
miles in Malibu CA.
I can be contracted in the office at 602-304-2910, or

Christine Berges
Subj: RE: Class of 74
Date: 10/3/00 10:12:21 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Cskaggs@tfconsulting.com (Chris Skaggs)

My name is Christine Berges (Skaggs), I graduated in 1974. I live in
Northeast Phoenix. My email address is Cskaggs@tfconsulting.com. I can not
make it to the Rawhide event because my brother's (Joe Berges, another
graduate of Scottsdale High School ) son is getting married that same day. I would be interested
to know if anyone from 74 is planning on getting together on Friday?

Hi Bill, did you ever get an email from Joe. I know he tried to register. I
went in to see if our names were listed and they are not. Did we register
incorrectly? I'm trying to find out if anyone is doing anything for the
class of 1974. I have heard rumors some of the people I hung out with are
meeting at the Rusty Spur up on Shea and Scottsdale Rd. Also, some of my
other brother's (Jon Berges class of 72) are meeting at the Sugar Shack on
Indian School and 5th Ave. Let me know if you heard from Joe. Oh by the way
he told me the beer story, pretty funny!

Ann Ellen Baker
Subj: Scottsdale High Alumni
Date: 11/15/98 10:25:23 PM Central Standard Time
From: Kobritz@comcast.net

My name is Ann Baker Kobritz. I attended Scottsdale High School 1974-1978. My name back
then was Ann Ellen Baker. I would like to register as a graduate of Scottsdale High School
on your data bank.

Lane Bridwell
Date: 8/28/00 6:48:18 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Bridwell@aol.com

Hi Lane Bridwell here, I'm still living in Scottsdale. I love AZ, but it is getting too crowded here in the valley. My typing sucks so I'm not going to say a lot. My favorite teachers were Coats , Winningham, and Stuart , though Corbin was pretty good too. I did have a student assisstant for English one year that was incredible but I can't remember her name.I loved Scottsdale High, it was a great place to go to high school.I'd love to hear from you , my e-mail is bridwell @ aol.com

Jane Burtnett
Subj: Class of '74
Date: 12/16/99 3:24:15 PM Central Standard Time
From: Jane.Burtnett@asu.edu (Jane Burtnett)

Thanks for having this wonderful web site! The places I have been, the
things I have done, the people I have met since graduating from Scottsdale High School have
shaped me into who I am today, but the foundation came from Scottsdale High.
I run into Beavers every now and then (students and teachers), and recently
have kept in touch with classmates by e-mail. Who would have guessed that
learning to type in high school would be a skill I use every day these days?
Go Beavers!--Jane S. Burtnett

Virginia Davis
Subj: Virginia (Davis) Quinn: class of 74
Date: 8/31/00 9:51:13 PM Central Daylight Time
From: VAQ2016@aol.com

Hi everyone! Looking forward to the big reunion next month and hope to see lots of old friends. Sorry to say, I haven't kept in touch with anyone and it will be great to catch up. I still live in the Valley (Glendale) and have worked for Federated Department Stores for the last 18 years. My son Ian is 20 now and going to school in Washington DC. Would love to hear from the old group... my e-mail is VAQ2016@aol.com

Bill Egerer
Subj: register
Date: 6/26/99 4:25:00 PM Central Daylight Time
From: egerer@netzero.net (William Egerer)

William R. Egerer (Bill)
5001 E. La Mirada Way
Phoenix, AZ 85044

Scottsdale High class of 1974
Graduate of Arizona State Univ. 1979, with a BS in Management.
Alumni of Alpha Kappa Psi fraternity, Iota Xi chapter.
Currently working at Bralco Metals div. of Reliance Steel & Aluminum, as Office Manager since 1988 (602-252-1918).
Main interests are playing golf and shooting darts (steel tip).
E-Mail egerer@netzero.net

Sharri Fellows
Subj: Scottsdale High School alum

Date: 98-01-23 16:29:45 EST

From: sfellowsr@hotmail.com

Hi, from Sharri Fellows class of 74', any one out there??

Brian Griffin
Subj: Class of 1974
Date: 11/21/98 12:50:59 AM Central Standard Time
From: Sonogriff@aol.com

My name is Brian Griffin. I attended Pima School from kindergarten through 8th grade and all four years at Scottsdale High School . I hated school at the time and was pretty much a loner. But now, looking at your wonderful website, I am overwhelmed with sentimentality. Like it or not those years were very instrumental in molding me into the person that I am today. Try as I might, I cannot escape the past. And who could ever forget Mr. Ken Lenke, and Mr. Cecil McGirr. I can still get 100 percent on my quiz for COMATTLSOCO, and remember all the words to "One Arachnid!" God Bless the class of 1974!

Laura Guthrie
Subj: Scottsdale High School alumni 74
Date: 9/4/00 2:42:49 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Legburton@aol.com

Hello 1974 & 1975 alumni. I found this web site when I was told a reunion was coming up and wanted to find out some details. Sometime during my high school years I got confused and don't know which year I belong to. (It's 1974, Laura!   -webmaster)  I think I'm most partial to the year 1975 as I went to Paiute grade school with many of that crowd. I havn't moved far but have lost touch with many of the alumni. I currently work at Good Samaritan in Phoenix as a Medical Technologist. My husband of 17 years has a CPA practice. My oldest child just started high school this year at Horizon. I also have twin daughters that are 12 years.
Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the reunion as I had already made plans with my mother and daughters to go to Washington D.C. and leave on the day the festivities start. I will really miss seeing David & Denise Decker, Tom Carr, Eden Fredenia, Matt Chew and other "Pauites".
Laura Guthrie Burton

Jenny Hall
Subj: Scottsdale High 1974 graduate
Date: 5/22/00 3:10:53 AM Central Daylight Time
From: pjzima@cox.net (Phillip Zima)

Hi Scottsdale High School Alumni!
Jenny Hall Zima logging on. I came to Scottsdale High School beginning of Junior year from a small town in Illinois. Since I only spent 2 years there I didn't get to know very many people but I recognized alot of your names. When you are new you pay more attention! I too have nightmares of forgetting my locker combination or being late for class. Mr. Camwell was my favorite teacher! I don't see many from Scottsdale High School anymore but I would love to reminice. If anyone knows where Judith Tree or Jack Haupt are I'd love to hear from them. I have stayed in this area except for a brief move to Northern Calif.(Concord) in 76 and 77 and moved to Tucson in 80 until 91. Moved back here to Mesa and live in Dobson Ranch now. Am married 21 years now to my husband Phil Zima-no, we don't make the beer-HA! We have 3 gorgeous kids--Jason
17, Ashlee 16 and Chianne 13. I am a hairdresser at Making Waves and Phil works for Circle K Corp. I ran into former classmate Janice Slider and Greg Gentile and his wife recently. When we lived in Tucson I would see Larry Spears sometimes. One of my co-workers was reminicing last week about hanging out at Dutch Johns with her future husband and WOW did that bring back memories! I can be found at AMIZ@bigfoot .com and we're in the phone book. Looking forward to the October reunion!

Update 6 October, 2003

Hi former Scottsdale highers!
My new e-mail address is pjzima@cox.net so drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you.
Jenny (Hall) Zima
class of 74

Jana Jane'
Subj: Beavers Forever! Jana Jane' (Wilkins)
Date: 1/8/00 11:42:40 PM Central Standard Time
From: wolfkin2@msn.com (Jana Wilkins)

Jana Jane' here just checkin' in. Thank you so much for your effort to bring us all together. I have always felt like a Scottsdale High orphan since they tore our school down. I can't think of a better way to mark the new millennium than with an all class reunion in 2000.

Hi to everyone in the class of '74 and '75. I'm stuck between them since I was officially from the class of 75 but graduated in '74.

I am living in Washington on beautiful Bainbridge Island in the Puget Sound ( 8 miles due west from downtown Seattle by Ferry) I am still married (23 years) and living with adorable, awesome Tim Wilkins (class of 70) Funny how we never met until we were in college. We have 3 children, Dylan Timothy 22, Windy Star 19 and Skylar Blake 13. Only Skylar is left at home now with Tim and I both leading professional lives. Tim is a Stock Trader for a Seattle Corporation. He will make his own posting.
I am a Web Developer and Systems Administrator for a startup internet company, Financial Markets Solutions. http://www.fms2000.com
We have developed software for Real-Time Foreign Exchange Trading on the Internet which is to be released very shortly.
I received a degree from the Art Institute of Seattle in Multimedia and I am now attending the University of Washington for certification as an MCSE.(Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer). I love computers.
Tim and I are still rockin but we go to bed earlier.
We are really looking forward to seeing everyone. Till then--Peace. Jana

Steve Jorgenson
Subj: Register (Class of 74')
Date: 4/3/99 3:04:06 PM Central Standard Time
From: SGjorgie

Steve Jorgenson, great to have a platform for Scottsdale High School , grads to keep up with the past. I'm still living in the valley and hate all the new growth and traffic. See a lot of Karl MacDonald, Ken Boden, Rod Schwald and Scott Petello. My brother Paul (Class of 76), lives in Scottsdale, and has a 3 year old son named Jake.If you would like leave me an Email. Take Care..........................


Susan Komie
Subj: Scottsdale HS Class of '74
Date: 10/3/99 12:54:59 AM Central Daylight Time
From: NUKEM33

I just stumbled into this site.
My name is Susan Komie (Mulhern)
8819 N. 86th Place, Scottsdale, AZ 85258.

My twin sister and Scottsdale High School Alumnus
Pam Komie (Polydoros)
RFD 4454 Long Grove, Illinois 60047

Sue Mulhern

Carol McCullough Luckert
Subj: hello beavers!

Date: 98-01-20 15:53:03 EST

From: cluckert@ScottsdaleChamber.com (Carol Luckert)

Carol McCullough Luckert here-class of 1974.

I was really excited to find this page! I enjoyed all the shares about teachers and class memories. I now work for the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce and have two beautiful daughters ages 10 & 12. They attend Pima Elementary. I hope more teachers see this page and post their doings as well. My sisters attended Scottsdale High School also Kim (died during her senior year) '69, Lynn ' 71-living in Phoenix and Michelle ' 76 who transferred to Saguaro in her freshman year when we moved WAY OUT in the "boonies" to McCormick Ranch. I still keep in touch with some alumni-Catherine Pratt, Fritz Teetsel, Mark Goss. Anyone else out there who remember me or my sisters, feel free to contact me!

Tom Murray
Date: 7/18/00 1:01:55 AM Central Daylight Time
From: tjmurrayjr@email.msn.com (tjmurrayjr)

My name is Tom Murray and I was a member of the class of 1974. I am currently living in Phoenix and am planning to attend the reunion. It's great what you are doing to put this event together. Thanks!

Stephen Nebgen
Date: 7/29/99 8:46:08 PM Central Daylight Time
From: nebgenlaw@hotmail.com

Stephen Wade Nebgen
18214 Allison Square
Princeton Jct., NJ 08550
(609) 936-1686
(609) 936-0634 (fax)

Theatrical Producer and Entertainment Law/ Bankruptcy lawyer.

Working in New York, New York.

Class of 1974.

Update September 2001:  Hi Everyone:

To those who are still watching the website, here is my new info.  After almost twenty years in NYC have moved back to Scottsdale.  Love being home and would love to reconnect with old classmates of 1974.


Stephen Wade Nebgen, Esq.
Quarles & Brady Streich Lang, LLP
One Renaissance Square
Two North Central
Phoenix,AX  85004
(602) 229-5222
Business Reorganization and Entertainment Law

14545 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd., #164
Scottsdale, AZ  85260
(480) 451-5420

Talk to you soon!

Dewey Ritterskamp
Subj: Register
Date: 2/1/00 3:24:09 PM Central Standard Time
From: DEWYR@aol.com

Dewey Ritterskamp
Class of 74
I am still living in Scottsdale and have a wife of almost 20 years and 2 beautiful daughters. I have been working for the Postal Service for 20 years also but don't worry I haven't gone postal....yet. I love to spend time with the family and golf. Looking forward to seeing everybody at the All Class Reunion in October and I can be reached at dewyr@aol.com.

Michael Solomon
Subj: Register
Date: 3/8/2005
From: otayeaz@cox.net

Please register my name on SHS alumni list.

Michael Solomon - Class of 1973

Thank you-
Michael Solomon


David Stein
Subj: David Stein, class of '74
Date: 4/23/00 12:52:40 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Rav Sulomm@aol.com

I have fulfilled a few long-time dreams recently: (1) I moved back out West -- this time to the L.A. area -- becoming a California resident on 1/1/99; (2) I now make a living as an editor and proofreader of Jewish books; and (3) I was awarded a black belt in aikido and occasionally have the pleasure of teaching it. Lately I have been singing in a barbershop chorus, which sometimes gets me thinking back to musical theater productions at Scottsdale High School . (Back then I was a tenor; now I'm a baritone!)

I come back to the Valley of the Sun once or twice a year, typically to see my parents. It's my custom to climb Camelback Mountain during each visit, to get a renewed taste of the Upper Sonoran Desert that I so dearly love. If you'd like to be my climbing partner sometime, let me know . . .

Karen Stewart
Subj: Hi Beavers!
Date: 8/11/00 11:43:05 AM Central Daylight Time
From: karen.stewart@stokeslaw.com (Karen Stewart)

My name is Karen Stewart and I graduated from the Class of 1974. I just
found out about this web site and it's great! After graduating from Scottsdale High School , I
eventually graduated from Northern Arizona University. I came back to the
Valley area for a few years and then moved to Seattle in 1981. (The heat
finally wore me down, even though I was born and raised in the Valley.) I
currently work as a paralegal for the law firm of Stokes Lawrence, P.S. in
Seattle, where I specialize in acquisitions and divestitures. In my spare
time, I volunteer at the zoo here, which is a nice balance to my Monday
through Friday job. Anyway, it was great to see some names I recognize on
the website and get caught up. If you'd like write me, please do.


Margaret Stulik
Subj: Class of '74
Date: 98-04-17 23:28:41 EDT
From: JAY_CRANDALL@azfamily.com (JAY CRANDALL)

I am Maggie McKibben...previously known as Margaret Stulik. I graduated from Scottsdale High in 1974. I am still living in Scottsdale, and have been working for KTVK-TV3 for the past 18 years. I am in the Engineering department, but also do some producing and directing. I work on the 5pm and 10pm newscasts, Monday through Friday.
I still live in Scottsdale and drive by the old Scottsdale High School site every day on the way to work. It's kind of wierd watching all the construction going on. I recently attended the memorial service for Mr Coats. It was a very touching tribute to him. It was great to see so many old friends, wish it had been under happier circumstances.

Speaking of happier circumstances..this web site is the greatest!!! I check it all the time!
Thanks alot!!
You can reach me at maggie_mckibben@azfamily.com

Keep in Touch...... Maggie

Pam Wheeler
Subj: Class of 74
Date: 8/19/00 3:35:52 PM Central Daylight Time
From: azwheels@uswest.net (Pamela Wheeler)

Hi to all Scottsdale High School alumni! My name is Pamela Wheeler and I graduated with
the class of '74. I am planning to attend the reunion and looking
forward to seeing some familiar faces (of course, we all still look the
same). After Scottsdale High School graduation, I went to NAU and then moved to southern
California where I lived for 15 years. The last earthquake convinced me
that California is no place to live, so I moved back to my old
neighborhood in Scottsdale. I love being back in Scottsdale! My email
at work is: pwheeler@hhcpa.com or at home: azwheels@uswest.net. See you
all at the reunion!

Roxanne Wingo
Subj: Registration Class of 1974
Date: 6 October, 2003
From: wingogirl@cox.net

My name is Roxanne (Wingo) Waggoner. I still live in Arizona, & have never lived anywhere else. I was born in Phoenix, moved to Scottsdale at age 2, married & moved to Phoenix at age 23, moved to Mesa at age 25, then divorced & back to Scottsdale in the '90's. I have 2 fabulous teen-agers. My son is a senior at Saguaro High (alas, we had no choice!) and my daughter is a sophomore at New School for the Arts in Tempe. After many years in the property & casualty insurance business, I hired on with the State of AZ in 2002. I bought a house in my old neighborhood, in 2001, and live 1 block from my mom's house where I grew up & 1 block from Pima Elementary school, which I attended & my kids, also. I missed the all-class reunion, & wish all the Scottsdale High School alum's well!



Linda Agster
Subj: Hi class of "75 from PA
Date: 7/4/99 7:11:39 PM Central Daylight Time
From: G379

My name is Linda Agster Battista, graduated class of 75 from Scottsdale High School and went to Navajo previously. Now I live is Pa, married for 18 years and have 12 year old identical twin girls and a 23 girl. If you do the math, I was the only pregnant girl during my senior year. I'm sure a lot of you might remember me through my X boyfriend Eric. He made quite the news back then. But life goes on and we all grow up.

Know I live in Pennsylvania (for the past 12 years) and sure miss those AZ mountains. Would love to see all of you 75 graduates, I missed the last renuion, and might miss the one next year as my older daughter is getting married. Please write me if you remember me. I would really appreciate it as living in Pa, I never run into any of my old friends. Stay Cool!

Janet Lynn (Bourne) DeCesare
Subj: Class of '75
Date: 12/31/98 9:34:56 PM Central Standard Time
From: fanjet33@cs.com (Janet DeCesare)

Janet Lynn (Bourne) DeCesare, Class of '75. I enjoyed reading and remembering Scottsdale High School days. My brother is Doug Bourne, Class of '77.

I am married and have a daughter who is 14. I am the office manager for JCPenney in Prescott, AZ. Please contact me and say hello!

My web site is http://ourworld.cs.com/fanjet33/

Lori Brooks
Subj: Register Info - Class of 1975
Date: 8/17/2005
From: lmilus@carondelet.org (Lori Brooks Milus)

Just an FYI I graduated class of 75 (Lori Brooks) Am registering as
requested. Look forward to see everyone in October.

Lori Milus, RN
Manager, Behavioral Health Services
Carondelet Health Network

Irene Brower
Subj: Register Info - Class of 1975
Date: 6/20/00 8:36:38 PM Central Daylight Time
From: processexcel@mindspring.com (Processing Excellence, Inc.)

Hello Class of '75

It was great to find the web page. I Live in Escondido (North of San Diego). I own a mortgage loan processing company and love to visit Scottsdale as often as I can. Can't wait to see everyone. Love to hear from fellow Scottsdale High School alumuni.

Irene (Brower) Hallett
Phone: 760-745-4217

Anne (Gregory) Buchanan
Subj: Class of '75
Date: 3/2/99 10:22:31 PM Central Standard Time
From: buchananbnb@earthlink.net (Anne Buchanan)

Anne (Gregory) Buchanan, class of '75
Any word on a 25 year reunion?
I am a Family Nurse Practitioner, currently taking a break from nursing
to get our Bed & Breakfast off the ground here in Rhode Island. Contact
me via e-mail: BuchananBnB@earthlink.net


Tom Carr
Subj: alumnus
Date: 1/27/01 11:28:07 PM Central Standard Time
From:    tomc@abac.com (tom carr)

Hi. My name is Tom Carr from the class of 1975. I currently live in San
Diego, having moved here in 1985, right after graduate school at UofA in
Tucson. I'm married (for 20 years to Lori), have 3 kids (Anne - 16,
Scott - 141/2, Mary - 8), an am VP of Engineering at a high tech company
connected with the hard disk industry.

Matt Chew
Subj: Voting "present"
Date: 2/11/00 3:57:44 PM Central Standard Time
From: mchew@pr.state.az.us (Matt Chew)

Matt Chew 1975

"Hi" from one of the least likely to check in...

After Scottsdale High School I dabbled in music, real estate, and esoteric audio design, then
birdwatching finally got the best of me and I was back to biology and a
couple of ecology degrees from Colorado State University, then worked as an
environmental consultant. Along the way I've managed to spend some quality
time at school in Scotland and botanizing in Western Australia.

Now I pretty much comprise the natural resources staff of Arizona State
Parks, working on a ridiculous variety of projects statewide, from
endangered species management to water quality. For no discoverable
purpose, I hold the title of Arizona State Natural Areas Program
Coordinator. Your lottery dollars at work.

As of 2/2000 I'm heavily involved in ecological inventory and planning for
the new San Rafael State Natural Area, right on the Mexican border in Santa
Cruz County. I've also been trying to keep the resident bats happy during
the ongoing development of Kartchner Caverns. For an alternative to the
view of Kartchner Caverns presented ad nauseum elsewhere, see my essay in
The Boston Globe (2/6/00) at:


To combat the multiply-erosive effects of being a minor bureaucrat, I
collaborate on occasional riparian research projects with my wife, Associate
ASU Plant Biology Professor Julie Stromberg, lecture here and there, and
write technical and not-so-technical papers. We live on about13 acres of
derelict citrus orchard in southwest Phoenix, where we are gradually
rehabilitating a labyrinthine old Spanish Colonial house that had previously
been abandoned to the pigeons. The pigeons are gone, but there are still
rock squirrels in the garage.

My son Ben attended Coronado H.S. and is now dabbling in Web Page design.
He has produced some startlingly good computer graphics, a few of which were
acquired by the Chandler Center for the Arts. Like many computer geeks, he
goes to War occasionally with the Society for Creative Anachronism. We
share an elaborate sense of humor, and have a pretty good time together.

I have kept tabs, albeit rather loosely, on a couple of 75ers, notably Eden
(Fridena) Pearson, who now occupies a bit southern Iowa with her husband
Mark and three kids; and Tom Carr, last seen lurking north of San Diego with
wife Lori and their own three offspring.

If I make it to the reunion, I'll see you there. Abuse and other messages
can be hurled toward the address I wrote from (presuming it appears above)
OR antepenultima@yahoo.com OR EVEN arcana@mindless.com

Lynne Christopher
Subj: CLASS OF 75
Date: 7/26/99 12:10:36 AM Central Daylight Time
From: LYNNECALI@cs.com

Was notified of your web site via a vamily member who saw an article in the Scottsdale Progress about an upcoming reunion.  Would love more info...

My name is Lynne Christopher and live in Redondo Beach, Ca.   Enjoy visiting Scottscale, in fact was in town last month.  Amazing how life has changed.  Remember going across the street to Foster Freeze of the Hamburger Joint on Scottsdale rd. and Indian School?  Please feel free to contact me.   Would love to hear from other Beavers.

Great job!

Dan Colton
Subj: DAN COLTON Class of '75
Date: 9/17/00 11:03:20 PM Central Daylight Time
From: ccolton@home.com (colton)

Most people know my brother Bob '72 or sister Linda '70. I was to never
finish my senior year and contrary to Mrs. Caskey I did amount to
something. The year of 1974 I joined the Navy SeaBees (construction
battalion) and traveled the world until 1979. After completing MCC, I
graduated ASU in 84' corporate finance. I have always been involved in
construction . It started while I went to Scottsdale High School , remember the vocational
school. That's was the second worst place to be attending school in
those days. Of course it helps when your family is in the business
(Colton Constructors). I sold my excavation company that I started
while going to college in 1985 and started selling real estate for Scott
Jackson Brokerage aka CORE/Jackson. My wife and our two children have
been living in Arcadia since 1988. This reunion got me to thinking.
Hey who's craving a couple of burgers from the Ranch House. I always
enjoyed stopping by Thieves Bakery for a couple of cookies to enjoy on
my way to school. To this day I always order a gosh awful gooey at Sugar
Bowl. Being the pack rat that my parents are I found a couple of things
that reminded me of that time back when. The 23 May 1974 Scottsdale High School Beavers
newspaper. On the front page Special awards to Jana Jane for first year
typing or Marci Nalder for first year short hand.Other news! English
text book is irrelevant to high school students. or Scottsdale High School baseball team
goes to state and competes with Tucson Sahuaro at ASU NEW Packard
Stadium. Anyone find that little hat were suppose to wear as frosh.The
paper also dates itself with the movies The Exorcist or Walking Tall.
How about Books. Jaws anyone! Can't forget those great ads like Ted
Hill photography. Now that's a photo I want to be remembered for. Oh
yea I found a new spiral Scottsdale High School notebook in mint condition. I guess that
sums up my memories of Scottsdale High School .

PS I don't want to spread any rumors but I hear the cowboys are going to
jump the hippies outside Rawhide on Saturday night.


Russ Formica
Subj: Hello Class of 75
Date: 7/12/2005
From: formicarussnance@comcast.net

My name is Russ A. Formica, I graduated from Scottsdale High School in 1975. I attended the VOTEC during high school (Aviation Maintenance).
Following Graduation, I spent 8.5 years in the Arizona Army National Guard as a Helicopter Gunship Crew-Chief & Helicopter Inspector. I obtained my FAA Airframe & Powerplant license in 1978. I have worked for Honeywell International for the past 26 years. I relocated in 1993 from Arizona to Chicago, Illinois, employed by Honeywell as a Field Service Engineer.

People from HS I knew:
Arnold Cosby
Lu Ann Werly


Lana (Hamilton) Franks
Subj: Hello Beaver Band Members and 1975 Grads
Date: 98-01-10 00:11:30 EST
From: Lana3 @aol.com

I have kept in touch with a few band members from Scottsdale High School over the years.
What a great school we had with some excellent teachers.

This year my son has Mr. Soltero at Chaparral High where Mr. Cutting teaches Social
Studies and Mr. Bailey teaches business classes. I was very sad to hear about
Mr. Stewart's death. My first year in college my English professor made a comment
on my first paper that I must have had a very good high school English teacher.
I did. (: I'm working at America West Airlines in Flight Operations Engineering.
My two children have followed my advice and are active in their school band.
Any other band alumni out there?

John Garcia
Date: 10/26/99 5:15:59 PM Central Daylight Time
From: bjohn@speedchioce.comm (BJohn Garcia)

It was great of Jeff Nopar to tell me about this website. Most of you know me as TACO.
Since graduating in '75 I have kept in touch with many classmates. Was at the 20th reunion and recently saw Lance Spotelson who said we should do something for our 25 year reunion. We both said we'd help organize it if we had help. Anyone interested let us know. I read there would be an all class reunion in 2000. Maybe we tie into it.
After graduating from Scottsdale High School I went to ASU and graduated in '79 with a BS in Insurance and minor in Finance and Investments. I have my own insurance and investment practice. I not only sell but do consulting in insurance, investments and estate planning. Been doing it now for 21 years like Jeff Nopar.
I'm married to Sheri and have a 21 month old son named Garrett. I have three children from my previous marriage, Mandi 18, John 17 and Melissa 13. My new motto "kids in college, kids in diapers".
We live in Mesa currently but will be builing a house in Rio Verde.
As I stated, I still see many Scottsdale High School grads. Mark Nebgen is divorced and a Federal Probation officer. Nopar is a Farmers insurance agent. Tom Ross is GM at the Ahwatukee Jack Ross motors dealership. Lance Spotelson is still with Ugly Duckling. The following are attorney's John Berry, Bruce Crawford, Charlie Vogel, Dave Damore,Randy Wilkins, Nancy Kesteloot and Lisa Vessey. Lisa Pugliano owns a sandwich shop, Pugies on 16st and Highland. Lori Sanchez is married to Paul Jorgenson,'76 . Walt Johnson runs Indian Bend Park for City of Scottsdsale. Paul Arnold is still with Scottsdale PD. John McMahon is in Texas with Conoco. Billy Demerbioux still in the ice business. Recently ran into Scott King, Steve Jorgenson Albie Palmer, Allen Diamond and Shannon McMahon at class of 74 reunion. Rich Fletcher lives in Durango Co and has a successful tele/media network. Saw Patty Spears and Vickie Gibalina at OLPH grade school reunion. Still see Senor Soltero on a regular basis. Ran into Sid Travis, Neill Corbin and Jerry Spalding recently. Saw Dave Decker, owns harvest Meats with brother Ted, at a Diamonds Backs game.
Scottsdale High School was a blast for me. I have fond memories of football games, track meets boondockers and the many friendships foster during these years. Spread the word and let's more '75 Beavres on the net.
Drop me a line, bjohn@speedchioce.com, 1-888-879-2804 or 480-964-9856.

Vicky Gibelina
Subj: reunion 1975
Date: 6/21/00 7:36:43 PM Central Daylight Time
From: eagle2@uswest.net (Zane & Marge)

Vicky Gibelina 1975- still in Scottsdale but not into '2000.
Refuses to get a computer. She can be contacted at the same number she had 20-30 years ago 480-947-6587

Christine Hartman
Subj: 1975 Graduate
Date: 1/19/99 3:32:14 PM Central Standard Time
From: phm@connectnet.com (Christine Hartman)
Reply-to: phm@connectnet.com

I graduated from Scottsdale High School in 1975, and was active in band. I still remember
those early morning drill practices.

And now my 11-year-old daughter is just beginning to learn to play the
flute in 5th-grade band.

There are a few people I've lost touch with -- Sandi Peters, Patti Behn
and Kerri Black. Be nice to know what everyone's doing.

Jim Knutsen
Subj: Web Page
Date: 8/16/99 3:02:45 PM Central Daylight Time
From: James.Knutsen@pyxis.com

James Knutsen Class Of ' 75
Currently Application Engineer with Cardinal Health Corp. San Diego Ca.
Married to Irene Brower , Class Of ' 75, residing in Encinitas Ca.


James Knutsen
Application Engineer
Interface Support Group
Cardinal Health
Office: 858-480-6519
Fax: 858-480-6480

Cly Hernly-Brown
Subj: Registration
Date: 9/4/00 3:11:55 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Clyhb@aol.com

Cly Hernly-Brown, Class of '75. Learned of site and reunion through my friend Bill Caldwell (class of '76). Reach me on line at clyhb@aol. P.S. What ever happened to Britt Rogers??

Jamie Kemp
Subj: register as 1975 alumnus
Date: 5/29/2005

Aloha from Hawaii! I have great memories of SHS and all the torture we went through by having the “beaver” as a mascot. Since high school, I have lived in four other states and Guam, but for the past nine years, have been happily at home in Hawaii. I work in communications, have been married for nearly 18 years, and we have a 13-year-old daughter who runs cross country and track.

I am very pleased to report that some of us in the “Rat Pack” have kept our remarkable friendship together after all these years. I keep in contact with Mary Merrick, Allison Hollister, Ellen Stein and Cynthia Pottinger (who recently married Lance Spotleson, sssh, pass it on). The five of us got together in Maui for our 40th birthdays and despite living in different states, still talk and visit each other regularly.

See all of you at the reunion Oct. 15, 2005 at PERA!


Amy Kiraly
Subj: register as 1975 alumnus
Date: 4/14/99 11:02:09 AM Central Daylight Time
From: aspring@uswest.net (Steve)

Greetings from Amy Kiraly (now Springmann), class of 1975! What a great
website. I still live in Scottsdale, as does my brother Steve, class of
1973. I have 3 kids and am a full time mom. I still am good friends with
Colleen Leach (Murphy) and see a surprising number of Scottsdale High School /Kaibab grads
around here. I will try to spread the word about this site and help keep
everyone connected.

Hans Laetz
Subj: Reunion Bash
Date: 10/1/00 2:32:31 PM Central Daylight Time
From: HLaetz@tribune.com

I just found out about next weekend's reunion and I am going to rearrnge my
life to get there. Can I register via credit card?

Hans Laetz '75
310 589-4875

Danna Lautenbach
Subj: Scottsdale High School
Date: 8/9/00 7:31:13 PM Central Daylight Time
From: dadatrco@juno.com (David Danna Brandt)

Just found your website through "Dogpile". This is great! I'm Danna
(Lautenbach) Brandt Class of '75. My two sisters, Ann (Lautenbach )
Lehmann Class of "72 and Robin (Lautenbach) Milne, who married Richard
Milne, both Class of "73, and I are planning to go to the 2000 bash. We
are all still in the Phoenix area. We all moved to various other places,
and eventually returned. My parents still live in the same house!

Ann is married to Steve and they have two beautiful girls; a sophomore at
Arcadia and an eigth grader at Ingleside. Robin remet Richard at their
10th reunion and married after a long distance romance. They have two
great boys, a fourth and third grader at All Saints. I married Dave and
we have a girl, a first grader at Pilgrim Lutheran School and a boy, in
Pre-K at Emmanuel Lutheran school.

After Scottsdale High, I attended ASU and got a degree in Film Theory
and Criticism with minors in Literature and Art History. I used all my
educational experience around the water cooler at the law firms I worked
for as a Litigation Paralegal. Three days before my daughter was born
(Aug. '93), I quit work and haven't been back since. I'm loving it!

We live in Chandler, Az. I used to be in better touch with the Paiute
alumni, a.k.a. Dave Decker, Kit Groseth, Jim Macchiaroli and Tom Maack
until life and geography got the better of us! Last summer I visited
Eden (Fridena) Pearson at her farm in Iowa. Email me if you want more
info. I have kept in touch with Katie (Wharton) Wylie through Email..she
is coming to the 2000 bash. I also Email Laurie (Edwards) Rounds. Can't
wait to see everybody. Thanks, John Garcia (I never could call him
'Taco") for trying to get the Class of '75 together!

Lynda Lennox (see Cheryl Lennox)

Anne Marie Lungren
Subj: Class of '75

Date: 98-01-17 22:43:31 EST

From: Lisa.d.allen-ariz@worldnet.att.net (Lisa Allen)

Anne Marie Lungren, Class of ' 75, Anybody else out there? Hi Lana, saw your message. I think Mr. Davis was the best English Teacher! We had the most fun with Chucky the Chicken. Any other Navajo Elem./ Scottsdale High kids out there? I am a Divorced Single Postal Worker. I have worked at the Post Offfice for 14 years now and managed to keep from going "Postal" so far. It must have been my good looks and good nature that kept me safe so far! I live and work in Scottsdale, but it is not the same old town. I used to see people I knew everywhere, but now I don't ever see anybody I know. Anybody know where Jim West is? This is my sister Lisa's (Class of ' 76) Internet E Mail Account. Dial in and say HI!, soon!

Mary Merrick
Subj: registration
Date: 5/23/00 4:26:01 PM Central Daylight Time
From: mmerrick@grubbco.com

MARY MERRICK Class of 75'

Hello from the San Francisco area. I had a blast at our 20th reunion
and look forward to Beaver Bash 2000. (Allison has me signed up!) I
live in Oakland with my husband Sam. We both work as photographers when
we're not socializing or traveling! See you in October. MARY

Catherine Morias
Subj: OMG I can't believe I found this! Class 0f 1975
Date: 6 October, 2003
From: KITCAT602@aol.com

Hello Long Lost Beavers. My name is MS Cat AKA Catherine Morias, Class of 75 although I finish in 74. after reading all the post from way back when. I didn't realize how shy and quiet I was back in the day. You never know that now. I recognize a lot of the names on here but I am sure many of you don't know me. I went to Navajo Elem. After I left Scottsdale High School I traveled a while then in 76 I got married and over the next 12 yrs I went back to college and got my Nursing degree in Business Administration. I have two children Charles 25 and Elizabeth 22. I am retired now, Single, back to traveling and running my own businesses (A women's specialty clothing boutique and Training Quarterhorses) PS no I wasn't a kicker. I am still living in AZ. My work and life have taken me many places but I will always call AZ home. My family all went back to Greece years ago So I and my children are the only ones left here. Seems shame that no one has posted anything recent on here. I hope I will start something by doing this one. How about another get together? Anyone can reach me at KITCAT602@aol.com or MsCat57@ yahoo.com
Go Beavers Class of 75


Jeff Nopar
Subj: Scottsdale High School GRADUATE 1975
Date: 98-04-12 09:58:17 EDT

Was just told about the web site from a prior Scottsdale High School graduate.  Great to see all the response!!  My name is Jeff Nopar and I reside in Chandler, Arizona.  After graduating in 1975 I attended ASU for 2 1/2 years.  I left school in 1978 to start my own business which I have now had for 20 years.  I keep in touch with John Garcia (Taco) and Mark Nebgen.  We meet together socially on occasion and John and I also have a business relationship.  Some Past Scottsdale High School graduates are clients of mine.  I have been married for 15 years and have 2 fantastic daughters, ates 13 and 10.  Looking for past friends and significant others!!  Drop me an e-mail.

Sam Pikula
Subj: Registration
Date: 6 November, 2005
From: ar11hk@hotmail.com

Hello! I wish I could have made it to the 30 year reunion. Made it to the 20 year reunion and saw a lot of familiar faces. After I graduated from Scottsdale High I went to NAU and got a B.S.in History. I kicked around a few months and decided to join Army ROTC at ASU and get a B.S. in Political Science. After all, Hans Laetz always said I was a warmonger and I hated to disapoint
him ;-). I was comissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Signal Corp (NOT my careeer choice) in 1983. I graduated from the Special Forces Officer Qualification Course in 1985 and spent the rest of my Army career in Special Forces until my retirement as a Major in 2004. I had a great time in the Army, got to travel a lot, had some very interesting assignments (met my future ex-wife during my second tour in Germany), and was able to re-arrange a few body parts on some bad parachute jumps. Since my retirement I've spent most of my time as a contractor in Iraq and am currently a member of a Protective Security Detail (a cool name for a bodyguard) in Baghdad (which is why I couldn't attend the 30 year reunion). Jeez, where did the time go!?

I still "live" in Scottsdale, i.e. that's my home when I'm in the US. I never had a car in high school but I'm making up for it now by having a nice collection of 60's and 70's muscle cars. When I'm in Scottsdale I go to the Pavillions car show every Saturday. I'm the guy with the yellow 69' Yenko clone Camaro. I'm still friends with Mike Svaco. Jeff Parker, Mark Anderson, Randy Larson, Pat Russell, and Kevin Blakely are in the Valley still.

My fond memories of Scottsdale High? Ms. Cheney who I used ogle in American history class, Mr. Sandling (English) I always wondered if he was in the Witness Protection Program as he NEVER took off his sunglasses, and Randy Gately streaking through the cafeteria and GETTING CAUGHT! I tell people that during the week of Parada del Sol we could take real guns to school (a tradition I always thought was stupid) and they don't believe me. I miss Snyders pretzels.

Well, with a bit of luck I'll make it to the 2010 reunion.

Take care,
Sam Pikula

PS-I didn't go by that first name in High School ;-)


Cyndi Pratt
Date: 6/1/00 9:27:35 PM Central Daylight Time
From: hanna@swlink.net (Cyndi L. Hanna)

Cyndi Pratt
Class of 1975

Patty (Seaman) Ramirez
Date: 02/13/2005
From: momgrad@frontiernet.net

I would still like to be included in that.  I am now a math teacher, married and have 3 kids and 1 granddaughter.  We all live in Show Low and LOVE it!  My e-mail is momgrad995@yahoo.com.  Would love to hear from/about Holly Brown, Michelle Scherer, Cindy Pratt, Tom Byers, Tim Burns and Billy Demarbeaux. 

Patty Seaman

Britt Rodgers - see Margaret Volpe below on this page.

Dave Seibert
Subj: Like to Post on the Scottsdale Site
Date: 9/12/98 10:54:47 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Dave.Seibert@pni.com

Came across the Scottsdale site tonight...I'm looking to find friends
who I worked with during four years at Farrells Ice Cream (72-75)...most
seemed to be on the Cheer and Pom lines...I'm an Arcadia guy (75)....

How can I do a post to your site?

Thanks, Dave

Debbie (Shoopman) Hamilton
Subj: Alumni Registration
Date: 4/23/99 2:14:18 AM Central Daylight Time

Debbie (Shoopman) Hamilton - Class of ' 75

Someone told me about this site, but I couldn't find it (believe me I tried). I saw Margaret Stulik who was able to give me the address. Is their a way to make the surfing easier for those who don't know, but are just looking for a Scottsdale High School web page? [We're trying, we're trying!!  -Humble Web Staff]
Anyway, great idea! I'd love to hear from or about all the old gangs. And we are getting old! Well maybe not...
I'm still living in the valley, and usually going ten directions at once.

I'd enjoy hearing from anyone.

Remember, Peter Pans address? Second star to the right and straight on till morning. Well that's where you'll find me too, never never land.


Don Shrum
Subj: CLASS OF 75
Date: 1/20/00 11:59:42 PM Central Standard Time
Reply-to: dlshrum@uswest.net



Steve Shrum CLASS OF 80 AND
Mike Shrum LAST CLASS OF Scottsdale High School 83

Sally Slaughter
Subj: register
Date: 5/11/00 5:40:23 PM Central Daylight Time
From: migalsal@hotmail.com

Hey Beavers....Glad to hear about the reunion coming up, looking forward to seeing everyone. I still live in North Scottsdale I married Erik Johnson from Chaparral Class of 76 Does anyone know where Janet Crawford Howard is I've been looking for her for years, e-mail me at migalsal@hotmail.com See ya at the reunion!

Lance Spotleson
Date: 7/28/99 12:16:02 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Lspotle@uglyduckling.com (Lance Spotleson)

Bill, great to see the Web page, Lance Spotleson Class of 75

Zoa Rene Trikoff
Date: 9/4/98 11:38:36 PM Central Daylight Time
From: greg@jomax.net (Gregory G. Schmidt)

Hi fellow Scottsdale High School alumni! My name is Zoa Rene' Schmidt (Trikoff) class of 75.

It's great to come across this site on the internet , I guess you can find about anything on here if you try. It seems like ages ago when I went to Scottsdale High School but I still have many fond memories. I was involved in band, choirs, and softball. I am married with one son who will celebrate his second birthday in October, I know a slow starter. I love being a mom. Anyway before my son came along I worked in the dental field as a tech. since 1978 and have become a stay at home mom for the past two years. Well just wanted to write a brief note to may be interested. By the way does anyone know if Mr. Stanley or Mr. Schwacart are still around ? Bye for now. Zoa Rene' Schmidt (Trikoff) GregandZoa@yahoo.com

Debbie Tyrrell
Subj: Great idea!
Date: 10/17/99 9:26:31 PM Central Daylight Time
From: wannabe@thegrid.net (Deborah Diehl)

To all of you who graduated with me in 1975, hello from Debbie Tyrrell (now
Deborah Diehl). My parents moved from Scottsdale to Ohio and after a couple
of years at NAU, I transferred to Ohio State. I've only kept in touch with
a handful of people since then, although I did come from Germany for the 10
year reunion. I've read all of the entries from '75 and many of us have
things in common. I am raising my two daughters, Jennifer 15 and Lauren 13
on my own. I have been in, or a spouse of the military since 1980.
Currently, I am a Nurse Corps Officer in the Navy and am stationed in
Twentynine Palms, CA. We leave for Chicago in the summer of 2000, at which
time I will give up trauma nursing for teaching. The 3 of us welcome the
change although we will be too far from Arizona to visit often. My dad is
back in the city and we have enjoyed coming over.
Best wishes to everyone. It has been so enjoyable reading about everyones'
lives. There are lot's of people from high school I'd love to hear from.
Please write to me at
Wannabe@thegrid.net Thanks for such a wonderful way to communicate!
Deborah Tyrrell-Diehl
Class of 1975

Jim VeNard '75
Date: 9/1/98 1:58:26 PM Central Daylight Time
From: jvenard@wyle.com (Jim VeNard)

Found this site by accident looking for a friend of mine from days gone by!
I am in the computer business, who isn't, selling shop floor manufacturing equipment to
the Motorola's of the world (the last one in China)! Married, 18 years, to a principal! One very tremendous son. I see a few folks every now and again, but have lost touch with most! Life is good!

Margaret Volpe
Date: 9/8/2005
From: VOLPEM@Nationwide.com

Here's an update of two of your 1975 graduates.

Margaret Volpe and Britt Rodgers

Now, Margaret Volpe-Rodgers. Britt and I dated in High School and kept in touch off and on for the next twenty years. I saw Britt at our 20 year reunion in 2000. He was married and his daughter went to the same school as
my son. Pima elementary. We saw each other occasionally and kept up. At
the all High School reunion, he was at another years party on Friday. Not with the class of 1975 and I didn't go to the dinner dance on Saturday. I had
four brothers and sisters that attended Scottsdale and they went. Britt
was there and they saw him. That same week he was getting divorced, (oh and by the way, he and his ex-wife lived about
five blocks from me) We got together to talk later and the rest is history. We were married on 2/16/2002 and still live in Scottsdale.

Our address is 8514 E. Clarendon Ave
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

See you in October.

Margaret Volpe-Rodgers

Susan Watson
Subj: Susan Watson Lewis, Class of '75
Date: 9/5/00 11:25:51 PM Central Daylight Time
From: siwel98@email.msn.com (Susan)

Hello from Colorado! After a year of looking forward to this reunion, I
can't believe it is almost here.

I married Jim Lewis (class of '70) in 1978. We have two children. Our
daughter is a freshman at Colorado State University, and our son is a
sophomore in high school. Where has the time gone?

Jim and I both work in the food industry. He's a VP with Safeway and I work
for a food broker as a claims auditor.

We both love living in Colorado. The change of seasons is great.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. Is anyone planning a
Friday night event for the class of '75? If so, let me know. My e-mail is:

Deanna Van Zee
Subj: Class of 1975
Date: 9/14/00 12:30:08 PM Central Daylight Time
From: hmanley@servecom.picker.com (Harold Manley)

My name is Deanna ( Van Zee) Manley Scottsdale High School Class of 1975. I would like to
register for the Alumni Reunion activities on Oct. 7 at Rawhide and for the
picnic Oct.8. Reservations for 2 at each event. I will send a check to the
address listed on the web site. My e-mail address is
Thank you, Deanna.

Margaret Volpe
Subj: Class of 1975
Date: 3/17/2005
From: kvolpe@ci.paradise-valley.az.us

I just wanted to add our names to the list as proud Beaver Alumni.

Margaret Volpe Class of 75
Patty Volpe Class of 76
Kevin And Karen Volpe Class of 77



Katie Wharton
Subj: Re: Hello! 1975
Date: 8/6/00 8:46:54 AM Central Daylight Time
From: KCWylie928@aol.com

This is Katie Wharton Wylie from Plano, TX (I have lived here for 10 years). I have been married for 21 years to Mike whom I met in college in Colorado. We have 4 children and I am a stay at home mom who gets to play lots of tennis. I keep in contact with Danna Lautenbach Brandt (dadatrco@juno.com) and several other people through Christmas cards. We had so much fun at the 10 and 20 year reunion we wouldn't miss the one this year. Sure would be great to have a mini-reunion!! I have always loved Arizona--I wish we visited more often. My e-mail address is KCWylie928@aol.com. Please write to me. See you in October.

Marge Zimmerman
Subj: class of 1975
Date: 7/1/00 6:23:18 PM Central Daylight Time
From: eagle2@uswest.net (Zane & Marge)

Hello Beavers
Class of 1975- Marge Anderson (Zimmerman)
Remember the farm on Miller and Osborn

The many chapters of life we have gone through since Beaversville'.
I have two daughters. Kaylynn works for the Kingman newspaper and Bobbi Jo has re-enlisted a few more years in the Navy. Kay has made me the proud grandmother of two big boys Joseph 7 and Jacob 2. Bobbi Jo gave me a beautiful granddaughter Cheyenne, soon to be four.
Still living in Snottsdale with that wonderful red head Zane Anderson as my spouse. Zane attended Navaho and I went to O.L.P.H. We re-met 20 years after high school.
I remember a lot of the 'kids' I went to grade school and High school together with, I just can't put adult faces to the names. The O.L.P.H. mini reunion helped with some faces. Taco, Vicki Gibilina, ...ok it's been a few years. It's hard to remember who was at which school.
I am a proud employee at the Phoenician where I have met a few other Beavers.The school may be gone but the pride will always be here. See everyone in October marge anderson


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