18April, 1998

New Story, and this one's true!

 News Flash!!  From the Tribune (recently):  "Scottsdale High School's class of 1958 will have its 40-year reunion June 12-13 at the Sun Burst Resort, 4925 N. Scottsdale Road, said graduate Barbara Hassengflug-Benson.  Benson said classes of 1955, 1956 and 1957 can join the celebration.  Those interested should contact Benson at (602) 998-2730 or Kim Camping at Classic Reunion Services, (602) 755-3555."

Attention Classes of 50's and 70's.  Have you had reunions?  If so, drop us a note and let's get your fellow Beavers registered!!  Thanks!

Special Notice

Subj: death of a beloved teacher
Date: 98-04-08 15:51:34 EDT
From: cluckert@ScottsdaleChamber.com (Carol Luckert)

Those SHS'ers who remember David Coats, drama teacher at Scottsdale High from late 50's through the 80's will be saddened to learn of his death on April 1 from illness. I attended his memorial service today and his family put together a lovely video which featured Mr. Coats working with some of his students. It was a loving tribute and I will always remember him as a teacher who loved his job, his life and his family.

Carol (McCullough) Luckert Class of 1974

22 March, 1998

The People Finder page has finally been created to help you find friends and classmates.  Names are in alphabetical order (sort of) and link you directly to postings.  At some point we will either eliminate the Whole Enchalada page, or break it into byte sized pieces for easier downloading and digesting.

1 March 1998

We are still looking for stories of your high school days.  If we don't receive real stories we'll make them up.  New in this edition is the Beaver Guy.  Thanks to Babette Wood!!!  Now, if we only had a dancing baby version...

21 February 1998

Please read Mary White (1960) Keltner's posting in The 60's for news of social happenings in Scottsdale.

The Whole Enchalada page is getting too big to swallow in one bite.  We'll split it up soon so you don't have to download 40k at once.  We're also working on ways to provide better indexing to the postings. 

26 January 1998

Today marks the first reorganization of the site.  Alumni may look for postings in their decade, or view the whole list.  This will make the site quicker to load and easier to navigate.  At least, that's the plan.

Site Historical Notes

January 9, 1998. The First Day.   This site was inspired by an interview with Arizona Republic writer Rachel Ochoa who researched an article on how Scottsdale High School graduates kept in touch with their classmates after the school had been razed.  The publicity generated by her article  which ran on January 9th resulted in nearly  400 hits to the site with about 10% registering.  Prior to Rachel's article, finding a Beaver was more difficult than swallowing a cafeteria hot dog. Yeich!

As the year unfolds we hope this site will grow.  Pass the word to any classmates you know and encourage them to register .  Drop by from time to time yourself to read the postings.  The site will be evolving throughout the year with a goal to be interesting and informative. 

All-year reunion in March/April, 1999?   Send your thoughts and suggestions to the Webmaster.

Tell your story.  What happened while your were at SHS.  Do you know of the Mad Smoke Bombers who evacuated the cafeteria in 1969?  Send your story to the Mad Smoke Bomber, er, Webmaster!

Was our hair really that short, our plastic glasses frames really that black and our shirt pockets full of pens.  Yes, they were and worse.  Soon, this site will host historical photos and stories from SHS's orange and black past.  Stories of mini-skirts and granny gowns, football games won and mostly lost, and events that ruled our lives or so we thought.  Stay tuned.  Meanwhile, check out your years or the People Finder .

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