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E.O Brown
Subj: Class of 1941
Date: 5/8/00 5:23:28 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Edwin Brown)

E. O. Brown Class of 1941 Living the good life in Cottonwood Arizona.


Dorisie Brewer
Subj: Please register in people finder
Date: 9/29/00 12:09:58 PM Central Daylight Time

What a wonderful idea.....thanks to all who helped create it.....Please list my Mother, Dorisie Aline (Brewer) Wallace, a graduate of the SHS class of 1942...Yes she is one of the old-timers now, and I believe is still planning on attending the 2000 reunion if all goes well...Mom was recently diagnosed with cancer in the bone in her face, and is currently undergoing chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, and really can't say for certain that she will attend the functions as planned, and registered for, but know in your "Beavers Forever" hearts that she truly would love to be there if she is unable to so because of her intense therapy. For those fellow old-timers I know she would love getting e-mail through either myself (my son's), or my sister's...The addresses are as follows: Joyce (Hildebrand) Graczyk, class of 1965 to:, or myself, Judy (Hildebrand) Deines, class of 1962 to certainly would brighten her life right now.....Many thanks again, and prayers gratefully accepted for her.



Bob Zimmerman
Subj: Reunion
Date: 6/21/00 7:34:34 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Zane & Marge)

Class of 1944
Bob Zimmerman (and Verna)
The Zimmerman dairy farm on Miller and Osborn had moved out to Gilbert in 1973. In 1993 another move further out to Queen Creek where the boys earning their inheritance while we enjoy the retirement.
To contact Bob (or Verna) email at


Charles Powell
Subj: 2000 Reunion
Date: 3/20/00 7:24:44 PM Central Standard Time
From: (Charles E Powell)

My name is Charles E Powell. I graduated from SHS in 1946.
We had a class reunion with the graduates of 1945 and the
graduates of 1947 in 1996. Last Arpil I sent Malcolm Adam's
sister (can't remember her first name, she graduated in
1950, I think) the names and addresses of many of the
people who graduated from SHS in 1945, 1946, and 1947. At
that time she was trying to put a reunion together in 2000
for the classes of 1945 through 1950. Is this reunion you
are planning an expansion on that or is it different?

I am sending a copy of the Scottsdale High alums busy as
Beavers to all of our class members. If you want I can also
send you the addresses of many of the members of the class
of 1947.



Lyle Lambie
Date: 8/27/01 8:42:57 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Lyle Lambie)

Just me My name is Lyle Lambie, I was in the class of 48 or 49. I joined the Navy1/3/48 and retired from there on May of 68. I have six boys, eight grandchildern and at this moment two great-grandchildren. Things are good, I have a lot of new body parts.



Lyle Lambie
Subj: I'll be there
Date: 9/30/00 9:57:02 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (Lyle Lambie)

Hi There
Not real sure what class I would have graduated with but I think it would
have been the class of 49 or 48. At any rate I retired from the NAVY in May
of 67, then the probation department in 87, I than went on to teaching and
retired from there in 97. All is well, I've been able to recieve a new hip,
several knee operations, both knees ,and a pace maker, soooo I should be
good for another seventy years.

Be Kind To Yourself
Lyle C. Lambie


Bill Young
Subj: class of '49 reunion
Date: 8/7/99 10:01:21 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (Bill Young)

I just met Donald Bandy and he informed me of this page. I have been
wondering if the class of '49 is planning a 50th reunion. I noticed that
the page is dedicated to 50 and above. Thank you for any help you can give me.

(Not so!  You're the first from the 40's.  Congratulations!!  Hopefully, one day, we'll have Beavers from all the decades.  -Webmaster)

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