Keith A. Anderson
Subj: register 1960 alumni
Date: 4/16/99 11:07:08 PM
From: hamlet@webtv.net (Keith Anderson)


I graduated from Scottsdale High in 1960. Having earned a B.A. in
theatre arts at ASU and an M.A. in theatre arts from CalState LA, I
worked for 35 years in professional theatre as an
actor/director/producer before retiring after a triple heart bypass. A
Shakespearean scholar and published author, I still direct some Free
Shakespeare Festivals for the fun of it all. I look forward to
information about reunions of the class of 1960.

Keith A. Anderson
phone (619) 690-0539
1326 Pequena Street
San Diego, CA 92154

Barbara Bender
Subj: Class of 1960
Date: 6/11/00 8:44:07 AM Central Daylight Time
From: barbflom@webtv.net (Barbara Flom)

Hey, there, Barbara Bender Flom here on this rainy morning in Miami,
Florida. Thought it would be a great idea to get on the website to see
what's happening.

I really enjoyed reading the E-mail messages. Seeing those names out
there brought back some fond memories.

I left Scottsdale High after my junior year to move to Miami with my
family, so I actually gradated from North Miami Senior High School in
1960. There were 1,118 graduates in that class (talk about being "lost
in the sauce"). That was a tough move for me having gone to school with
most of you since Mr. Crews's 5th grade class at Scottsdale Grammar.

I married my husband, Tom, in 1964 and we have two great kids. Our
daughter, Cindy, is married and lives in Athens, Georgia. She works for
the Univ. of Georgia in the Research Library. She is 33 yrs. old.

Our son, Gary, lives and works in Atlanta. He is 30 yrs. old and is an
Electrical Engineer unmarried as yet but getting closer.

At the time I met Tom, I was working for USF&G Insurance Company. After
Cindy was born, I took a number of years to raise the children, When I
finally returned to work, I was the Office Manager for a thoroughbred
horse farm in Ocala, FL working in the business office here in North

I retired in 1990 when the farm was sold and have been enjoying life.
Tom retired after 28 years with the North Miami Police Dept. in 1991.
His last 8 years with the department he was the Chief of Police.

We've been traveling quite a bit, playing tennis, gourmet cooking, and
I have finally found the time to engage in an activity that I had wanted
to attempt for many years - that being working with stained glass. I
have been doing that for the past 5 years and get a great deal of
satisfaction from it.

As for the reunion in Oct., I regret to say that, due to a prior
commitment, we will be unable to attend. But I would LOVE to hear from
any of you out there. Here is where you can find me:

Barbara B. Flom
840 N.E. 140th Street
North Miami, FL 33161
Tel. (305) 891-8569
E-mail: barbflom@webtv.net

P.S. Will a directory of our class be printed and offered for sale? I
surely would like to have one. Does anyone know where Beverly McGee
Jarote might be? Saw her last when I came out for the 25 year reunion
in '85 and lost her address long ago.

Anne Benyi
Subj: Class of 60
Date: 10/1/00 2:04:23 PM Central Daylight Time
From: aleaseanne@juno.com (ALEASE A GRAVES)

I am Anne Benyi Graves, class of 60. Spent three years at SHS and ended
up at Arcadia with the first graduating class. Finally found this
website, although a little late. This is Sunday and the reunion is
Friday. I did hear about the reunion a couple of months ago and I do
plan to be there, along with my former sister-in-law, Pat Graves, class
of 54.

After graduation, I did indeed marry John Graves, also class of 60. We
were divorced two years ago after 37 years, two children, and two
grandchildren. After graduation, he was transferred to LA. We escaped
after a year to Oregon, where we were blessed to raise our kids. They
both went to Thurston High School in Springfield, which may ring a bell
as the school that was shot up a couple of years ago by another student.

Ended up for the last 18 years or so based in St. Petersburg, Florida,
living on sailboats and cruising from Washington, DC, to St. Vincent in
the Caribbean. Quite an adventure. I still sail and race out of a local
sailing club here on the Gulf of Mexico, although I have a condo two
blocks from Tampa Bay.

Am looking forward to seeing all of you. I am terrible with names, but
they swore we would have name tags.

Write me at Aleaseanne@Juno.com

Barbara Bogan
Subj: Register...Class of 1960
Date: 10/30/99 9:37:06 AM Central Daylight Time
From: bobbi@cybertrails.com (Bealer)

Barbara BOGAN Bealer
1022 N. Warren Ave.
Winslow, AZ 86047
(520) 289-2736

Graduated from SHS in Class of 1960. Married, divorced, re-married...two children, two step-children, five grandchildren.

James H. (Jim) Blunt
Subj: SHS Graduate Registration
Date: 4/30/99 9:50:34 AM Central Daylight Time
From: jblunt@erols.com (jblunt)

Please register me:

James H. (Jim) Blunt, (Class of 1960)
6338 Alderman Drive,
Alexandria, VA 22315
Email: jblunt@erols.com

Telephone: home 703-924-9760
Work 301-907-2456

Thank you !!

Frank Braggiotti
Subj: http://members.aol.com/shsalumni/sixty.html
Date: 9/22/00 1:07:33 AM Central Daylight Time
From: FRANKEL2001@aol.com

Dear Exalted Webmaster:
Your web site: http://members.aol.com/shsalumni/sixty.html is awesome
Please include: Frank M. Braggiotti under the Class of 1960.
I hosted the 1985 Sunday swim party for the Class of 1960 @ The Flying Heart Ranch, 7016 E. Cheney Road which like Scottsdale High no longer exists.
Got saved at Billy Graham Crusade in Anaheim in March 1985.
Got divorced for the fifth time April 1985
Got sober in December 3, 1986
After building hundreds of homes in the Phoenix area with my home building companies: Tempo Homes, Sweat Equity Homes, & Braggiotti Construction, I lost it all in 1989 (went B. K. ), moved to Las Vegas, & now live in Granada Hills, California.
Now I own a builders supply company: FRANKEL BUILDERS SUPPLY.
Have twin daughters, Debby & Lee age 16
Son, Dylan age 29, has twin daughters, Jacqueline & Jordan, age 8
Last saw Wendy Taylor in 1982.
Was at Smitty's (Ellen Smith) bedside, wedding, & funeral 1985
E-mail Thad Nehrling @ TNerhling @ aol.com He is now in California also
Look forward to seeing old friends & meeting new friends at the October gathering of the Beavers. E-mail: FRANKEL2001@aol.com

Wally Carson
Subj: Register
Date: 4/19/00 6:05:33 PM Central Daylight Time
From: WWC 02BPAR@aol.com

Please register me.Thank You

Wally Carson
Class of 60
E-mail = wwc02bpar@aol.com

Tom Cates
Subj: Class of 1960
Date: 7/2/00 11:12:36 AM Central Daylight Time
From: fishnbear@harborside.com (Gerri Taylor)

Tom Cates, (tcates@aol.com )

Have lived in Reno since 1962. Married and have two grown sons. Retiring from a career in education ( high School Administrator) in June of "01. Still enjoy the out doors, hunting, skiing, fishing, and the Reno Rodeo.
Does any one know where Tony Raineri is? I'd sure like to know.

Don Cleek
Subj: Hello, Class of '60
Date: 8/22/00 9:42:12 PM Central Daylight Time
From: gmc@arkansas.net (Glenna)

Hello! You may remember me. I'm the guy who pitched in the majors -
no, that's Jim Palmer. OK, I'm the guy who couldn't spell potato -
wrong again...Quayle. Actually, I'm the guy who still remembers how
gracious and open all of you were to make a move-in from Arkansas feel
welcome. Thanks to each of you.

I have wonderful memories of Scottsdale and the students at SHS. My SHS
experience started with football practice in August. I particularly
recall discovering bullheads the firt time I was tackled on the practice
field. My "Arkansas" reasoning lead me to decide that if it hurts when
I do that, don't do that. So I decided to not get tackled anymore. Do
you remember Ron Fukuchi? Ron came up to about my waist and that's
about where his helmet hit me when he met me at the line of scrimmage -
right on the pubic bone. (ouch!) Prior to that I had a deep, resonant
voice. Practices were tough, games were easy. We had some strong, good
players on our team. Go Beavers!

Glenna and I have been married since college ('64). We have been
blessed in many ways but especially blessed with two children and three
grandchildren. We retired in '95. Glenna was a first grade teacher.
I was an Army Captain (paratrooper, Vietnam, etc.), a college track
coach, a college dean, a Honda car dealer and an intercollegiate
athletics conference commissioner. We now spend a lot of time looking
for antiques, toys, clocks, watches, etc.

I remember the student strike we staged on campus at SHS. What was that
about? Three others and I took a day off from school to hike up
Camelback. Somehow we didn't get in trouble. Scottsdale High was great
because of all of you. The teachers and staff were super also. I feel
honored to have been a part.

Many times I've told people about the great weather in Arizona and
riding to school almost everyday in Carol Hahn's Buick convertible with
the top down. Thanks again, Carol, for all those rides to school.
Rides home (when not in football and track seasons) included my stopping
by Gaintner's to get stomped in ping pong. Gaintner, where are you?

I've taken enough of your time. The web site is a good idea. It is
particularly enjoyable to read about those who have submitted info.

My e-mail address: gmc@arkansas.net
Mailing address: Don Cleek, 3901 Deer Drive, Benton AR 72015
Phone: 501-776-3777
We now have electricity, computers, phone, running water and all that in
Arkansas! The mail runs too. Write, call or e-mail me.
Don Cleek

Nancy Cook
Subj: SHS Reunion
Date: 12/21/99 5:38:13 PM Central Standard Time
From: NancyS1242@aol.com

Charlie Dunlap told me about reunion. I am in town right now, although I travel a lot with my husband so I am hard to pin down on dates. I take it we should try to keep October 2000 open?

Nancy Schneider (maiden name - Cook, class of 1960)

5245 E. Arroyo Rd.
Paradise Valley, Az 85253
(602) 840-9516

Tim Dapper
Subj: Lost Alum
Date: 9/13/99 11:27:05 AM Central Daylight Time
From: tdapper@phoenixdsl.com

After finishing my accounting degree at ASU, I moved to Michigan to work for
General Motors, and dropped off of the SHS alumni map. After seventeen years in the rust belt, I gave up on the cold and snow and bleak gray days, and moved to sunny California, where I continue to enjoy the benign climate in a valley East
of San Francisco. I recognize many names on your excellent WEB page, but, alas,
my yearbook was gleeped while I was in the USAF, so I have no reminders to clear my fuzzy memories of classmates. In yearbook photos of me, you will see the ugly, thick spectacles I lived with for some fifty years. But technology caught
up with me and my world class myopia has been lasered away. I could have been a much better photographer for the newspaper and yearbook had that been available lo those many years ago. Good luck with the WEB pages, and I hope to hear when a reunion of the class of 1960 is scheduled.

Tim (Timothy A.) Dapper
1016 Alicante Drive
Danville, CA 94526

SHS Class of 1960


Judy Darrow
Subj: Class of '60
Date: 9/9/00 12:24:37 PM Central Daylight Time
From: DARROWAZ@aol.com

Class of 1960. Judy C. Thomas (Darrow) The years have certainly gone by quickly. It seems only yesterday we were at our 10 year reunion making  the last tour of Scottsdale High School.

Since graduating from SHS and attending college I have taught in the Creighton Elementary School District. I did take a little time off to be a stay at home Mon until all 3 children were in school.

I've been married for 26 years and have 3 grown children. They have all carried on the tradition of attending and graduating from a Scottsdale High School.

I'm looking forward to the reunion.

Judy Darrow (Thomas)

Dickie Davis
Subj: Register Glen "Dickie" Davis
Date: 11/28/99 11:51:04 AM Central Standard Time
From: DHaught7@aol.com

Hi! This is Glen "Dickie" Davis. Class of 1960! Still living here in Phoenix Arizona with my lovely wife Debbie and her "fun-loving" son Tyler. My 18 year old son Taylor is a senior at North Canyon High and will someday graduate. My 21 daughter goes to college at San Luis Obispo. I have been a school teacher for 30 years and soon to retire in 2 years. I am an avid player of senior softball and a runner. Doesn't it seem weird as we get older that we get more aches and pains?! Thanks for posting me. If you wanna write me, email me at GlenDickieDavis@aol.com

Nancy Ellstrom Huvelle
Subj: 1960 Graduate.
Date: 3/13/2004
From: chuvelle@astound.net (Nancy Ellstrom)

Nancy (Ellstrom) Huvelle, '60
2438 Upland Drive
Concord, CA 94520
Community Liaison Nurse for Hospice & Palliative Care of Contra Costa.
Jerry & I enjoyed attending reunions over the years and often wondered if we would have enjoyed it as much if we had not been in the same class.  
Our last reunion was 2000 -- The All-Class Reunion.  We were glad to be there.  Seeing old friends from other classes as well as our own was the best part; just experiencing again what a great class and school we had. 
We have a great daughter who loves her high school in Concord as much as we love SHS.  She now teaches at her alma mater, and Jerry and I love her school, too.  Christina's school, Mt. Diablo High School, is a historical landmark and so we know we don't have to worry about it being torn down like SHS was. 
My best to all of you.

Maryanne Egurrola
Subj: 1960 Graduate.
Date: 8/25/00 5:17:41 PM Central Daylight Time
From: gkeltner@home.com

Hi! I am Maryanne (Egurrola) Fusselman. Graduated Class of 1960. Best
class of all, right!1960 I stayed in Scottsdale the majority of my
life. I did leave for San Francisco in 1973, worked for Randolph
Hearst. Exciting year. Traveled to New York and Washington, D.C.
Returned to Scottsdale and again worked for Bennie M. Gonzales
Architects. Worked for the architectural firm from 1968 to 1973, then
again from 1974 to 1980. This firm designed the Scottsdale City Hall,
Library and Performing Arts Center. Met my wonderful husband in 1990,
married in 1991. My husband, Clarence, and I celebrated 9 years of
marriage on August 24, 2000. My husband has two sons, Brad and Ron.
Ron recently graduated from Pasadena Art Center.

Maryanne's kids consist of 14 nieces and nephews. I helped raise all of
them and we are all very close. My niece Jenny (19 years old) is
entering ASU as a Junior this fall.

See you at the Reunion 2000!

Maryanne (Egurrola)
Fusselman, 6615 N. 10th Place, Phoenix, AZ 85014. (602) 277-7233.

Phillip Farmer  (e-mail not available)
Subj: Phillip Farmer class of 1960
Date: 9/7/99 7:23:31 PM Central Daylight Time

Phil Farmer,
3632 East 2nd Street, Apt # 7,
Long Beach,
California 90803 Phone,

Phil used to teach at Univ of Ca and in Germany but now owns his own business in Long Beach. Thanks

Jerry Huvelle & Nancy Ellstrom
Subj: Registration
Date: 10/1/00 2:51:34 AM Central Daylight Time
From: JHuvelle@aol.com


Has it really been 40 years since we walked/ran/sauntered those hallowed halls of Scottsdale High School? When I first came to SHS in the fall of my freshman year, I remember Scottsdale having no traffic lights, only stop signs, and Scottsdale Road became a dirt road just a short distance away.

When I graduated from SHS in 1960, little did I know that it would be my last graduation for 27 years. In the fall, I went to ASU to pursue a degree in engineering. However, the degree alluded me. I did end up with a double major - one in fraternity and the other in rebellion. I excelled in both majors but finally had to leave after a couple of years and then volunteered for the draft. Yeah, I really did. I knew losing the student deferment would put me at the top of the list, so rather than wait around to be called, I just called myself. Did a stint in the Army, including 15 months in Vietnam.

I came back to the U.S. in 1966 and married my high school friend & sweetheart Nancy Ellstrom (also from the GREAT CLASS of 60) in 1967. We had gone from being classmates to being soulmates. I think we were one of 7 couples from the GREAT CLASS of 60 who tied the knot after graduation. Not sure what happened to the others but we have been married for 33 eventful years. We lived in Oakland, Calif. for 8 years then bought a "starter" house in Concord, Calif. We're still there 24 years later, so it will probably also be our "finisher" house.

We have a lovely grown daughter, Christina, who decided to buy a house on the street where we live after spending a number of years in Oregon and Japan. She is a teacher at her alma mater, Mt Diablo High School. She is a lot like Nancy in looks as well as generosity of heart and spirit.

Nancy had always wanted to be a nurse and she graduated from Kaiser Foundation School of Nursing shortly after we were married. You will have to go to her blurb to find out more about her.

Well, back to me. The year after we were married, I had a near fatal bout with cancer (they told Nancy as she stood their with our baby daughter in her arms that she would be a widow in 3 months). Fortunately, I have been blessed with living on to spend this time with Nancy and see our daughter grow up.

I spent quite a few years in the vending industry. You know that nutritional stuff like cokes, candy, chips, ice cream. Yeah, we even sold cigarettes and cigars in almost every location back then. Then I decided I did not want to do that for the rest of my life and I went into insurance and investments. That was quite a switch. I am currently specializing in long term care insurance. Going into sales has forced me to be more outgoing. Nancy says now I am more like I was in high school than I ever have been. Is that good or bad?

Oh, by the way. I mentioned that I did not participate in another graduation for 27 years following our graduation. Well, after underachieving at ASU, I didn't go back to college until the early 80's. In 1987, my daughter and I both received our AA Degrees from a local junior college. In 1995, I finally graduated from California State University Hayward with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. Am I proud of finally getting it even though it took so long? Absolutely. My grade point average at ASU was so low, I don't think they even recorded it. My cumulative grade point average after I returned to college was 3.87. If you include ASU, it is 2.99. I owe a lot of the credit to Nancy who kept encouraging me to finish. O.K., sometimes it was more like a kick in the butt, but she supported my doing it even though I was working 60 hours a week, taking night classes, studying at the library and not home very much.

It's been fun being married to a fellow Beaver and being able to share the memories of our high school days even if we sometimes do not agree on what happened. We are looking forward to seeing many familiar faces at the October Reunion.

Jerry W. Huvelle
2438 Upland Drive
Concord, CA 94520
(925) 685-5859

Tom Jenks
Subj: Thanks and Appreciation
Date: 10/10/00 10:59:42 AM Central Daylight Time
From: tjenks@tstar.net (Tom Jenks)

Dear Bill,
Thank you so much for establishing this web site for us Beavers! I really appreciate what you have done here as it is the greatest way to bring all of our classmates together no matter how far away from each other they may live. I was able to attend the individual class reunion on Friday night but unfortunately missed the gala event on Saturday. I would have liked to made your acquaintance and expressed my thanks in person.
Warm regards.......Tom Jenks (Class of 60)


1960 Graduate - Mary White Keltner
Subj: SHS alumni page

Date: 98-02-01 01:31:04 EST

From: gkeltner@home.com

CC: "1960 Graduate - Mary White Keltner"@aol.com (maiden name)

Hi! I am one of the 5 White children that graduated from SHS. My brother, Darol, graduated in l956; Susie in 1958; myself in 1960 and the twins, Arlene and LeRoy in 1961. Of the five, I am the only one still remaining in the Scottsdale/Paradise Valley area. In fact, our parents graduated from SHS in the class of '32. Both deceased. My Aunt, Dora Jolly, graduated in the class of '38.

When SHS was torn down in '92 my youngest son and I took my chevy van to the site and gathered up as many bricks as possible, along with a concrete cornerstone, a piece of the wall and the long sign Scottsdale High School. My Aunt Dora paints on the bricks the Old Main building and on each end she gives pertinent info.about SHS. These bricks have become a fund raising project for the Scottsdale Historical Society. They sell for $20. $10 goes to the Society and the other $10 to Dora. They make wonderful memory gifts- If interested call me (602) 840-8234 or e-mail me at beavershs@aol.com.

This is so exciting that Bill has put together this alumni page....thank you, thank you. The class of of 1960 has been a very close class here. We have had all of the usual reunions and were planning a cruise Jan. 3l, l999/2000 but it was cancelled because everything was booked well in advance of 1997. To name a few still very active in the reunions...Lynn Havighurst, Judy Gieszl Jesman, Milton Jesman, Gary Brennan, Dickey Davis, Jim Fitzpatrick Beagureau (?), Carol Trapp Keane, Mary Ann Egurrola, Carol Hahn Barnett, Sue Peterson Westhafer, Michael Kinzle Poplawski, Barbara Bimson Girand, Mike Girand and many others.

SHS Happenings- Palm Sunday and Cinco de Mayo

Every year we meet at Los Olivos on the Friday or Saturday closest to Cinco de Mayo for a fun time It is open to any alumni who hears about it..of course, everything is no host...we would love to see all of you. Another happening, every year for the past 35 is the Old Timer's Reunion held in The El Dorado Park recreation room on Palm Sunday..I believe it is April 5 this year. Labuella and Lester Mowrey (89 yrs. young) started this very successful event. Each year new people show up and it is so exciting to be a part of this.

Remember the days when Scottsdale was quaint and everybody knew their neighbors...well those days are long gone. In the 40's and early 50's Scottsdale was 1.5 square miles..today we are 186 square miles with all of the growth to the North. Population is close to 165,000 yuck. Scottsdale Road used to be a nice straight street going North and South you should see it now...a garage opening setting right in the middle of North Scottsdale Rd. and the South a triangleated street that either puts you into a Walgreen's parking lot, or a sharp left to continue going So. or a sharp right to go Northwest. Oh. the agony of seeing some terrible planning for our once lovely some town of Scottsdale.

Does anyone remember the trip to Guaymas and Hermosillo with Mrs. Kahl in l958. Memories, memories.... Can't believe how much fun this is to be a part of a web page and to Look forward to hearing from others.

Mary White Keltner

Michal Kinzle
Subj: Class of 60 SHS
Date: 4/23/00 9:07:53 PM Central Daylight Time
From: michalpop@worldnet.att.net (James Poplawski)

Bill, Thank you for all your hard work you are doing a great job.
Michal Kinzle Poplawski
Realty Executives
6263 N. Scottsdale Rd. #140
Scottsdale, AZ 85250 480-998-0676

I have great memories of Scottsdale High and all my many experiences there, from Mr. Schweikart and working on the yearbook, to Pom-Pon, dancing in the school musicals, student council, Mr.. Fitzgerald, Mr.. Kelley, Mr. Hanson and the band trips, friends (some life long) and the teachers who were kind enough to give my academic career alittle help. I feel fortunate to still be living in Scottsdale and to have with my husband of 37 years, Jim, who taught at Coronado High School, rise our two children there. We have two adorable grandsons, the apple of our eyes, and another grandchild on the way.

I have been selling real estate for 16 years. It's a great job for women, I really enjoy helping people find their "home". If any of you Beavers or your friends have any questions about the valley Real Estate Market I will be happy to be of help. I have been working on the Beaver Bash 2000 and have enjoyed making some new friends, it is going to be a wonderful weekend, I hope everyone will be able to attend. Mark October 6,7,8 on your calendars and we will see you there. Beavers Forever!!!!


Nancy Knepp
Subj: Scottsdale High School

Date: 98-02-09 15:57:26 EST

I'm interested in registering myself as a Scottsdale High alumni here--

My name at graduation was Nancy Knepp (now Adams), class of 1960.

My address is:

320 Woodmere Drive
Vinton, VA 24179



Barbara Lambert
Subj: Class of 1960 (Arcadia High School - first graduating class)
Date: 10/23/00 2:03:00 PM Central Daylight Time
From: asbi@earthlink.net (ASBI)

I would like to register to get future updates. I just found out about the
"big reunion" held earlier this month. My e-mail at home is:

I am a secretary/meeting planner for an association for concrete segmental
bridges. I do a lot of traveling and just returned from New York City. My
husband is semi-retired. We have lived in Phoenix or Tucson since I
graduated from high school. Please add me to your Arcadia list. I went to
my first 3 years of high school at Scottsdale High.

Barbara Lambert Swaggerty

Terry Miller
Subj: SHS Class of 1960
Date: 12/6/98 5:18:46 PM Central Standard Time
From: tabrown@itsnet.com (Teri)


What a wonderful website this is! Thanks so much Bill Farrell for doing this.

My maiden name was Terry Miller and is now Teri Brown. I was a bit wild in
those days, but have tamed down considerably with age. *grin*

During my 4 years at SHS I was in the Chansonettes, on the newspaper staff,
the yearbook staff in my senior year, danced in all the musical school
plays and had a lead role opposite Claire in "12 angry women." I was the
bad juror. *smile* These days I am a retired Paralegal, a country music
Fan Club President, a webmaster, and live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I sure do miss the bobby sox and poodle skirts of that era. I think we had
the best teen years and music EVER!!

I would love to find Gaylene Muller and Judy McCarty. The three of us
chased around all thru high school and I haven't a clue what their last
names would be now. Anyone knowing their names or whereabouts, let me
know. I'd sure appreciate it. :o) Also, Katheleen "Ginger" Warner,
Michele Segedy, Kay ?, Carla Padovan

Remember Mr. Schultz? He was the coolest teacher I had at SHS. I also
loved Mr. Eslie, even tho he was a hard taskmaster to us choral singers.

Take Care,
Fan Club President for:
"Susan Cowan" Pure Country Velvet

Other pages I've built...

"Teri's Trails" http://www.geocities.com/Nashville/8866
"Country Music Showcase" http://freezone.exmachina.net/Country_Newcomers
"Child I Cannot Claim" http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Plains/6644
"Behind The Scenes With Diane Brown" http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/7271
"Rollie Stevens" Stone Country http://www.geocities.com/Nashville/Opry/1188
"Mercy Ministries" http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Prairie/4320/
"Card Reading" http://www.angelfire.com/biz/cardreading
"Joseph Culligan" World Famous Private Investigator/Author http://www.josephculligan.com

DF Mobley
Subj: Class of 1960

Date: 98-01-27 17:53:58 EST

From: dfmobley@juno.com

found out about you from my mother who lives in scottsdale still. I live  in Houston. email dfmobley@juno.com. 1960 graduate, now a physician, urologist in Houston. Married, 4 children.

Bruce A. Mundy
Subj: SHS Registration
Date: 3/26/99 3:00:49 PM Central Standard Time
From: bruce.mundy@ieee.org (Bruce Mundy)

Dear Exalted WebMaster:

Please add me to your list.

Bruce A. Mundy
4675 S. Judd St.
Tempe, AZ 85282

Class of 1960


Thad Nehrling
Subj: No Subject

Date: 98-01-12 23:34:03 EST

From: Tnehrling@aol.com

Old Timer's turn. Happened onto this page and glad I did. Any other old timers out there? Say, class of '60 ?
If so then Thad Nehrling sends his best. I live in Longview, Texas, in the piney woods, but my wife Melody (Tucson girl...but don't hold that against her) and I still miss Arizona muchly and Scottsdale more .
After my beaver years, I floated around various colleges until UncleSam caught up with me and sent me to Vietnam , all expenses paid! Have one married son, Matthew, who at last count was 24. Just seems like yesterday when I went looking for my VW bug in the Scottsdale High parking lot only to find you wise-guys had picked it up and carried it into the quad. Miss all of you and wish all the best to you and yours.

Karl Nicholas
Subj: registration
Date: 5/28/2005
From: JKN102042@aol.com

I recently found out about this website.

Patsy O'Reilly
Subj: registration
Date: 4/4/00 2:23:28 PM Central Daylight Time
From: pcurrier@gpwa.com (Patsy Currier)

I recently found out about this website and I would like to register. I am
a graduate of the 1960 class at Scottsdale High School. My name was Patsy
O'Reilly and is now Patsy Currier. I moved to Missouri the day after
graduation, went to college and taught school in Missouri for 13 years. I
have two grown daughters and one grandson now. We moved back to Phoenix
about 20 years ago. I am now working as an actuarial analyst in Phoenix.

My address is: 4601 E. Holly
Phoeix, AZ 85008

My email address is pcurrier@gpwa.com

Judy Osborne Clarke
Subj: Class of 1960
Date: 4/28/99 6:20:13 PM Central Daylight Time
From: JClarke210@aol.com

Judy Osborne Clarke class of 1960. I left Scottsdale in December of 1963 and moved to Washington DC area to work for the FBI. From there to Birmingham, Alabama, Anniston, Alabama, Boston and Philadelphia area before ending up in the Kansas City area. I own my own computer training company and have three grown daughters and three grandchildren. I was active in the chorus, plays and a cheerleader. I have a brick thanks to my son-in-law which I proudly display!! Some great memories, especially friends.

Charlene Pearce Peterson
Subj: Class of 1960
Date: 4/6/99 6:08:29 PM Central Daylight Time
From: malecon14pp@prodigy.net.mx (Peterson)

Thank you Bill for a fun site. Charlene Pearce Peterson here, living in
Pt. Penasco, Sonora, Mx. Finding this site was like visiting
Scottsdale. It will be fun to watch it grow. Sure brings back good
memories. Pom Pon, choir, yearbook, musicals and our fun bus trips
around rural Arizona singing with Mr. Eisle, and the trip to be in band
day at SC with our first stop at Disney Land. We sure had a simple,
more enjoyable time in High School than some of the kids have nowadays.
GO BEAVERS! malecon14pp@prodigy.net.mx

Update: April 2006

Hi Bill, This is great that you are keeping this up. Mary Jo Willis '60', Ruth Mary Palmer '60' and Sara Rea '61' visited down here in Rocky Point and we had so much fun that it reminded me to check this site again. Would you please change the email address for Charlene Pearce Peterson to malecon14pp@prodigy.net.mx. I've found when I do meet fellow SHS friends, we seem to go back to where we left off. So easy to talk to them and, I guess, we do still have a lot in common. Thank you so much, Charlene
MK 14 ;=>)

Jim Reid
Subj: Scottsdale High Class of '60
Date: 9/25/00 12:07:28 PM Central Daylight Time
From: jim.reid@honeywell.com (Reid, Jim (AZ15))

Please add me to the Class of 1960.

Jim Reid
4826 W. Desert Hollow Drive
Glendale, AZ 85310
623-580-9440 Hm
602-313-3369 Wk


Dottie Reynolds
Subj: Class of 1960
Date: 4/19/00 9:52:02 AM Central Daylight Time
From: dfields@microsemi.com (Fields, Dottie)

Hi to all the SHS Beavers from the class of 1960.
My name at graduation was Dorothy (Dottie) Reynolds. To many in the class I
was known as "the quietest girl in class". Is there anyone out there from
"Club 6" physics class? We did have some good times in class with Mr.

My name now is Dottie Fields-Jones. I was married to my first husband for
28 years and have 2 grown sons. They have given me 6 great grandchildren.
I remarried in 1997 to a great man and now have added 3 step grandchildren.
I work at Microsemi (Formerly Siemens Corp, formerly Dickson Electronics)
and have since 1961. I have lived in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area since
granduation. Sure beats shoveling snow.

Please post this message on the web and it would be great to hear from
others of the class of '60. My e-mail is: Dotfields@aol.com

BEAVERS FOREVER!!!!! I also have my brick.

Frank Rhame
Subj: Registration
Date: 10/9/00 12:22:27 AM Central Daylight Time
From: frank@muskie.biostat.umn.edu (Frank Rhame)

See my website below for info about me.
Frank Rhame, SHS '60
MOBILE: 612-325-9520 (on if I'm in the USA and not airborne)
The Doctors---Mon evening, Tues aft, Wed aft, all Friday
824-1772 / 821-4799 / 821-4796
1300 Lagoon St, Ste 200, Minneapolis, MN 55408-2046
Clinic 42---Mon til 4,
863-5336 / 863-5467 863-5438
Abbott Northwestern Hosp, Mail code 17200
800 E 28th St, Minneapolis, MN 55404

321-9399 / 401-679-5385 / 321-9399
401 S 1st St, Apt 702, Minneapolis, MN 55401-2565
WEB: http://www.biostat.umn.edu/~frank

Mimi Riley
Subj: Mimi Riley's Registration 1960
Date: 9/25/00 11:23:31 PM Central Daylight Time

Hello All,

I'm planning on attending the 2000 Reunion. Thanks to everyone who
helped organize it! Looking forward to seeing friends from the class of

Here's my contact information:

Mimi Riley
1676 Braddock Court
San Jose, CA 95125

I've been living in San Jose and working for computer companies in
Silicon Valley for the last 8 years -- mostly as a producer of
international training broadcasts. I've been at Sun Microsystems for
the last 4 years on a long-term contract. I have the fun of working
with good friends from the video production community -- many of us
worked together at AppleTV.

Although it's true the area is really congested...there are lots of
interesting things to do. I'm involved with local film festivals, art
museums, book discussion groups, a wonderful meditation center, etc.
And I'm a half-hour from the ocean in Santa Cruz!

My sister, Pat "Riley" Miller, lives north of San Francisco in Marin
Her daughter, Vanessa, just graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in
Architecture. And as her Aunt, it's been fun to see her grow up. She's
a delightful young woman.

I spend most holidays in Scottsdale visiting Arizona relatives and their
families: My brother Frank his wife Nancy (Bennison) and their two
boys, and my sister Kathy Riley Brown and her husband Laird. My brother
Scott works in both California and Arizona. I also see my cousins and
their extended family: Tim, Terry and Kevin Riley. My mother is just
getting back from a trip to Paris and is in wonderful health I'm happy
to say!

Once again, looking forward to the Reunion!

Tom Roth
Subj: Tom Roth-Class of 1960
Date: 9/27/99 12:24:08 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Animatom@aol.com

My name is Tom Roth. I graduated in '60 and was one of the class cartoonists along with the Kersten Brothers, with whom I have stayed in touch all these years.
I've been working quite happily for almost 30 years in the animation business in L.A., London, New York and Dublin. Most recently, I worked for Disney for a few years which was very enjoyable. 3 years ago, I switched over to computer animation and never looked back. I maintain a residence here in Scottsdale (currently being remodeled) and try to get back here every chance I get. I'd love to hear from some fellow Beavers...especially those in the art classes and in the Beaver Band.


Lana Sapp
Subj: CLASS OF '60
Date: 3/2/00 4:05:44 PM Central Standard Time
From: lmoody@jcpenney.com (Lana J Moody)

Hi, my name is Lana Moody--was Lana Sapp in high school. Would love to
register -- I was so excited when I discovered this site. I have two
sisters and a brother who graduated from SHS--Lora (Sapp) Sorrells who
lives here in Garland about a mile from me--class of '62, Lisa (Sapp)
Hawley, class of '72 who lives in Mesa and Gary Sapp, class of '70, who
lives in Ft. Collins, CO.

I taught school in California the first year out of ASU (graduated
1964), and then met my husband, Al who was from Texas and moved to the
Amarillo area in 1966 and have been in Texas since then. We now live in
Garland, which is a suburb of Dallas. We have two sons (ages 31 and 29)
who are both married to wonderful girls and they live in the Dallas
area--no grandchildren yet--but hoping!

Up until 6 months ago, our home that we lived in while in high school
was still our "home", however, we sold it last year after Mom passed
away. She and Dad had lived there for 42 years, so has been hard on all
of us knowing the home is not ours to go to anymore. Still miss
Arizona, specifically Scottsdale. Is sad to me when I come out for
visits and drive by our old high school site and see it no more--wish at
least the original building could have been saved--remember the day we
moved to Arizona from Oklahoma in 1956 and registered for high school
and visited with Mr. Tripp. Have some great and wonderful memories of
my time there.

Would love to hear from any '60 graduates or any graduates for that
matter. We don't have a computer at home but my email address at work
is: lmoody@jcpenney.com. I am an executive assistant in the
International Department of the home office for JCPenney, Co. Inc.


Larry Self
Subj: Class of 60
Date: 7/29/00 11:36:49 AM Central Daylight Time
From: LrrySelf@cs.com

Well hello everyone. It certainly has been a long time since I have heard the class bell. I remember the good times we had and the trips to the Sugar Bowl. As has been mentioned by many, it is sad to go by and not see the school any longer. I do have a brick which I keep on my office shelf.

I am married with three children and five grand children now. I will have to admit, it is tremendous fun to have the grand children over and then be able to send them home.

I hope to be at the reunion as I look forward to seeing some very good friends. I am still in the restaurant business as a Consultant and travel three states presently. I guess I owe it all to working at the Sugar Bowl. Jerry Huvell will know what I mean.

It is really amazing when you think back to 1960 and how time has gone by so fast. Seems just like yesterday when I was getting ready for the Prom. Had a date with Penny Money====very nice lady.

Well, feel free to contact me via e-mail and let me know how everyone is.

Take care and hope to see you in October.

Larry V. Self

Diane Skarecky
Subj: Add to alumni page?
Date: 7/11/01 12:00:37 AM Central Daylight Time
From:    diane1@ticnet.com (Diane Baxter)

My name is Diane Skarecky Baxter.  I graduated from SHS in 1960.  How
can I get on this website?


Sally Steadman
Subj: Register
Date: 4/27/2008
From:   saljer@cableone.net

I just found out about this website from Nancy Ellstrom Huvelle many years after it's beginnings. I'm sorry it hasn't been updated more frequently.

Anyway if anybody still goes to this website, I'm Sally Steadman McGerty. I started at S'dale in Oct. 1958 (transfer from Michigan) and graduated in 1960. Probably my fondest memories of my teenage years were of my Jr. and Sr. year. Only two years there, yet I could write a book about those carefree years. My two favorite people of those days: Nancy Ellstrom Huvelle and Bart Del Duca, who hold a very special place in my heart to this day.

Life has been good to me, but I won't bore you with details. I'm living in Prescott now and LOVE it here. If anyone wants to contact me my e-mail is saljer@cableone.net.

Sally Steadman McGerty

Donys Stone
Subj: Class of '60
Date: 3/22/00 10:03:02 PM Central Standard Time
From: bobdonys@home.com (Bob & Donys Powell)

How exciting to find out about the reunion and the website. I had such
fun reading all of the letters from alumni. There doesn't seem to be
much from the class of '60. I sent the address to all of the people
that I am still in contact with.

I'm Donys (Stone) Powell, class of '60. Please put me on the list to
get an invitation to the reunion. Is our class doing anything special
since it's our 40th?

I graduated from ASU in Medical Technology and did my internship at St.
Joseph's in Phoenix. After graduation, I married Dewey Weingartner
(class of '60 also) and moved back to my home town of San Francisco so
that he could attend the California Podiatry College. We divorced in '69
and I continued to work as a Medical Technologist in the Clinical
Laboratory at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF).

In the years of singledom, I traveled extensively and skiied all over
the country and in France, Austria and Canada. San Francisco was a
great place to be single in the 70ties. Lots of fun and wonderful
people. Never a dull moment.

I remarried in '81 to Bob Powell, a native San Franciscan and graduate
of UC Berkeley. We live in beautiful Larkspur, about 15 miles north of
San Francisco in Marin County. Yes, that's where the peacock feathers
and hot tubs are. We love living in the redwood forest with all it's
majestic beauty and wild animals. I have a stepson (32) and a
stepdaughter (29).

I recently retired from UCSF, after 34 years, the last 15 as the Chief
Technologist of the Chemistry Department in the Clinical Lab. I love
being retired.

Haven't been back to Scottsdale much in the last 35 years, but when I
have I am disappointed at the growth and change. Certainly not the
sleepy little town we graduated from.

I saw Gene Hansen's (band teacher) photo from the '59 reunion photos.
Where are you and how can I reach you? I also found Ron Zeleny ('60)
and have been writing back and forth for the last two years.

My home address is 21 Redwood Avenue, Larkspur CA 94939. Phone
#415/924-9597 and e-mail: bobdonys@home.com.

Thanks for setting up this wonderful website. Keep up the good work.

Judy Straub
Subj: Class of 1960
Date: 5/14/99 8:28:52 AM Central Daylight Time
From: JMccla3745

Judy (Straub) McClaflin

Richard Valentine
Subj: Class of '60
Date: 11/2/00 9:50:24 PM Central Standard Time
From: evrv@citlink.net (Richard)

Just found this website, sorry I missed the October bash. I'm retired from the FAA, and currently live in Pinetop, Arizona. I have three beautiful daughters, all living in Mesa. I miss The Band! I played sax in the USAF from 62-66. but not much since. Also learned to fly and still have my pilot's license. I have even owned a few airplanes over the years when finances (and wives) permitted. My older brother, John Valentine (SHS '56, trumpet player) has also retired here in the mountains.

Richard Valentine

Don Wade
Subj: registration
Date: 7/29/00 11:58:17 AM Central Daylight Time
From: drt.wade@gte.net (drt.wade)

It should be fun to get together with old friends. I am looking forward to it. The last
reunion (that I was invited to) was the mini cruise to Catalina and Ensenada circa
1990. I vividly remember Dave McKee festooned with streamers dancing on the
deck as we steamed out of Long Beach harbor. It was a beautiful sight--music
playing, a gorgeous sunset, and Tom Fry moving in to throw McKee overboard. I
just can't remember how it ended .I do remember Henry Register chaining himself to
the mast but that might have been a different trip...

As for myself, since helping Al Gore invent the internet I have pretty much dropped
out of the public service arena and in fact I now shun the spotlight completely
preferring to hang out on my back porch most afternoons thinking about the good
old days at SHS and killing flies with my fly gun. If you haven't discovered
fly guns let me tell you--they are fun. (they work for cockroaches too)

There are a lot of people missing on the list. It would be great to have everyone check in. I enjoy hearing what "the old gang" is doing.

Don Wade class of 60---Is there a class of 60 party Friday night ?

Sue Welch, Sheila Welch
Subj: Alumni, 1960
Date: 10/28/99 6:51:02 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Tiamia@msn.com (Sue Denney)


Nice website. I am Sue Welch Denney, graduate in 1960 and my sister, Sheila
Welch Williams wasthe class of 1962. Please add me to your mailing list and
my sister for her class:

Sue Welch Denney
7831 E. Horseshoe Lane
Scottsdale, AZ 85250
E-Mail: Tia_Mia1@Hotmail.com or TiaMia@msn.com

Sheila Welch Williams
2729 E. Aster
Phoenix, AZ 85032
E-Mail: Hugadachs@aol.com

Nice site and thanks for all the news and stuff. Best wishes. Sue

Ralph Whittemore
Subj: Class of '60
Date: 11/15/99 2:41:34 PM Central Standard Time
From: RWhittemor@aol.com

Great website, didn't have a clue this was up and running, and I'd like to register.

I graduated in 1960, and have recognized a few names on the site. I am definitely interested in the All Class Reunion in October 2000

Regards to all

Ralph Whittemore
4263 E. Molly Lane
Cave Creek, AZ 85331

(480) 473-7103 Fax (480)473-4596

Email: RWhittemor@aol.com

Gwen Zupancic
Subj: I'd like to register
Date: 9/2/00 3:55:24 PM Central Daylight Time
From: gwen.powell4@verizon.net
(Gwen Powell)

Greetings!!! Class of '60

Gwen Zupancic, 1960

Gwen Zupancic (Whisenhunt-Powell)
27458 Embassy St
Sun City, CA 92586
ph- 951-679-8829
fax- 951-679-0973

Currently: Dir of Sales Consumer Shows for
World Wide Pet Industry Assn
a not for profit pet industry assn producing trade and consumer shows in California and Michigan
See you at the picnic Oct 2005 in Mesa.

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