David Abrahams
Subj: Class of '63 - Scottsdale High School
Date: 9/6/99 9:10:43 AM Central Daylight Time
From: DA1945@aol.com

I am working on contacting '63 classmates for the 40th reunion in 2003. Anyone from SHS class of '63 please E-mail me with your E-mail address and U.S. mailing address.
David Abrahams

(Special Notice:  Re;class of 63
David Abrahams had been fighting cancer for quite some time. On August
3rd, 2000 , he passed away. I would think it would be
appropriate to make that webmaster's footnote on his bio.

Please change any reference of him and the 2003 reunion to Steve Roth.)

Charley Brown
Subj: Charley Class of 1963
Date: 9/17/99 5:50:06 PM Central Daylight Time
From: steve.roth@cas.honeywell.com (Steve Roth)

Steve Roth class of 1963 sjrwonder@aol.com
Charley(Brown) Roth class of 1963 croth76355@aol.com

Janet Bucklin
Date: 9/26/00 6:44:54 PM Central Daylight Time
From: jbdewolf@earthlink.net (janet dewolf)

Janet Bucklin (DeWolf)
Class of 1963
12 Latisquama Road
Southboro, MA 01772
Believe it or not...married in 1966 to William DeWolf, a Urologist and
Harvard Professor. Have 3 children, boys, 28 and 25 and a 20 year old
daughter, Julia. I opened an antique shop eight years ago and love living
in New England. Don't get back to Scottsdale very often as I moved my mom
to Massachusetts three years ago. I'm sorry to miss this reunion...my
sister Sue Bucklin (Abiad) class of 1959 is also on the east coast, living
in New Jersey, and my sister Grace Kennedy (Waddell) class of 1974 (I think)
is living in Tucson.


Roger Cox
Subj: SHS Grad
Date: 3/28/01 5:10:43 PM Central Daylight Time
From:    rlc@gte.net (rlc)


My name is Roger L. Cox, Class of 1963

Since graduating : In the USMC, in the US Army, retired police
lieutenant from Miami- Dade County (FL) Metro police, have lived in west
central Florida since that and have had several successful small
businesses. I now manage a factory making wood products that employs
about 80 people.

Go Beavers!



Kerry Creasey
Subj: Registration
Date: 10/8/00 9:02:50 AM Central Daylight Time
From: kcreasey@ziggycom.net (Kerry Creasey)

Hey! I'm Kerry Creasey, class of '63.

I was one of them that rode motorcycles and spent about as much time up at the Verde/Salt river as I did at school. Looking back, it was a miracle that I even graduated!

Moved to Kentucky in mid sixties. As with all of us, many things have happened. Marriage, a kid, job changes, divorce, etc. Each change always seems to end up "for the better"! Now I own and run a testing lab named "Ky Testing, Inc." and dabble with airplanes and flying. (have a Cessna 182).

Does anyone know anything about what became of Mike Onifer or Charlie Polenik? I saw Dave Abrams at the 30th reunion, and have been in touch with him since.

Thanks, Kerry Creasey

Nadine Dyer
Subj: SHS class of 1963
Date: 11/25/99 12:17:33 AM Central Standard Time
From: Sumlikithot999@aol.com

Nadine (Dyer) Fowler
3058 Aldon Ave.
Las Vegas, NV. 89121
(702) 433-7207

Currently a dealer (blackjack, roulette, baccarat, Pai-gow, Caribbean Stud) for the Rio Suites Hotel Casino. Now a part of Harrah's Entertainment Inc. I have resided in Nevada for the past 22 years. Formerly a flight attendant for Western Airlines. My oldest daughter Kathy lives nearby with granddaughter Brittney, and is also employed at the Rio. Youngest daughter Kelly lives with me, working for her degree in Criminal Justice at UNLV. She is employed by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Ellen Glover
Date: 9/1/99 11:37:01 PM Central Daylight Time
From: eaugen@infomagic.com (Ellen Augenstein)

My name is Ellen (Glover) Augenstein (Class of '63). I live in Flagstaff,
AZ and have since 1974. I was reading some of the e-mails on the website
and gathered there was a 30 year reunion for our class. I never heard a
word about it. I was at the 20 year reunion (my name has changed; it was
McQuatters.) Sure would like to know about any upcoming reunions. My
mailing address is P.O. Box 1265, Flagstaff, AZ 86002. I have two grown
children, Jeff (27) and Terri (25). Jeff is married and Terri has a
wedding coming up in June. No grandchildren. I would love to hear from
anybody in my class. Phone (520) 526-6594. Keep in touch. There are
three of us from '63 living in Flagstaff now, Elaine (Mobley) Cameron and
Kathleen Phee.

Thanks Bill for setting up this web page.


Lee Gould
Subj: Registering
Date: 12/25/00 8:21:52 AM Central Standard Time
From:    lgould@ap.org (Lee Gould)

I am Lee Gould, class of '63. After graduating and starting at ASU I
also began writing sports for the Scottsdale Daily Progress, eventually
becoming sports editor. I went to the Arizona Republic sports dept. in
1967 and The Associated Press in 1968. I'm still with The AP, having
been correspondent in Las Vegas, editor in New York City, bureau chief
in Pittsburgh, news editor in Miami and then Washington, D.C., where
I've been chief of the congressional staff and a senior editor. I
actually live across the Potomac in Arlington, Va.
I'm still in touch with Larry Stephan (also '63) and only recently
learned of the death 14 years ago of another close friend, Phil Murphy.
Love to hear from anyone who remembers me; not just class of '63 because
I covered Scottsdale sports in the years of '64 and '65.
I'm at Lgould@ap.org.
Also, Lee Gould,
       1800 N. Key Blvd. #494
       Arlington VA 22201

Judy Hallas
Subj: Class of 63
Date: 9/14/00 8:00:36 AM Central Daylight Time
From: RETSBEWGR@aol.com

My name is Judy (Hallas) Webster, Class of '63. I played clarinet in the Beaver Band, and participated in all the musicals. I attended ASU as a music major, and later became a nightclub singer for a few years...played the Frontier in 'Vegas...Hi Nadine Dyer!!
I have two sons and a daughter from a previous marriage. My daughter was
born with Downs Syndrome and given a five year life expectancy. She is now 33, employed full time, and lives happily and independently with her husband of
eleven years!! God works miracles. My sons are doing fine, too.
I am now, and always will be married to my soul mate of 19 years, Gordon.
We share some odd things: We play clarinet, we are both SCUBA divers, and we speak French. (Although, when we were in France, nobody understood a thing we said!) Our teamwork and success in the defense industry allowed us to retire in
'96. We live a "high life style" now: Scrabble, golf, cribbage, walking, crossword
puzzles, Yahtzee, and grandkids.
I would love to hear from Ross Carron! (We had such a camaraderie!) Also,
I would love to hear from Mary Gossick, Earlyn Nagel, and Jim Palmer. I have
a story about you, Jim, and what you did claiming what you said you thought to
be a "relief tube" on our roof. (We lived across the street from Dusty Blethen,
and you were angry at my brother when you did this! By the way, Jim, I owe you
an apology for not keeping my promise to type your senior thesis.)
One more thing. Thanks, Cheryl Steen, for remembering Debs Valentine's
little Isetta car sitting on the top of the ramp to the bookstore. I was one of the
kids who helped put it there!
Call me at (520) 299-7181.

Judy (Hallas) Webster

dean hill, class of '63
Subj: the road through my house

Date: 98-01-28 02:06:27 EST

From: hilldean@earthlink.net (Milt Hill)

dean hill, class of '63

i was so happy to see this site born after rachel ochoa's article. (i spoke several times with her but ended up on the cutting room floor. oh well.)

i had great times my five years living in scottsdale, and one or more members of my family stayed long after i followed the sunset to california, so i've visited fairly often.

but it gets harder and harder to remember some things, particularly  since they tore down SHS. i remember at our 20-year reunion touring the old place and seeing all the stuff packed up for moving and storage because it was gonna come down.

at the 30-year reunion, there was a road where my math class used to be.

and to make matters worse, there was a road through the property where my house used to be, too.

so this page and the arcadia page help me keep as firm a grip on great memories as my feeble mind can. :-)

i have great memories because so many of the kids i went to school with, first at kiva, then arcadia (its first three years) and finally at scottsdale were good to be around, and it's been fun to see folks at the first three reunions.

there was talk of a 35-year reunion (which would be this year...god, i've got to lose an awful lot of weight...) but i haven't heard.

anyway, glad to see all the names, some i remember, and glad to have this wonderful like to a fun time in my life. (don't get me wrong, i'm havin' fun now and my wife and i just celebrated our 30th anniversary).

best wishes to all and keep in touch

dean hill




Jan Jipson
Subj: Class of 63
Date: 4/2/01 8:48:34 AM Central Daylight Time
From:    jjipson@jvlnet.com (Jan)

Greetings!  What a surprise to get a message from Steve Roth regarding
the SHS Class of '63.  Although I only attended SHS my senior year, the
email brought back many great memories--particularly of playing bass
clarinet in the band. After high school I attended the University of
Wisconsin where I completed an undergraduate degree in English, a
masters in psychology, and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction.  I
then taught at the University of Oregon and at Sonoma State University
in California. Now I again live in Wisconsin, where I am a professor of
curriculum theory and qualitative research methods. I still love to
write, however,  and am a series editor for an academic book series at
Peter Lang Publishing. As for my family---my husband is a psychologist
at the University of Wisconsin and is getting ready to retire (scarey!).
My three kids are doing great things.....Jennifer is a post-doc in
psychology at the University of Michigan, Emily is a systems analyst in
the dot.com world of Minneapolis, and Erik is a  sophomore in high
school where he does debate and plays violin.

Thanks, Jan Jipson, Class
of 63!

William Johnson
Subj: Addition to SHS Alumni Web Site;
Date: 5/18/99 8:54:30 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Wmmash@aol.com

Just found the Beaver Web Site and it is super. Had breakfast this a.m. with the SHS Beaver Breakfast group and sure did enjoy. I was on the staff at SHS from 1958 thru 1963 as a teacher, counselor and asst. Principa.
William Johnson.

John Kanan
Subj: John F. Kanan, Class '63
Date: 5/8/00 9:10:47 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Johnkanan@aol.com

Short Story, Graduated from Uof A in '67; Drafted in '68; Spent 24 years in the Army and retired as a Colonel in '92.; bought a small business, living in Oregon; 2 daughters and one son,(He's still only 15) and I'm still having fun. Graduate degree fron U of Georgia, been here and there. See you in October.


Marguerite Keig
Subj: Whats new
Date: 98-05-15 22:52:46 EDT
From: Txrdracing@aol.com

Hi, My name is Marguerite Keig, but most people call me Marge.

I graduated in 1963. I have a sister Elizabeth that graduated in 1962. I married Tom Boxley who graduated in 1961. He helped me pass those darn math classes. We have been married for 33 years and have two boys. One lives in Tempe and the other lives in Salt Lake going to the University of Utah to get his PH.d in chemistry. I think this web site is a great idea. I would love to find Janet Reedy and Treva Roscoe.

Douglas Lund
Subj: class of 1963..., Douglas Lund
Date: 7/26/99 9:15:14 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Uncadug@aol.com

Great to find the site,please register me for future events.
Douglas Lund
8226 E. Edgemont Ave.
Scottsdale Az. 85257

Sandy Machen
Date: 5/23/00 2:24:09 PM Central Daylight Time
From: SMachen@awarena.com (Machen, Sandy)

My name is Sandy Machen. I graduated in 1963. I have lived in the Phoenix
area since graduating. I have one son, Todd Johnson - 36 and three
beautiful grandchildren. They are Samantha 13, Megan 10, and Spencer 8.
My son and my special daughter-in-law live in Gilbert, just five miles from
me. Actually, I moved to Gilbert last year to be closer to all of them. I
work at America West Arena in the ticket office. I have worked their since
the Arena opened in June of 1992. My mailing address is, 1500 N Sun View
Pkwy #22, Gilbert, AZ 85234. My work number is 602-379-7809 and home
number is 480-813-9716. I would love to hear from the anyone from the class
of 1963. Go Beavers. See you in October.

Elaine Mobley
Subj: SHS Class of '63

Date: 98-01-25 15:38:32 EST

From:elainec@flagstaff.net (Elaine Cameron)

Hi, my name is Elaine Cameron, formerly Elaine Mobley. I graduated in the class of '63. Went to the class reunion in '83 and had a great time--haven't heard a word about another reunion since then. Does anyone know if there are plans in progress for another? I have just moved from Tucson to the upper peninsula of Michigan, but that wouldn't keep me from attending--who knows, I may be back in Arizona permanently by then! Are there any other Class of '63ers out there?

Update 5/07/2000 Hi - I have moved and changed ISP's since I registered on the SHS  website.

Email: elainec@flagstaff.net

Joe Moccia
Date: 4/24/00 9:10:18 PM Central Daylight Time
From: moccia@qni.com (Joe Moccia)

Just got a phone call from brother Bob Urie. We're excited about the all
year reunion; there are so many folks we (JIm, Bob, Charlotte Urie) would
love to see again. Living in Kansas City, have a son 18, and daughter, 35
! Bob, Jim and I still stay in close touch. Where the heck is Mike
Kempson! Have tried to relocate him many times. I'll look forward to
hearing updates on the October event.

Pamela Moore
Subj: registration
Date: 10/2/00 6:13:22 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Psnyder400@aol.com

Pamela Moore (now Snyder) graduated SHS l963-
6441 W. Eugie Ave.
Glendale, Az. 85304
623 486-2561`
e mail psnyder400@aol.com
I want to come Saturday night and Sunday a.m.

Bobbie Orr
Subj: Another Alumna - Class of '63
Date: 11/4/99 3:00:38 PM Central Standard Time
From: Writemeplz@aol.com

Hi everybody!! I am Bobbie Allison (Orr) and am delighted to see this website has gotten such a good response. I would like to see more 63ers though. I am still here in AZ (Tempe) and am working as Corporate Manager of Model Home Center, a local real estate company. My two boys are grown and gone and both married last summer. Tom and Kevin both graduated from ASU in Aerospace Engineering and Hi-Tech Marketing respectively. I am very happy and proud of them both!!

I married Rainer Schelp (Class of 62) in 65 and we divorced in 1983. His brother Mike (Class of 65 or 66) is living in Northern California by the ocean. My school buddy Nadine Fowler (Dyer) (Class of 63) is in Las Vegas and my sister Kathy Sims (Orr) (Class of 59) is living in Kaysville, UT. I am sure there are many others from Scottsdale arround. I bumped into Patti Dowling (can't remember her married name) (Class of 63) some time back.

My email address is Writemeplz@aol.com

Thanks Bill for doing this!!!


James Pepin
Subj: Class of '63
Date: 2/12/01 9:33:24 AM Central Standard Time
From:    James.Pepin@wcom.com (James Pepin)

I was in the Class of '63 but didn't graduate from Scottsdale.  Went to Loloma & Tonalea then was a freshman at Scottsdale High. The summer of '60 my family moved to Chandler for about  a year then on to California. Currently living in Manassas, Virginia with my wife and two children.


Jim Pepin

james.pepin@wcom.com  or james_pepin@zdnetonebox.com

Barbara Reynolds
Subj: CLASS OF 1963
Date: 1/30/00 8:10:48 AM Central Standard Time
From: Djtortoise@aol.com

I would like to register for the All-Class reunion.  My name is Barbara Reynolds Dunber.  My e-mail address is djtortoise@aol.com.   At the Historical Society meeting yesterday they mentioned that Mr. Hansen is forming a band to play at the reunion.  I would like to be a part of it.  I played the flute and piccolo.  I live in Scottsdale and have since graduation other than the two years my husband was stationed in Germany.  I have been married to Dan Dunbar since 1966 and have a daughter, Lisa, who attended SCC and ASU and is a member of the ASU Marching Band.  I own Reynolds Embroidery and do athletic lettering for a lot of the major league sports teams.

Steve Roth
Subj: Steve Roth Class of 1963
Date: 9/17/99 5:50:06 PM Central Daylight Time
From: steve.roth@cas.honeywell.com (Steve Roth)

Steve Roth class of 1963 sjrwonder@aol.com
Charley(Brown) Roth class of 1963 croth76355@aol.com

Tom Shaffer
Subj: Class of 1963
Date: 7/12/00 8:02:35 PM Central Daylight Time
From: tshaffer@juno.com (Thomas W. Shaffer)

I am Tom Shaffer and I was on the SHS faculty as a Biology Teacher for
two years - 59-60 & 60-61. Many of my students graduated in the
Scottsdale High Class of '63 (or the Coronado High Class of '63).. When I
left Scottsdale, I taught in Springerville for five years. Then, I
joined the professional staff of the Arizona Education Association where
I stayed for thirty (30) years. During that time, I worked with schools
and teachers all across the state - sometimes running into former SHS
students. I retired in 1996 and do part-time consulting work on the
university level. I live in Central Phoenix. Thanks for inviting former
teachers to attend the Beaver Bash !


Larry Stephan
Subj: Class of 1963
Date: 12/19/00 9:33:42 AM Central Standard Time
From:    lstephan@Telular.com (Larry Stephan)

Please register me.

Larry Stephan
1907 E. Seminole Lane
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056-1623

E-mail - lstephan@telular.com

You may also register another classmate

Lee Gould
1800 Key Blvd., #494
Arlington, VA 22201

E-mail - lgould@ap.org



Bob Urie
Subj: Alumni 1963
Date: 98-03-15 20:03:39 EST
From: curie@prodigy.net

I'm Bob Urie, class of 1963, now living in Kansas City, Missouri where I practice as a Clinical Psychologist. My brother, Jim Urie, class of '62 lives near St.Louis, Missouri and is a high school teacher and lives on a small horse farm. My sister, Charlotte (Urie), class of '65, lives in Kansas City and works in insurance sales. I think this is a teriffic idea and I really like the idea of an all class reunion. We discussed that at our 30th; the last graduate class to tour the old school-sad! We were all hoping for a 35th or at least a 40th but it would be great to expand and include lots of friends from other years. I really miss Arizona and still call it home after all these years (I left in 1969). I also really enjoy my occasional visits back to Scottsdale I hope this idea grows and I'll hear from some other grads.

I'll pass this along to some others I'm still in touch with.


Linda Warner
Subj: Linda Warner - '63 SHS grad
Date: 12/3/00 4:04:45 PM Central Standard Time
From: lindaw@aroundheremagazine.com (Linda Hanf)

December 3, 2000

Linda Warner (Hanf McIntosh) - Class of '63

I enjoyed the all-class reunion held in October especially the Friday
night '63 mini-reunion and the one at Los Olivos. It was exciting and
enlightening to catch up with old friends and classmates!

Since graduating from SHS, I married and bore two daughters, now ages 33
and 31, (still somewhat boring them I presume) and moved around the
country to Des Moines, Iowa, Seattle, Wash., and Diamond Bar, Southern
California. I have been living in Cameron Park, county of El Dorado in
Northern California, since 1980. It's beautiful country here between
Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe. Like almost every place these days
including Scottsdale, the growing population and the rapid changes in
the places we have called home over the years have been astounding. I
earned a journalism degree at California State University, Sacramento,
with a minor in art. I've worked much of my life at community
newspapers, small publishing houses of trade and professional journals,
and as an editor and publisher in my own business. I divorced in 1980,
and married Paul McIntosh in 1998.

My sisters '60 grad Ginger Warner (Phoebe Pfeiffer) lives in Mission
Viejo, Calif., '61 grad Ellen Warner Bush in Scio, OR, '67 grad Martha
Warner Matak in Cave Creek, Ariz., and my brother '64 grad Craig Warner
is in Durango, Colo. I am now a grandparent of three!

My mother Adeline Warner, a retired piano teacher who must have
instructed 80% of the youth in Scottsdale in our home, including the
mayor's children and the then Scottsdale Progress publisher's children,
is now 87 and has been living with me since 1991. She was also at the
class reunion and had a nice talk with Paul Messinger, whose services
she provided the music for in the '60s '80s, I think it was. She was
hoping to see Mr. Hanson but we didn't connect with him.

Since one of my first jobs (during high school) as an assistant dance
teacher at Folk's Dance Academy (earned me dance lessons!), I went on to
perform as a can-can dancer at the Coca Cola Golden Palace Saloon in
Legend City, Tempe, (anyone remember that old theme park in the
'60s-'70s? Closed after several years -- did I cause its demise?) Donna
Cafferty Kline (who has remained a lifelong friend and lives in Cave
Creek) was also a can-can dancer. She is still teaching dancing out of
her home. She and I had gone to Hollywood in the autumn of '63 for our
big break. Our ultimate dream was to get work with the June Taylor
Dancers team (Jackie Gleason Show boy, we're goin' way back!) But
unfortunately (fortunately?), it didn't quite work that way. We tired
of the atmosphere and ran out of our savings in a short three months,
but getting the distinct feeling that there were bigger and better
things in life than what Hollywood had to offer.

This is becoming a tome, so to fast forward and wrap it up......the
short of it is: I enjoyed dancing and singing in SHS's musicals and
singing all the wonderful (and still locked in my memory) songs in
Scottsdale Singers. I am currently editing and publishing a small
general-interest magazine I started in 1994 called Around Here,
distributed in El Dorado County.

I would love to hear from former classmates, and hear what they have
been up to lo' these many years!

At the reunion I enjoyed seeing Gary and Martha Just Padgett, Linda Mero
Smith, Bob Urie and Charlotte Urie, Dean Hill, Bobbie Orr, Nadine Dyer,
Judy Hallas, Bob Kane, Reloy Kane, Charlie Brown Roth and Steve Roth,
Ellen Glover, Marueen Hirsch Smith (whom lives only 12 miles from me but
we have to go to class reunions to see each other!), and wow, so many
more! What happened to Ross Carron and his younger brother, and to
piano-playing Richard Anderson, and dancer Tod Miller, whom hasn't been
heard about since the '80s? . . . . . . If you know, please let me know!

. . . . . . . . . . . Best wishes to all and to all a good night! Linda
Warner Hanf McIntosh
P.S. Thank you for making the SHS reunion site possible!


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