Fred Baker
Subj: Beavers forever!

Date: 98-01-28 14:12:22 EST

From: Beaver_68@hotmail.com (Fred Baker)

Thanks Bill for putting up this site! Graduation from High School does not seem that long ago, but come this May it will have been 30 years.

WOW! I am a City Planner for the City of La Quinta, California (Gem of the Desert) Golf Capital of the World. My first job out graduate school was with the City of Scottsdale and they treated me well for twelve years. As a planner in Long Range Planning, I worked on the Downtown Scottsdale Revitalization Plan; including the plan for new development on the Scottsdale High School property. Yes, I have an original brick (Thanks Leslie!) from Old Main, and a "demolition plaque" from the 20-year reunion. The small town, the West's Most Western Town, that we all knew certainly has changed to a prospering/vibrant urban metropolis; a World Class City.

My current interests include collecting political memorabilia, computers /surfing the Internet, and good Cuban cigars! Sure would be nice to hear from fellow Beavers surfing into this. Torrence, Pam, Lynne, Ron and other TAR's let's hear from you!

Kathi Barton
Subj: Class of '68
Date: 9/5/00 9:02:49 PM Central Daylight Time
From: khilliard1@prodigy.net (Kathleen Hilliard)

Wow, this is great! Thanks, Bill for putting this together. This was no small project.

I was Kathi Barton at Scottsdale High School . Started at Scottsdale High School in my junior year. I was a majorette my senior year.

Attended ASU in 69 and 70. Married an Army Sergeant and had two sons. I've lived in Ft Riley, KS, Ft Bliss, TX, Aschaffenburg, GE, and Ft Hood, TX. Divorced while at Ft Hood, TX. Remarried 7 years later.

I'm currently living in San Antonio, TX. Although I have my CPA, I've always worked as a government account for the Department of Defense (21 years). My oldest son is in the Marine Corps in San Diego, CA. He has two beautiful children (3 and 5). My youngest (Sean Payne) is also in San Diego and just cut his first CD - Peak Performance. His first child is due in October.

Not sure I'll make the reunion. But, am gonna give it a good Scottsdale High School try.


Joyce Brown
Subj: Cross reference
Date: 9/6/00 12:11:54 AM Central Daylight Time
From: rtwise@uswest.net

Joyce E. Brown class of 1969 see Roy Wise class of 1962 for

Jody Burke
Subj: attended Scottsdale High School
Date: 8/12/00 11:46:12 PM Central Daylight Time
From: JBartel843@aol.com

I am Jody Bartel and was known in high school as Jody Burke. I was Both Freshman and Sophmore Girl Rep in 1965 and 1966, and also a delegate to Anytown. I had to go to Saguaro upon its completion and graduated from there in 1968. Saguaro never compared to Scottsdale High and went we were transfered, high school was never the same. Ilive in Scottsdale, work for Today's Arizona Woman magazine. I have two daughters. Nova Bartel is 21 years old and a junior at the UofA and a 1998 graduate of Chaparral. Tessa Bartel is 15 and aophomore at Chaparral. I will turn 50 in January.

Linda Cissel
Subj: Linda Cissel Barend
Date: 9/28/00 7:06:37 PM Central Daylight Time
From: lbarend@sdcoe.k12.ca.us (linda and Joe Barend)

Great web site!!! I graduated in 1968. I've been married to Joe for 26 years. We have two children .Kenny is 22 yrs and a senior at NAU in Park and Recreation ( he wants to be a park ranger at a National Park). Penny is 20 yrs and studied in Florence, Italy last year. She is a Hotel Restuarant major and wants to be a chief. She plans to go to the Culinary Institute of America after she graduates from NAU. I'm the GATE (gifted and talented education )coordinator at San Pasqual Union School district. I'm very lucky to be on of six teachers who have our classrooms on the San Diego Wild Animal Park site.

Georgia Conway
Subj: (no subject) 68
Date: 9/6/00 3:53:57 PM Central Daylight Time
From: GG12721@aol.com

Hi From Spokane Washington:
I am really looking forward to this reunion as I missed all the others. At the 10 year one I was pregnant with my darling daughter Arika, and by the 20, I was going thru a divorce. Now I am nifty fifty and looking forward to the rest of my life. I am staying with Bev Schulte for the few days of the reunion, bless her for asking me to do that. I am interested in hearing from other grads who were friends and aquaintants at the time so I wanted to give my e-mail address (gg12721@aol.com) for them to get ahold of me.LETS EVERYBODY GIVE A BIG BEAVER YELL!!!!!!
Georgia Conway Olson

Update:  15 September, 2000
I would like to add to my original e-mail:
I have 3 wonderful children Dusty 25 who is almost graduated from Eastern Washington University and is going to be a Marching Band Teacher. Arika who is 22 and going to school to be a Doctor and Naturopath. She is also married and living in Germany with her husband Cory who is in the Army. And Cameron who will be attending Spokane Community College interested in Photography, but at this time is the best drummer in the world in a band called PATHOS.I have been an LPN for 30+ years,24 of them in OB-GYN. The past 10 years I have been working on a critical care surgery unit. I have really enjoyed my career and all the new things that have happined in the health field over the past 30 years.
As well as my children,I enjoy crafts, my home, my animals ( two spoiled poodles Dixie and Daisey) my friends and the few family members I have left. I love garage sales, and 2nd hand store treasures. My collection is of little "Bride and Groom" wedding cake toppers, I enjoy finding at sales and have been given to me by people who don't want to keep theirs.They can come visit my house to see them. HA!

Rick Cozens (see Dione Veatch)

Melissa Crowfoot
Subj: news
Date: 7/19/00 6:35:27 PM Central Daylight Time
From: mkeane@swca.com (Melissa Keane)

Hi - it's Melissa Crowfoot Keane, '68. Here's a quick summary of my last
30 years:
-- two children (Dan, 21, Columbia University grad; Nora, 20, at
-- two master's degrees (archaeology and history)
-- one marriage (26 years); now divorced
-- two states (Texas and Arizona), now back in Tucson
-- worked in restaurants, magazines, advertising, radio/TV, history,
museums, historic preservation, historical archaeology, and now

Life is great and getting better -- just celebrated (and boy did I
celebrate) my 50th birthday!

Carolyn Elfgen
Subj: 1968 Scottsdale High School Graduate
Date: 5/29/2005
From: opera@charter.net

Hello fellow beavers. I was so excited to discover this web site. I completed a masters degree from UT at Martin and I have worked as an elementary guidance counselor for the past 16 years in Birmingham, Alabama. I have a beautiful daughter that my husband and I adopted in China in 1995. She is 9 years old and we feel so blessed to be her parents.
I still remember great times in Singers and Chansonettes. I would love to hear from the many terrific friends I made at Scottsdale High.

Pamela Engler
Subj: 1968 Scottsdale High School Graduate
Date: 4/27/2008
From: azh2olily@hotmail.com

Scottsdale High - Class of '68. Married (married name, Reidy). I have two children (my husband and I have five children between us); all absolutely awesome!!! My son is doing his doctoral work (MFA actually) in creative writing and teaches at the University of Alabama. My daughter, a Spanish and linguistics double major, just returned from a long stint in Argentina and is currently living in Portland. I have been a legal secretary most of my adult life and my husband is a 6th grade math teacher. Still live in the Valley - far northwest, out near Lake Pleasant. I haven't stayed in touch with anyone from high school, but looking through the names on the website, there are a lot of you I remember (from Kaibab and SHS) and I would love to hear from any of you out there who may remember me. Catch me up!!!

Pamela Engler (Reidy)


Kay Farnam
Subj: 1968 Scottsdale High School Graduate
Date: 9/6/00 6:52:37 PM Central Daylight Time
From: KayCooper@mercydurango.org (Cooper, Kay)

Kay (Farnam) Cooper making the first contact since graduation! Tried making
one reunion but flu struck so will try to make the 2000 Bash.

Located in beautiful Durango Colorado since graduation from UofA. My
working career has been devoted
to Obstetrics as an RN for 20 years. The past 5 years; involved in
healthcare compliance and regulations for the only hospital in Durango.

My family career consists of husband Marc; married for 24 years. We have
Ben; 23 a plumbers apprentice...in Durango! And daughter Taylor; 17 a
senior in high school.

Have thought of friends so many times from high school and will try to make
the 2000 bash to reestablish old friendships and remember great times. This
is a terrific site filled with names and memories. Wish there were more!

Hope to see you in October.

Kay Cooper

Babette (Gamash) Wood
Subj: Beavers Forever!
Date: 98-01-10 01:13:39 EST
From: madera@uswest.net

Hey, there! I'm Babette (Gamash) Wood, class of '68. My husband, John, read about this in the Arizona Republic. I also have my treasured bricks from the auditorium, and so does my sister, Margot (Gamash) McDonnell, class of '59, who teaches English at Mountain View High in Mesa. I currently work for the Zales Corporation, in their credit center, and am just finishing my BA degree, finally! In my free time, I do some freelance graphic design work, and still like to sing on occasion. I have 2 grown kids, son Phil (27) and daughter Alex (21). Phil and his wife are both US Army linguists. Alex is a French major at ASU and a proud member of the Sun Devil Marching Band. John and I will celebrate 28 years of marriage this month. (We married young!) He's an ordained minister, and his profession took us to beautiful Belgium, where we lived for 10 years. When we returned, they were just in the process of tearing down Scottsdale High. I ran over and bought three bricks for ten cents each, plus a big, green bulletin board for $10, which is still sitting in our garage. (Anybody want one?) Though not usually that sentimental, I just cried all the way home after buying those bricks. It seemed like such an end of an era. Ah, well... Thanks to Bill for creating this site. Looking forward to hearing about many people!

July 30, 2000

Thought I better update my message on the '68 page, as it's
been 2 years!

Hello from Babette (Gamash) Wood, class of '68. I currently
work for Eaton & Associates, an insurance agency on the
corner of Hayden & Osborn Rd. It's right down the street
from where John, my husband 30 years, and I live.We have 2
kids, son Phil (29) and daughter Alex (23). John travels all
over the world with his Christian ministry. I usually stick
around here, although we did live in Belgium for ten years.
My sister, Margot (class of '59), & I are going to the
Rawhide reunion party, so hope to see ya there!

Also thought I'd submit a couple of Tales for you to use at
your discretion.  (Delighted!! - webmaster)

Mike Gannon
Subj: RE: Mutual Link...
Date: 8/24/98 11:50:54 AM Central Daylight Time
From: mike_gannon@prosolution.com (Mike Gannon)

Great to hear from you! Now that you mention it, I don't think Saguaro ever
took the Scottsdale High School identification (probably out of respect for the old dotting
Beavers that did spawn us) and just always used "Saguaro" to make sure we too
had not passed into oblivion.

Actually I spent one day at Scottsdale High School when I arrived in Scottsdale in 1966. Being
from a small Eastern seaport town my sister, brother and I attended the "first
day" at Scottsdale High School (the rest of the family had not edged into High School yet),
standing in long lines (as I recall) to obtain books and then being
pretentious to actually speak with "adults" in the administration building to
argue our confusion as to why we had to attend Scottsdale High School when we lived three blocks
from Saguaro? Finally my Dad was called into the fray and we wound up
contacting the District... the result being I spent the rest of the day in the
line to the bookstore to return all the books we received during the morning
(and didn't that take a lot explaining!) and the "second day" of class I was
in Saguaro.
(Sounds like a story for your "Old Tales" (or should you call it "Old Tails"?)
so feel free to use it if you want). Anyway, my sister came in as a Senior
(Saguaro '67) and I came in as a Junior (Saguaro '68) since some of our HS
classes did not transfer to the satisfaction of the school district.

I did notice though that Arcadia and Coronado have their Alumni pages hosted
by the school district computer. I have started to make inquires to see if
Saguaro and Scottsdale could also be hosted there. You are pretty generous
using your AOL account to provide the service, since our page started as just
an announcement page for Reunion XXX, everything on the page is at no cost,
using "freebies" on the web. I also think the District should have a
Scottsdale High page, but run it as a historic perspective by explaining on
the index page that Scottsdale High School was from 19xx to 19xx and explain it is not an
"active" High School any longer. It could still be as massive a site since
there would be a lot of stuff to load on for each of the past years, even if
it did not have a 1998 football schedule on it! Would you be interested in
running that operation if I can convince the District to provide the space?

Anyway, keep in touch... the Beavers may be gone but certainly are not
forgotten, so we Sabercats will keep pointing errant Beavers to their proper
home whenever possible.

Rick Huber
Date: 6/11/99 11:06:55 PM Central Daylight Time
From: rick@repower.com (Rick Huber)

OK, add me to the list. Rick Huber, Class of '68. Thanks!

Bruce Iacobelli
Subj: Reunion 2000
Date: 11/11/99 5:48:39 PM Central Standard Time
From: AoTravel@aol.com

Sign me up
Class of '68
Bruce & Julie Iacobelli
4301 E. Evans Dr.
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
e-mail AoTravel@aol.com work
iacs6197@aol.com home

Linda Jeffries
Subj: Class of 68
Date: 6/19/00 2:52:23 PM Central Daylight Time
From: lkpgolf@home.com (Linda Porter)

This is coming from Linda Jeffries Porter. Hi everyone! So many people
I haven't seen for years. I was married to Art Porter (also of 68) for
25 years. We have 2 boys Jason (28 yrs) and Mike (26 yrs) both are
working for Art in the construction business. I stayed in Scottsdale
raising kids and lots of animals. I bought for a golf store in
Scottsdale and then decided to try real estate, so now I am working for
Russ Lyon in Scottsdale. (Anyone want to buy a house?) I have been
trying to golf some but work gets in the way. I miss sneaking out the
back gate for sourdough toast and salad with sour cream/parm at Cocos,
those skinny little hamburgers at the Ranch House, after hours at the
Red Dog dancing.., boon dockers, Camelback Mountain (it's at least still
there) and all the crazy other things we did. Hope to see you all at
the reunion!
Write me at lindaporter@usa.com

Kathy Katches
Subj: Scottsdale High School Alumni
Date: 6/17/00 7:01:11 PM Central Daylight Time
From: camaro@netzone.com (Kathy Tustison)

Kathy Katches Tustison here Class of '68. Married 24 yrs, have 1 son who is in college. Have not attended any of the reunions yet. Living in Payson, AZ working for myself and a physical therapist. Enjoy bicycling, hiking, and trying to fight the aging process. That's a fulltime job!! Thanks for the website.

Rod Kimmell
Subj: 1968 - Rod Kimmell
Date: 7/2/99 5:21:16 PM Central Daylight Time
From: rwk@protean-tech.com (RKimmell)

Fantastic idea! I've often wondered what has happened to everyone. I'm
married, three wonderful kids in their mid-teens...hmmmm oldest daughter is
turning 16 this year. And this refreshes some of my memories of those days.
We have lived in Oregon for the last 15 years. I dearly miss some those
warm days when the rain start flowing here!

Again, thanks for the effort putting this web page together.

Sharon Lesk
Subj: Re: Scottsdale High School alumni web site
Date: 11/22/98 6:38:58 PM Central Standard Time
From: SLesk@aol.com

Dear Bill,

Please post my e-mail address on the site. It was great to hear from you!

Take care.
Sharon Lesk

Pat Lydiard Barga
Subj: 1968 Alum of Scottsdale High School
Date: 11/12/98 1:49:56 AM Central Standard Time
From: BargaP@aol.com

Bill! Just found you while surfing for Scottsdale High School info on 1968 reunion. Have heard from Sharon Lesk (SLesk@aol.com) in London that Bruce Iacobelli and Kevin Woudenberg are heading Scottsdale High School 68 reunion Thanksgiving Weekend. Saguaro '68 alums are online with a web page about the Saguaro High School Reunion XXX - same type of info. Not sure if they are coordinating efforts, but sounds like it. Info on that at saguaro68@juno.com. Please add me to your Scottsdale High School 1968 alum list:

Pat Lydiard Barga
4436 S. Fraser Court
Aurora, CO 80015
Scottsdale HS 1968 (Sr. Class VP! Whoopee.)

Marc Mahlios (see Tim Ralston)

Greg McDonald
Subj: Homeless - Greg McDonald
Date: 2/20/00 4:44:44 PM Central Standard Time
From: dbwinter@uswest.net (Diane)

Greg here - currently homeless after years of successful
wine research. Research ongoing all contributions gleefully
accepted. Entered this data at a Sears in Phoenix, not
allowed at the Sears in Scottsdale. If you're in the
neighborhood, I'm under the bridge of 7th Street and the
River Bottom - that's right folks, the river bottom. Don't
surf drunk and have a bitchin' summer.

Love Greg

John McKnight
Subj: Looking
Date: 6/23/99 11:11:58 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Whistler@webtv.net (John McKnight)

Two years at Scottsdale and two at Saguaro(68). The good old days. I am
trying to locate Michele Dressing (65 or66) She was paralyzed when she
was about 16,but still drove to school in her 64 yellow Chevelle. I can
not locate any of her famliy.I think they moved back to Colorado. Can
anyone help me find a dear friend

Marsha Posner
Subj: Class of '68
Date: 5/2/00 5:02:21 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Lom4@aol.com

Hi - I was part of the class of '68 -- I was listed as Marsha Posner - now I'm
Marsha Posner Williams and live in California -- CAN'T WAIT to see everybody!!!


Jan Ralston (see Tim Ralston)

Barbra Ross & Brad Stimson
Subj: Scottsdale High School Alumni
Date: 11/11/99 7:14:47 PM Central Standard Time
From: bstimson@juno.com (Barbra Stimson)

Brad and Barbra (Ross) Stimson, 1968
bstimson @graniterock.com
This is a nice surprise!

We are both alumni of Scottsdale High School. We never dated while we
attended but we were in a couple of classes together and attended the
same graduation party.

Several years later we married, 1975 and have been together for the last
24 years. We have lived in Gilbert, Arizona, Boise, Idaho, San Mateo,
Ca., Union City, Ca. and we are now living in Salinas, Ca. just 17 miles
east of beautiful Monterey. We have one daughter, Chrysinda, who is out
of the house now and no grand children.

This is a wonderful service that you are providing. Fun to see where
everyone is and what they have been up to.

Brad and Barbra Stimson
882 Lexington Dr.
Salinas, Ca. 93906
(830) 444-6732

Diana Ross
Date: 11/12/99 8:44:46 AM Central Standard Time
From: digram@juno.com (Diana R Asbury)

Diana (Ross) Asbury
Class of 68
E mail Addrsss: diagram@juno.com

I married Larry Asbury from Boise, Idaho and we live in Gilbert, AZ. We
have five children and one grandson.

Ilene Rubenstein
Subj: Registration
Date: 5/6/00 4:08:20 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Lawalker1018@aol.com

My name is Ilene Rubenstein. I graduated in 1968 and have been living in Los Angeles since 1975. I attended the 10th and 20th reunions and was never contacted any further. My email address is lawalker1018@ aol.com Keep me posted .

Dick Sanders
Subj: 1968 Scottsdale High Graduate
Date: 7/21/99 8:15:52 AM Central Daylight Time
From: dsanders@cyberdude.com (Dick Sanders)

Hi Bill:

Please include me in your register:

Dick Sanders
4822 N. 31st Street
Phoenix, AZ 85016-5015

Pam Turbeville
Subj: Register-Class '68
Date: 9/22/00 4:34:14 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Pamela.Hamilton@nav-international.com (Hamilton, Pamela J)

Pam Turbeville Hamilton '68

So--here's the Cliff Note version of my life post-S.H.S.
-Went to 8 colleges. Three degrees-B.S./M.S./M.B.A.
-Moved 17 times (Canada twice). Probably not on any alumni list...
-Was married 29 years.

Now-living and working in downtown Chicago (SVP-Navistar-formerly
International Harvester). Can generally be found at North Beach,
on Rush Street or at the zoo, when not working or working out.

Drop into Scottsdale when I can to climb Camelback, eat at Los Olivos
and get grounded.

Registered for October reunion. Trying to get my sister to come (Kay
Turbeville Polovina '70 (kpolovina@aol.com)).

Look forward to seeing you!

1340 N. State Parkway (yes, Hef's old place)
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 274-0421

Bob Underwood
Subj: Re: Graduate Registration
Date: 7/3/99 12:02:12 AM Central Daylight Time
From: AZPIKLBUS@aol.com

Hi Alumni Group:
I'm Bob Underwood, Class of 1968.
I still reside in Scottsdale but, haven't attended any of the reunions. No reason, just didn't go.
Let me know what else you need to know.

Dione Veatch & Rick Cozens
Subj: Re: Scottsdale High School Reunion
Date: 8/7/00 11:00:41 AM Central Daylight Time
From: dione@commspeed.net (Dione Cozens)


Our graduation year was 1968. My name was Dione Veatch. Rick Cozens and I
both graduated in '68.

Dione Cozens

Stan Wang
Subj: Class of 1968 - Stan Wang
Date: 9/13/00 1:36:12 PM Central Daylight Time
From: swang@theadvantagemortgage.com (Stan Wang)

Thanks for putting up this site! After graduation I went on to ASU for a
BS in Economics and an MBA. Although I stumbled into the mortgage business
by accident, it's been a great experience as a Loan Officer, Branch
Manager, Regional VP and now owner of my own mortgage brokerage firm in
Phoenix called The Advantage Mortgage Group.

My wife of 10 years, Barb, and I have girls 9 & 7 and a son almost 2. We
love to escape the heat and head up to Flagstaff and are in the planning
stages for a second home up there - we can't wait!

Hope to see a lot of you at the reunion.

Stan Wang

Larry Way
Forwarded Message:
Subj: Reunion
Date: 8/29/00 3:49:20 PM Central Daylight Time
From: LWay@empunity.com (Way, Larry)

Just saw your web site. Very nice. Anyone from the class of 68 attending?
Please put me in the alumni directory
Hello Mary:
Very kind of you to reply. No, I did not receive the invitation or
registration. I actually ran across the Web site quite by accident and
began to read it. I passed the information onto my brother (class of 70)
who will be in attendance. Unfortunately, I'm unable to attend what looks
like an interesting two days. I left the Phoenix metro area in 1975 and
have not been in touch. I heard a few years ago Scottsdale High had been
torn down along with my old elementary school (Loma Linda). I also heard,
but have not confirmed, another old school I attended briefly was also
demolished (Paiute). It's hard to imagine Scottsdale High School not there anymore. I was
touched by Babette Gamash's (class of 68) three brick story. Too bad more
bricks were not salvaged by Scottsdale High School alumni. Anyway, after graduating from Scottsdale High School
in 68, I went to ASU and graduated with a BA (history/sociology) in 1972.
From there into a number of management training programs (which took me to a
number of states (NM, CO, WY etc.). Spent a dozen years in Wyoming as the
state director of unemployment insurance benefits and the most recent ten
years have been as vice president, operations with Employers Unity in Arvada
Colorado (3rd party administrator for work comp. and unemployment
insurance). Currently manage merger/acquisitions for our client base of
18,000 employers. Married, wife also a vice president w/a Colorado company.
A number of children ranging in age from 28 to 14. One grand daughter (18

Mary. Please feel free to post on the Scottsdale High School Web site if you deem appropriate.
Again, thanks for your reply and information.
Best regards,
Larry Way
Vice President
Employers Unity, Inc.
303-424-7004 ext. 11

Brad Winter
Subj: Brad Winter Class of '68
Date: 2/20/00 4:47:28 PM Central Standard Time
From: dbwinter@uswest.net (Diane)

Hi Beavers - yes, you guys too. Nice to be on the outside
finally. Spent the last 12 years in a federal retreat.
Have recently hooked up with Dr. G. McDonald in an important
wine research study. Our institute is temporarily located
beneath the 7th Avenue Bridge, awaiting funding for new
facilities. All donations gratefully accepted - Greg does
need some new teeth. Fight on Scottsdale Beavers . . . Greg
and I will be the ones by the punch bowl at the reunion.


Webmaster Bill Farrell, class of 1969, now living in Houston, Texas.

Looking forward to contacting fellow Beavers.

Not Quite the Shortest Biography:
"Doc" Bill earned his Ph.D in chemistry but in a surprise move he has spent his career in Information Technology with Phillips Petroleum, programming, supervising and generally cutting-up.   Married to a geologist and with three children (daughters in college and a teenage son; your pity is appreciated.) the rapidly graying Bill spends his time giving driving lessons, doling out money, arbitrating disputes and working with the Boy Scouts.  He does not spend as much time as he would like on his blog site or at his new domain.


1998 - Started Scottsdale High School Alumni web site
1999 - 30th year reunion Class o' '69
2000 - All Class Reunion
2001 - Dot Com madness
2002 - ConocoPhillips merger
2003 - 12-day backpacking trek to Philmont with Chris.
2004 - Buffalo River Adventure
2005 - 12-day backpacking trek to Philmont (again!)
2006 - 9-day canoe trek in Canada
2007 - World Scout Jamboree in England

Oh, yeah, Go Jayhawks and hook 'em Horns!

Iris Alterman
Subj: Iris Alterman - Annie Alexander
Date: 10/10/00 12:12:21 AM Central Daylight Time
From: JeffersonK@aol.com

Dear Bill-
So good to see you again. I was overwhelmed with "recognition trauma" from seeing so many familiar faces at the reunion, but I smiled all the way home.
Bio - Not nearly enough room, but here's a few quick paragraphs:
Left Scottsdale High School and went to NAU, then ASU, then headed to New York for an almost master's in psychology (spent time as an auto mechanic for Sears along the way) Almost got married twice while there, but skated out ...
Moved to La Jolla, CA to finish a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, then headed to the mountains of Colorado where I think I'd still be if it weren't for a side journey back to AZ for other business concerns. Aspen is home whether I make it back there or not. As I am fond of saying, "Colorado is my oxygen".
Owned a few businesses along the way, deli, mental health center (what do they have in common I wonder ? ), became a cop for the San Diego Police Department, ran a mental health center in a men's prison and lived in Boulder. (not all at the same time of course)
I'm about as New Age as people can get, but the good news is - I don't look like it !!! Learned to fly helicopters (not in the service) and occasionally teach flying when I'm not busy writing and doing phone therapy with people around the country. Whew ! Life is good, I'm happy and still smiling about the reunion.
Love, Annie Alexander (Iris Alterman

Eric J. Anderson
Subj: Register
Date: 5/10/99 3:46:43 PM Central Daylight Time
From: StandardBolt@worldnet.att.net (Eric Anderson)

Please add me the register
Eric J. Anderson (class of '69)
10053 East Gary Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
E-Mail: Eander1066@aol.com

Becky Biegert
Subj: class of '69 grads
Date: 9/12/00 11:50:38 PM Central Daylight Time
From: info@hiddenhollowbedandbreakfast.com


It was great to see you at the Class of 1969 reunion last year! This BIG
one will be great! Thanks for all your work!

I was Becky Biegert in high school. I went to U. of Texas, lived in
Dallas until 1989 then moved to Flagstaff. I have four children (23, 21,
18 and 16), one still living at home. I was divorced in 1997. I'm
involved in a family business, Grand Canyon Railway. See you all at
the reunion!

2005 Update -
"I am living in Flagstaff once again after spending two years in Vancouver, BC, studying. I am newly married to Vincent Conti. We have a B&B and prayer retreat in Flagstaff. (www.HiddenHollowBedandBreakfast.com and www.HiddenHollowPrayerRetreat.org). Life is rich, and we are enjoying being parents of adult children!"
Becky Conti 

Joyce Bigelow
Subj: Thanks, Will!
Date: 7/14/00 9:05:44 PM Central Daylight Time
From: JHames0726@aol.com

My name is Joyce Bigelow (Hames) from the class of '69. I'm thrilled to be in touch after all these years. I'm still in Scottsdale. Just can't leave.

What I have been doing for the last 30 years might take a little longer than you want on this email. Summarizing: I am married and have two boys. My oldest is 30 and a New York Life Agent here. My youngest is 16 and a student at Desert Mountain High School. Attending his football games really takes me back to Beaver days!

My business is management, sales, and customer service training. I've enjoyed this profession for 20 years.

Enough of the boring stuff. I'm excited to be back in touch with some much missed friends. Thanks to your good work I found Sue Probst and Suzie Shull--real treasured friends. I'll be checking the website often to see who else is coming. Bless you for creating the website and doing such a thorough job! Connections! Yeah! I'm so glad the Beaver Song is posted. The words are lost in my head somewhere.

I am registering by snail mail but I want you to post my email so my friends can find me. I know this is a huge commitment; and I'm sure I speak for all who want to thank you for your time.

Joyce Hames
Leadership Excellence


Linda Brown
Subj: Linda Brown (Class of 1969)
Date: 1/3/01 11:21:29 AM Central Standard Time
From:    waldeck@uswest.net (Linda Waldeck)

What a wonderful find - the Scottsdale High School Alumni Web Site!  I'm Linda
(Brown) Waldeck, still living in Scottsdale after all these years.

Until three years ago, I worked in the field of pension
consulting, which means marketing and sales of 401(k) and
other forms of employer sponsored retirement programs.  Most
recently, I was a Regional Sales V.P. for Smith Barney Plan
Services.  At this time, I am exploring my entrepreneurial
spirit in other directions, mostly just for fun.  My
husband, Marty, is from Danville, CA and is a former AAA
pitcher for the San Francisco Giants.  Over 15 years ago, he
became involved with with Pebble Tec in the swimming pool

Marty and I have one daughter, Kelly, who just turned 19
years old and attends SCC.  My sister, Joyce (Brown) Wise,
graduated from Scottsdale High School in 1968.  My precious sister passed away
in 1991 after struggling for many months with colon cancer.
She and her husband, Roy Wise, also an Scottsdale High School alumni, have two
daughters - Kerrie, age 27, and Diana, age 23, who we adore
and spend lots of time water skiing with.

Just recently, I heard from Judy (Decker) Chetta (class of
'68) who is now living with her husband, Joe, in Cambria,
CA.  She is a professional oil painter and has some
beautiful artwork on Ebay.  Hopefully, I'll get a chance to
visit her in early 2001.

Of course, I would really enjoy hearing from other Scottsdale High School
alumni.  In particular, I'd love to find Susan Watts.
Here's wishing all a happy and successful 2001.

Linda (Brown) Waldeck

Avtar Khalsa(Randy Burt)
Subj: Class of '69
Date: 12/15/98 3:32:03 PM Central Standard Time
papaavtar@yahoo.com (Avtar Singh Khalsa)

Hi, Bill. Great site. I'm Avtar Khalsa, know as Randy Burt during my
youth. My wife and I live in San Francisco, although we are planning on
moving (back) to Flagstaff sometime in 1999.

Speaking of 1999, is anybody in my class working on our 30-year
reunion? I am happy to assist in any way I can. Contact me at

UPDATE -- AdiShakti and I now live in Flagstaff, and are the proud (and often sleep-deprived) parents of twin girls born in April 2000.  Fortunately, Dennis and Robin Damore went through this 12 years before us, so they continue to supply much needed advice and moral support.  While I spend most of my time occupied as a parent, I'm also writing a book while I try to decide if I'm retired or just between jobs.  New email address:  papaavtar@yahoo.com

John Butts
Subj: Scottsdale High School 1969
Date: 3/21/00 10:49:32 AM Central Standard Time
From: Vegasmn1@aol.com

Just was informed of this site and cannot believe all the people that are still alive! Ha, Ha.
I'm Living in Tulsa Oklahoma and am not a cowboy! Electrical Contracting is my trade, when I'm not in Las Vegas. The 2000 thing sounds really cool. I guess I'll have to make this one, for sure!!

John R. Butts

Linda West (Carpentier)
Subj: Class of 69
Date: 3/6/99 11:46:13 AM Central Standard Time
From: nfn09322@naples.net (Ron West)

I only attended Scottsdale High School my first year and then was off to Saguaro, but had alot
of friends from Navajo elementary that stayed at Scottsdale High School . Looking for contact
from any of them. Currently living in Naples Florida, married 18 years, two
girls age 17 and 14. Operations Manager for a nationwide Diabetic Supply

Dennis Damore
Subj: registration for Scottsdale High School
Date: 12/21/98 11:15:22 AM Central Standard Time
From: ddamore@cmdpdx.com (Dennis Damore)

hello to class of '69,

this is a great idea. my compliments to bill for taking on this

i have been living in portland, oregon, for the past 20 years. but, i get
back to scottsdale every christmas to see the folks and my two brothers,
gary ('70) and david ('75). three kids, twin 11 year old girls, madeline
and maxine, and an 8 year old son, cassidy. looking forward to a 30th
reunion. any news? put me on the list.

best to contact me by email. looking forward to hearing from any of the
class of '69.


Pat Elliott
Subj: Class of '69
Date: 8/22/2004
From: arroyomangus@yahoo.com (Pat Elliott)

I am Pat Elliott now Hunt.  I live 18 miles out of Silver City, NM.  I ranch with my husband Dusty and our daughter Alida in the Burro Mountains where we have a cow/calf operation.  I graduated from ASU with a degree in agriculture and worked for USDA for over 16 years.  I am now a vice president/cashier for a small bank.  On weekends, I help with the cowboying duties.  My email is arroyomangus@yahoo.com.

Deborah Egerer
Subj: Class of '69
Date: 7/2/99 9:55:19 AM Central Daylight Time
From: degererfuller@yahoo.com (Deborah Egerer Fuller)

From Deborah Egerer Fuller, Class of '69

I live in Tempe with my husband who I met while attending ASU. We have 7 children (Mike,
26; Amy, 24; Melanie, 22; Richard, 20; Nick, 18; Beka, 14; and Rachael, 11), one grandson
and a grandaughter on the way.

I work for Bank of America as a project manager; attend University of Phoenix (still
working on that Bachelor's degree); and looking forward to my 30-year class reunion this

I can be contacted at degererfuller@yahoo.com.

Doug Farrow
Subj: class of 69
Date: 5/4/99 4:57:34 PM Central Daylight Time
From: douglas_b_farrow@graco.com

Hi Bill - glad to see someone put something up for good ol' Scottsdale High School . I've
been up here in the almost-Great-White-North (Minnesota) for some 20+
years. Married to Wende for 17 with 2 kids - Tony (7) and Ellie (5).
Work for Graco, a manufacturer of fluid handling equipment as
corporate IP counsel. Still see Eric Ebner regularly - he's an ob-gyn
in Marshall, MI.

I can be reached at:

Doug Farrow
700 Olive Lane
Plymouth, MN 55447
(612) 475-3338 home
(612) 623-6769 ofc


Barbara Floyd
Subj: Re: Scottsdale High School
Date: 4/4/2005
From: canyonecho@hotmail.com

Please add my name and email to the list. Thanks!

Barbara Floyd 1969

Tom Freestone
Subj: Registration
Date: 25 January, 2005
From: Freestone.Tom@synthes.com

Hi, I'm Tom Freestone.

I graduated from Scottsdale High School in June, 1969.

I recently attended a High School Reunion for someone else and thought …….... why don't I get Registered for Scottsdale High.

I actually remembered a couple of people's names that were listed in the Class Register; Becky Biegert and John Butts, (It gave me a headache to think back that far).

I reside in Monument, Colorado. I'm a Plant Manager for a Medical Device Manufacturing Facility. I graduated from ASU in 1975 with a BS in Manufacturing Technology.

I remember my Mom sending me an article from the Scottsdale Progress announcing the closure of Scottsdale High and also the demise of the Ranch House Burger joint years and years ago.

I'd be interested in obtaining Reunion information as I travel back to the Scottsdale area once in a while.

I look forward to hearing from you, and maybe from some "old acquaintences".

Thanks for your efforts in keeping the links alive !

Tom Freestone

Monte Gagg
Subj: Re: Scottsdale High School
Date: 9/11/00 12:10:36 PM Central Daylight Time
From: MonteGagg@aol.com


You have probably received my registration by now. I am Monte Gagg and graduated in 1969. Please advise if you haven't received my check or should need any other information. Looking forward to the reunion.



Bruce Goetz
Subj: Re: Scottsdale High School
Date: 6/7/99 3:54:03 PM Central Daylight Time
From: goetzbc@co.laplata.co.us (Bruce Goetz)

Hey Bill,

What have I been doing for 30 years??

Jerry Givens
Subj: Class Of 1969!!
Date: 4/14/99 1:12:12 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Dustyobear@aol.com

Jerry Givens.....Great site Bill, my sister sent it to me, I have never got to any of the reunions seem like there was always something going on at the time. It has been an inresting life...I went into the Navy that fall(69-was 28 in the draft) spent 4 years there working on airplanes, got married while in was in (has been 28 years now), I got out came back to Scottsdale for about 5 years,worked for my Dad, driving tow trucks. I even got to tow Ray Planeta's car one nite! That was a kick in the butt. Then we decided to move to Calif. (still here). We have two kids,Jason 26, Jodi 24, both married and one new Grandson. Which we are very proud of. Have been work as a equipment operator for a County Transportation Department looking forward to retirement in 6 years. Tired of working outside in the weather,maybeI can find a part time job inside.So I hope that all my classmates have had a good life,for I feel fortunate to have the one I have!!!!! Jerry Givens (Dustyobear)

Dan Griffin
Subj: Class of '69
Date: 11/12/98 9:30:06 PM Central Standard Time
From: dangriffin@cox.net (Dan Griffin)

Dan Griffin
8409 W. Windrose Dr.
Peoria, AZ 85381
(602) 878-6425

I'm still living in the (expanded) valley as you can see. Parents moved (back) to California the winter after graduation. Spent a year in Laguna Beach before moving back to Phoenix on my own. The recession of 72 sent me north to Salt Lake City for 5 years before I was able sneak back.

Finally put down some roots here, went to work for the City of Phoenix, Parks Department, in 1980 and found the love of mt life in 1981. We have a beautiful daughter, Heidi 24, that just got married herself a year ago last Christmas.

Was able to attend the 10, 15 and 20 year reunions with great delight and was hoping to find info on the upcoming 39 year reunion that is conspicuously absent from the front page. I would love to hear about any plans that might be cooking.

Looking to touch base with Jim Rinkenberger; Bob, John, Steve, Janet and Jean Vale; Frank, Patrick, Richard, Mark, Karen and Suzie Lawler; Rick Cratt; Jim Turner; Jack Daggot; Warren Lasuier (sp); Mike Himer; Buddy Miller; Ted Sherman; Mike Lerner; Randi Golding; Steve Funk and many more who's names escape me for the moment. Dan Griffin

Roiann (Haenfler) Silliman
Subj: This is a great idea!
Date: 98-01-15 18:35:31 EST
From: ROIANN Roiann (Haenfler) Silliman

I have often wondered what has happened to the class of '69. I don't often see anyone
I knew. I still reside here in paradise aka Scottsdale. I'm a guidance counselor
at one of our own Scottsdale School District's middle schools - Cocopah.
Hello, Mr. Reith, I hope you're enjoying retirement. I have been married to a retired
Scottsdale police officer for almost 20 years. For those of you who knew me when, who
would have believed that would happen. For those of you in the class of '70, you might
remember my brother, Andy. He's living in San Diego and has a restaurant there.
If you're ever in SD, look him up. Barbara and Wayne Hughes, Don says "hi".
I'm really looking forward to visiting this site and finding out about more Scottsdale High School grads.

Susie Hecker
Subj: Found One
Date: 5/5/99 2:30:47 PM Central Daylight Time

Susie Hecker (Now Susan M. Taylor) class of '69
1800 W. Elliot Rd. #C215
Chandler, AZ 85224
Phone: 602-345-8060

Paul Johnson (Coronado)
Subj: Register
Date: 13 April, 2006
From: superpowerproject@earthlink.net

Dear Bill,

I wanted to include my name on your register for 1969. I actually graduated from Coronado HS but having attended Kaibab Elementary I had many friends who went to SHS or Saguaro HS.

This is a business e-mail so I will give you my mailing address here to use instead:

Paul D. Johnson
319 S Garden Ave
Clearwater, FL 33756

If you have a link to Suzie Shull, Joyce Bigelow, Jerry Givens or Becky Biegert, please let them know I would like to hear from them.

Best regards,
Paul Johnson


Pat Kearney
Date: 11/12/00 3:11:22 PM Central Standard Time
From:    pat.kearney.a9ik@statefarm.com (Pat Kearney)

Address: PMB #194
8362 Tamarack Village Dr. #119
Woodbury, Mn. 55125

Phone: 651-491-7786

Pat Kearney, Class of' '69.

I have been living in Denver, Colorado for three years. I travel a lot as a management person for State Farm's National Catastrophe Team. Good job, lots of travel, and lots of frequent flyer miles.
It would be great to hear from anyone from the class of '69 and others who might remember me as well. I married in 1978 and divorced in 1992. My son Andrew is now 19 and Meghan is 16. Andrew is a general sales manager at Macy's and Meghan is a junior in high school.

Update 2006: I moved to Minnesota in 2002. Travel whenever I can overseas. I am still single, divorced fourteen years now and my two kids, Andrew is now almost 25, and Meghan coming in right behind at 22. Would love to hear from any and all regarding our days at SHS!

Meg Mason
Subj: class reunion
Date: 9/24/00 11:54:00 PM Central Daylight Time
From: MrsMegB@aol.com

Hi Bill!
HOW ARE YOU? The Scottsdale High School web page is fantastic!!! Thanks for getting it together. Have you heard from many classmates who graduated in 69? Are many going to the reunion in Oct.? Last year's reunion was wonderful and I don't know if it can be beat! Take care and thanks again for all you have done. I haven't decided if I'm going ---but have until tomorrow to make up my mind!
Scottsdale High School forever!
Meg Mason Bushard

Kathryn McDowell
Subj: 1969
Date: 8/24/98 8:58:35 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Kathryn_McDowell@msn.com
Hi all -

I had a heck of a time find this site. Thanks, Bill, for being there for us. Mike Gannon from Saguaro gave it to me. I've lived in Montrose, California since 1993 - that's on the north end of Glendale, west of Pasadena. Mr. Bruscemi had me pegged, I guess. Senior year he asked us each what we were going to do after Scottsdale High School . I replied that I would probably just work in the family air conditioning business. Bruscemi said: "Don't give me that. You will probably either be a bartender or a minister." Well, I DID work in the family business for another 10 years, then property management for 7 - and THEN became a minister. I had a church in Scottsdale for four years before coming to our denominational headquarters in Los Angeles for an administrative position - Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer. That's United Church of Religious Science - also known as Science of Mind. Yes, it's like Christian Science. No, it's not Scientology. Yes, we go to doctors. No, we don't wear special clothing. Yes, we have churches. No, we don't do chicken feathers. And, of course, there's lots more to tell than that. But those are the basic questions I get. I'm just beginning my 10th year. I love to teach - and preach of course. I conduct trainings for local church Boards of Trustees and their lay ministers.

I've become an old cat woman, with two black males, 3 years old. Brothers John ('67) and Aaron ('71) still live in Phoenix area. Bev Schulte was married to John for 20 or so years, and they recently divorced. She is in north Scottsdale.

I really hope this site gets some publicity. I'd love to find some of the Scottsdale High School buds. Does anyone know how to reach John Bruscemi? Hi, Mr. Reith.

Kathryn McDowell


Ken Messinger
Subj: class of 69
Date: 1/14/01 11:55:53 PM Central Standard Time
From:    kendrick_messinger@hotmail.com (ken and debby)

Hi I'm Ken Messinger and a graduate of 1969.  I have lived in Young, Arizona with my wife Debby for the past seven years.  I'am President of Messinger Mortuaries and currently work out of our Payson funeral home.  I have been married 25 years and have two daughters and five grandchildren.  We have three mules, a donkey, two dogs, three cats, two chickens, and once in awhile a bear or group of javalina wonder thru.  I went to San Fransico College of mortuary Sience and graduated in 1981.  I have only been on line since Sept. of 2000.  Would enjoy hearing from any graduates of Scottsdale High School .

Ken and Debby Messinger
P.O. Box 444
Young, Arizona 85554

&nbsp;</p> <xmp> <p>

Kip Miller
Subj: Register me
Date: 7/4/99 10:26:02 PM Central Daylight Time
From: stantonmiller@mindspring.com

Hi, Bill:
Thanks for directing me to this fine spot. Looking forward to Reunion in October.

(Check out the new web site:  http://www.kipsake.com )

After spending a couple of years at ASU, I moved to Los Angeles where I lived with my oldest sister, Tammy. While there I did puppetry work on a syndicated children's television program. Eventually I got tired of LA, although the beach was great, and moved back to AZ.

Soon I was apprenticed to master sculptor John Waddell up around Cottonwood. I spent a year there learning the art of lost wax bronze casting. Left there and moved back to Scottsdale and got reinvolved with my original love - the theatre. I was assistant stage manager at the Windmill Dinner Theatre. It was while doing a production of "1776" that I met my future wife, Nancy Evers, who was traveling with the show as it's musical director. By the time the show ended, I was hooked on her. I followed her to New York.

We traveled for awhile doing dinner theatre in Denver, Louisville, Dallas and Scottsdale. We got married "on the road" during our day off from "Carousel" in Louisville, KY. With the birth of our second son, Ty, (the first son is Todd) we were still on the road (a year and a half at that point) and decided we needed to settle back down in New York. We've lived in the same apartment on the upper west side for 24 years.

New York is a special and fantastic place. I find it difficult to be anywhere else for any length of time. For several years I worked in television and film production with a small Academy Award-winning production company. About ten years ago I started an antiques business, specializing in antique advertising; turn-of-the-century signs, boxes, posters, tins, trade cards, ephemera, etc. I've also begun a restoration business for antique paper items. I've been trying to build a website for my merchandise and restoration and original artwork, but I am so totally confused at this point that what's up is a disaster (I accidentally published the site when I thought I was just reviewing it!). When it looks like something good, I'll let you know.

I have kept up with my artwork and for several years have created unique hand painted Christmas ornaments and decorations for Bergdorf-Goodman, one of the country's most exclusive stores. I have also created one-of-a-kind dolls that sell at Bergdorf. My wife is a fabulous voice teacher and accompanist who has a busy voice studio, musical directs and is currently appearing on Broadway with Lauren Bacall and Rosemary Harris in NoŽl Coward's "Waiting in the Wings." It's just incredible to sit in the audience and watch her up there with a stage full of famous and terrific actresses!

Well, that's all for now. I look forward to hearing from any old friends out there...And thanks to those of you who have already contacted me. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Alan Bruner I'd appreciate it if you would pass the info along to me. Later, Kip

KIP MILLER, Class of '69

Bonnie Murphy
Subj: Scottsdale High School 69
Date: 4/27/2008
From: bmurphyerbe@earthlink.net

Hi Bill, Just came upon this site by accident, what a great idea to put something like this together. My name is Bonnie (Murphy) Erbe and I would love any information regarding upcoming reunions, like our BIG 40 next year. The one and only reunion I attended was back in 1989. I have really enjoyed reading all the interesting information from our classmates.

I too, am still in Arizona. I live in Surprise and work in Scottsdale. I am married and have three children; Christopher age 35 (Oh my gosh!), Danielle 31 and Erin 30. I also have 9 Grandchildren, who are the Greatest by the way.
It was interesting to see who I also knew from Pima Elementary School. Hello to Roiann Haenfler, Kip Miller, Dennis Damore, Bruce Goetz and Debbie Ritterscamp.

Thanks again Bill for the awesome website. I can be contacted at: bmurphyerbe@earthlink.net

Jeff Patton
Subj: Scottsdale High School 69
Date: 10/20/99 12:49:12 AM Central Daylight Time
From: jpatton8@inficad.com (Jeff Patton)

Jeff Patton or Jeff Major is what I went by back then. I haven't kept
inb touch with but a few people since those days

Sue Probst
Subj: registration
Date: 4/12/00 10:02:37 PM Central Daylight Time
Reply-to: etwardwell@worldnet.att.net (Ed&Tucker)

Please list my name on the members list for the class of 1969.
Sue Probst (married name Tucker Wardwell)
9721 Telfair Dr.
Boise, Id. 83704

Jim Rinkenberger
Subj: class reunion 1999 sept 69 ers
Date: 5/16/99 10:37:06 AM Central Daylight Time
From: gymbob@azlink.com (James)

I guess you should probably register me on the page since Meridy and Linda
and i are doing the class reunion -----SEPT 1999------

At this time it looks like it is going to be a 2 day event maybe a
unofficial 3 rd day added ((if i know Rick Cratt )))) so you may want to
announce that..... so far we have about 40 ppl in contact.... we need at
least 70 to pull this off!!
details later....

Jim Rinkenberger
James Julius C'zar Alvord lll
Visual Communications Inc.
dba Video Media Productions

Debbie Ritterskamp
Subj: Class of 69
Date: 1/18/00 8:37:40 PM Central Standard Time
From: DEWYR@aol.com

Debby Ritterskamp,
Just now growing up. Two children, a small business in down town Scottsdale
As If Vintage, living in Tempe. Im looking forward to this big happening see you

2607 N. Saratoga
Tempe, AZ 85281

Rick Saxton
Subj: other beavers
Date: 10/6/00 3:08:07 PM Central Daylight Time
From: rsaxton@rhodesassoc.com
(R. Saxton)

Greetings from Rick Saxton, '69
Just found out about the goings-on this weekend, it's terrific what
you've done here!


The rest of my family is also checking in:
Phyllis (now Mullins), '67.
Nancy (now Pennington), 73.
Dale, '74.
Mindy (now Titterington), '78.

I've been an architect in Phoenix since '77, following two years in the
Peace Corps after attending ASU. After 17 years with Wyatt/Rhodes inc.,
Mike Rhodes and I have recently formed a new firm, Rhodes and Associates
Inc. We specialize in educational facilities and other civic projects.

No kids, no spouse, just enjoying life.

Looking forward to seeing everybody this weekend!

Rhodes and Associates, Inc.
3820 N. THIRD ST.
PHOENIX AZ 85012-2022
602.222.8815 fax 602.222.8815

Suzie Shull
Subj:  Class of 1969
Date: 11/24/99 12:33:23 PM Central Standard Time
From: russ@mindsync.com (A. Russell Hammond)

Bill, I saw you at the 69 class reunion and we talked about my daugher,
Jill. She's finishing up her masters in geology at Utah State Univ. So now I've found the Scottsdale High School
site and I'm a bit confused as to how to register. I clicked on the blue
word but only got a 'new message screen'. So I'm not sure how to do this
registering. Can you please give me step by step directions? My email
address is thesuz@goutes.com and my name is Susan Hammond formally, Suzie
Shull. I'm looking forward to your reply.


Beverly Schulte
Subj: Register Me!
Date: 2/16/99 9:43:44 PM Central Standard Time
From: BEMcDowell@IceCubes.NET (Beverly McDowell)

Beverly Schulte-McDowell - Class of "69
Wow has time flown by! I was married to John McDowell (class of '67) in
1971. We had 3 kids, Christopher - 26, Jeff- 22, and Dana who will be
turning 21 soon. Happy to report they are healthy, grown and gone! (So is
John - divorced a few years ago but we remain friends) The kids (and John)
all live close by so I am not out of the woods yet!
I own Commercial Refrigeration Service, Inc. located in the Scottsdale
Airpark Area and we sell and service commercial refrigerated food-service
and icemaking equipment to the hospitality industry. My oldest son Chris
works with me as our Director of Marketing. His fabulous work may be viewed
by visiting our website at WWW.icecubes.net. It has been challenging but
rewarding. I always wondered what I would do when I grew up! Never could
imagine myself as an adult as I wandered around feeling like a clueless
alien from another planet in high school most of the time. (Hi Roiann!)
Planning to take the plunge again in the fall with a 1978 graduate of
P.V.H.S. Yes, he is a little young...lucky me!
Looking forward to our next reunion! I sincerely appreciate your work
on the Scottsdale High School website!

IceQueen@IceCubes.net (office)

BevMcDowell@home.com (home)

Charlene Sutter
Subj: Anita Hamrick
Date: 2/25/00 1:50:56 PM Central Standard Time
From: lcb931@uswest.net (Charlene)

Bill, my name is Charlene (Sutter) Bryant. I am
looking for Anita Hamrick. I grew up with her and
her sister Susie. I graduated from Arcadia in
'69. Has Anita come to any of the reunions? If
you know how to get in touch with her, or know
someone who has, would you please let me know. I
lost contact with her many years ago, and would
just like to see what she's been doing, you know,
all that "stuff".
Thanks so much,
Charlene Bryant

Bob Sweeney
Subj: Class of 69
Date: 3/20/00 10:24:28 AM Central Standard Time
From: bobs@neelix.quotron.com (Bob Sweeney)

Thanks to Donna and Byron Smith for pointing me to the Scottsdale High School web site. Lots of familiar names out there.

After two years at ASU I left Arizona and spent 6 years seeing the world courtesy of the U.S. Navy. Decided a military wasn't for me and spent the next few years moving up and down the state of California. Finally settled down in Thousand Oaks, California with my 6 cats and 2 Golden Retrievers. Thousand Oaks is located mid way between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, about 15 miles inland from Malibu. Been there for around 12 years, my animal herd is down to two cats no dogs.

Been doing software support for a company named Reuters for the past 16 years. It's a 45 mile (one way) commute from hell, but the bug bucks are in L A.

I can be contacted at bobs46@gte.net (home) or bobs@quotron.com (work).

Bob Sweeney

Linda Whittemore
Subj: 1969 Scottsdale High School Graduate
Date: 11/15/99 10:43:28 PM Central Standard Time
From: lindasherman@earthlink.net (Linda Sherman)

My name is Linda Sherman (Whittemore). I graduated from Scottsdale High School in 1969. My
brother, Ralph Whittemore, also a former Scottsdale High School graduate, located this website
for me. I guess I'm a little late for the 30th reunion, but I would like to
register for any future get-togethers. I was born and raised here in Arizona
and haven't it. After high school I went to NAU. I have been married to a
wonderful man, Tom, since 1976. Tom had six children from a previous
marriage and now we have nine fantastic grandchildren, ranging from two
weeks old to a nine year old.
I welcome hearing from anyone. My email address is
http:\\www.lindasherman@earthlink.net and the following is my home

Tom & Linda Sherman
14019 N. 35th Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85053
PH# 602-938-7596

Jan Winchester
Subj: class of 1969
Date: 9/5/00 3:12:55 PM Central Daylight Time
From: EHERSH@SecurityTitle.com (Emily Hersh)

Jan (Winchester) Dooley:

Other then 3 years in California after High School, I've been living in
Scottsdale. I've been working for a title company (same one) for over
23 years now. I have two adult children ages 20 and 24 and am
currently happily unmarried.

I would love to hear from two of my best buds in H.S., Amador Lucero and
George (Link) Taylor.

Home email address is dsunshine@libertybay.com

Looking forward to Oct. 6-8!

60's Faculty

Ken Lenke (Science Faculty)
Subj: Congratulations on Beaver Web Site
Date: 10/8/99 6:18:33 PM Central Daylight Time
From: lenke@home.com (cynthia lenke/ken)

From Ken Lenke: Scottsdale High School Faculty (Science) 10-7-99

Just returned from the old Scottsdale High School Campus and from the Hilton Hotel that
occupies most of the 200 area. A plaque was dedicated...kind of... that
mentions, "This is the site of the former Scottsdale High School." The
bronze marker is at the back of the hotel. Although a nice gesture, I
feel it falls far short of really honoring Scottsdale High School. A
historical and cultural institution that graduated so many leaders
deserves far more than a consolation "award" in my humble opinion!

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