Jerry Aldoroty
Subj: 1964
Date: 2/12/00 11:31:44 AM Central Standard Time
From: JerryHeidi@aol.com

Hi, this is Jerry Aldoroty. I live in Humboldt County, California. That is on the coast about 75 miles South of the Oregon Border. I've lived here since 1973. It is beautiful here, lots and lots of redwood trees, rivers, mountains, and of course the Pacific Ocean! It's green all year long here because it rains alot and the climate is mild.
I was a jokester in High School, always giving Mr. Farrington, Mr. Windes (Bobo), and Ms. Backus a rough time. Ray Planeta knew me well !!
I lost touch with just about everyone since High School and I think it would be fun to renew some acquaintences. I'm a Bank Manager now, so things have really changed!

Susan Bartley
Subj: Class of 1964
Date: 9/12/00 10:02:35 PM Central Daylight Time
From: SMBL11@aol.com


I am Susan Bartley Lea, class of 1964. I graduated from University of Redlands in 1968. I lived in San Diego, Phoenix, and Marina del Rey -- I was a school teacher, travel agent and worked for American Airlines. During the 1970's I was able to see a lot of the world! Since 1979 I have lived in Monterey, CA with my husband, Bob Lea, who is a marine biologist. We have two teenagers: Sabrina, 19, who is a student at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX and Graham, 16, a high school junior.

These days I keep busy being a mom and also am on the executive board of the parent club at school, I substitute teach, and recently became a consultant for Creative Memories. I play tennis when I can and still love to travel. My mother and 3 siblings (Steve '67, Judy '70, Jack '72) all live in Arizona. We visit Scottsdale at least once a year and lately see PHX a little more often as we change planes there enroute to San Antonio.

I won't be able to make the reunion -- will have to hear about it from my sister. Hope everyone has a great time and hello to all who may remember me!!

Robert Benne
Subj: Registration
Date: 10/12/00 2:01:11 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Robert_Benne@msdw.com (Benne, Robert)

Wow - lots of fun to see some of the old names! I missed the reunion due to
a schedule conflict. Wish I could have been there. Here's a thumbnail of
activities since graduation: Went to ASU where the antics in Animal House
would have been foot notes to my early college days. While going through a
couple different majors, ASU finally "forgot" (humm, I still wonder about
this - too convenient) to send in my deferment so ended up spending 4 years
in the military, 2 of which were in Vietnam (three consecutive tours) with
the US Army Security Agency. Returned to finish school and went into the
securities business. I currently manage for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in
North Scottsdale. Other current activities include 20 years as a Maricopa
County Sheriff's Office Reserve Deputy and a rancher with a working cattle
ranch in Northern Arizona. Married a gal from Xavier HS (an Az native -
just had our 26th anniversary) and have one son 17 attending Brophy.
Although we have lived out of the valley in past, we are here for keeps now
living in North Scottsdale.
BTW, for those of you who knew Lloyd Bridwell (class of 65 or 66), he passed
away this year. He was a good friend that I got to know some time after HS
and he'll be missed.

Jim Boyd and Vicki Grate
Subj: Reunion 2000 Registration
Date: 4/19/00 9:58:05 PM Central Daylight Time
From: GrateNBd@aol.com

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Boyd, Jr.
7362 East Rovey Avenue
Scottsdale, Arizona 85250

Jim Boyd 1964
Vicki Grate 1964

Dave Breazeale
Subj: Registration
Date: 4/27/2008
From: irishb@cox.net

Please include me in your registration

Graduation Date 1964
Dave Breazeale

I graduated from NAU (actually out of residence at the U of A) with a degree in Chemistry,
Worked at Motorola as a Process Engineer
Moved to Baton Rouge with Betz Laboratories
Moved to Yorba Linda California with Betz Laboratories
Moved to Tucson with Betz Laboratories
Moved to Phoenix with APS, Technical Support Manager, Palo Verde Nuclear
Moved to Plano Texas with Nalco Chemical as District Manager of the Texas Region
Moved back to Scottsdale with Nalco as Director Western Region and Pacific (spent way too much time living out of suitcases)
Moved to Saudi Arabia with Nalco as Regional Manager Middle East
Returned to Scottsdale with Nalco as Director Power Plant Construction
Retired in 2001.
Married in 1972 to Frances King, (Sunnyslope Grad). Still on my first marriage. Working on our 36th year.
One Son , Doug & One Daughter Heather No Grandchildren yet.

We always considered Scottsdale our home, even when living abroad. We spend our time between Flagstaff and Scottsdale. We are currently building a place in Flag. I used to spend a good time outdoors and flying. My many hobbies have narrowed down to restoration of old cars. It’s too bad that the entire High School was leveled. I get a little sad every time I drive down Scottsdale Road.

Thank you for maintaining this site. My email is irishb@cox.net

Ara Lynn Byars
Subj: SHS graduate 64'
Date: 8/6/99 9:59:07 PM Central Daylight Time
From: aralynn1@uswest.net (Ara Lynn Mc Reynolds)

Ara Lynn (Byars) Mc Reynolds
5224 North 43rd Place
Phoenix, AZ 85018
Phone: 602-840-7676
e-mail: aralynn1@uswest.net

Michael Car
Subj: Class of 64
Date: 9/30/99 1:42:25 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Michael.Car@sdsu.edu

I probably shouldn't bother since I had virtually NO friends (well there
was Ted Eminowicz, Ed West, Scott and Bill and Hobbie Thompson(s), Sharon
O., Joy N., and, and, and, ...shoot, maybe I did have some friends). In
that case...

Left AZ in 64 to see the world. On my way back I stopped in California.
Went to some colleges there, and worked at some colleges. Went to Hawaii
and worked at a college. Came back to Cal and worked at a college (getting
borrrrrring!). Was a cop, a sailor, a soldier, a therapist, a teacher, an
administrator, and a few other things. About ready to pull the pin though
and move back to AZ. I'm sure Scottsdale hasn't changed one little bit
since 64! I'm going to Lutes and get a chocolate krumpler, see a movie at
the Kiva, and maybe have lunch at the Pink Pony and dinner at Lulu belle's.
Boy, I can't wait!!!

Demographics: Two kids, three grand kids, and two step-grand kids via my
ex-wife (Joyce Reinhart--almost class of 65). One more -- my world famous
daughter -- from my wife (of 22 plus years). Brother of Jim (1965) who
can't be found in this country usually. Heart attack in April almost did
me in; but I ain't easy to kill (yes, it has been tried). If there's
another reunion...I'll be there.

John Dirks
Subj: SHS Graduating Class of 1963 & 1964
Date: 8/20/00 4:02:26 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Jodirka@aol.com

John E. Dirks ('63 & '64 - Long story but it had to do with an elevator shaft in Fashion Square) Moved to Santa Monica, CA. in 1972 to start a high tech company, sold the company, moved back to Scottsdale in 1994 after the Northridge earthquake rattled my wife's nerves for the last time. Now live where we used to hold the 'midnight' drag races near Cactus and 64th street. I'm a contemporary southwest artist doing jewelry for southwest galleries and collectors. I look forward to seeing you all at the reunion in October.
John E. Dirks

Meg Edwards
Subj: Meg Edwards - Class of 64
Date: 8/25/00 12:20:41 AM Central Daylight Time
From: MegKal@aol.com

I'm Meg Edwards Kallvy, graduated in 1964 from Scottsdale High. After graduation, I went to ASU for a year and then got married. There was a 17 year stretch as a housewife & mom (loved that job) before I went back to school to finish my degree. I am now the Controller for a manufacturing firm in Los Angeles (love this job). My husband Rich and I live in Long Beach, CA . My three kids are grown and my first grandchild is due in September.
It would be wonderful to reconnect with old friends from SHS. So where are you, Ann Paul, Sue Smith, Sharon Pavelda, Gay Saake, and all the other members of Beaver Builders? You can e-mail me at Megkal@AOL.com

Ted Eminowicz
Date: 10/1/99 12:27:44 AM Central Daylight Time
From: mre@theriver.com (Ted Eminowicz)

Thadeus "Ted" Eminowicz
Class of "64"

Teaching shop at SHS (Superior High School)
in Superior, AZ. (60 mi. E of Scottsdale on US60)
(our school colors are black and orange)



Attended the 20th and 30th reunions,
will see you all at the 40th.

Richard Franklin
Subj: Web Site registration Class of 64 Date: 10/21/00 8:43:25 AM Central Daylight Time
From: RFCrusader@aol.com

Dear Webmaster,

Please include me in your registration.

Richard H. Franklin
2245 N. Green Valley Pkwy
PMB 289
Henderson, NV 89014

I have worked as a pilot since service in the Navy from 1968-1973, then Pacific Southwest Airlines, and USAirways up to now.

I am a Uof A grad from 68'. I have 2 children, Brian 18, Evan 15

I have been based all over the country but hope to settle back in California/Nevada
for retirement.

Thanks for sending me the web site address. Hope to see everybody at the next bash.

Vicki Grate (see Jim Boyd, 1964)


Bob Headrick
Subj: Beaver Web Site
Date: 2/22/01 12:45:14 PM Central Standard Time
From: Solid1964@aol.com

After I graduated from Scottsdale High in 1964, I attended the University of
Arizona.  There was a little interruption in 1967 when I served in the Army
and then it was back to the U of A where I graduated in 1970. 
I was married to Debby Kee, a Tucson girl, in June of 1970, and we are sill
together after almost 30 years.  We have two children, Erin, 26, a graduate
of Ball State University in 1996 and Jeff, who is a senior in chemical
engineering at Purdue University.  I know what you are thinking ---- Debby
must be very intelligent because Bob could never have fathered two children
that smart on his own.  Don't worry, I hear it all the time.
We have lived in Goshen, Indiana since 1979, and I am in the building
materials distribution business.  I will be in Phoenix a couple of times in
February 2001 for business meetings, so if anyone wants to get together for
dinner and a drink just drop me an email and we can set it up.  I may be in
Indiana now, but I will be a "Beaver Forever."

Bob Headrick

Robert A. Headrick
Director of International Procurement

Cast Products Corporation
58263 Charlotte Ave
Elkhart, IN 46515
Phone: (219) 294-2684 x.119
Fax:     (219) 296-7564
Email:   bheadrick@castproductscorp.com <mailto:Pbond@castproductscorp.com>
Web:    www.castproductscorp.com http://www.castproductscorp.com

********Later...February 22, 2001
Dear William:
I have enjoyed the web site more than you will ever know.  I have lived in Indiana for the past 25 years and I had lost touch with everyone.  My wife and I spent the weekend in Scottsdale playing golf and eating ice cream at the Sugar Bowl.  We met some friends that we had not seen since May of 1964.  None of that would have happened without you.  Thanks again
Bob and Debby Headrick
Class of 1964

Maureen Hirsh
Date: 5/23/00 12:47:46 PM Central Daylight Time
From: edgecomb@directcon.net (Maureen Edgecomb)

What a great site! I've had so much fun reading about so many of our old (pardon me!) friends and what they've been up to all these years. I've been in California since the month after graduation in '64. Taught English, art, and humanities at Cal State, community colleges, and high school. I recently retired from Cal State Sacramento to free-lance write and illustrate from my home. Have two grown children: Todd is 26 and Nicole is 33. One grandson (can you believe this?!)--Zacharay is 3 1/2. I've kept in touch with Lee Warren, Linda Warner, and Michele Christensen. Would love to know where Suzie Cowan is!

So many great memories--dancing with Terry Connors at the C.Y.O. dances (always coming in second--Harry Luge and Bev Burke always came in first!!), hiding in Sneaky Pete's trunk of his '55 Chevy (now, how else do you go to the drive-in?), dances at the Armory, the fabulous football and basketball games, dancing in the summer Theater Arts productions. So sorry the school was torn down--unbelievable.

Can't wait to see everyone at the reunion. Lee and I will definitely be there!

Maureen Hirsh (now Edgecomb)


Roxy Hurd
Subj: Roxy Hurd McGough
Date: 6/5/01 5:49:45 PM Central Daylight Time
From:    larrymc@gvtc.com (Larry McGough)

Roxy Hurd McGough - Class of  1964
ASU 1964-68;  Graduated in Elementary Education
Married Richard Franklin  (SHS '64) 1968-74 (no children)

Pepperdine University 75-77 Masters in Early Childhood Education

Taught primary grades 1970-2001 (predominantly   kindergarten)

Remarried 1981 to Larry McGough (pronounced Magoo)(no children)

Living at Canyon Lake, Texas (North of San Antonio)

Enjoy golfing, kayaking, snow skiing, hiking

Retired with 30 years in public schools May 2001

Plan to spend leisure time in Ruidoso, New Mexico golfing  and hiking

email   larrymc@gvtc.com


Bob Ingraham
Subj: Bob Ingraham Class of 1964
Date: 5/3/00 7:32:30 PM Central Daylight Time
From: bmingraham@cox.net (Bob Ingraham)

I live in Chandler and would love to hear from anybody I knew at Scottsdale High School. I get sad everytime I drive through downtown Scottsdale and especially where the school was. Would like to have my ashes buried in Beaver Paradise, wherever that is now. Call me: cell phone 602/366-3699 or home 480/821-1064. I regularly talk to Allen Hall, Tom Mooney and Howard Smith. Jim Walton (62) and I have been great friends since high school too.

Bob Ingraham
687 W. Mission Drive
Chandler, Az 85225
480-821-1064 Home
602-315-6347 Cell
602-323-2370 Business

Claudia Kaestner
Subj: Class of 1964
Date: 3/27/2005
From: SILVERWOOD@aol.com

It's been a long time. But sure would like to come to the Oct Bash.
I will keep checking back.
Attached is my trails end photo.  From last June which was very raining here in the rocky mtns.
Claudia Kaestner


Bob Kane
>Subj: Registration
Date: 8/12/99 10:38:29 AM Central Daylight Time
From: RBCAKANE@aol.com

Bob Kane, Class of 1964, brother of Claudia and Linda Reloy Kane (1963)

Graduate of Seattle Univ., FBI National Academy. Retired as Chief of Police (15 yrs) after 27 years in police work. Currently teach nation wide for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center on such issues as Hate-Bias Crimes, Task Force Development for everything from serial murders to narcotic investigations, Community Policing, Communications, etc.... Now living back in Phoenix with my wife Carol (29 yrs of marriage) and 19 yr old daughter Jesse after being in the pacific northwest for the past 15 years. We DO ENJOY the lack of rain and the fact that the sun DOES come out almost every day...!!!!

I continue to try my best to fish as often as possible!

I have been truly blessed in my life and look forward to more of the same!

I have been able to maintain communications with: Nancy Norris, Jed Nolan, Bud Meador, Jeni Graham, Craig Crismon, Diane Melde, Diane Valentine, Dennis Willis...

Would love to see a reunion of Scottsdale Singers (60's) have been too busy to work on it as I should....g

Bob Kane
4111 E. Charter Oak
Phoenix, AZ 85032

602 996 3176

e-mail: rbcakane@aol.com


November 7th, 1999

Bill....Sorry to report that Dennis Willis, Class of 63, very active in the Fine Arts department, played Jud in the musical "Oklahoma", passed away after a very short illness, October 18, 1999. He was much loved and respected. Our prayers are with his wonderful family. His memorial service was Monday Oct. 25 at Scottsdale Bible Church, 7601 E. Shea at 7 PM. For further information you are welcome to e-mail me. THX

February 6th, 2000

1964: Robert (Bob) B. Kane, Brother of Reloy (63) and Claudia (67) Both Sisters are now in the Seattle area.

After SHS spent 41/2 years in the military. Retired after 27 years from police work. The past fifteen years were spent as a Chief of Police north of Seattle. Currently teach and assist with the development of courses around the country for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (Dept. of Justice and Treasury Dept.) in such programs as Hate-Bias Crimes, Community Policing, Task Force Development and Management.... I also consult and audit programs and departments to insure proper security, management, procedures, safety, etc.....

I moved back to the Phoenix area with my wife of 29 years (Carol Ann Kuchler, Arcadia class of 63) and my twenty year old daughter, Jesse, (PV Community College student)

Fishing, Indian Ruin discovery and protection, Arizona/southwest history, four wheeling and wonderful old music are my passion.

Attempting to keep current on old friends is important to me. Reconnecting with other alumni has really been fun.

Feel free to e-mail: RBCAKANE@AOL.COM

Paul Knight
Subj: Scottsdale High School Alumni News
Date: 3/14/00 1:38:19 AM Central Standard Time
From: plknight@home.com (PAUL KNIGHT)

I'm Paul L. Knight from the class of 1964 at Scottsdale High. I'm
really pleased to see
that someone is creating this website. To save both space and time,
I'll compress the
vital information as much as possible:

53, mostly bald, gray beard, progressive lenses, very healthy,
cross country skiing, open water rowing, sea kayaking, hiking, scuba
diving, very little driving; B.A. Occidental College, M.S. New York
Medical College, Ph.D. University of California, San Francisco in
neurophysiology, biomedical enginnering at Johns Hopkins, medical
computing at U. of Missouri; had to get back to San Francisco Bay
earning a serious living -> 18 long but interesting years as a computer
networking engineer with Hewlett Packard, retired at age 50; Jodi (first
wife, stressed out doctor, divorced but still friends), Marlee (second
wife, engineer, died of protracted illness), Charlotte (future wife,
engineer, wonderfully alive); three cats, no kids; NOW--happiest time
of my life.

Peace and good health to everybody,

Paul L. Knight
41436 Timber Creek Terrace
Fremont, CA 94539

Dennis Kobarg
Subj: Class of 1964
Date: 2/17/00 3:58:31 PM Central Standard Time
From: Dennis.Kobarg@conectiv.com (Kobarg, Dennis)

Joined the United States Marine Corps. in August 1964. Served 4 years
including tours in the Dominican Republic crisis and Viet Nam.

I have worked the past 33 years in the Telecommunications industry.

Currently have my own business "DenKo Communications Inc." a Florida
Corporation. Specializing in CLEC consulting and CTI integration's.

Dennis Kobarg

Marilyn Miller
Date: 6/21/99 6:10:56 PM Central Daylight Time
From: shadowbatch@worldnet.att.net (Richard Batchelder)

Any one out there from class of '64? Hi from Marilyn Miller. e-mail

Sonja Nicastro
Date: 1/13/2005
From: SonjaNicastro@wincup.com

I am registered on Classmates- have listed my bio. Just noticed a possible Oct 2005 reunion? I left Scottsdale summer of 64- moved to Miami, Florida- married a Yankee from New York- relocated to New York- had my beautiful son Nov 1965- divorced 1970- remarried Oct 1971- had my lovely daughter May 1973. Relocated back to Arizona 1977-  I have spent majority of my time in Purchasing with large manufacturing firms.

The most tragic and painfull experience of my life was the death of my beautiful brave son Patrick Michael- passed March 19, 2000- after a 4 month fight to survive a very rare and cancerous brain tumor. The most difficult  experience of my life has been attempting to survive and go on with life without my son.

God did bless me with a beautiful grandchild- Ashlee Miranda- one of the greatest joys of my life. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh.  I try to believe that everything has been part of Gods master plan for my life.

I have never been one known to be a quitter- so I go on to see what still might lie ahead for me in this lifetime.

Sonja Nicastro-Sr.Buyer-Corporate Purchasing

Wincup- fax # 623-936-9720

phone # 623-936-1791 EXT 3222



Nancy Norris
Subj: Class of '64 alumnus
Date: 8/22/00 1:29:55 PM Central Daylight Time
From: NTallman@sunbeltscenic.com (Nancy Tallman)

I'm Nancy Norris Tallman, graduated SHS '64, ASU '68, Temple University '75.
From 1972-75 I was a stage manager in Los Angeles, met and married in 1973,
moved back to Scottsdale in '75 to teach in the Theatre Dept. at ASU, left
teaching in 1982 and went back to being a Production Manager at Phoenix
Symphony Hall & in Warwick RI for 15 years. I'm an Lighting and Audio
Production Executive (LAPE??) for Sunbelt Scenic Studios in Tempe.
My husband of 27 years, Roy, owns & operates Headmaster Ltd. barber shop in
Mesa. We have a son Noah, 20 who's a drummer (anybody need a drummer???)
and daughter Nina,18 who is following in my footsteps in theatre as a stage
manager. She plans on going to Tempe University in the Spring.(Anybody go a
room in Philadelphia?)
Chris Cookson, Jed Nolan & Bob Kane('64s), Paul Ernst(63) and I have kept in
touch and share info. We all got to see Dennis Willis before he was
diagnosed and so glad we did. Unfortunately, we lost our friend David
Schupbach('63) in 1995, but not before he brought Chris & Paul and I back in
touch after 25 years. Bob Kane & I attended a memorial service for Dave
Coats and realized how important it is to appreciate friends and mentors
when we can. Dave Coats & especially Joe Eisle influenced my career choices
for 40 years. If Diane Valentine will bring the sheet music to the Beaver
Bash, and we all remember our reading glasses, I bet we can still belt out
some choruses to "Elisha Rock" & a million show tunes..O.K.?(l.a.h.o.m.a.!)
email: ntallman@sunbeltscenic.com or ntallman@ourhouse.net

Bryan Rupp
Subj: Class of 1964
Date: 9/23/00 3:13:44 PM Central Daylight Time
From: jbjpender@juno.com (Jim Bryan Pendergast)

Hello to All that remember me and even to those who don't!! My name is
Bryan Rupp now Bryan Pendergast. I love this web site!!! After leaving
H.S. went on to NAU, from there moved to Calif. and met my husband of 33
yr. Jim. We have three wonderful daughters, Peggy 29 (has been teaching
1st gr. for 7 yr.), Erin 24 (in business for herself~trade show
transportation) & Jaymee 20 (goes to college, works, and a note for Nancy
Norris she plays the guitar now there is a drummer and a guitar), Peggy's
husband Chris (will graduate with his engineering degree in March) and
our first grandchild due in April. My husband Jim retired from So.
Calif. Edison after 28 yr. and is now doing consulting work for them.
I'm still teaching at St. Polycarp School in Stanton have been there for
20 yr., did retire from being the athletic director and P.E. teacher this
year to become full time computer teacher (was doing both P.E. &
Computer) and on site technology director for the school. Have keep in
touch with Lee "Warren" Huey, actually she is my oldest daughters
Godmother and lives about 15 min. from us, a little trivia. Also with
Cindy "Cox" Beauvais class of '62', she and her husband Ken live in San
Marcos... Would love to know what ever happened to Lew Townsend, Craig
Crismon, Judy August, Jim Boyd, Richard Anderson, (was Charlie Cameron
killed in Viet Nam?), Tony Conyers, Jed Nolan, Sharon Pavelda, Fred
Selland, Robert Uhl?? Does anyone remember Tom Porter or Michael
Lightborne??? At one time in the 60's, myself and all of the above were
pretty good friends! Heard from Sonja "Smith" Nicastro and that was
fun.. Ran into Jane "Turner" Capp (4 yr ago) at one of my husbands class
reunions she had married Charlie (who passed away about 3 yr ago) one of
his classmates in Calif., talk about a small world.. I was so sad to
hear about Steve Elsner he was the first friend I made when my family
moved to Ariz. the end of my 8th gr... Can't believe it about Mr. Coats
he was the greatest!! Poor ole Mr. Benton never was the same after our
class.. If Mr. Klint (loved that man) is anywhere out there I'm really
sorry about the wrong mixture in Chem, we had to evacuate the whole side
of the school.. Mrs. Reinken the typing teacher would be proud of me
today since I teach keyboarding.. Mr. Barcala what a wonderful man, I
used to make him brownies!! Would love to hear from anyone out there
that remembers me or has any info on those we have in common. Have a
great week-end at the reunion and I'll get all the fun details from Lee
"Warren" Huey and Maureen "Hirsh" Edgecomb when they get back!!

Have a good one,

Donna Vowles and Linda Vowles
Subj: Classes of 66 and 64<>
Date: 6/10/00 9:12:38 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Dlcflag@aol.com

Donna Vowles Cobb
3200 S. Little Drive
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
520 774 9636

Linda Vowles Loving
346 W. South Mountain Av
Phoenix, AZ 85041
520 276 6779

Howard Smith, Jim Walton & Tom Mooney
Date: 5/4/00 12:11:01 AM Central Daylight Time
From: bingraham@mindspring.com (Bob Ingraham)

Howard Smith '64
8876 Olive Lane, #9
Santee, Calif 92071

Jim Walton '62
7345 E. Jackrabbit Road
Paradise Valley, Az 85250

Tom Mooney '64
16783 Rosemary Lane
Chino Hills, Calif 91709

Sonja Smith
Subj: Class of 64
Date: 9/13/00 3:07:45 PM Central Daylight Time
From: SonjaNicastro@wincup.com (Sonja Nicastro)

Sonja Smith Nicastro...class of 64....moved back to Arizona in
77....employed by Wincup...Sr. Buyer Corporate Purchasing...mailing address
7980 W. Buckeye Rd, Phx, Az...85043...phone (623) 936-1791..email
discovered our
site...enjoyed reading the amazing accomplishments of my former
classmates...will be attending the reunion this year for the first
time....Looking forward to seeing you again in person....perhaps
rediscovering some who have become amazing people over the years....

Cheryl Steen
Subj: CLASS OF -64
Date: 9/4/00 12:12:17 PM Central Daylight Time
From: jcdufferusa@netscape.net

(See Update below. 2005)

I'm so glad that we are having a reunion. The last one in 1980 was
quite sad and I thought we might never have another.

Since graduation I have lived in Oregon, Nevada and Arizona. My first
husband and I had three sons, who are now all married and have given us
6 grandchildren, 3 boys and 3 girls. Bob passed away June 1994, and I
have since remarried.

I began attending ASU in the fall of 1964. I graduated from ASU May 10,
1990. I wasn't the oldest to graduate, buy my claim to fame is the
length of time it took for me to graduate!!

After having my three sons, (sounds like a TV comedy), attend a
Christian school, I became a teacher's aide for three years. It was
then that I knew I wanted to become a teacher. We lived on the coast
of Oregon for 9 years, Astoria & Warrenton. (Remember "Free Willy" and
"Kindergarten Cop"? Both were filmed in Astoria, Oregon.) I continued
taking classes toward my degree. In Nevada, University of Las Vegas, I
began night school and was awarded a scholarship, just before we moved
back to Phoenix, Arizona.

I was a homemaker for the first eleven years of our marriage, and I
consider these some of the best years of my life. Bob had his first
heart attack and I entered the business field. I worked for Lemcom,
Inc., who made Micro-processor Communications Controllers, the
forerunner of "Networking". In 1983 I began working for Syntex
Ophthalmics, which manufactured contact lenses. I was the
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Quality Control. Syntex
bought Sola Opthalmics, an Australian based company. After a prosperous
2 years, Sola-Syntex bought Barnes-Hind. My five and one-half years
ended with the closing of the Phoenix facility, due to the down-sizing
of the new company.

I was fortunate to have accumulated enough hours to qualify for
assistance JTPA to help me finish my degree. I also obtained
scholarships from ASU, completed 5 semesters in 2 years, graduating from
ASU (WEST) in May 1990. My first grandchild was born three weeks before
this monumental event in my life.

I have been teaching for 11 years, and received my Masters in
Educational Psychology from NAU a month before my first husband, Bob,
died. We had been married 27 years.

I have enjoyed traveling. Took a cruise to Alaska, a tour of Israel,
and find time to take 2-3 trips every year, visiting California,
Florida, Canada, Maine, Connecticut and Oregon.

I met my husband of almost 4 years, Joe, at my garage sale. I didn't
know that I could fall in love again. We were married at the Arizona
Living History Museum, at the 1800's church. He has taught me to play
golf, and we go dancing whenever possible. Joe is quite a guy. There
isn't anything he can't fix!

Hoping to see Jan Young, Roxy Hurd, Denise Decker, Sue Peterson, Mary
Lou Daines, Sue Cornwell, Vickie Grate, Kathy Playton, Lewis Townsend,
Nancy Danyow, Susan Scott, Kathy Walker, Nancy Norris, Bob and Richie
Greene, Jed Nolan, Jim Zupanic, Ed Groth, Richard Frankline, John
Lambert and many more....

The most influencial teachers I had were Mr. Bryan who encouraged me to
discover how exciting Chemistry could be; Mr. Joseph Eslie, who was a
perfectionist who inspired me to be the best I could be; and Mr. Joe
Barcala who helped me to see the humor in life around me.

The funniest time - Seeing Debs Valentine's little car sitting on the
top of the ramp to the bookstore!

The saddest time - The death of President Kennedy. Mr. Eslie had us
sing a song as a prayer just after we heard the final announcement.

I agree with you Nancy, life is precious, and we need to appreciate each
person we know everyday we live. I believe that we also are in debt to
many people in our lives and owe it to them and to others to

Love Ya!

Cheryl (Steen) Voisine

Update, August, 2005: Joe Voisine, who accompanied me to our "Beaver Bash 2000" past away one year later from cancer. I have since re-married.

Don is retired and we travel whenever we can. Don has four married daughters, 10 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren with two grandchildren not yet married. We all get together about once a month to celebrate something. When we get together with my family, and his we sure have a huge crowd! I never imagined being married twice, let alone three times.

In making out my trust, I realized that I am
Cheryl Sue Steen aka McManamy, aka Voisine, aka Montague..
We bought a home in Garden Lakes in Avondale, AZ. I'll retire from teaching in a few years. It will be nice to have some FREE time. These last two years I have been developing our school's program for Title I. The Federal Government sure does like repetitive paper work! What is exciting to see is the growth the students make in a year. Many have gaps in their education and when you help to fill in those gaps, it is neat to see them become successful academically. This year we will offer more programs for the parents, including English cllasses.

Sorry to miss our next reunion in October 2005. We have a trip planned to Santa Barbara, and Brea, CA to see my oldest son and his family (two of six precious grandchildren that I have.

Would love to hear from you.

Cheryl Montague
11126 W. Dana Lane
Avondale, AZ 85323
Cell - 602-738-3522

Kathi Till
Subj: Class of '64
Date: 4/16/2004
From: MkathrynP@aol.com (Kathi Till)

Kathi Till (Kathryn Peetoom)
I recently moved back to the area after my husband died.  I spent about 30 years in the Pacific Northwest.  I would love to hear from anyone, and be informed of any gatherings.
Kathryn Peetoom

Lee Ann Warren
Subj: Class of '64
Date: 5/22/00 1:36:48 PM Central Daylight Time

Lee Ann Warren (Huey)
class of 1964
lwhuey@hotmail.com or lhuey@hlpusd.k12.ca.us

I just recently discovered your web site and what a great idea! I am in Scottsdale quite often, as my mother still has the house off of Mockingbird Lane, and I have often thought about the "good old days" (the desert parties, dances at the armory, hanging out in the parking lot at Fashion Square, the all night cast parties after a play), and about what everyone is doing now. Upon graduation from SHS in 1964, I went on to the U of A where I majored in English and theater arts. I graduated in 1968 and went on to ASU for a Masters Degree in Secondary Education. Then it was "on to the Coast" where I have taught high school English, reading, and ELD for 30 years. I have been married to my husband Chris (stockbroker turned businessman) for nearly 20 years and we have a fifteen year old daughter, Sara, who goes to Newport Harbor High School where she is a competitive sailor. We live about 3 miles from the beach in Costa Mesa, California. We try to travel as much as we can (7 times to Europe) and have formed a travel group with friends and co-workers. I keep in touch with Bryan Rupp (Pendergast), and Maureen Hirsh (Edgecomb), also class of '64. Maureen and I are going to try to make it to the reunion in October. I would love to hear from anyone who might remember me or anyone we might have known in common.
See you in October,

Faith Young
Subj: Faith Heim aka Faith Young Class of 64
Date: 6/13/00 3:13:04 PM Central Daylight Time
From: jheim@primenet.com (john heim)

Well, after 36 years,2 marriages (on no. 3), 2 boys (one from each
marriage),1 grandson (will be 1 on 7/2) many (but whos counting)jobs,and as
many addresses...I find myself living just a few miles north of the house I
lived in while going to Beaver Camp(SHS). I still get around, and I mean
around. Last year I made 2 trips to Austraila, to Japan, Spain and several
of our own beautiful states. I just got back from Italy. I live in
McCormick Ranch durring the week and up in Happy Jack on weekends (and as
much as I can otherwise).My house up there may become the retirement( boy
did I say that R word?)haven in a few years. I have a scrap book with some
old treasures from SHS I will bring to reunion. I'll be wearing my Beaver
Button.Hope to get my sister ,Karen Young Class of 62, to come from Texas
for the reunion.Till then.

Faith Heim aka Faith Young
9037 N. 87th Way,
Scottsdale 85258
480 483 7243
FEHEIM@ yahoo.com

Would like to hear from anyone that was in Theater Arts 62-64 Mr.
Eslie and Mr Coats, what ever happened to you? I have some programs from a
few plays..No time for sergents..Pajama game..(who can forget Terry
Shaffer...THE OLD DEVIL ) in Damn Yannkees, and Face of a Man. Had 3 years
of fun fun fun.The cast parties were the best. Know the reunion will be the


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