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Olga Hyduke
Subj: 1932 SHS alumnus
Date: 10/29/00 11:37:37 PM Central Standard Time
From: (Brian Belsher)

I saw the notice about the recent SHS reunion but unfortunately, too late. However, I thought I'd still go ahead and send my Mom's name to you for your alumni records.

Olga Jacqueline Hyduke graduated from SHS in 1932. She was one of eleven children of Joseph and Mary Hyduke who lived at the S E corner of Smith Lane (later, Civic Center [now, Drinkwater Blvd]) and Earl on a 10 acre farm. I believe all of Mom's brothers and sisters attended SHS, as well as Mom. Here's the list of the Hyduke 'kids' and their birth dates:

Daisy Ann (3/20/08), Mary Louise (4/14/09), Joseph Peter (10/25/10), Michael Joseph (10/27/11), Olga Jacqueline (3/22/14), Bessie Dorothy (5/6/16), Victor Joseph (3/16/19), George James (3/23/20), Ned William (3/4/22), Lee Kenneth (4/3/24), and Nettie Jean (4/8/26) . All are deceased except for Olga (Scottsdale), Aunt Jean (Globe) and Uncle Victor (Chandler).

After high school, Mom married Harold Earl Belsher (a Phoenix native) in 1935. They resided in Phoenix and had four boys: Harold Russell (1936), Leslie Joseph (1937), Kenneth Barry (1939), Brian Earl (1944) who graduated from West High School in Phoenix. Leslie (a Scottsdale M.D.) died in 1988 and the remaining three sons still reside in Scottsdale.
Mom has eleven grandchildren and (soon to be) seven great grandchildren.

Mom's Scottsdale residence:
Olga Belsher
Scottsdale House
4800 N. 68th Street, #389
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

I hope some of this information might be useful for your alumni
records. Please contact me if can be of any assistance.

Brian Belsher
28173 N. 111th way
Scottsdale, AZ 85255


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