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Beaver Bash 2000


The Reunion is OVER!!  The memories live on!!
All Class Reunion Special Report!
Sunday, October 8th, 2000

It's over. It happened. Beavers rocked at mini-reunions all over town on Friday. An estimated 2200 Beavers filled the Rawhide Pavilion Saturday evening. Seven hundred Beavers, husbands, wives, kiddie Beavers and friends continued Beaver Bash 2000 celebrations at the PERA Club in Scottsdale. Water balloon toss was a splash.

October 6-8, 2000

Well, Folks, you don't get much closer than this.  Updated 10 pm Sunday the day after the Grand Reunion and the day of the Grand Picnic.
I met a lot of friends, made new friends and enjoyed the celebration of the century in Scottsdale.  Good friends. Good company.

Best regards,
Webmaster Bill


And be sure to check out this web site for the latest Beaver News as we move into the new century. More class reunions to come in 2001, 2002 and 2003.

Mini Reunion Special Report

The classes of 67 to 72, and maybe some earlier, and maybe some later, rocked the night away Friday at the Coast, a popular Scottsdale night spot. An estimated 250 Beavers packed the Coast from stem to stern and overflowed into the street. Host and owner Butch Logan ('69) provided his own, special concoction, the Beaver Shooter, comprised of secret ingredients and lovingly hand-crafted. Squeals of "Oh my gosh!" and "I can't believe it's you!!" punctuated the evening. As the night rolled on, garage band players from the 70's treated the partygoers to tunes from decades past. The more or less well-behaved Beavers required only one visit by the local Police to complete the evening.



The 80's Sizzle at the Buzz!!

Chris Boileau put on a great show and spread at the Buzz Funbar where more than 120 Beavers from classes 1980 - 1984 and beyond celebrated the reunion.

A special thanks to Dawn (Tracano) Clifford and Lorri Swann for helping Whitney Sorrell make the event a success. Thank you also to Cyndi Peterson for lending her pom pom outfit and other decortions.

Kippy Neilson edged out Mark Bethal and Elaine Petrolacus in the beaver jeopardy event, winning a beaver beanie baby. The event asked questions such as "what Scottsdale Mayor was also a SHS gov/econ teacher?" (Wild Bill Jenkins), "what is the name of the SHS yearbook?" (the camelback), "name a Camelback mountain party location" (Sage, Wonderview), "what teacher did all the guy;s want to sleep with?" (Ms. Cheney), and "who was hands down the sexiest girl in the class of 1981?" (Lisa Casanova).

Beavers came from far and near, and many stayed until closing time. SHS always has the best parties! Thanks for the fun and memories.

-Whitney Sorrell, cub reporter

Beaver Band Information

The Beaver Band, over 25 strong, under the direction of Mr. Hanson entertained thousands last night with marches, favorites and music special to Scottsdale High. Starting the festivities with the National Anthem the band performed crisply and with great precision. A pom pon squad accompanied several verses of Beavers Forever as the crowd joined in singing. It was a memorable performance enjoyed by all.

Reunion Highlights

Orange and black balloons decorated the cavernous Rawhide Pavilion Saturday evening as thousands of Beavers spanning six decades poured in. Long rows of tables organized the party goers by year with over half of the space occupied by the 70's and 80's. There were souvenirs to be purchased, door prizes, several bands, photographers, great food and drink, but the greatest entertainment of all came from socializing with fellow Beavers. Groups of Beavers gathered throughout the pavilion and conversation was continuous throughout the eight hour celebration.

Special awards were made to many of the 42 strong reunion committee headed by Mary Keltner ('60). Special guests were also present including Rachel Ochoa who's newspaper report on the fate of Beaver alumni sparked the creation of this web site.

Celebrity including the Blues Brothers and Tina Turner entertained the crowd all the evening providing music from the 50's through the 80's. Beavers spilled out on to the dance floor and grooved with the tunes. All in all a good time.

Well, there's more to come with the Beaver Picnic tomorrow, er, today, er, that is, last Sunday  at high noon. More reporting later.


Picnic Highlights

Everybody loves a picnic and today was no exception. Food, games and beautiful Scottsdale weather combined to cap off the Beaver Bash 2000 celebrations. Over 700 Beavers and family members enjoyed the sunshine, hot dogs and an outstanding band Sunday afternoon at the PERA Club in Scottsdale. A highlight of the festivities was the presentation of a $12,000 check to the Scottsdale Historical Society from proceeds raised at the Saturday night reunion event. Well done Beavers!!

Ken Brown, Connie and Jim Reynolds, thanks, it was real!! Mary Keltner, get some sleep!!

October 6-8, 2000

The crowd went wild: 

If you put a link on the website for comments about the reunion- I want to be one of the first. My husband, Dan Bradford and I (Kathy Baker Bradford) had an awesome time at the reunion.
We want to congratulate and thank all those on the committee who made it possible. I'm sure it was not an easy task planning this shin-dig. The organization was wonderful. Our hats off to all of you.
And.... Bill.... thanks to you for taking so much time putting together the website.... That helped make the reunion such a big success.
It was fantastic seeing old friends and teachers and reminiscing about days gone by, but defiantly not forgotten !!
Thanks again.

Kathy Baker Bradford and Dan

Get Ready for Beaver Bash 2023. (you think I'm kidding?)

My trip/vacation was really one to remember the rest of my lifetime. Gosh you did yourself under on the successful reunion the weekend of Oct 6,7,8 2000. A great a time was had on the beginning of the weekend at Los Olivos Mexican Food restaurant on October 6,2000 when if there was a capacity of 300 for the restaurant there must have been at least 600 shoulder to shoulder bodies enjoying the good ole days of Scottsdale High School.

The following day after helping moving coffee cups for the chairperson Mary Keltner (my talented sister) from Scottsdale to the Pavillon at the Rawhide and by the way the cups were empty of coffiee of which I could have enjoyed drinking on my excursion. Prior to the start of the festivities at Rawhide and arriving early to help out I must have helped blow and distributed dozens of balloons but was well worth it as the reunion was 110 % successful and I had an enjoyable time at the Saturday festival as did the mass of people who were in attendance. You could sure tell who the newest graduates were as they were the last to vacate the premises. Everything was perfectly organized and the food was awsome. Being one of the many many beaver graduates has always been and always will be a part of me and wish I could come back and do it all over again.

The final day at the Picnic was great as I have never seen such a large tent with so many people enjoying themselves. Lunch was great and the festivities were great with a couple of prizes won at the raffle.

I only want to commend Mary Keltner (White) in every way for all the hard and dedicated work putting this never to be forgotten all year reuinon together for all of the SCOTTSDALE HIGH SCHOOL BEAVERS. Also the hard work that Connie Reynolds (Matteson) is to be commended as well. A job well done by all involved in the weekend Reunion of the Beaver Bash 2000 reunion.

Malcolm (LeRoy) White
Class of "61 Graduate

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